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I just got my Angle and I can't get her to eat her dog food....

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Question by Stephnigh Boyd
Submitted on 1/11/2004
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I just got my Angle and I can't get her to eat her dog food. She won't eat anything but people food. Do you no of anything that she might like?She is only 1 yr. old I think. Thanks

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 1/13/2004
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Your Angel has gotten humans trained really well.  I've heard of other chi's who do the same thing.  In most cases, when they get hungry enough, they'll eat.  

You could try giving her a good canned food, such as Science Diet or a similar quality.  Warm it up slightly in the microwave to improve taste and smell.  That is often more palatable for a picky eater than dry kibbles.  I do not recommend the 'packet' semi-moist foods, they stay moist because they have a lot of sugar in them, which is the last thing a chihuahua needs.  If you want to end up feeding dry kibbles, once she starts eating reliably add a few kibbles in with the food, moisten them with water and/or let them absorb the flavor from the wet food.  Gradually give less canned and more kibbles.

I suggest working with your vet to find something she likes, and to make sure she is not losing weight.  If she's bouncy and full of energy, she's eating enough.  Foods she refuses need not be wasted, it can be donated to your local shelter or humane society.

Some people get really uptight about how much their dog eats.  Remember, she has a tiny little tummy, so it doesn't take much to fill her up, give her food at least twice a day or like me, always have kibbles available.  Both mine eat when they are hungry, and when they're full, they stop, no matter how much coaxing I do.  Good Luck.


Answer by dodo
Submitted on 7/31/2005
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make her eat ur cock mate she wud love it


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