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Our family got a six week old golden. At seven weeks she...

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Question by Dawn
Submitted on 1/10/2004
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Our family got a six week old golden.  At seven weeks she started becoming aggressive with all of us by growling in anger when removed from chewing on electric cords, when distrupted during sleep, and when we walk by her food dish while she eats.  At nine weeks old the puppy bit my five year old on the lip. (the puncture wound went all the way through!)  We were all sitting on the floor hanging out and the child approached her and patted her on the back while the dog was chewing on a toy.  I know this is not normal for this wonderfull breed.  Will she ever outgrow this with training, or do you think there is something very wrong with her?  I am a stay at home mom so she's not lacking in attention or play time!  She is so smart and we love her so much, but I don't feel that I can trust her in the future.

Answer by courtney
Submitted on 2/11/2004
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this may change as she gets her series of inoculations.


Answer by Kelsey Anns Mom
Submitted on 2/21/2004
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Kelsey Ann was hell on wheels and all teeth. I cannot tell you the scars I still posses from her teething months. And yes, it all started about 9 weeks old.  She was loved, held and doted upon. She loved to go to sleep when I held her, but when awake, the teeth went to work, usually on me.  There were times when I wanted to "punch her out",  that was when I found out that saying those words straight in her face she started to take notice. But even so, I supported the band-aid corp. for some months.  

Kelsey Ann is now 21 months old. The sweetest, most loving, playful 4 legged daughter anyone could want.  Be patient, the aggressiveness will cease. Be her/his authority figure, firm but not hostile. This breed needs to know who is in the pecking order, which means even kids are before her/him.  Gently but firmly remind her of who is in charge.

I can not think of anything sweeter than Kelsey Ann in the morning with this sleepy silly look on her face and an immediate 'let's do the hug thing Mom".   . What a wonderful breed, we are so lucky to have her.  Hang in there, be firm but fair and you will have the best 'friend' you have ever known, and unbiding love. Yep, we fell in love with our golden girl.


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