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...ok for the dog to sleep in the bed with you

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Question by miss
Submitted on 1/9/2004
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is it ok for the dog to sleep in the bed with you

Answer by MissBlackChaos
Submitted on 1/10/2004
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I think so, as long as you make sure they are not prone to having flea problems, and you wash your sheets often. Some dogs, no matter how much you bathe them, attract fleas constantly. My dog i have now is the son of my last dog Polar Bear, his name is Bakura and fleas completely forget he exist... but with his mother, we let her inside the house and sleep with us and she gave us a flea problem we will never forget. All the flea foggers and vaccuming we did was not worth it. Even though we bathed her more often than you should, and sprayed her, and powdered her down, she attracted fleas in swarms. With black haired dogs it will be hard to see. My current dog and his mother are chow mixes, so they are fluffy, not to mention white, so i can see anything in their fur very well. But a dane with black fur might be a problem. Im looking around to see what kind of dog would be suitable for me, which is why im here. :P Im settling upon Danes, GSD, Belgian Malinois, and Dobermans so far ;) Danes are so beautiful that when i move ill probably get ones of them first, then end up with 1 of the others as well  :D


Answer by Lauren
Submitted on 1/30/2004
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It's a matter of preference. My Dane Rufus loves to be with me every where. I draw the line, when it comes to my bed. I need my space and he takes to much space! Rufus has his bed next to mine on the floor. The couch is another story, he can lay on me all he wants and thats his cuddle time.
Danes are very people orientated and they love to be close to you always.


Answer by Bella's Mama
Submitted on 2/15/2004
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My Dane Bella insists on sleeping with me.  I discouraged it at first but then relized I missed her when she wasn't in the bed.  She craves ALL of my attention at ALL times.  It's a tight squeze, but we manage!


Answer by Suzie
Submitted on 4/4/2004
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How big is your bed??? I used to let my Dane sleep in bed with me, but there was never enough room. It took me weeks to get him out of the habit. Now he sleeps on the floor in a bed made just for him, right next to my bed. If you are a single person, they make great cuddlers!!!


Answer by shocat
Submitted on 4/8/2004
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Totally!  I have a corgi, jack Russell cross who was abused by his last owners, I have to have him beside me at night.  I think it is down to preference and also the nature of your pet.  If you have a pet like mine (a wee bit sad and needy but quite, calm and up for cuddles) then fine!


Answer by ross fortune
Submitted on 5/7/2004
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sentimentally, yes.. you can let your dog or for that matter any pet next to you. However, its not advisable on health grounds. Infact, scientifically its been proven that we can contract a couple of infections from our pets which our pets might be immune to but we are not. I hope you all get the picture!!


Answer by Colby
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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Yes, its okay, try sleeping w/2 danes in bed. They do take up alot of room but I'm loved and protected through the night since I cannot hear to well. Besides if you love them they know it.


Answer by california girl
Submitted on 6/25/2004
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A Great Dane is the same size as an adult human being.  So, be prepared to feel as though you are sleeping with a person.  Also, some danes drool and have "eye boogers".  That is disgusting when it gets on your pillows and nice bedding.  Be prepared to wash/dry clean your linens all the time.  I suggest preparing a special, raised bed for your dane that is close to your bed so that it feels special without causing a hassle.


Answer by flea problems
Submitted on 8/6/2004
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hello all  ..

i dont have any pets and i dont know  my bed is full of fleas ... everynight i try to sleep i feel so itchy and  i woke up becauseof the flea bites.. plz ppl  help me  by telling me how can i kill them allllll...what should i use or  do ...


Answer by flea
Submitted on 8/9/2004
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hi all

i got  fleas or  bedbugs n my bed what to do  please.


Answer by James
Submitted on 8/20/2004
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I don't have a problem with it, but if you have a water bed...that can cause a problem. Most dogs, if they get used to sleeping on a bed it's hard to break them from it, so set up a place for him to sleep in your room and let that be his spot. That way, he can still be in the same room with you.


Answer by pazuzu
Submitted on 10/27/2004
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your sex habits are disgusting. Sleeping with dogs, yecch!


Answer by Wildcat
Submitted on 5/19/2005
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I don't like having a dog in my bed.  How are you supposed to have sex and cuddle naked with a DOG next to you.  A little gross.  Plus they snore and shake when they dream.  My sleep is more important than its.  I have to work all day and he just naps and licks his balls.  No contest.


Answer by Riley
Submitted on 7/29/2005
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I have a 10 week soft coated Wheaton terrier, and she sleeps in her crate at night until i take her out to the bathroom, which is at 2:30am and 4:30am, if she goes to the bathroom at 2:30, she is allowed to sleep with me after, if she does not go to the bathroom, she has to wait till 4:30, and if she still doesnít go to the bathroom, she stays in her crate. Iíve read allot of books saying not to let your dog sleep in your bed b/c something about being the leader and being dominant, but i like when she sleeps with me and she looks so sad and lonely in her crate i cant help not letting her out. should she be allowed to sleep in my bed?? (currently im sleeping on the ground by her crate in a sleeping bag, because i sleep in a loft bed, and its to far from the pup. what should i do?


Answer by Cherry
Submitted on 7/30/2005
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I just got a new puppy and she sleeps in my bed with me. She's really tiny so she does not take too much room. She is a Maltese, chihuahua, Pekingese mix.

I have been reading about separation anxiety though and most websites say not to let your animal sleep with you. But where the fun, love, and cuddles there? That's part of the reason why I got my dog, to be a companion. Not just something you leave in a crate all of the time.

I hope she won't get separation anxiety when I go to dinner tonight. I was reading about separation anxiety and some people give their dogs Prozac and stuff! Whoa. My dad always said that if you aren't sad sometimes then you never will truly know what happiness is. isn't it normal to miss people and be sad sometimes? sheesh.

I'm glad that you all have nice companions to sleep in your bed. I'll just pray that my puppy will be able to be a happy, healthy dog for the rest of her life.


Answer by cant get sleep!
Submitted on 12/29/2005
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I've had my dog sleep with me for a long time, and its come at a price. I have a beautiful healthy boy, maltese. Cute as he is, he's deprived me of a lot of sleep, for too long now. I would really like him out of my bed and into his own. I'd like him to sleep right next to my bed, so I still feel safe, he still feels close and I can sleep!
so my advise is, dont let your dog sleep in your bed, it becomes a bad habit.


Answer by Missing Alex
Submitted on 4/15/2006
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Definitely. My Dane Alex slept with two of us in a King Size bed. She recently passed away from bloat, but knew every day and night she was loved.

She always asked for permission, and looked sad until she was allowed, even though she always had her own beds throughout the house.

Other Dane owners have told me much the same. If you want your pet to sleep with you, go for it.


Answer by No Name
Submitted on 5/18/2006
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I wouldn't advise this as the habit is very hard to break and you are confusing them as to their place in the pack. I have a Dane and let her sleep with me and now I wish I hadn't. She is very jealous and just today killed my cat that also sleeps in bed with me. She broke its neck not accidentally. She is 11 months old and should be use to cats by now as she has been around them her whole life but she didn't understand that she is a dog she thought she was in charge of the bed and the cat didn't belong there. Animals aren't like us they need to know their place and it can get very serious when a 150 pound dog thinks they are the leader. I'm not saying every dog would do this but why take the chance. What if you let your newborn sleep with you and the dog decided to get jealous?


Answer by dave
Submitted on 7/25/2006
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Hi..i have a lab and a dane pup (new one), although i love to sleep cuddling with my lab who is a bundle of joy..sometimes sleeping together brings out the alpha-dog behavious. i wudnt let my dane sleep with me ..instead i train him to sleep in his own bed next to me. to know more about alpha-dog symdrome..read this :


Answer by ~Shorty~
Submitted on 4/13/2007
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I think that your dog should sleep with you cause then if you have a bad dream they can scare them away and to keep you warm and safe.Plus they are MUCH  better then a real person


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