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A cellular phone company wants to install a station plus 6...

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Question by Fred Fletcher
Submitted on 1/7/2004
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A cellular phone company wants to install a station plus 6 antennas at my roof which is the 11th floor of a concrete structure building. This is my residence. Is there any health related risks?

Answer by Bellbox
Submitted on 2/10/2004
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At this time, there is no evidence that the electromagnetic radiation put off by cellular towers or other similar antennas is dangerous to any living organisms. In fact, the studies performed in this vein, including those that examined the link between high voltage power lines and cancer found no link between the two. If you think about it, there are radio waves traveling through your body constantly throughout the day from various sources, and your work building may have even higher levels of radio waves than you would experience in your home. The only thing that may occur is interference of various devices you have in your home (radio, T.V., etc.) if the tower is not properly working and leaking into other parts of the spectrum. Depending on the construction of your building you may not even be exposed to much at all.

In short, there is nothing to be worried about health wise.


Answer by Whatever
Submitted on 6/1/2004
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Listen this guy is nuts.  I would be very concerned if they were putting this on my building.  Do you notice how many houses are located directly under powerlines??? About none.  I can create a study that says smoking crack and sticking your fingers in the power outlet wont kill you, dont mean its true.  All I know is there are cases of children having defects and even cancer.  Higher rates of this occuring from people who live close to power lines and cell towers.  Why do you think they pay so much for the right to place those towers where they are?  But hey if you wanna take the risk go ahead, I hope I'm completely wrong here.


Answer by YeahWhatEver
Submitted on 7/11/2004
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