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What are tips to care for new born pitbull dogs?

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Question by mo
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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What are tips to care for new born pitbull dogs?

Answer by YoBoy
Submitted on 1/28/2004
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I would really suggest calling a vet on that one or selling the puppies.


Answer by moondog
Submitted on 2/6/2004
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do not over handle, the after there eyes open human contact is necessary to socialize them it is your responsibility then to place them in good homes,did you know app.2600 pitbulls are killed a day,just something to consider when placing them.


Answer by jimmy
Submitted on 4/15/2004
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how long do it take a puppy eyes to open


Answer by mac
Submitted on 4/16/2004
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you are not fit to own a poodle nevermind a pitbull if you need to ask these sort of questions


Answer by brickmover-m1
Submitted on 5/11/2004
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pit bull mothers can be tempermental(i'mnot speaking of all pit bulls.) so make sure that she's ok with you being around her new born's you also want to make sure there is almost no handling going on. make sure they are all together and in a safe place at all times. prevent other animals from coming in contact with the puppies(to prevent diseases and harm)also make sure that the safe location in which you have placed them in, is a location that they will be able to stay at for atleast 2-3 weeks. you will learn a whole more about your own pit as you go along.(but on the other hand those who just got a pit bull and want to know how to raise it...you might want to consider another type of dog. i recomend researching about the type of dog that you think you might like before going out and getting one.. cause not all dog's are the same. good luck!!


Answer by Sting
Submitted on 6/14/2004
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Ok to all the people in the know, i have had pit for over six yrs, this time i am not taking them to the vet, he is anti-pit, so there are six of them i have just given them the dewormer at 3 weeks, when are they due for the next deworming, etc.and when to vacinate them
i want to keep deworming until they are about three months or big enoungh to go to the vet for vacinations


Answer by ROBDOGG
Submitted on 6/25/2004
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Answer by D!ablo
Submitted on 8/21/2004
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make sure u do a lot of reading before u get a pitbull in the first place. U make ur own dog, if u train it to be freindly its friendly if u train it to attack it will attack. pupies need a lot of care time and training + PLAY TIME! i read about the meals that a pup should have, i think it was 4 meals a day  1) milk 2) meat 3) meat 4) milk then at 3 months cut out # 1) then at 6 months cut out 2) and at 9 months they move on to one main meal at the evening time. food is important for pups as well as providing toys they can bite on ( NTH THEY CAN SWALLOW) they are just like kids in a way, each has a different personality. the smaller size ones are usualy weaker and need more care than the healthy big pups.if u want to give a pupy to someone make sure the person is up to taking care and training ur PITBULL PUPY. if trained to ve VIOLENT it may become dangerous. i love these dogs I DON"T HAVE ONE! but i have been raised with dogs around me. i have read a great deal on the net about PITBULLS and how to take care of them. i realy want to get one but they are forbidden here. it makes me sad. i wish those of u who can get one will treat it like part of the family in every way, these dogs deserve that and much more. GOOD luck to u all (VIVA PALESTINA)


Answer by trick
Submitted on 12/12/2004
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I have two pit bulls. i'vehad them for two years, and the female,which is a jocko,black and white.The male, brown and white.Nov 30,2004 She had nine beautiful little pups.Today is 12/12/04 and they are doing fine.my dogs are outdoor pets, but i moved the female dog on my back porch two weeks before she delivered. She had them that night while everybody slept.The next morning i went downstairs and i heard some little sqeaks, i went outside and there they were. Today the mother is doing fine, and the babies are too. i hope you have luck with yours.


Answer by mimi
Submitted on 1/4/2005
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Answer by kilo
Submitted on 2/14/2005
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u all are stupid and need no animal


Answer by PitBullLover
Submitted on 3/21/2005
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My APBT had a litter of 8 puppies 5 weeks ago. We lost 1 puppy the day after birth. It takes about 10-14 days for their eyes and ears to open. The mother will do most of the work the first 2-3 weeks. Then you need to begin feeding them puppy mush and actively cleaning their whelping box. If you are unsure how to care for them, contact a vet or do some research. My 7 puppies are now each about 5-6 lbs. They are all healthy and will be getting their first shots next week. I will be carefully screening all those that want to buy them to be sure they are put in a loving and caring home.


Answer by chris
Submitted on 4/22/2005
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my pitbull is gay i think he don't like girl dogs


Answer by jovany
Submitted on 5/14/2005
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should I hit my dog when it gets me mad


Answer by im ALEXXXXX
Submitted on 5/23/2005
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i think pit bulls are beautiful and you should really take care of them because if you dont... they can turn on you... so be careful and be its respectfull owner!!


Answer by docpitbull
Submitted on 5/25/2005
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just do some breathing exercises and then grab the head and pull (not 2 hard though)


Answer by Nikki
Submitted on 6/20/2005
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Don't worry your female pitbull is going to do fine!! Make her a whelping box filled with sheets and newspapers. You can check the library or the internet on how to prepare the box. Your dog will do everything. Just keep her comfortable and console her. I just had a litter of 12. Mom, Dad and all 12 are fine.


Answer by Turk
Submitted on 6/29/2005
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Jus Watch Out For Her


Answer by ME
Submitted on 9/4/2005
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Submitted on 9/19/2005
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Answer by topher21
Submitted on 9/24/2005
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We are currantly handling a new litter. there are plenty of awsome sites that explain the three stages of the dogs pregnancy. read it and make sure you heed to everything it says.


Answer by richie
Submitted on 11/5/2005
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my pitbull is 5 years now with me... can anyone help me whats the best way to avoid lies and the body odor of my pit... we shower me 1 times a day only but the smell goes on


Answer by NeGrOdEe-ToWn
Submitted on 12/23/2005
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i got 2 pit bull babie puppies eyes are still closed mother got stolen and so was the father and they wont drink out of the bottle they cry all night what should i do


Answer by rach
Submitted on 3/26/2006
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I have a pitt bull who just had puppies a few days ago. First, a pit is just like any other dog. It is up to the owner as to how he/she will grow up. It is crucial to instill how you would like for her to be when she is young. I got mine at 5 weeks. I taught her not to bite and not be aggressive. The only thing I can see about this dog, is that she is hard headed at times and thats it. She lives with my other dog and cat as well as an iguana. She loves the other dog and even now after having puppies, she has not changed one bit unlike everyone else told me. She has trust in me and it was shown when she had her pups. She got pregnant on her first heat, and had 5 pups. She had 2 pups every 3 hrs. and the 2 pups were born 30-45 min apart. So it is a lengthy and bloody event. She actually had 6 total, but when I got home from work, one had died, do to her powerful jaws she chewed the umbilical cord too short I believe. The 2nd was fine. So I helped her with the rest so she wouldnt make the same mistake. When she pushed them out, she automatically starts eating the placenta the cord is attached too. I let her eat it while I broke the sac that encloses the puppy, so he could breathe. Then I would stop her, and tie the cord with a kite string at the end, making sure she didnt chew it any further. I would let her lick him, but not get too close to the cord. I also put the pup up the tit to let him get his first meal, to help stimulate him to wake up. That seem to worked well for all of them. She has her own room, and I don't let the other dog near. She has let my whole family come and play with the pups, and the are very healthy. I had let her out to use the restroom during her labor, and even then when she was exposed to the other dog, she didnt attack him. She just used the restroom, and I guarded the back door for her to ensure no one would get to her pups. Now, the other dog stays inside, but not in the same room with the pups, and my girl pit is normal and happy to see him when she steps out for a break. Yes she is full blooded pit. A red-nose/blue fawn pit. The puppies have blue color to them as well. It was a great experience and I don't pay no mind to any horror stories people have said about their pits. I never tie her, I would let her run around the yard with the other dog all day when I was at work, and at night they sleep in their kennels before the pups were born.  


Answer by steven
Submitted on 4/20/2006
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I don't have an answer looking for information about mother pit bull having 10 puppies 4 weeks old and now she's does not have the energy she one had after the pups were born. What Could be wrong?


Answer by pitdober76
Submitted on 5/2/2006
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ok i am currently feeding 2 pitbull-doberman mixed puppies they are i week and 3 days go to walmart or a pet store get puppy supplemental milk and a playtex nurser bottle and feed every 2 hours.alot of work but it pays off my puppies weigh 1lb11oz and 1lb13oz very cute and loveable they depend on you so if your not committed then i would not start this and see if a vet will take them.you cant keep them too cold their enviroment has to be 80-85 degrees and you HAVE to feed EVERY 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!


Answer by melhai
Submitted on 5/19/2006
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In responce to the question concenring the dog being due in 2 weeks and do not know what to do...He is a breif on it.  We just had a littler of 10 baby pits and the labor for out female was long.  She started laboring early Sat. morning.  the first sign of labor is that they begin to shake and tremble.  Our dog wanted a lot of attention and to be rubbed.  We basicly stayed up with her all night.  Take there temp., if it is below 100 they will have the puppies in less that 24 hours.  We have a very calm pit and she is so loveable, so taking her temp was not a problem.  If you have a high wired dog, be careful.  we left for a while and when we got back around 5 pm, she had two puppies already. the rest was slow.  she did not push another out for like 2 hours.  finally she pushed out two.  30 min went by and she had another.  Then she had three in same hour.  So that is 8.  We though she was finished because she got up and went to the bathroom.  nothing happend again until 11 and she had another.  We were shocked at that.  Then at 12 she had the last puppy.  All lived and are doing well.  My advice is to keep a close watch on her.  And DO NOT let people that she is not use to around her and the puppies at first.  Again, our dog is the sweetest thing and has never tried to do anything to hurt someone, but a freind came over and she chased him out the house.  They are going to be very protective at this point.  It is instinct to protect the babies.  Pits already havea bad rep so don't give them a reason to act like people assume that always act.  Our male dog, the daddy, and her do not get along right now because he is a threat to her babies.  Even though he is sweeter that she it ans will not hurt them.


Answer by ed
Submitted on 7/17/2006
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just take care of them


Answer by mikey
Submitted on 8/8/2006
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I just got a 3 month old female pit and she is beautiful but she has not eaten or drank in 24 hours, also when I tried to walk her on a leash she refuses to stand up and walk what should I do?


Answer by PitBull Lover
Submitted on 8/10/2006
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how long will a new born pit open there eyes


Answer by Flowers Kennel
Submitted on 10/16/2006
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Treat the same as any new litter,need good location for mother before birth. Be supportive,stay calm she knows her job already. Keep fresh food/water.  


Answer by mousey
Submitted on 2/6/2007
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i just had red nose pittbull puppies and i have been raised with pittbull s all my life and the only advise i could give you is make sure that u make the mother very comfortable and make a area just for her and pups dont let anyone that dosent live in  your home touch the pups  


Answer by suzie
Submitted on 5/25/2007
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Okay my pit  had 9 puppies 3 died :(.. So there are 6 left.. :((they are  not even 2 weeks old..I wanna know how I can help them stay alive..? Or should I let the mom handle it?  oh yea and when is it okay to give them away, I know when they start eating on there own but how long does  that take?how long does it take for them to get teeth?


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