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My Chi had a very restless night last night.He was all over...

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Question by cthomas
Submitted on 1/3/2004
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My Chi had a very restless night last night.He was all over the bed and seemed to be sneezing alot.He seems better today but kind of mopey.Vet told me to give him some childrens benedryl .is it common to give dogs otc medicine.

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 1/5/2004
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Benadryl is indeed something that is prescribed for dogs.  It reduces allergic reactions, my alpha has to take it when she gets her rabies shot because that really upsets her stomach.

He may be dopey because of the Benadryl, I would suggest that you take him in to the vet to be checked out.  He may have come down with a cold, yes chihuahuas can get colds, so would be stuffy and droopy just like we would be.  It would be good just to confirm that his temperature is normal, his lungs sound clear and his ears look normal inside.

I also advise making sure he eats and drinks, warm his food if you feed canned, if you can't get him to eat any other way go ahead and tempt him with a little cooked chicken and carrots.  Of course, check with your vet before you do this, if he's not eating at all the vet should try to figure out why first.


Answer by new proud owner
Submitted on 5/17/2004
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Only some medication is okay to give to dogs. Did you give your dog a human dose? For medication that is okay for dogs (please check with the vet first)In my experience, a dose especially for a chi would be 1/8th of a human dose. Pepto bismol is okay for their upset stomachs or diarrhea.


Answer by TuckersMom
Submitted on 6/28/2004
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The Benadryl dose for dogs is 1 mg. per pound of body weight.


Answer by GabrielleAngel
Submitted on 1/13/2005
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I think that 1mg per pound is too much.  You should check somewhere else for the correct information to avoid poisoning your pet.


Answer by lex
Submitted on 9/5/2005
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I believe it is 25mg per 50lbs.


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