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My daughter in college has an "89" VW Golf GL with a 1.8...

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Question by Geoff
Submitted on 12/31/2003
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My daughter in college has an "89" VW Golf GL with a 1.8 single over-head that will not start.  I have replaced all ignition parts and fuel filter.  The car starts and after two seconds abruptly stops.  I am told the next step is the engine control computer, but how do I know if this is failing?

Answer by Paul
Submitted on 1/17/2004
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it's your mass air sensor or an air leak between the mass air sensor and the throttle body check that air ducks are fasten corectly


Answer by m99watts
Submitted on 2/6/2004
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weal mate ice got a golf and had similar problems, i suggest that it is the supply of fuel not getting to your engine when ur starting it up this would suggest a problem with your fuel pump, if injection,PS there is 2 fuel pumps on cars with injection. otherwise it might just be that ur carburetter needs retuning.


Answer by rich
Submitted on 12/9/2004
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when u go to start it turn the key on wait a min and try startin it thats what i have to do with my 89 golf if i do not do that i start it and it shuts of


Answer by 89 golf: Love to hate it
Submitted on 9/28/2005
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hey...don't know much about cars but i do have an 89' golf....so I may be able to help...here is a few problems i have had with mine in the past..hope it helps  you in the future....first off my heater core "exploded" (not really but it seamed like it at the time, it really just quit on me and sprayed radiator fluid all over the place)..so my advice to you would be to have that check out...it was actually a recall a long time ago.. it was never changed on my car so the recall was still valid...another problem i have with mine is the neutral started switch (not sure if thats what its called, but it prevents the car from starting out of park or neutral)because the switch was blown my car wouldn't start. Just had to get it replaced and then she was back to normal...another problem my car seams to be prone to is loosing exhaust hangers ...very cheap to fix but very loud to live with out.and a current problem i am having is that my car will run fine in drive but as soon as i put it in to another gear it rev's high, whats really weird is that it runs highest in neutral..not sure what the problem there is but i hope to find out..2 mechanics and no answers yet...i've been told it could be the gas intake valve ..but i dont know..aside from that just little things like the doors getting stiff a little WD40 in the hadle and hinges and your good to go...oh and the fan is another thing to watch out for ... overheating is never fun (I think that was another old recall..i dont think they expire so find out if its been replace alreasy!)...well hope my misfortune with my car will help in future success fixing yours!!


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