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I got my chi from a pet shop and now all I hear are bad...

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Question by Misty
Submitted on 12/30/2003
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I got my chi from a pet shop and now all I hear are bad things.  I am getting angry because all the information on it is bad and makes me feel like the worst person for buying him.  He has been with us for 2 1/2 months and is 5 1/2 months old.  He seems to be doing really well, but I can't help but be discouraged by the way some people make me feel for buying him.  Is there really anything I should be worried about that any other chi owner wouldn't?

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 1/2/2004
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First, don't feel badly about purchasing your dog at a pet store.  You didn't know any better.  Now that you do, you won't do it again, right?

Second, pet stores may take excellent care of the animals when they are there, but you don't know how they were treated before that.  You can't know whether they came from a loving ethical breeder or a puppy mill that breeds every female they have as often as they can and don't care whether the puppies have genetic defects etc.  The pet store often doesn't know that either.

Last, if your chihuahua has gotten a clean bill of health from your veterinarian, than you have nothing to worry about.  The one issue that chihuahuas have that you wouldn't have probably already found is slipped kneecaps (luxating patellas).  My alpha has a mild case in one knee, probably won't ever be a big deal.  More severe cases may require surgery in later years, but any good vet would have found that.

Thank you for asking these questions, it just shows that you Are a responsible owner who cares about her dog.  How you treat your animal counts for so much more than where you got it.


Answer by angie
Submitted on 2/9/2004
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I agree- what is done is done!  Just love your dog.  I do think there are many reasons not to buy from a pet store, but you have learned some new things about that, and when the times comes again (if you want another pet I mean), you will know what to do.  Doesn't make you a bad person!


Answer by proud new owner
Submitted on 5/17/2004
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I bought my siamese cat and my new baby chi from the store "petland". I have talked with the petland manager and the kennel shopper. They are completely against puppy mills. The won't even buy puppies from breeders out of the province. I trust that. The animals are very well taken care of. (weighing everyday, being taken to the vet...ETC. I know it's not a good idea to buy them from a pet store because if they ever so happened to come from a puppy mill (we don't want to support those jerks). If they did come from a puppy mill, why should they continue to be unloved and sit in a window all day at a pet store. In my opinion, the ASPCA, gouverment, and all of that should be taking care of puppy mills. I wrote the ASPCA and asked them what their involvement was with puppy mills, they say they do what they can, but they don't have enough inspectors! How bad is that?


Answer by Shelby
Submitted on 5/23/2004
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I am planning on buying a pomeranian puppy, and so I went to the pet shop to see what they had.  They had these really cute puppies, but I had a feeling they were from puppy mills.  Though they were cute, the puppies were hiding in the corners and frightened of socialization.  Luckily, I wasn't tricked into buying them like the many other families were that day.  I wish there was a way to stop puppy mills all together...


Answer by Brianne
Submitted on 5/23/2004
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I really don't know that much about Maltese dogs/puppies.  My friends say they are low maintenance and that they don't shed, is this true?
The problem is, I do want one as a pet, but they cost $800-$1000 dollars.  Is there any other dog that isn't so costly but similar to the Maltese?  


Answer by jasmine
Submitted on 5/24/2004
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This is true, my aunt has a maltese, and she says they never shed.  They also do not cost 800 dollars, these dogs can cost tops, 400 dollars.
I'm glad I helped


Answer by Jennifer
Submitted on 5/26/2004
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I am thinking about purchasing a pomeranian...my problem so far is that, I do not want to purchase s dog that will excessively shed.  I already know the dog will shed twice a year, but do they shed all the time...I am open to any suggestions.


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 11/22/2004
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Answer by Megan
Submitted on 12/27/2004
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Here's the thing. I want a puppy- a Pomeranian puppy- but I know that they are a lot of hard work and love. I got the love part down, but not the hard work part. I love dogs, but I am afraid that if I do get one, it'll be sad when I go to school. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


Answer by wantabe
Submitted on 4/1/2005
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hi i had a maltese an i loved her they arr the sweats dogs but i lost mine last week i had to put her down she had kidney failure and there was nothing that could be done shw was full of fluid in her abdomale cavety so much that she weighted 30 lbs the vet toke some fluid out but it came back that night that she was not makeing protein we tired every thing nothing worked at the end she was just to tired to get up but i have pom puppy on hold she is only 3 weeks i cant wait to get her what makes it nice is that i know the breeder an she loves her animals am geting her on the first of may she was born mar 12 am going to name her maggie


Answer by Paula
Submitted on 6/23/2005
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I'm getting a Pomeranian. And I'm wondering the same question about shedding. I think they do shed a lot. Just because they have so much hair. My breeder has about 50 Pomeranian living with her,NO LIE and her house is very clean! Either she vacuum's a lot or they do no shed at all.


Answer by christa
Submitted on 8/18/2005
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that's b.s. about the maltese not costing $800.  most breeders, calling their dogs the smallest and cutest malteses, price their dogs at upwards of $1,200. b. freakin s. jasmine.


Answer by invisible_dolphin_bay
Submitted on 9/6/2005
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Does anyone know how much do chihuahuas usually cost at large petstores such as petland or petco?


Answer by vanessa
Submitted on 11/24/2005
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not really they shed twice a year maybe even three times a year.


Answer by JJ
Submitted on 1/3/2006
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I just wanted to say that I talked to breeders and looked at many area shelters for a puppy. After careful considerations and research, I knew what I was looking for.
I went into a petland just to see the different mixes and their differences.I was not able to do this with the breeders cause they all wanted a deposit and none of the new litters were born..etc..
so i just wanted to check out coats,etc..
well, unplanned, and much to my surprise, I had instant chemisty with a  puppy there.
I called my friend who will not buy anything from petland, and she came to check him out.
she told me I was making the right choice and this indeed was the right dog for me.
So I look at it as rescuing my baby from petstore hell. Why should he have been denied? Just because he didn't come from the right place?  He is smart,healthy, and he is amazingly sweet and well tempered. I can't imagine a day without him now.
So my point is, yeah, I guess I shouldn't have"bought him", but I don't regret it one single day.
Everything happens for a reason.
Do your research,know what you want.Study the animal and how he interacts with you..etc..chemisty is so important. Don't get so caught up in where they came from..it isn't their FAULT!don't punish them.


Answer by Suzi
Submitted on 1/7/2006
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I love pet stores. I have bought my dogs, cats, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, and bird (not all at once but through the years) and have always had wonderful pets that lived long healthy, happy lives. Right now I'm looking for a cat.  The shelters don't have any that I want and I cannot find a pet store.  I'm so disappointed.  Where did they all go?


Answer by Maltipoo
Submitted on 1/28/2006
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Do any of you guys know ant thing about Maltipoo's if so please tell me!


Answer by DogBreeder
Submitted on 4/12/2006
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I agree, what's done is done - take care of your baby no matter where you got the pup.  Just don't buy from a pet store again, and educate anyone else who might not know any better.  I know many people feel sorry for the puppies at the store and want to "save" them but for every one that is sold, another one will replace it.  You can bet on that! If you don't buy it, the pet store will not buy more of something that doesn't sell.  It's all about profit.

AND, most importantly, NO ETHICAL BREEDER ON EARTH SELLS TO A PET SHOP - responsible breeders would rather die than do that!  No matter what the store tells you, anyone who sells to a pet shop is only doing it for the money and doesn't CARE where the pups go - could be a good home or not, as long as they get paid.  And what difference does it make if the "breeder" - and I use the term loosely since all they are is "producers" - is located nearby or across the country?  Someone may have 2, 20 or 200 females - the motives for breeder (profit) is what makes the difference - if only for profit, they will cut corners to make more money and the dogs pay the price.  Someone may only have a couple of females and breed them to the neighbours dog every heat and raise substandard pups in poor conditions - could be someone in your local area - still doesn't make it right!


Answer by Kalika
Submitted on 5/1/2006
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Pomeranians only shed once a year (near early summer or late spring) to get rid of their winter layer. They shed A LOT less then short haired dogs (at least, that's what I've heard).


Answer by chrissy
Submitted on 6/17/2006
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Jennifer, My best friend has a pomeranin and it sheds so bad. if you want a dog that is good when it comes to shedding, buy a chi!!!


Answer by chh
Submitted on 6/30/2006
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if u don't want a dog to shed i think u should get a dog that wouldn't shed like a maltese,and the other dogs that don't shed.
im trying to buy a dog and if i dont have time to get the dog from a shelter today im going to get it from a pet shop is that a good idea??? Please answer me back asap THANKS.


Answer by Petland Victim
Submitted on 9/7/2006
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Petland sold me a Miniature Yorkie (2 pound and 6 ounces) - They told me about the eye infection.

They did not tell me about the Congenital Emphysema.

Coco died 1 day shy of two months.

The Necropsy mentioned the Congenetal Emphysema about 4 time and it was the last line that stated - It cannot be ruled out but is extremely rare in cases with no prior occurances.

Well - While speaking with the Petland Owner from Alafaya Petland in Orlando, she slipped up and mentioned that the respitory infection Coco had 2 months prior (I only had her two months) had nothing to do with her death.

She suffocated.  Her lungs could not produce enough air for her.  She went into shock and died.

There were no reports of any insect bites or even anything in her stomach - (We fed her at night religiously).  We also walked her at 6:30 in the morning and later at 9:00am in the morning.  

She was found dead in her kennel at 5:00pm that day.

Petland offered 25% off the next pet we purchased from them.

1. Petland Managers knew the dog was sick and had previous respiratory problems - documented with the VET.

2. Dog had congenital Lung Emphysema - documented with the Autopsy by a 3rd party.

3. Petland does not consider itself responsible in this case - citing - anaphylyctic reaction or shock.


Anyone else like Petland.


Answer by DonDon
Submitted on 9/18/2006
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WELL GETTING CHI IS THE BEST DISSECTION I,ve ever Made I absolutely love!!!!!!!!!!! my tamolly. she bring  me undecidable joy all the time!


Answer by Nicholle
Submitted on 12/19/2006
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Hey.I am only 13 years old but i am very experienced with malteses i own  2 and my parents used to breed them. they don't shed. they aren't yappy dogs. we got ours from a local breeder and she cost me 300 dollars. they are wonderful companions I'm sure you will love a maltese


Answer by Jen
Submitted on 2/3/2007
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Maltese are my favorite breed. They dont shed and they are all about love!!! I want a pomerian but do they shed??


Answer by Leanne
Submitted on 3/12/2007
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no matter what petland workers are trained to say, their dogs come from puppy mills. it has been documented by numerous occasions, including Dateline NBC.
google "petland puppy mill" for more.

the only way to stop puppy mills is to stop buying from pet stores and start adopting from shelters. the power is in your hands.  www.petfinder.org is a website that shows available dogs and cats from shelters all over the US including breed rescues. You can search for a certain breed or age at local shelters.

five million healthy dogs are put to sleep every year because people continue to buy from petstores like petland instead of adopting dogs from shelters.

in response to the original question, misty, i'm glad your friends have informed you, but it's important to love your dog now, and in the future, adopt and don't buy. that's it. don't feel bad.


Answer by Wendy
Submitted on 4/11/2007
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I have Schnauzers and they do not shed at all - they only lose hair sometimes, as humans do.  


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