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What type of dog proofing does a backyard need with a...

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Question by calibug
Submitted on 7/17/2003
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What type of dog proofing does a backyard need with a malamute?  Do they climb fences and dig holes under fences?

Answer by starry
Submitted on 12/21/2003
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Most are content in a 4' high, fenced back yard - a few can be diggers and may get under the fence.  Rarely (but it happens) you'll find a true escape artist that will go over the fence.  Regardless, you MUST have a fence as this breed will NEVER stay on your property reliably.  They have no "road sense" - tending to walk down it rather than avoid it - and best of all, will pick fights with neighbor dogs and run deer and domestic animals. You need the fence to keep other animals out as much as keep the Malamute in.


Answer by grbtnygeqwvu
Submitted on 1/4/2004
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Answer by mtnman
Submitted on 10/19/2005
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6 foot is the minimum you can trust one of these guys with if you are not around and you leave them unattended. Mals do have the ability to jump 3-4 foot fences. They will also climb same. It is far more difficult to haul a 100 lb dog up and over a 6 foot fence. Also, they are prolific diggers, and will make short work of tunneling under any fence regardless of height. Any metal fence ( they will chew through wood fence) should be buried 1 foot below grade to prevent tunneling. Or, bury 18-24" wire mesh approx, 6" below grade, the entire length of the interior fence and cover it with crushed stone covered by dirt. Oh yeah, the lower mesh has to be wired to the fence, otherwise, they might just pull it out. Mals are strong dogs. We use what is called hog or stock fencing. It is 12 ga welded wire, 2x4 ...the dogs can bite this and bend it..so don't scrimp unless you want a dog loose in your neighborhood


Submitted on 3/9/2006
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That is a good question.
This question could also apply to all dog breeds where could we find out about other breeds such as the Black Russian Terrier


Answer by Lynn
Submitted on 3/24/2006
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A 4' fence will not keep most Malamutes.  I've found mine in the neighbors' yards before I put a 3' addition to the top of the 4'.  I think what kept the male from bounding further was his sister crying for him in our yard.


Answer by MalMama
Submitted on 6/30/2006
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more than 60% of our Mals are "wanderers." They don't actually "run" they just spend their time looking for (or making)  holes in the fence or digging under the fence or sometimes even going over it.

You need to make sure the yard is safe, that you can see where the dog is at all times, and if there are woods, you can get into them to "rescue" the dog, if needed. We have a 5 ft high fence, and also two pens, one large one and one smaller one, for extra saftey.

Some people even will put wire at the top of fences (be VERY careful, you don't want to hurt the dogs) and bury some fencing in the ground to keep the dogs from digging. Also, putting cement blocks into any holes they start can help.

ALL dogs should have a "Home Again" type device planted in your dog's neck, in case he gets away and loses his collar. Then he will be identified when he is found.

Also, ALWAYS go looking for your dog, call the local authorities and the local animal hospital (if they are a local kennel for lost dogs) so that you will know if your dog is found. We don't give up until we find our "wandering" Mals. The longest one was away was overnight, and we were beside ourselves. We got a call the next day and she was fine.


Answer by Lili
Submitted on 7/25/2006
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well never tie up the dog keep it inside a lot and most of all keep it out of hot wether provide water and shade. you can try to use the under ground fencing ontop of the wall or fence were the dog is. it will keep you dog far from the gate about 3 ft it dosent hurt them. the collar can be set to vibrate or to shock on a low level. depending on the dog the dog will learn fast to not go near the fence or wall
but if you see him get a few in then put the collar on for a week and remind him not to go near the wall but that is depending on the dog some dogs will need it on them on them all the time.


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