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My next door neighbor's daughter (14) has been diagnosed...

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Question by Ed Keith
Submitted on 12/29/2003
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My next door neighbor's daughter (14) has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (II).  Her father and mother are divorced and her mother is also Bipolar.  She was recently living with her mother who does not work, allegedly due to her mental problems, and is basically a ward of the state.  She is now back with her father primarily due to her mother lacking the capability to care for her.  Her mother constantly uses the excuse that since she is Bipolar she can'twork.  It seems to me that this alleged condition can be misused.  A person diagnosed with this condition has an easy out for anything they may do.  Like a child can start using drugs and say to herself,  "Oh is wasn't my fault, I was in a manic stage at the time, it its the fault of my condition."  If a person doesn't take responsibility for their own actions and admit they made a mistake aren't they bound to repeat that mistake and blame their error in judgment on their alleged condition?

Answer by janice
Submitted on 8/15/2006
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for your information i to was diagnosed with
bipolar11 I had a job now they want to take it away from me I drive truck no accidents no tickets more than i can ssy for other drivers who supposely have no problems they say my mood can change any time well cant normal people have mood changes  why are we so different. this could mean i lost my job what do i do now  i lost a daughter 2days after she got married and i am still dealing with this but first the dr said tramustic stress disorder now 6months later i am bipolar. explain the cahange what i suposse to do for a living


Answer by Mother of a bipolar daughter
Submitted on 3/29/2007
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Ed Keith, you don't have a clue what you are talking about. Go and learn about what it means to be bipolar, then perhaps you will feel ashamed of saying stupid things like you did.


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