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My baby texas is theething and want eat anything but table...

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Question by r55@swbell.net
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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My baby  texas is theething and want eat anything but table food right now could you tell me something i can give him he is 5 months old and how long do this last can you give a baby asprin for the fever

Answer by chimama
Submitted on 12/29/2003
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Your chi should not be eating table food at all!  If his mouth is sore, you can moisten his kibbles with water which will make it easier for him to eat.  It will be harder to break him of the desire for people food, but you must do this.  People food is not the right mix of nutrients for dogs, and a chihuahua has to get maximum nutrition out of everything it eats due to its large energy needs and small tummy.

Teething should be over by around six months, although my Nixie held onto her two top baby fangs until she was eight months old, they were next to her adult fangs.

If he's got a fever, he should be seen by a vet, since this could be due to a number of things unrelated to teething.


Answer by Shayna
Submitted on 3/14/2005
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I agree with chimama.  He definitely should not be eating table food.  Table food puts weight on Chi's very quickly and the worst thing in the world for a Chi is to be overweight.  Their hearts can't pump properly when they are overweight, and it's particularly bad because Chi's tend to pack on extra weight around their chest area.  Also, their little knee joints can't handle the extra weight.  Chi's usually do a lot of running and jumping and their knee joints will give out quickly from jumping on and off the couch, even with just a little extra weight.  Keep in mind that for an animals who is only 5 pounds, even an extra half a pound it a lot.  
But, if he has been eating table food for a while now, and you find that you are having trouble breaking him from it, try mixing whatever you feed him in with his own food.  Then, gradually (over 2 to 3 weeks or so) wean him off of it by putting in less and less table food into his food.  Also, make sure you're feeding a high protein food so that as he gets weaned from the table food, he is getting large doses of the nutrients he needs.  


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