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I have a cockapoo I purchased from Garafraxa Kennels in...

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Question by Deb
Submitted on 12/27/2003
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I have a cockapoo I purchased from Garafraxa Kennels in Fergus Ontario.She developed juvenile cataracts at 2 years old.To date I have spent in access of $4,000. in veterinary bills. Do I have any legal recourse with this breeder???

Answer by Tracy
Submitted on 1/29/2004
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Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your dog.  Juvenile cataracts are inherited, however, unfortunately, NO, you do not have any recourse.  The guarantee supplied by this kennel is specific, and one year in length.  The unfortunate aspect here is that juvenile cataracts are generally visible by six weeks of age, to a trained veterinary ophthalmologist.  A thirty dollar test could have been performed by your breeder prior to you acquiring the puppy.  Reputable breeders test all puppies susceptible to eye disorders (CERF exams).  
Contrary the information supplied by most individuals breeding cross-breeds (hybrids), cross-breds are not necessarily genetically stronger, or less prone to genetic disease (ie juvenile cataracts).  In the case of your dog for example, both poodles and cocker spaniels can produce the problem when pure bred, and when crossed together, they can still pass the defective gene on.
Guarantees less then five years, in most breeds are insufficient.  Failing to genetically test where applicable, and to CERF or BAER test where applicable are short cuts taken to maximize profit.  Be wary of large scale (or even small scale) breeders who breed "only for the joy of it".  It does not instill confidence in their knowledge of individual breeds, nor does it imply responsibility for the dogs they create.  This is echoed in their in sufficient guarantees.
You will have to accept this as an expensive lesson learned, and if you acquire another dog in the future, research the breeder with a more skeptical eye.


Answer by Garafraxa Kennels
Submitted on 3/21/2004
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Hello,  What this person Deb neglected to say,
is that we have been in touch with her pertaing to this problem with her dog. She did tell us after many years that her dog has developed juvenile cararacts, she did not make us awear of this until she had spent in excess of $4,000. in veterinary bills.  The guarantee supplied by Garafraxa Kennels is specific, and one year in length. The unfortunate aspect here is that juvenile cataracts are generally visible by six weeks of age, to a trained veterinary this was not found at 6wks nor was it visable when Deb purcashed this cockapoo, she was 9 months old when Deb took her home. I would also like to say that we have kept 2 of this cockapoo dogs sisters, and they are both healthy and no eye problems, they are both going to be retired this year, none of thier pups have any eye problems. What bothers us the most is that Deb wants to have another dog from us, because this is how we Guarentee our puppies, we do not refund money, but if a conjenical defect is found in one of our pups we will replace it with a pup from another litter within 8 months. I no that all of this sounds like sour grapes, but I do believe that we are more than fair here at Garafraxa Kennels.

Yours Sincerly
Garafraxa Kennels


Answer by elly
Submitted on 5/29/2004
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It is interesting that Garafraxa kennels would continue to breed the same dogs knowing that there is a cataract problem.  I might also add there there is a problem with their cocker spaniels as well.   Their bottom tear ducts are not fully developed and therefore they do not drain properly as well as their behaviour tends to be a problem.  Our vet said that this was due to bad breeding.    It is unfortunate that there are breeders out there who do not protect the breed or care what problems they continue to pass on.   I guess the old saying goes.......buyer beware.......


Answer by Cubby
Submitted on 7/4/2004
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Hi, I was considering buying a pup from Garafaxa kennels, Are they not a reputable breeder or is this an isolated problem with a disgruntled purchaser? Any advice would be appreciated. Does anyone know he name of a reputable cockapoo breeder in the area?


Answer by elly
Submitted on 7/6/2004
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I would not buy a dog from Garafraxa Kennels.  They are not registered and really don't stand behind their puppies, once they leave, without a fight.   I don't normally write negative comments about people on the internet, however, I would not want another family to go through what we went through.  Look for a registered breeder, and get references if possible.  Even better,  ask where people you know got their puppies.   They would have references you would trust.  Thanks.


Answer by lynne
Submitted on 8/10/2004
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I am so disturbed by seeing this.We have just returned from the vet and have already had our dog lose his sight in one eye and now the other is going. We strongly suggest not purchasing from this breeder and we had some suspicions which now appear to be confirmed.We were shown pictures of a kennel but when we picked him up it was at a house and MANY dogs were caged together.


Answer by Nancy Machum
Submitted on 8/11/2004
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We purchased our cockapoo 'Riley' aka 'Dominoe' from Garafraxa kennels over 3 years ago and he is healthy and happy.
Not a single health problem to date and he has the kindest, most loving personality we could have ever hoped for. He has added years to the life of our 14 year old yellow lab 'Rocky'..they are the best of friends.
We recently recommended Garafraxa to friends of ours and they purchased a female Cockapoo this past April. She is gorgeous, happy and very healthy! I will continue to recommend Garafraxa Kennels and will most likely go back to Chris for more dogs in the future....I think if you check any breeders out there..purebreeders or crossbreeders alike you will find they all have had negative comments made about them at some point or another....Chris would not be as successful as she is if her dogs were not of the best stock...Kudos to Garafraxa Kennels for the wonderful dogs they bring into this world!!
Thank you.


Answer by Carol
Submitted on 9/8/2004
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JohnnyComeLately, that's me!  I was sent this question(?) and answer today.  I felt I had to comment.  
First of all, where is it written that juvenile cataracts can be seen at 6 weeks of age in a pup's eyes.  Please, someone send me that information. I had a vet opthamologist come here from Ct and he examined every dog I owned.  He, and other vets I have spoken to and many articles I have read ALL say that cataracts sometimes cannot be seen until a dog is well past two years of age. Sometimes, dogs develop cataracts past three years of age , even juvenile cataracts, and oft times, by then, the dog has had a litter ( or more ) of pups or , if a male, has sired numerous litters.
If juvenile cataracts could be seen, definitively , at 6 weeks of age, I would agree that EVERY single puppy should be checked for this AT 6-8 weeks of age..and I am sure EVERY breeder would feel the same way and do it!  As far as I know and understand, that is NOT the case!  So, I would like to see this fact in writing..and not the writing of someone who is not a professional ... either doctor , opthomologist or scientist.
As far as guarantees from breeders... a guarantee is only as good as the person giving it.  I have read websites with the most spectacular guarantees on pups and dogs, including entire lifetimes.  The more the guarantee, the more I think the person doing it is either wacko or FOS.  NO ONE can guarantee a dog for a lifetime.  A two -week health guarantee is sufficient , usually, to cover all known catastrophic illnesses such as parvo, distemper, etc.  That is the incubation period for these life -threatening diseases.  Most other things can be picked up after a pup is sold and in the hands of his/her new owners... owners who sometimes must do the most bizarre things with tiny pups even when specifically told not to by the breeder.  If I tell a new owner not to take a pup out onto the streets until the pup is 16 weeks and has had all puppy shots and then find out said puppy was in a Petsmart being shown off or at a kid's soccer game .. with 50 kids handling it.. am I to be held responsible for the pup's subsequent illnesses?  I think NOT.
As far as this Garafraxa Kennel? I don't know them but all of you are sure ruining the reputation of someone who has done nothing wrong at all.  I am considered a very fair kennel and my owners swear by me ( not at me) but I would have done no differently than what this kennel owner did.
BTW, neither of my parents had cataracts but I had them, full blown, at age 55!  So, what does that say???  


Answer by elsie
Submitted on 9/10/2004
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I would like to respond to the previous letters regarding the puppies produced by the Garafraxa Kennels. In January 2004 we purchased a peekapoo pup from these kennels.
We are now dealing with a blind 9 month old and so far have received no response from the owners of this kennel. We advised them that our puppy is blind and requested, in writing, by e-mail, that they would stop breeding the parent dogs.  Todate they have chosen to ignore anything we have asked them to do.  Our dog is now 9 months old and we are looking into surgery, with a price tag of $4200. plus the cost of post-op visits, etc. We have telephoned  them, leaving a message for them to call, but have not heard anything. We are now looking into the possibility of legal action, as the initial Vet report showed no eye problems. It does seem apparent that these owners do know of previous problems in these parent dogs and choose to ignore this.        


Answer by j. ideson
Submitted on 9/15/2004
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In regard to the Garafraxa Kennels, I would like to talk to the people who have purchased a Poodle mix puppy from this Kennel. Our 10 month mix has juvenile cataracts and we would like to discuss options with other owners.  Please contact us at jkideson@yahoo.ca.


Answer by Deb Enniskillen
Submitted on 9/16/2004
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I purchased a cockapoo from Garafraxa kennels four years ago, and I highly recommend them.  We have never had a problem with Ms Ryelee, and she is the healthest dog around.  I have been trying to reach the kennels to purchase another from her, or breed my cockapoo.  I would not hesitate in purchasing a pup from them.


Answer by jbear
Submitted on 9/18/2004
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i feel that people who do not know what they are talking about shouldn't talk at all

i my self have a cockapoo from this kennel and it is very health at the age of 14 years old, and i would get another dog from this breeder at any time because i think that they take very good care of their dogs.


Answer by Tash
Submitted on 9/23/2004
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Hey guys. I was also thinking about Garafraxa; however, when I saw how many breeds they had, I changed my mind. I live around Toronto, ON.

I desperately want a shih poo. There are two breeders that I know around: Rainbow Park (pickering, ON) and Bessie's Babies. www.rainbowpark.ca and www3.sympatico.ca/bessdens. IF ANYONE HAS ANY INFO ON THESE TWO BREEDERS, GOOD OR BAD, I WOULD REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

Rainbow Park has a lot of puppies. They have 9 different breeders who deliver puppies to them. I've visited them and they seem "okay". The pups seem well taken care of, the place is clean. The lady on the phone was really hesitant to answer my questions, she was rude actually. She said (two times) on two different occasions that the humane society approves of them. So, I called the humane society, and guess what? They said that they don't approve of any specific breeders. !!!!

I know a girl in one of my classes who just bought a puppy from rainbow park, and she says he's great. They have a year warantee...by the way.

The second place has no warantee, only you have to check the pup with your vet. They seem better than rainbow park though, b/c they don't have pups all that often.

I'm just concerned about the no warantee thing. I don't know if my message here is pointless. I hope someone can read it and help me out. Please email me if you can assist in any way: nataliehemraj@hotmail.com

Thank you for your time.


Answer by AnniesSong
Submitted on 10/10/2004
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I feel the need to respond to the email messages about Garafraxa Kennels. My husband & I purchased an 8-week-old Yorkiepoo from Garafraxa on Thanksgiving week-end in 2003. Annie turned a year-old in August. Annie is the best thing that has ever happened to us. She was/is healthy, beautiful and well-behaved from the time we brought her home. Bill and I could tell she came from a loving environment. So in defence of Garafraxa Kennels I would like to say that we are very pleased with our pet and have referred friends and family to this particular breeder. In fact we're considering purchasing another Yorkiepoo and would definitely go back to Garafraxa.


Answer by judy
Submitted on 10/26/2004
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  I would like to address the Garafraxa Kennels issue.  My husband and myself purchased a peke-a-poo pup from Garafraxa Kennels this year and within 6 months this pup was blind with Juvenile cataracts. We would like to talk to some of the other people who have purchased a pup with the same problems.  Some support at this time would be really helpful.  We can be reached at jkideson@ yahoo.ca.  Thank you


Answer by MIKE
Submitted on 11/26/2004
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Answer by Dave
Submitted on 2/10/2005
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I have had nothing but headaches from Garafraxa Kennels.  I purchased a shi-poo from them 8 months ago that came with a clean bill of health.  Within 3 days my dog began having bloody diarrhea.  My vet diagnosed advanced coccidia (a parasite that eats the intestinal lining, that can eventually killing the dog) and ear mites in egg, larva and adult stages.   When I advised them, they said the  vet only lookd at the puppy's parents...and THEY were fine.  Initially they blamed ME for the infections and refused to reimburse my vet bills. It took many calls and the threat of both, reporting their 'cash sale-no tax' deal to revenue canada and taking them to court before they finally coughed up a cheque.  

Garafraxa Kennel is little more than a half baked puppy mill run out of their filthy house. If you go to Garafraxa Kennels, let your instincts and common sense guide you...and run away!


Answer by rp7star
Submitted on 5/24/2005
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I have a cockapoo from Garafraxa's Kennels. She will be 8 years old in July.  She has no health or genetic problems, and has a beautiful disposition. Her mother is Dolly, father is Rusty.  I just had her to vets today for her checkup and shots.  She is a big cockapoo, 30 pounds.  She is the joy of our family.
Is this breeder still in business?


Answer by Truth-Be-Told
Submitted on 8/10/2005
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Truth be told I have seen very good puppys from garafraxa kennels and know of friends that have seen good ones as well. The only real beef I have is how the price of their pups keep jumping hundreds of dollars. I have also seen one pup of theirs though that seems to have a very bad temperment problem, whether it's breeding or parenting I can not say.I hope they are on the up and up. I say check them out and decide for yourself. I have no problem with them. So you might not either. It's worth a look? And ask for referneces from owners of there dogs.


Answer by Ashley
Submitted on 10/18/2005
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I would like to say that Garafraxa kennel are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They know what they're talking about and they took the time and paitence to explain to me about my new doggie Daegus which I got from them. All these negative comments I keep hearing about the kennels makes me extremely sad, because I do believe these are just disgruntled customers who seem to have just jumped on the bandwagon along with everyone else. These women know what they're doing when it comes to their pups.

So for all those considering buying a puppy from Garafraxa Kennels.. I say go for it! And enjoy your new puppy.


Answer by yoyoyu
Submitted on 10/18/2005
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I am so funny!!!!!
anyway i have to go because i have to go to the bathroom and go dodo.


Answer by Nancy
Submitted on 12/13/2005
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We purchased a cockapoo 4 years ago from Garafraxa kennels - sight unseen - and I have to say that he has turned out to be the most wonderful addition to our family.
He is black and white and a tad larger than most cockapoos - he started his life with the name 'Domino' which we changed to 'Riley'. He is very healthy, smart and very,very handsome! We have friends who purchased a cockapoo two years ago from Garafraxa and are very pleased with her - no health issues at all and very well behaved.


Answer by ELI
Submitted on 1/7/2006
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Agree, NOT REGISTERED is sufficient evidence for me to say that GARAFRAXA Kennels is nothing but a PUPPY MILL..  thank you..


Answer by stephanie
Submitted on 6/30/2006
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hi i too bought a dog from garafraxa kennels. A toy poodle she was 4 months old when i got her, they told us she was going to keep her for breeding. kiki (my toy poodle) had only had her first shots, they sent us home with a pill that they said was for stress and told me there vet was dr flanagan in woodstock. when i got kiki home she started to cough, so i called my local vet. I took the pill and kiki, her lymph nodes where enlarged and he took the pill and said it was not for stress, it was for giardia the pill name is METRONIDAZOLE. The vet thought that the kennel was vaccinating the dogs them self NOT A VET and that the pill is used for human cemo. I then called my vet they looked kiki over and said the same as my local vet, that the kennel vaccinated kiki and the pill was an old was to treat giardia and that if she had giardia my children could get it. They also said kiki my have a heart problem. So i called garafraxa kennels they said they vaccinate there dogs them self, they also said they did give me the pill for giardia. I was very angry for they lied to me and i had paid $800 for kiki so they offered to give kiki her second shot. I did NOT go to them for kiki'ssecond shot. Kiki is two years old now and she has trouble keeping weight on  and she indeed has a heart problem. she has sinus arrhythmia, her heart stops every time she breaths in. I hope by telling kiki'sstorie people will not buy any pets from Garafraxa kennels and save you the heart ache. Buy from a real breeder that is recognized by a registered or ckc . NOT A PUPPY MILL thats what  i  believe Garafraxa kennels is . sincerely Stephanie and Kiki


Answer by AshleyWaston
Submitted on 7/1/2006
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I STAND 100% behind Garafraxa Kennels, people who have had bad experiences go scream it to the world, but notice how no one has posted a good comment about them yet, negative negative jump on the band wagon sort of thing.

I have been dealing with Garafraxa for years and yes, puppies that have mishaps do arise, but out of the litters I have seen, helped with, the girls out at Garafraxa DO care about their dogs, DO care about their puppies and they WILL help clients who's puppies run into problems later on which could be associated with them. These girls give each of their puppies which are born tender loving care, and out of the few sour grapes, I have seen countless happy clients walking away with Happy Healthy pups.


Answer by pucknell
Submitted on 8/28/2006
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i bought a fawn male pug from them almost 2 year ago now, back in oct of 2004. they were fine to deal with, and the dog is great. so no problems for me.


Answer by Swede
Submitted on 10/10/2006
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We just purchased a Cockapoo and we are wondering what to use to clean her eyes. As I understand they should be cleaned often.

Thank you for your time.  sincerely, Swede


Answer by looking for pup
Submitted on 10/17/2006
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we are considering a cockapoo for our parents and were looking at Garafraxa because it was recommended by a friend who has a puppy and is very happy with it. However, if you know the names of other breeders in S Ont. please let me know


Answer by shorty331
Submitted on 10/26/2006
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I would like to say that I purchased a Yorkie Poo (Wilson) from rottweiller and my husband and I have been more than happy with him.  The day we brought him home we immediately brought him to our Vet that we have used for 30 years. The Vet did a thorough exam and said he was perfectly healthy and well taken care of.  Wilson is now 19 months old and he has been in perfect health. He was at the Vets 1 month ago and again got a clean bill of health.  My sister bought a rottweiler from a register breeder and when it was discovered that it had hip displacia the breeder was willing to give them another dog but when they heard that their dog would be destroyed they didn't have the heart to go through with it. They talked to another breeder who also said this is the common practice.  So, if you are purchasing a dog as a pet rather than a show dog you might want to keep that in mind.  It is also wise to have your own vet examine the dog thoroughly immediately after purchasing as we did. On a lighter note.....we have had several dogs and Wilson is by far the smartest and most loving dog we have ever had.


Answer by poon
Submitted on 10/27/2006
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ok, i'veheard of this when i purchased my pup 1 and half yrs ago. lady said the kids must have cleaned the kennels and accidentally splashed bleach in the pups eyes...up until this i was unaware of "juvenile" cataracts...human cataracts are developed at a late age 50 yrs or so...this pup was purchased near chatham


Answer by daycoda
Submitted on 11/1/2006
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I purchased a cockapoo from Garafraxa kennels alittle over two years ago.  I personally thought that the breeders were very pleasent and helpful with my pup.  They let me come to see the dog, his parents and play with him before I decided and then gave me two weeks to make a final decision, holding him for me until that time.  They sent me home with puppy food, a picture, toys, a blanket (which he still cuddles with), dog grooming aids and a great book on training and to keep his medical information in.  My little man has been a wonderful addition to my life- he is HEALTHY to date, and EXTREMELY WELL TEMPERED!!!  I think that yes a breeder does have to be reponsible but so does a buyer - I walked into this situation realizing that this is a choice I made to deal with this breeder and breed - I read up on what to look for in a pup and seeked information from my vet right away on his overall health.  I feel for anyone whom has problems with ther pet, but it does happen and you can't blame it all on the breeder!  I do plan to purchase another pup soon and I most likely will return to Grafraxa  Kennels.


Answer by Macz
Submitted on 1/23/2007
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The kennels reply that they would replace  her defective puppy with another puppy within 8 months is an unsatisfactory response.  Don't they realize the amount of bonding between the family and the puppy that has already occurred in the first 8 months? How about all the time spent housebreaking and training the puppy? Not to mention the money invested in the purchasing of the puppy, vet bills, dog training classes etc. I don't even want to know what happens to the returned puppy with defects.  I'd have to live with that guilt.
All they had to do was be diligent in checking the dogs for possible cataracts to stop the misery and expense. As a dog purchaser we relied upon them to have checked for possibe inherited conditions. They should definitely pay for the surgery and then I am sure they would be more careful in future breeding. They implied it was a healthy puppy, free of defects and sold it for big bucks and now take no responsibility.  Hardly, a fair policy to the dog purchaser. Seems to only be fair to Garafaxa Kennels.


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