421. Wine

See also 8. ALCOHOL ; 39. BEER ; 158. FERMENTATION .

a mania for wine. Also oenomania, oinomania .
an abnormal fear of liquids, especially water and wine.
oenology, enology, oinology
the science of making wines. Also called viniculture . — oenologist, enologist, oinologist , n.
oenomancy, enomancy, oinomancy
a form of divination involving observation of the colors and other features of wine.
oenomania, oinomania
a mania for wine. Also enomania .
oenophily, enophily, oinophily
the love of wine; connoisseurship concerning wines. — oenophile, enophile, oinophile , n.
oenophobia, enophobia, oinophobia
a dislike of or hatred for wine. — oenophobe, enophobe, oinophobe , n.
a cultivator of grape vines; viticulturist.
Rare. the process of gathering or harvesting grapes.
the cultivation of grapes for winemaking. Also called viticulture . — viniculturist , n. vinicultural , adj.
1. the science that studies grapes and their culture.
2. the cultivation of grapes and grapevines. Also called viniculture . — viticulturist , n. viticultural, viticulturist , adj.

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