406. Utopia

See also 376. SOCIETY .

an imaginary place where the conditions and quality of life are unpleasant. The opposite of Utopia.
the precepts and opinions of Etienne Cabet and his followers, who settled communistic utopias in the U.S. during the 19th cent., as Nauvoo, Illinois. — Icarian, n., adj.
a state in which the worst possible conditions exist in government, society, law, etc. Cf. Utopia.
1. name of an imaginary island; subject and title of a book by Sir Thomas More, that had a perfect political and social system.
2. ( l.c. ) any ideal place or situation.
1. the views and habits of mind of a visionary or idealist, sometimes beyond realization.
2. impracticable schemes of political and social reform. — utopian, utopianist, utopist, n., adj.

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