314. Phonograph Records

a person especially interested in high-fidelity sound equipment and recordings on tape or disks.
1. the state or condition of an audiophile.
2. the state of one who listens to high-fidelity equipment solely for the quality of reproduction. — audiophilic, adj.
discography, diskography
1. a list of musical recordings, usually with commentary, often concerning one composer, performer, or performing group.
2. the analysis, history, or classification of musical recordings.
3. the methods of such analysis or classification. — discographer, diskographer, n. discographical, diskographical, adj.
discophily, diskophily
the zealous study and collection of phonograph records. Also called phonophily . — discophile, diskophile, n.
British. a lover and collector of phonograph records.
British. phonograph.
an instrument for reproducing sound from records; a phonograph; a gramophone.
a juke-box, record-player, or player piano operated by the insertion of a nickel or other coin. See also 159. FILMS .

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