253. Male

See also 153. FATHER ; 255. MANKIND ; 364. SEX ; 424. WOMEN .

the domination of society and politics by males. — androcratic , adj .
Biology . the condition of an embryo that contains only paternal chromosomes; male parthenogenesis. — androgenetic , adj .
in women, an obsession with men; nymphomania.
a preference for males. — androphilic , adj .
1. an abnormal fear of men.
2. a hatred of males.
1. dedication to the state of being a bachelor.
2. behavior typical of a bachelor.
misandry, misandria
in women, an abnormal aversion to males.
1. a community in which the father or oldest male is the supreme authority, and descent is traced through the male line.
2. government by males, with one as supreme. — patriarchist , n . — patri-archic, patriarchical , adj .
a condition of some animals, and especially of some fowls, in which the female, when old, assumes some of the characteristics of the male of the species. —virilescent, adj.

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