196. Head

See also 14. ANATOMY ; 51. BODY, HUMAN .

brachycephalism, brachycephaly
the condition of having a wide or broad head. — brachycephalic, brachycephalous, adj.
a sarcastic term for phrenology. — bumpologist, n.
a form of divination involving measurement of the head.
the science of measuring the dimensions of the human head. — cephalometer, n. cephalometric, cephalometrical, adj.
the science that studies the size, shape, and other features of human skulls. — craniologist, n. craniologic, craniological, adj.
the science of measuring skulls. — craniometrist, n. craniometric, craniometrical, adj.
the observation, examination, and description of the human skull. — cranioscopist, n. cranioscopic, cranioscopical, adj.
the surgical operation of opening the skull, as for an operation on the brain.
dicephalism, dicephaly
the state or condition of having two heads. — dicephalic, dicephalous, adj.
dolichocephalism, dolicocephaly
the condition of having a long or narrow head. — dolicephalic, dolicocephalous, adj.
the condition of very high vertical cranial development. — hypsicephalic, adj.
isocephalism, isocephaly
the characteristic of depicting heads of figures at the same level, as in a painting. — isocephalic, isocephalous, adj.
macrocephalism, macrocephaly
a condition in which the head or cranial capacity is unusually large. — macrocephalic, macrocephalous, adj.
orthocephalism, orthocephaly
the condition of having an intermediate or medium relation between the height of the skull and its breadth or length. — orthocephalic, orthocephalous, adj.
a system by which an analysis of character and of the development of faculties is attempted by studying the shape and protuberances of the skull. — phrenologist, n. phrenologic, phrenological, adj.
plagiocephalism, plagiocephaly
a deformity of the skull in which one side is more developed in the front, and the other more developed in the rear. — plagiocephalic, plagiocephalous, adj.

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