115. Depth

See also 202. HEIGHTS .

bathometer, bathymeter
Oceanography. a device for ascertaining the depth of water.
a device for ascertaining vertical currents in the deeper parts of the sea.
the measurement of the depths of oceans, seas, or other large bodies of water. — bathymetric, bathymetrical. adj.
bathyscaphe, bathyscape, bathyscaph
Oceanography. a small, modified submarine for deep-sea exploration, usually having a spherical observation chamber fixed under a buoyancy chamber.
Oceanography. a spherical diving apparatus from which to study deep-sea life.
a device that records the temperature of water as a reflex of depth.
1. the depths or bottom of the sea.
2. organic life that inhabits the bottom of the sea.
an apparatus for surveying the depths or bottom of the sea.

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