85. Climate

See also 142. ENVIRONMENT ; 417. WEATHER

the science of the description of climate. — climatographer , n. — climatographical , adj .
the science that studies climate or climatic conditions. — climatologist , n . — climatologic, climatological , adj .
the climate of the inside of a building, airliner, or space ship, as distinguished from that on the outside.
the study of the geographical distribution of rainfall by annual totals. — hyetographic, hyetographical , adj .
the science that studies climate and weather variations. — meteorologie, meteorological , adj . — meteorologist , n .
1. the study of minute gradations in climate that are due to the nature of the terrain.
2. the study of microclimates or climates of limited areas, as houses or communities. — microclimatologist , n. — microclimatologic, microclimatological , adj .
the branch of biology that studies the relation between variations in climate and periodic biological phenomena, as the migration of birds or the flowering of plants. — phenologist , n . — phenologic, phenological , adj .

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