56. Brain

See also 14. ANATOMY ; 51. BODY, HUMAN ; 196. HEAD .

the process of providing a person with visual or auditory evidence of the quality of an autonomie physiological function so that he may attempt to exercise conscious control over it.
1. Obsolete, the branch of psychology that studies the brain.
2. Medicine. the total knowledge concerning the brain.
the surgical operation of opening the skull, as for an operation on the brain.
the comparative study of complex electronic devices and the nervous system in an attempt to understand better the nature of the human brain. — cyberneticist , n. cybernetic , adj.
an inflamed condition of the brain.
heterotopy, heterotopia, heterotopism
a condition in which normal tissue is misplaced, especially in the brain, so that masses of gray matter are found in the white matter. See also 44. BIOLOGY .. — heterotopous , adj.
surgical severing of certain nerve fibers in the frontal lobe of the brain, once commonly performed to treat intractable depression. Also called prefrontal lobotomy .
the process of systematically altering beliefs and attitudes, especially through the use of drugs, torture, or psychological stress techniques; brainwashing.
brain stimulation by hypnosis or magnetism.
the forebrain. — prosencephalies , adj.
a form of extreme or violent cerebral activity caused by defective inhibition. — psychokinetic , adj.
the use of brain surgery to treat mental disorders. — psychosurgeon , n.
the sensory apparatus of the body as a whole; the seat of physical sensation, imagined to be in the gray matter of the brain.
a procedure for the stating and solving of problems based upon creative thinking in figurative terms by a small, carefully chosen, and diversely specialized group.
the anterior section of the forebrain, containing the cerebrum and related structures. — telencephalic , adj.
the influence one brain is thought to exercise over another, from a distance, by means of some hypothetical mental energy.
surgical excision of part of the cerebral cortex, as to provide relief for pain or treat certain mental disorders.

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