19. Ants

See also 225. INSECTS .

formicary, formicarium
the dwelling of a colony of ants, as an anthill or nest.
a body sensation that feels as if ants are crawling over the skin.
the branch of entomology that studies ants. — myrmecologist, n. myrmecologic, myrmecological, adj.
myrmecophilism, myrmecophily
the dependence upon or attraction to ants exhibited by certain plants and insects. — myrmecophile, n. myrmecophilous, adj,
1. an abnormal fear of ants.
2. the repelling of ants by some plants through hairs or glands. — myrmecophobic, adj.
communal life, such as that of ants, in which colonies of different species live together but do not share the raising of the young.

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