Mental Health Therapies

15 Mental Health Therapies

What usually comes to mind when one hears the words "mental illness" or "mental health"? Many people might think of the stereotypical images of "crazy people" or of mental institutions. While this may be the case for many afflicted with mental illness, huge advancements have been made in the field of mental health therapies.

Today, many people who suffer from some form of mental illness can enjoy relatively normal lives with the help of certain therapy treatments and other aids. Strides in different branches of mental health therapies as well as considerable advances in drug therapy have contributed to the effectiveness of psychology (the scientific study of mental processes and behaviors) and psychiatry (the branch of medicine that relates to the study and treatment of mental illness).

There is no easy answer as to what kind of therapy might be the best for someone who is in need. The choice will vary from person to person since each person and his or her mental illness is different. Talking to one's doctor or another trustworthy adult and conducting a little research are good ways to gain the knowledge needed to make the right choices regarding therapy's road to recovery.

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