Birth, Infancy, and Maturation

When a husband and wife decide to have a baby they should both undergo complete physical examinations. This will make it possible to detect and treat abnormalities like diabetes and anemia that might affect the future pregnancy.

Alphabetic Guide to Child Care

The following Guide is an alphabetically arranged list of articles dealing with many of the problems that confront parents. It includes articles on physical disorders and ailments of childhood; behavioral and emotional problems; and on situations that occur normally in the life of almost every child which may cause tension or distress for parents, child, or both.

Puberty and Growth

The bridge between childhood and adulthood is a period of growth and change called puberty. There seems to be no standard pattern for the physical changes of puberty.

Social and Sexual Maturation

As a youngster passes from childhood into adolescence, it is the psychological adjustments rather than the physical changes that are most likely to produce difficulties. The emotional problems, of course, are related to the hormonal activity of the developing body.

Keeping Fit

Maintaining good health over the years is far simpler, less expensive, and more comfortable than restoring health that has become poor. Because some diseases cannot be cured after they are contracted, it is only logical to try to prevent all possible health problems.

Living Life to the Fullest

No wise man ever wished to be younger.

Coping With Retirement

For more people, retirement makes up several years of their lives. As the average age of men and women extend into the seventies, the number of years one spends in retirement increases.

Aging and What To Do About It

Growing older could mean growing healthier. In many ways you are as old as you think and feel.

Meeting the Challenge of Leisure

In ten years of retirement, you will have the leisure time equivalent of working 40 hours a week for 21 years. You cannot fish this time away and you cannot rest it away.