Alphabetic Guide to Child Care - Prejudice


The A student (female) who avoids studying mathematics because “girls aren't supposed to be good in math” and the black boy who goes out for the track team even though he'd rather be in the science club “because blacks are better at sports than at brainwork” have unconsciously accepted the prejudiced views of other people about them. What a waste for themselves and society!

Children who are raised in an atmosphere of contempt for and fear and mistrust of Catholics, Jews, Italians, blacks, women, men, are likely to spend the better part of their lives alternating between apprehension and arrogance. It's difficult to believe that adults can have a prejudice such as, “All Orientals are sneaky,” which is supposed to describe millions of human beings, or “She's only a girl,” which makes a judgment about one-half of the human race.

Being the Object of Discrimination

Parents who have themselves been discriminated against have to prepare their children for the reality of discrimination and how to cope with it. A child raised in an atmosphere of love and respect will have enough self-esteem to refuse to accept anyone else's false notions about him.

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