Child Care - General fears and concerns

Most parents have some fears and concerns surrounding the birth of their baby and the general routine that is required once the baby is home. Other concerns are around the various changes and symptoms that both the mother and the baby go through following birth. Some may involve simple things like dry skin; some may be more disconcerting, like rashes and red patches. If you cannot find any answers in your stock of books on pregnancy and babies, or if you are really concerned, you should not hesitate to call your doctor. If he or she feels that you need guidance and are panicky, then request some good books to help you understand what to expect. In any case, no concerned and caring doctor will object to a new parent needing reassurance about the mother's and the baby's health. It is better to ask questions and find out that there is nothing to worry about than to not ask questions and leave a potentially serious problem ignored.

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