The Target: Total Fitness

Total fitness has been described in many ways. Most aptly, perhaps, it involves looking your best, feeling your best, and performing to the best of your ability.

Living with Stress

Exercise is a key method of working off stress and tension. But there are many other useful approaches to managing these problems.

Starting With Some Easy Exercises

Feel like starting slowly? A lot of people don't launch a full-scale program all at once.

Other Fun Exercises

In a period of weeks after starting a fitness program—usually 12 to 24—the dedicated person will probably be ready to branch out into a wide variety of more strenuous activities. More diverse types of exercises are likely to seem attractive.

Exercise for the Heart Patient, for Postop Patients, and for the Hospitalized

Exercise has been portrayed as a means by which the healthy person can build more health, strength, and fitness. The weight of medical opinion today holds that exercise can and should have an important place in the life of the sick, disabled, or seriously handicapped person.

All Men (and Women) Were Created Equal

If men and women are essentially equal, can they take up the same sports? Can they participate in the same exercise regimens?

Exercises for Early Ages

The he wise parent finds out about his child's physical needs and capabilities and tries to provide activity opportunities that match them. The unwise parent tries to force the child into an activity mold in which the child feels uncomfortable or downright embarrassed.

Exercises for Later Life

Young muscles that are not used come to resemble the muscles of the aged. To a very considerable extent, the reverse of that statement is also true: symptoms of aging may in fact be symptoms of disuse.