Exercises for Later Life - The who and the how

Both men and women can take part in the exercises recommended below. Couples may find mutual encouragement if they can take part together— and may be more inclined to continue the program for that reason. But in the experience of fitness authorities, men usually start at a somewhat higher level than women of comparable ages.

For both men and women, the watchword should be, “Take it easy!” The tempo of the exercise session and the numbers of repetitions should be increased very gradually. In this way, stiffness and soreness can be minimized. But some stiffness and soreness may be expected. If that occurs, it means only that the exerciser needed the workouts.

To encourage consistency and to provide a means of checking progress, records should be kept—as always. The records should include the date, the exercises performed, the number of repetitions, and so on. Without such records, it may prove difficult to overload sensibly, with an eye to past accomplishments. Without gradual overloading, much of the potential benefit of the program may be lost.

Music that suits the tempo of the various exercises may make the exercise session more enjoyable. Comfortable clothing such as slacks or shorts, plus short-sleeved blouses or T-shirts, makes free, rhythmic movement easier. Wear comfortable, properly fitted shoes with nonskid soles and low or no heels.

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