Exercises for Later Life - Beyond the daily schedule

Whatever the older exerciser does to extend or supplement the daily schedule, he should keep in mind that he can retain the high level of fitness already achieved only on one condition. The new activities have to include the same basic tasks, and give the same benefits, as those already mastered. Many persons turn to group activities. YMCAs across the country offer exercise classes for senior citizens, as do local recreation centers. Where a senior exerciser joins a group, he can usually skip his regular level 3 exercises on the days on which classes or meetings are held.

For other persons, sports beckon irresistibly. Swimming is excellent because the exerciser can proceed at his own pace while deriving outstanding physical—in particular circulorespiratory—benefits. But bicycling, tennis, and many other sports are also possibilities. In each of these alternatives, the objective is more movement, and more beneficial movement.

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