Exercises for Later Life - A warm-up routine

Walking Warm-Ups for the Senior Citizen

The older person planning his or her own fitness program may want to invent a warm-up series of exercises, Alternatively, he may want to try the plan devised as part of the Senior Citizen's Exercise Program. Sponsored by the Travelers PEP (Physical Exercise Pays) program, the senior citizen's routine has been recognized by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. The routine is performed over a five- or six-minute period:

1. Take a deep breath while rising on your toes with arms extended over your head. Exhale slowly. Repeat three times, then lift your left and right knees in succession. Repeat the knee lifts ten times.

2. Start walking. You will want to increase the amount of walking you do by small increments. Walk erect, keeping your head up and remaining comfortable. Concentrate on walking heel to toe. That means that as you put your foot down, rock forward to your toes, thus strengthening your leg muscles. Gradually pick up the pace of your stride.

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