All Men (and Women) Were Created Equal - Some misconceptions about competition

It follows that if men and women can take part in the same exercises and sports, they can also take part in the same competitive activities, whether athletic or of some other kind. However, consideration should be given to the physiological differences between the sexes, including the different heart rates. Testing conducted in a physician's office, laboratory, or clinic should follow the same procedures as for men. Training effects should be sought by the same means. And the same precompetition protocols that apply to men apply to women.

Some authorities maintain that women are assuming unnecessary and perhaps serious risks when they take part in competitive activities or sports that involve heavy body contact. The risks center in the breast area, where bruises and contusions can do permanent, painful damage.

But physicians see little difference between the sexes with respect to the desirability of engaging in noncontact activities. Girls and boys, men and women, have nearly equal capacity for competitive sports and games—aside from the limitations noted—and can enjoy such activities equally.

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