All Men (and Women) Were Created Equal - Some gynecological facts

On the basis of extensive evidence, gynecologists agree that:

  1. • Neither premenstrual changes in the body nor menstruation itself need interfere with a fitness program or ancillary activities. A woman should not assume that menstruation and its accompanying inconvenience need necessarily determine her participation or non-participation at any given time. That decision should, rather, be made with overall considerations of health and attitude in mind. Bear in mind that female Olympic athletes compete without regard to whether they are menstruating or not.
  2. • Physically fit women appear to avoid many of the leg, back, hormonal, and other problems that seem to afflict women in general more than they do men. The problems thus need not be considered inevitable. They may be outgrowths of the state of “unfitness.”
  3. • Menopause need not involve a decrease in fitness activities. On the contrary, keeping fit means keeping normal, “doing your thing,” and living and enjoying life. If menopause interferes seriously with the effort to keep fit, something may be complicating the situation, and a doctor should be consulted.

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