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Section - 116) Where can I obtain alternate language bindings to X/Xt/Motif?

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 6/7
Previous Document: 115)! Can I use C++ with X11? Motif? XView?
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Versions of the CLX Lisp bindings are part of the X11 core source
distributions. A version of CLX is on the R5 tape; version 5.0.2 [9/92] is on in R5contrib/CLX.R5.02.tar.Z.

GNU SmallTalk has a beta native SmallTalk binding to X called STIX (by
Steven.Byrne@Eng.Sun.COM). It is still in its beginning stages, and
documentation is sparse outside the SmallTalk code itself. The sources are
available as /pub/gnu/smalltalk-1.1.1.tar.Z on (
or (

Xm++ for Smalltalk is a class library for building Motif or Athena
applications.  It can be used with GNU Smalltalk (1.1.1). The main sources
are on ( in /pub/Xm++.

Prolog bindings (called "XWIP") written by Ted Kim at UCLA while supported in
part by DARPA are available by anonymous FTP from [4/93]. These prolog language bindings
depend on having a Quintus-type foreign function interface in your prolog.
The developer has gotten it to work with Quintus and SICStus prolog.
Inquiries should go to

Elk, the Extension Language Kit, is a Scheme implementation with Scheme
bindings to Xlib, the Programmer's Interface of Xt, the Athena widget set,
and the OSF/Motif widget set. Sources are in as
contrib/devel_tools/elk-3.0.tar.gz. For more information see also .

TCL bindings to Motif 1.[12] by Jan Newmarch (
are on and (in contrib/devel_tools/tclMotif*).
Version 1.4 was released 4/95.

x-scm, a bolt-on accessory for Aubrey Jaffer's "scm" Scheme interpreter that
provides an interface to Xlib, Motif, and OpenLook, is now available via FTP
from and

Poplog V14.2 is offered by Integral Solutions Ltd. (Phone +44 (0)256 882028;
Fax +44 (0)256 882182; Email isl@integ.uucp); it is an integrated programming
environment consisting of the programming languages Pop-11, Prolog, Standard
ML, and Lisp which are compiled to machine code via a common virtual machine.
Pop-11 provides an interface to the X Toolkit which can be accessed from all
other Poplog languages. The OLIT, Motif, and Athena widget sets are
supported, in addition to the custom Poplog (Xpw) widget set.  High-level
Pop-11 libraries allow graph drawing, turtle graphics, and the simple
creation of basic button/menu based interfaces.

WINTERP is an Xlisp-based Motif toolkit (by Niels Mayer) allowing for rapid
prototyping and interpretive programming. Its interactive application
development and delivery environment features a high-level object-oriented
interface to the OSF/Motif Widgets and Xtoolkit, a high-level object-oriented
2.5D graphics/animation widget based on Xtango's path-transition animation
paradigm, and facilities for communicating with other Unix processes and
data.  WINTERP's interpreter is "serverized" so that other applications can
communicate with WINTERP-based applications via unix domain sockets, or
optionally, through internet domain sockets. WINTERP's built-in interpreter
is based on XLISP-PLUS, which is a small, fast, portable, C-implemented
interpreter providing a subset of Common-Lisp functionality and a
Smalltalk-inspired object system.  A major new release, WINTERP 2.03, is on
the X11R6 contrib tapes; version 2.03 [7/94] is on in
contrib/devel_tools/. Info: See also .

The SAIC Ada-X11 (for Ada 83) bindings are through anonymous ftp in /pub from ( and (

There is an X/Ada study team sponsored by NASA JSC, which apparently is
working out bindings. Information:

Ada bindings to Motif, explicitly, will eventually be made available by the
Jet Propulsion Laboratories, probably through the normal electronic means.
Advance information can be obtained from, who
may respond as time permits.

AdaMotif is a complete binding to X and Motif for the Ada language (Ada 83?),
for many common systems; it is based in part upon the SAIC/Unisys bindings
and also includes a UIL to Ada translator. Info: Systems Engineering Research
Corporation, 1-800-Ada-SERC (well!

Free Ada95 X11 bindings were commissioned along with the 1995 update of the
language definition and are now available as stable beta software from Mitch
Gart of Intermetrics (; they are due on the Intermetrics
web site very soon. These offer complete thin bindings to Xlib, Xt and Motif.
As thin bindings, the normal X documentation (e.g. the O'Reilly series)
applies unchanged. Common problems such a string handling and variadic
arguments to functions have been solved and are fully described in the
accompanying documentation. [Thanks to, 12/95.]

There is a binding for X11 and Motif which is in the public domain and takes
advantage of Ada 95 features.  Although it is still [3/96] being fine tuned,
it is largely complete, and is well on it way to becoming the de facto
standard for Ada binding to X.  Developers around the world are starting to
churn out some very impressive demonstration programs, both original and
ported from X and Motif demos.  For general information on all varieties of
Ada bindings including X, check
The X11 Ada95 bindings in particular can be located at:
The home page for X/Ada development is at
[thanks to G. Vincent Castellano,] 

The X Consortium, although not involved in producing Ada bindings for X,
maintains a partial listing of people involved in X and Ada; information is
available from Donna Converse,

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Previous Document: 115)! Can I use C++ with X11? Motif? XView?
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