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Section - 96)! Where can I get an X-based editor or word-processor?

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You can ftp a version of GNU Emacs, the extensible, customizable,
self-documenting, real-time display editor, including X11 support, from []:/pub/gnu/. Version 19 has some mouse/menu
support. Version 19.34 is current as of 8/96.

XEmacs (formerly Lucid Emacs) is an alternate version of GNU Emacs with
enhanced X support.  The latest version works on TTY's as well as under X and
can actually work on both simultaneously.  Features include a Motif-like
menubar; Motif or Athena scrollbars (vertical and horizontal); a toolbar;
embedded graphics in buffers (using XPM); Zmacs/Lispm style region
highlighting; support for variable width and variable height fonts; ToolTalk
integration; the ability to attach fonts, colors and other properties to text
in both X and TTY modes; support for the X11 selection mechanism.  XEmacs is
free.  The latest version [8/96] is 19.14 and is available from in /pub/xemacs.  See also .

Epoch is a modified version of Gnu Emacs v18 with additional facilities
useful in an X environment.  Current sources are on
( in ~ftp/pub/epoch-files/epoch; the current [8/92] version is
4.2. [In Europe, try].  There are two
subdirectories: epoch contains the Epoch source, and widgets contains code
for adding scrollbars to Epoch.  Epoch is no longer supported; the Epoch
mailing list has been disbanded.  The official successor to Epoch is XEmacs
which is available at in ~ftp/pub/xemacs.  All functionality
which was only present in Epoch is gradually being ported to XEmacs.

The vi-like editor VILE supports a pure-X mode, in which it operates much
like vi running in an xterm window.  Though not a strict vi clone, [x]vile is
designed to feel like vi to the practiced user; it adds many useful features,
most notably multiple buffer and window capabilities.  Version 6.1 [8/96],
which also supports Xt-based implementations (including a Motif version) is
available on in /pub/pgf/vile. Information: Paul Fox

vim is at . It has a GUI interface,
called gvim.

The Andrew "ez" system on the X11 contrib tapes has been described as one of
the best word-processing packages available. It supports word processing with
multi-media embedded objects: rasters, tables/spread sheets, drawings, style
editor, application builder, embedded programming language, &c.  [Fred Hansen
(wjh+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU)] Version 6.3 is on the R6 tapes and is also in .  You may be able to use the
Remote Andrew Demo service to try this software; try "finger" for help. Version 7.4 is now (8/96) available.

The InterViews C++ toolkit contains a WYSIWIG editor called Doc; it saves and
loads files in a LaTeX-*like* format (not quite LaTeX).  The package can also
import idraw-PostScript drawings.

NEdit 4.0.1 [3/96] is a Motif-based text editor supporting multiple windows and
multi-level undo; it is very complete in its features while remaining very
easy to use.  Sources are on and also from ftp://pub/nedit/v4_0_1/ ,
which also offers pre-built binaries for several platforms, including Sun,
SGI, HP, and DEC systems. Information: Mark Edel (,; .

SciTeXT is a full WYSIWYG word-processor with templates, help, footnotes,
etc.  Sources are ; see also . [8/96]

aXe (by, a multi-buffer, multi-window text editor
based around the Xaw Text Widget, is available on and ( as aXe-6.1.2.tar.Z [6/94]. aXe offers
a hypertext help system and extension via Tcl.

asedit, by, is an easy-to-use text editor built around
Motif text widget. It supports multiple windows, pull-down and pop-up menus,
multiple undo and redo, and so on.  Version 1.31, the International Free
Release, includes the following language versions: English, Danish, Dutch,
French, German, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. All commands and messages are
localized for each language (the context sensitive, hypertext on-line help is
available only in English). asedit is available from in
/contrib/editors as asedit-1.3.2.tar.Z [11/94].

asWedit (a successor to asedit), by AdvaSoft, is a comprehensive and easy to
use HTML 3, HTML 2 and text editor for X Window System and Motif. It offers
three independent modes:  a plain text editing mode and two
context-sensitive, validating  modes for authoring of HyperText Markup
Language documents (HTML 3 and HTML 2) as used on the World Wide Web and
enterprise networks.  A free binary version for students and staff in
education and charitable non-profit organizations (evaluation version for
others) is available from:
and from other mirror sites.  More information, including details about
ASWedit - the commercial version of asWedit - is available on the AdvaSoft's
Web site:
Version 2.5 became available 5/96.

Bulldozer is an HTML editor for X; it is at
http://cscsun1.LaRC.NASA.Gov:80/~rboykin/Dozer/ .

tkHTML, a freeware HTML editor, is available from .

A binary of SoftQuad's HoTMetaL for SunOS, an HTML editor, can be downloaded
from . There is also a freely-available version for the
PC; the free versions are out of date. HoTMetaL PRO is commercial.

ashe (xthml) is an x-based HTML editor also known as xhtml. Version 1.3
[12/95] is available at .
There is also a README.html file in that directory.

phoenix is an X-based (TCL/TK-based) HTML editor. 

e93 is a programmer oriented text editor that works with X windows.  It is
most similar to editors on the Mac, and NeXT platforms.  Information: Todd

tkedit 1.5.0 [5/95] uses tcl as an extension language; it offers multiple
buffers, split views, general X11 selections, function-key macro recording,
etc.  Sources are on and on

BETH is a Browsing and Editing Tcl Hypertool available from in /pub/tcl/code/beth4.1.tar.gz.  Features include
unlimited undo, menus, vertical/horizontal grids, and name completion.
Info: (David Svoboda).

The DGC Tools, on in pub/tcl/code/dgctools-0.2.tar.Z,
include Tke, a TclX/Tk-based multi-window X11 text editor. Information is
available from Dave Clemans (, who promises a
significant update soon.

The js tools by Jay Sekora, on in
pub/tcl/code/jstools-tk3.2v1.0.tar.Z and on in
pub/js/jstools-tk3.2v1.0.tar.Z, include a extensible text editor.

Mxedit is a fully functional text editor based on the Tk mxedit widget. The
editor features indefinite undo/redo/crash recovery, search/replace, and
extensibility via Tcl programming. The latest version is always avaiable on under the /pub/mxedit directory.  The Tcl archive mirror
site also has a copy in /pub/tcl/code.  Version 2.3.1
is soon (7/94) to be updated to 2.4.  The contact for mxedit is (Brent Welch)

Sam is an interactive multi-file text editor intended for bitmap displays. A
textual command language supplements the mouse-driven, cut-and-paste
interface to make complex or repetitive editing tasks easy to specify. The
language is characterized by the composition of regular expressions to
describe the structure of the text being modified. Sam was written by Rob
Pike for the Bell Labs Blit/Gnot and later Plan 9, and ported to Unix by
Howard Trickey (also of Bell Labs).  Sam can be ftp'd from,
directory /dist/sam; the mailing list itself is archived on in /pub/sam.  Send subscription requests for the sam-fans
mailing list to the address

textedit is part of Sun's OpenWindow's DeskSet and the public XView

xed, similar in function to axe and architectures (based on Athena widgets),
is on in contrib/editors; version 1.3 is current [7/95].

(public editors below this line not recently confirmed)

TED is a simple Motif-based text editor; it is a wrapper around the Motif
text widget which offers search/replace, paragraph formatting, and navigation
features. TED is available from ( as
/pub/bill/bill.tar.Z; there are also executables there.

Another editor called TED is available at and at .  It offers a fully-configurable
keyboard, multiple windows, multiple files, and small executable size. It is
now [4/96] at version 2.0.

Point, by (Charlie Crowley), is Tcl/Tk-based and
offers dyanimic configuration and programming in the Tcl macro language.  The
editor is available from in pub/Point/point1.63.tar.Z.

xcoral, a multi-window mouse-based text editor, is on
(X/contrib-R5/clients); it also has bindings similar to emacs and has a
built-in browser for C and C++ code.  Version 2.5 was released 12/95.

jed is available from rhino.cis.vutbr.cs in pub/software/czech.

The word processor formerly known as LyriX is available via .

Commercial products include:

Edith Pro, a multi-window text editor, is intended to eventually become
low-budget commercial software, and at least for an initial period, single
licences will be free. The most recent beta version can be downloaded from
the NLnet web server at . It includes
a simple HTML-compatible info browser.  [8/96]

The ARPUS/ce editor provides full-screen X-based text editing across a
variety of UNIX platforms.  Developed originally for users migrating from
Apollo's Domain environment, ce was modeled after the Display Manager
editor.  Information: Enabling Technologies Group at 770-642-1500 and or use for a

A commercial version of Asedit (see above) is available from Stochniol
Advanced Software (+44 (0)81-679-5795,

Iris Computing Laboratories offers the "ie" editor. Info:  +1-505-298-2700 or (See the review in the 1/94 Unix Review.)

Qualix Group ( or 800-245-UNIX (415-572-0200)) offers a
BRIEF-compatible, X-based GUI editor that runs on all major UNIX
platforms as well as PCs.  CRISP offers a multi-window/multi-buffer
environment with color highlighting. It is fully customizable. See for a demo.

VITAL (713-781-7406) offers the Crisp editor, a work-alike superset of the
popular BRIEF editor, for several systems.  Previously-available source
versions have been withdrawn from circulation.

FrameMaker and FrameWriter are available as X-based binary products for
several machines. Frame is at 800-843-7263 (CA: 408-433-3311).

WX2 (formerly InDepthEdit) is available from Non Standard Logics (+33 (1) 44
08 70 80;

The Applixware office integration tools from Applix (1-800-8APPLIX, MA:
508-870-0300) include a multi-font WYSIWG document composer; for several

(commercial products below this line not recently confirmed)

Elan Computer Group (Mountain View, CA; 415-964-2200) has announced the
Avalon Publisher 2.0, an X11/OPEN LOOK WYSIWYG electronic publishing system.

Buzzwords International Inc. has an editor called 'Professional Edit' that
runs under X/Motif for various platforms.  Info: +1-314-334-6317.

DECwrite is available from DEC for some DEC hardware and SunWrite is
available from Sun.

IslandWrite will soon be available from Island Graphics (415-491-1000)
( for some HP & Apollo platforms.

Interleaf is currently available from Interleaf (800-241-7700, MA:
617-577-9800) on all Sun and DEC platforms; others are under development.

ArborText, Inc. provides an X11 version of its Electronic Publishing program
called "The Publisher". The Publisher is available on Sun, HP and Apollo
workstations. Contact Arbortext at 313-996-3566. [5/90]

Typex is a Motif-based editor available for several systems.  Information:
Amcad Research, 408-867-5705, fax -6209.

WordPerfect offers an X-based version of WordPerfect for several
workstations. Information: 801-222-5300 or 800-451-5151.

Bradford Business Systems (714-859-4428) offers SpeedEdit for several

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