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Section - 81)! Where can I get interesting widgets?

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O'Reilly Volume 4, Doug Young's Xt book, the Asente/Swick book, and Jerry
Smith's "Object-oriented Programming with the X Window System Toolkits" all
include details on writing widgets and include several useful widgets;
sources are typically on,, or Doug Young's
book, in particular, contains a version of a tree-like layout object (root
and multiple leaves that collapse and expand). In general, widgets accumulate
in Unsorted older code is in .  See also for
a index of widget listings.

The Free Widget Foundation (FWF) library coordinated by Bert Bos
( is now [10/94] available on (
in pub/FWF/fwf.tar.Z. The set of widgets there is intended to form the basis
for future contributions; it contains approximately 40 widgets of varying
degrees of complexity.  Several of the widgets are simple, primitive widgets,
including buttons and labels; others are sophisticated, high-level widgets
supporting advanced user interface tasks such as hierarchical file selection,
statistical data presentation, and image editing.  To be added to the
discussion list, send to a message saying "subscribe
<listname> <your-full-name>" where <listname> is one of
free-widgets-announce, free-widgets-development, or free-widgets-bugs. The
current [4/96] version is 4.0.

ListTree, by Robert W. McMullen (, is available
from [4/96].  The
ListTree widget, designed for use in file manager programs but widely
applicable, displays lists of text strings (with an optional pixmap) in a
hierarchical directory list format.  This widget does not use widgets for
each item displayed in the tree; instead, it is a list of text strings that
contain pointers to parents and children in the tree, reducing memory usage
and simplifying use.  The ListTree widget is compatible with Athena and
Motif.  Information: .

A widget that displays nodes in a tree outline form is on as outline.tar.gz. [4/96]

An *alpha* version of a tree widget with collapse/expand children capability
is at .  The tree widget is
really two widgets, one of which is a manager which draws the background
outlines; the other is a "handle" widget which enables collapsing and
expanding by unmanaging and managing its outline widget.  Info: Torgeir Veimo
( [1/95]

The ProgressMeter widget for Motif 1.2.x is at . It offers a thermometer
look or the MS Windows "brick" meter style.

A single-line text-entry widget by Robert W. McMullen
( is available from ; information on it is
available from .  The
TextField Widget is a low resource single line text input widget designed to
mimic the functionality of the Motif XmTextField widget.  To benefit freeware
programmers who may now be using the Athena widget set, this widget was also
designed to be as compatible as possible with the Athena Text widget (in
single line mode). It shares many of the resources with the Athena Text
widget, and few code modifications are necessary to change to the TextField.

A release of the Xaw widgets with a 3D visual appearance by Kaleb Keithley
(now is available on
(updated 4/95 to R6; updated 8/95 to release 1.2).  The library, which is
binary-compatible with Xaw, implements a 3D subclass which handles the extra
drawing.  In general, you may relink almost any Athena Widget based
application with the Three-D Athena Widget set and obtain a three dimensional
appearance on some of the widgets. On systems with shared libraries, you may
be able to replace your shared libXaw with libXaw3d and obtain the three
dimensional appearance without even relinking.

The NCSA Mosaic distribution includes an HTML widget which take an ASCII
string in Hyper Text Markup Language and formats it for display in an X
window.  Information: .

A Motif XmpSpinBox widget by Charles S. Kerr ( is
available at (sources are also on ).  A spinbox consists of two
arrowbuttons and one textfield which are arranged in a number of different
layouts. The textfield shows data; the arrowbuttons can be used to scroll
through the different values in a number of built-in formats: numbers, a
24-Hour clock, dollars, and text strings.  Version 1.3 is current [4/96].

An object like the Windows "combo box" is part of the Xm++ class library.

Interleaf has made available several widgets which it has contributed to the
COSE group producing the CDE (Common Desktop Environment); all the code
carries Copyright notices granting unlimited right to copy, modify, and
redistribute without fee (with usual restrictions, e.g. copyright notice must
remain, etc.).  The widgets include several user interface elements familiar
to Windows users:  spin buttons, drop-down list boxes, and combo boxes.
Sources are available in [4/96].
Fixes for the combobox are at [8/96]

Harald Albrecht's ( Motif implementation of the
ComboBox object from MSWindows is available at and also at . Version 1.32 is current
[4/96]. Sources are under GPL terms.

Harald Albrecht's ( Motif implementation of a
new ToggleButton is at .
Version 0.91b became available 5/94.

Harald Albrecht's ( "ButtonFace Library" eases
the process of creating pictoral push buttons, labels and message dialogs,
which are like ordinary push buttons but show a tiny picture instead of
text.  This picture may change accordingly to the button's actual state
(normal, armed or insensitive).  The library is available at and also at [4/96].

Mark Quinton's home page ( ; ) includes several widgets and
Motif ports of other widgets, including a port of the FWF MultiList widget, a
Clock, a DrawingG Gadget to display graphic objects, a Tree Widget, a Shape
Widget, a RootWindow Widget, and a RowCol Widget.

The Table widget (lays out objects using the specification method used by
troff TBL tables) is available in several flavors, one of which is with the
Widget Creation Library (WCL) release at .

Bell Communications Research has developed a Matrix widget for complex
application layouts; a newer version by lister@rubin.bain.oz.AU (Andrew
Lister) is at [4/96].
The distribution also includes a "caption" widget to associate labels with
particular GUI components. Information:

A TeX-style Layout widget by Keith Packard is described in the proceedings of
the 7th X Technical Conference (O'Reilly X Resource issue 5); source is
available on R5contrib/Layout.tar.Z (see also

John Cwikla's MegaButton offers applications a menu with a scrolling array of
choices. Source is on .

The XmSmartMessageBoxWidget by John L. Cwikla ( is available
at .

The XmGauge by Jean-Michel Leon ( shows a
Macintosh-like progress bar.  This widget is similar to the XmScale widget,
but the widget's appearance is different.  It can be found at .

The Xmt "Motif Tools", David Flanagans's shareware library of widgets and
many convenience functions, is available from and  Xmt is documented in
the book "Motif Tools: Streamlined GUI Design and Programming with the Xmt
Library" published by O'Reilly & Associates.  Version 2.1.2 was released
6/95. A mailing list devoted to discussion of XMT can be subscribed to by
sending "subscribe xmt" to

Xmtscm is an extension built on top of the popular Scheme interpreter SCM by
Aubrey Jaffer.  It includes a modified version of the X extension xscm-1.05
by Larry Campbell, and an interface to the Xmt library by David Flanagan.  It
also includes preliminary support for the CDE widgets and the HTML widget of
NCSA Mosaic. See .

The Xew widget set by Markku Savela ( contains widgets
for data representation (text, imaes, graphics, audio, video). Its image
widget understands a set of image file formats (GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PBM) and
supports scaling operations.  Version 4.0 [1/96] is . See also . Xew is now (6/96) freely usable even
for commercial applications.

The AthenaTools Plotter Widget Set Version 6-beta [7/92] maintained by Peter
Klingebiel ( includes many graph and plotting
widgets; a copy is on in plotter.v6b.tar.Z,
plotter.doc.tar.Z, plotter.afm.tar.Z, and plotter.README. The latest versions
may in fact be on , which appears to
contain version 6.0.. A commercial product sharing the same origins is
offered by Dovetail Consulting.

The SciPlot widget is capable of plotting cartesian or polar graphs.  Sources
are on .

The Histo-Scope Widget Set is a collection of six Motif widgets for graphing
and plotting.  The widgets were developed for an interactive data browsing
tool but are very general and easy to incorporate into other Motif
applications.  Widgets include line plots, 2-D and 3-D scatter plots, 1 and 2
dimensional histograms, and several specialty plots.  Sources are on [4/96].  Information: Mark Edel

A graph widget and other 2D-plot and 3D-contour widgets by Sundar Narasimhan
( are available from . The graph widget has been   
updated [3/91] with documentation and histogram capabilities.

The XmGraph widget is from the HP "GUI Classics" archive at .  These items represent
some of HP's early work in promoting X as a standard and in establishing an
industry standard application programmer's interface (API) for graphical user
interface (GUI).  XmGraph is a graph widget which is now Motif-compatible.
It was originally developed at Hewlett-Packard Labs in 1989-90 by Doug Young
and later ported to Motif 1.1 compatibility.  WINTERP version 2.03 (see ) includes a version of this source.

A Motif or Athena "Canvas" widget for 2D graphics is available via . It provides graphical
display of lines, rectangles, icons, etc., and direct manipulation services.
Sources are on and [4/96].

A version of Lee Iverson's (leei@McRCIM.McGill.EDU) image-viewing tool is
available as .  It is a
collection of Xt widgets which create a cohesive image viewing tool.  The
package also includes an ImageViewPort widget and a FileDialog widget.

An MPEG viewer by Jan Newmarch ( is at; it requires Motif.

Peter Ware's Xo "Open Widget" set, which has Motif-like functionality, is on as pub/Xo/Xo-2.1.tar.Z [8/92].

Paul Johnston's ( X Control Panel widget set
emulates hardware counterparts; sources are at [4/96].

The VUW widget set contains dials and other device-displays; sources are on

The Dirt interface builder, available through comp.sources.x archives,
includes the libXukc widet set, which extends the functionality of Xaw.

A library by Jean Michel Leon ( which adds "inset"
facilities to Xt is available at [4/96].

The XmBoss widget by Doyle Davidson ( is a generic
Motif 1.1 layout manager that implements geometry  management through
application callbacks; sources are at [4/96].

Dan Connolly's (connolly@convex.COM ??) XcRichText interprets RTF data; it's
on as R5contrib/XcRichText-1.5.tar.Z.

The PEXt toolkit by Rich Thomson ( is available as; it includes a PEX widget making it
easier to use PEX in Xt-based programs.

A modification of the Xaw ScrollBar widget which supports the arrowhead style
of other toolkits is at .

The Andrew User Interface System supplies an extensive collection of widgets
including full-blown editors for text, rasters, figures, tables, and so on.


An HTML widget with a similar API to the NCSA HTML widget and an n-tree
widget are available for licensing at .  The
HView widget by Computer Generation, Inc.  displays HTML 2.0 standard text
and images. The widget was developed to provide an on-line help facility with
our applications. It offers a light weight, portable, and robust browser for
HTML documents without having to distribute a separate Web Browser with your
applications.  The N-ary Tree widget was developed to display hierarchical
database entries in an internal application. It offers the capability to
select nodes on the tree, and attachment points for nodes on the tree. Each
attachment point can support multiple child nodes.

The ICS Widget Databook includes a variety of control widgets and
special-purpose widgets, available on a variety of platforms.  Information:
617-621-0060,, .

The Xtra XWidgets set includes widgets for pie and bar charts, XY plots,
Help, spreadsheets, data entry forms, and line and bar graphs.  Contact
Graphical Software Technology at 310-328-9338 ( for

The XRT/graph widget, available for Motif, XView and OLIT, displays X-Y
plots, bar and pie charts, and supports user-feedback, fast updates and
PostScript output. Contact KL Group Inc. at 416-594-1026 (, .  KL Group also sells XRT/gear, a collection of Motif
add-on widgets, including tab manager, toolbar, aligner, enhanced Motif
pushbutton and toggle button.

Generic Logic offers a set of GLG widgets for graphs and controls. Info: +1

The Microline Widget Library for Linux and Motif 1.2 or Motif 2.0 contains
several widgets that supplement Motif. Information:

The Acme Widget Set from EDB (212-978-8822) includes a 2D graph widget that
can be configured like a stripchart.

A set of data-entry widgets for Motif is available from Marlan Software,
713-467-1458 (

A set of graph widgets is available from Expert Database Systems

G5G has available a Motif PHiGS widget; contact for

A set of OSF/Motif compound widgets and support routines for 2D visualization
is available from Ms Quek Lee Hian, National Computer Board, Republic of
Singapore; Tel : (65)7720435; Fax : (65)7795966;,

Information on graphing tools may be obtained from
(+1-510-848-0853, fax: +1-510-848-0854).

in GmbH (+49 7531 65022, offers the "grinx" widget for
drawing vector graphics with dynamic attributes such as blinking and

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