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Section - 94) What terminal emulators other than xterm are available?

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4/7
Previous Document: 93) Where can I get an "X terminal" server for my low-end Sun 3/50?
Next Document: 95) Does xterm offer colored text or a blinking cursor?
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People from PCS have rewritten xterm from scratch using a multi-widget
approach that can be used by applications. Emu supports features like color,
blinking text/cursors. Emulations can be added on the fly; one emulation
provided is for the Vt220. Version 1.3 is on and on the R6 contrib
tape.  For more information, contact

A modification of xterm that supports ANSI color is in

A set of modifications for color support to xterm is on in

mxterm, a Motif-based xterm is available from the Paderborner ftp-Server (, file
/unix/X11/more_contrib/mxterm.tar.Z. A version is also on, as is
apparently a set of color modifications.

The Color Terminal Widget provides ANSI-terminal emulation compatible with
the VTx00 series; a version is on in R5contrib/CTW-1.1.tar.Z. 

kterm is an X11R4-based vt100/vt102 (and Tektronix 4014) terminal
emulator that supports display of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text (in VT
mode).  Also supported are: ANSI color sequences, multi-byte word selection,
limited Compound Text support, and tab and newline preservation in
selections.  kterm 4.1.2 is also available from these anonymous ftp sites:  []  

mterm, by mouse@larry.McRCIM.McGill.EDU, is an X terminal emulator which
includes ANSI X3.64 and DEC emulation modes.  mterm can be had by ftp to (, in X/mterm.src/mterm.ball-o-wax.

rxvt is a terminal emulator supporting color. It is available at .

color_xterm is available from

Cxterm is a Chinese xterm, which supports both GB2312-1980 and the so-called
Big-5 encoding.  Hanzi input conversion mechanism is builtin in cxterm.  Most
input methods are stored in external files that are loaded at run time.
Users can redefine any existing input methods or create their own ones.  The
X11R5 cxterm is the rewritten of cxterm (version 11.5.1) based on X11R5
xterm; it is in the R5 contrib software.  [thanks to Zhou Ning
<> and Steinar Bang <uunet!!steinarb>.]

XVT is available on's R5contrib in xvt-1.0.tar.Z and
xvt-1.0.README.  It is designed to offer xterm's functionality with lower
swap space and may be of particular use on systems driving many X terminals.
A second version, 2.0, is on in misc/unix/xvt/xvt-2.0.tar.Z
(see also xvt-2.0.patch[12]).

x3270 is in contrib/applications/x3270.

The typescript application and inset in the Andrew User Interface System
offers a shell script interface.  It does not provide curses support, but
does permit general cut/copy/paste to construct commands or extract a portion
of the log.

hanterm (2.0), by, is an xterm modified to support
Hangul (Korean writing system) input/output.  It's available at several
Korean archives(,,etc) and
in the US. This version makes obsolete an older version not based on xterm.

Another experimental hanterm implementation, hanterm (3.0 alpha), is underway
by Chang Hyeong-Kyu at; it was written to support a 3-byte
Hangul code (dictionary ordered), which can compose all possible Hangul

A GenTerm widget is on  It contains a pty widget which
can be attached to a shell.  Note that the vt100 emulation hasn't been that
well tested.


The Brixton 3270 Client offers full support of 3270 Open Client standards, as
well as TN3270E, the first and only open standard for 3270 connectivity over
TCP/IP networks.  TN3270E is an upgrade to older TN3270 and TN3287 (RFC1646)
specifications.  The key additions include host-controlled, guaranteed print,
end-to-end acknowledgment of data, system request and attention keys, and
RTM. It also supports standard file transfer and program-to-program
communications interfaces including IND$FILE, EHLLAPI, and Macro Language.
Information: or 1-800-BRIXTON.

Brixton 5250 Client supports 5250 Open Client and TN5250 standards, as well
as 5250 client for access to IBM midrange servers. The package also supports
LU6.2 3812 printing for AS/400tm systems. Peer-to-peer LU6.2 sessions also
support 5250 file transfer from AS/400 physical and logical databases.
Information: or 1-800-BRIXTON.

IBM sells a 3270 emulator for the RS/6000 (part #5765-011); it's based on

Century Software (801-268-3088) sells a VT220 terminal emulator for X.
VT102, Wyse 50 and SCO Color Console emulation are also available.

Grafpoint's TGRAF-X provides emulation of Tektronix 4107, 4125, and 42xx
graphics terminals; it's available for most major platforms. Information
(inc. free demo copies): 800-426-2230; Fax. 408-446-0666;

IXI's X.deskterm, a package for integrating character-based applications into
an X environment, includes a number of terminal-emulation modules.
Information: +44 (0223) 462131. [5/90]

Pericom produces Teem-X, a set of several emulation packages for a number of
Tek, DEC, Westward, and Data General terminals. The software runs on Sun 3,
Sun 4, Apollo, DEC, ISC, IBM/AIX. Information: US: 609-895-0404, UK: +44
(0908) 560022. See also . [5/90]

SCO's SCOterm (info@sco.COM), part of its Open Desktop environment, is a
Motif-compliant SCO ANSI color console emulator.

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 4/7
Previous Document: 93) Where can I get an "X terminal" server for my low-end Sun 3/50?
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