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Section - 73) Where can I get X11R5 (source and/or binaries)?

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 3/7
Previous Document: 72) Where can I get X11R6 (source and/or binaries)?
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Information about the Consortium's distribution of the sources on 6250bpi and
QIC-24 tape and its distribution of hardcopy of the documents is available
from Software Center, Technology Licensing Office, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, 28 Carleton Street, Room E32-300, Cambridge MA 02142-1324,
phone:  617-258-8330.

You will need about 100Mb of disk space to hold all of Core and 140MB to hold
the Contrib software donated by individuals and companies.

PLEASE use a site that is close to you in the network.

Note that the RELEASE notes are generally available separately in the same
directory; the notes list changes from previous versions of X and offer a
guide to the distribution.

The following list was originally obtained from the X Consortium. As sites
have been found to have dropped their distributions, they have been removed.

			  North America anonymous FTP:

Maryland                     pub/X11R5 (good for MILNET sites)
Massachusetts                       pub/R5 ( is better)
Michigan                       pub/X11R5
Missouri             packages/X11R5
Montana              pub/X.V11R5
New York          pub/X11R5
Ohio            pub/X.V11R5
Ontario              pub/X11R5
Washington DC                  X/R5
Washington DC                  X/R5

		   Europe/Middle East/Australia anonymous FTP:

Australia                   X.V11/R5
Denmark                   pub/X11R5
United Kingdom                graphics/X.V11R5                   pub/X11r5
Finland                    pub/X11/R5
France                   X/X11R5
Germany              pub/X11/X11R5
Israel                   pub/X11R5
Italy            pub/X11R5
Netherlands                  windows/X/R5
Norway                    pub/X11R5
Norway                          pub/X11R5
Switzerland                   software/X11R5

			 Japan anonymous FTP:

Kanagawa                   X11R5
Kwansai           X11R5
Kyushu             X11R5
TISN             X11R5
Tokyo               X11R5
Tokyo              pub/X11R5


uunet           for UUNET customers             ~/X/R5 decwrl existing
neighbors only         ~/pub/X11/R5
osu-cis                                         ~/X.V11R5
		(not online until ~ 9 Sept)
utai            existing neighbors only         ~/ftp/pub/X11R5
hp4nl           Netherlands only                ~uucp/pub/windows/X/R5

Missouri             /archive/packages/X11R5                   mount point: /archive

Pennsylvania    /afs/

		     NIFTP (hhcp, cpf, fcp, ...):
United Kingdom                <X.V11R5>
		00000510200001 user "guest"

			      anon FTAM:
United Kingdom  000005102000 (Janet)            X.V11R5 (Internet) 204334504108 (IXI)

Australia       munnari.oz (fetchfile)          X.V11/R5
		Please fetch only one file at a time, after checking that a
		copy is not available at a closer site.

[9/2/91; updated for contrib 10/91]

Anyone in Europe can get a copy of the X.V11R5 distribution, including the
core and contributed software and all official patches, free of charge.  The
only requirement is to agree to return the tapes, or equivalent new tapes.
Only QIC and TK format cartridges can be provided.  Contact: Jamie Watson,
Adasoft AG, Nesslerenweg 104, 3084 Wabern, Switzerland.  Tel: +41 31 961.35.70
or +41 62 61.41.21; Fax: +41 62 61.41.30;

UK sites can obtain X11 through the UKUUG Software Distribution Service, from
the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, in several tape
formats.  You may also obtain the source via Janet (and therefore PSS) using
Niftp (Host: Name: guest Password: your_email_address).
Queries should be directed to Lee McLoughlin, 071-589-5111#5037, or to or (send a Subject line of
"wanted"). Also offered are copies of comp.sources.x, the contrib
and doc areas and most other announced freely distributable packages.

X11R5 and X11R4 source along with X11R5 contrib code, prebuilt X binaries for
major platforms (R5.21), and source code examples from O'Reilly's books is
available on an ISO-9660-format CD-ROM (with Rock Ridge extensions) from
O'Reilly & Associates. [6/92].

X11R5 source is available on ISO-9660-format CD-ROM for members of the Japan
Unix Society from Hiroaki Obata,

X11R5 source along with GNU source, the comp.sources.x archives, and SPARC
binaries is available on an ISO-9660-format CD-ROM from PDQ Software,
510-947-5996 (or Robert A. Bruce, rab@sprite.Berkeley.EDU).

X11R5 source is available from Automata Design Associates, +1 215-646-4894.

X11R5 source is part of the Free Software Foundation GNU CD-ROM (2nd Edition).

Various users' groups (e.g. SUG) offer X sources cheaply, typically on

Source for the Andrew User Interface System 6.3.1 (9/94) are available on in pub/AUIS and via tape from the Andrew Consortium,
School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave.,
Pittsburgh PA 15217.  Information:,
412-268-6710, fax 412-621-8081, .

Binaries for X11R5, with shared libX11 and libXmu, for A/UX 2.0.1 are now
available from  Patches for
X11R5 compiled with gcc (but not shared libraries) are also available.  [John
L. Coolidge (, 10/91)]

A binary tree for the Next by Douglas Scott ( is
on; it is missing the server, though.

Binaries for the Sun386i are in

Binaries for the HP-PA are on (

Binaries for the HP-PA are on

Binaries of X11R5.26 for Sun3/SunOS4.1.1 systems are on as
X11R5.pl26.slim.sun3.gcc258.tar.gz; the distribution includes also binaries of
common X tools.

Binaries of X11R5 for Solaris 2, packaged for installation with pkgadd, are in

Source and binaries for HP-UX 8.*/9.0(S300/400/700/800) and Domain 10.4 (68K,
DN 10K) are available through the Interworks Users Group; contact Carol Relph
at 508-436-5046, fax 508-256-7169, or

Patches to X11R5 for Solaris 2.1 by Casper H.S. Dik ( et al
are on in R5contrib/{R5.SunOS5.patch.tar.Z,R5.SunOS5.patch.README}.

X servers for color and monochrome NeXT machines is on
in /pub/X11R5-MouseX.tar.Z. Source patches are expected to be on orst and
sonata as X11R5-source.patch.tar.Z.

An X11R5 package for multi-lingual users is available (for SunOS 4.1.3 and 
Solaris 2.1 and later) on ( in

A full port of X11R5 is now available on the Atari platform (all machines
68000, 68030 & 68040) and is available at


Binaries are available from Unipalm (+44 954 211797,,
probably for the Sun platforms.


David B. Lewis

		"Just the FAQs, ma'am." -- Joe Friday 

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 3/7
Previous Document: 72) Where can I get X11R6 (source and/or binaries)?

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