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Psychology Web Pointer

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Archive-Name: www/resources/psychology
Posting-Frequency: every 4 weeks
Last-Modified: 10/07/1996
Version: 1.25

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Psychology Web Pointer                     Professional & Other Web Sites

Associate Editor: Ross Powell <>

This Pointer will help you find the information you need on the World
Wide Web (WWW).  It is provided as a public service.  It is by no means
meant to be a complete listing of all WWW pages associated with mental
health.  It is, however, kept updated with a listing of what I consider
to be some of the more comprehensive and helpful pages around the world.

It is organized around topic areas, listed in alphabetical order and
divided into two major categories: General Resources and Professional
Resources. Sites that I believe don't fall neatly into either category
are listed under both. Other resource lists, in case you haven't found
what you need here, are listed in a third category at the end.   
are listed under both. Other resource lists, in case you haven't found
what you need here, are listed in a third category at the end.

     > All resources listed in this file have been personally
       reviewed by myself and I have found them to be useful
       and accurate in their information.
     > I generally do not list commercial resources selling or
       promoting products unless I feel that that resource
       covers an area not otherwise covered on the Web.

 * = New to this version  ** = Among the best   (c) = Commercial site
  Check out Dr. GROHOL's Mental Health Page, your
  personalized index for mental health, psychology and
  support resources on the Internet. (Including this one!)

Comments & suggestions for additions are always welcome!  

Classical Adlerian Psychology and Democracy -- A growing site on Adlerian

Administrators in Academic Psychiatry

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work -- Information about this
                  organization, credentialing, ethics, board of directors, etc.

American Psychiatric Association -- A new site with "Let's Talk Facts"
                  brochures, contact information, and a whole lot more for
                  psychiatrists and laypeople.

* American Psychiatric Nurses Association

American Psychoanalytic Association

American Psychological Association -- A Web site full of useful information
                  about journals as well as consumer information, press
                  releases, continuing education calendar, and classified ads
                  from the APA Monitor.

American Psychological Society

Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy (AAGT)

* Behavior OnLine -- The "gathering place" for professionals in the behavioral
                  science and related fields. Offers in-depth conversations
                  with some of the leading theorists and therapists in the
                  mental health field today, and a place for other
                  professionals to interact directly with those
                  conversationalists, discussing their ideas and theories.**

Behavnet BBS -- Behavnet BBS offers a lot of interesting information to those
                  interested in behaviorism and related fields

Biofeedback & Clinical Psychophysiology -- Behavnet BBS offers a lot of
                  interesting information to those interested in behaviorism
                  and related fields. - Arnon Rolnick

Bipolar Network -- Stanley Foundation offering information on current research
                  being conducted on affective disorders at the National
                  Institute of Mental Health and also around the Stanley
                  Network sites.

Canadian Psychological Association

Cape Cod Institute -- Offers annual symposia every summer on keeping mental
                  health professional up-to-date with the latest online mental
                  health resources, the Psychology of the 'Net, etc.

* Centerwatch -- The clinical trials listing service

Computer programs in mental health -- Comprehensive listing, descriptions,
                  technical information on hundreds of psychology computer

Creative Arts Therapies

CyberPsych -- Includes links and pages for the following organizations: Anxiety
                  Disorder Association of America, SEPI, American Association
                  of Suicidology, American Psychoanalytic Foundation, and the
                  Psychological Service Center.

Forensic Psychiatry Resources -- Univ. of Alabama and the Alabama Dept. of
                  Mental Health

Forensic Psychiatry -- Joe Davis

FreudNet -- New York Psychoanalytic Institute.  Everything Freud!

Hanover College Psychology Department -- Maintained by John Krantz, this site
                  is an outstanding example of useful work that more psychology
                  departments, especially at larger and better-funded
                  universities, should pay attention to. This is the first
                  place to check for online journals.**

HeartMath Research Papers

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Interactive Testing in Psychiatry -- NYU Dept. of Psychiatry. Features
                  board-style questions and annotated answers online.

Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy -- This page provides a lot of useful
                  information on RET, a specific psychotherapy and theory
                  developed by Albert Ellis. Includes a directory of
                  RET-trained therapists throughout the world, a FAQ, schedule
                  of upcoming seminars, etc.

InterPsych -- Milton's InterPsych Page

Journal, resources, & programs

Journals, Psychological -- The newest and likely most comprehensive list to
                  psychological and related journals online today. An
                  international site
                  is also available. - Armin Gunther

National Center for PTSD

Neurofeedback Archive -- SSNR (Society for Study of Neuronal Regulation) A site
                  that will mainly interest professionals in neurofeedback,
                  such as EEG or biofeedback. Its main offerings are
                  full-length articles as well as abstracts. While this page
                  apparently hasn't been updated in a few months, I hope it
                  continues to offer professionals in this field a valuable

Neurofeedback/Biofeedback -- Another useful neurofeedback and biofeedback site.
                  - Lois Henry-Thiel & Brian Thiel

Neurofeedback Research Papers at Mind Gear -- Phil Safier

Neurophysiology -- William H. Calvin

Neurosciences on the Internet -- Neil A. Busis

Neuropsychology Central -- Neuropsychology links in a Web site that is
                  frustratingly graphics-intensive, which shuts out slower
                  access and Lynx users. - Jeffrey Browndyke**

Neuropsychology of the Frontal Lobes -- A site with potential.

* Neuroscience Connections -- Biopsychology and the biology behind mental
                  disorders. Most useful for undergraduates.

Neurosciences on the Internet -- Offering a searchable database as well as
                  extensive resources. -  Neil A. Busis

Occupational Therapy in Mental Health -- John D. Chacksfield

Physicians Who Care -- National organization that is a nonprofit organization
                  devoted to protecting the traditional doctor-patient
                  relationship and ensuring quality health care

PACE Custody Home Page (c) -- Professional Academy of Custody Evaluators.
                  Includes archive of past issues of the Custody Newsletter and
                  a lot of other useful information for custody evaluators.

Psycgrad Project -- For graduate students in psychology to communicate ideas,
                  share information about conferences worldwide, and to publish
                  scientific papers in our own journal.

Psyche Journal -- The original refereed online journal on consciousness.

PSYCHE-D Mailing List Archive by Thread

* Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness - PSYCHE's publishers

Psychiatry Star -- University of Michigan. A large psychiatry resource offering
                  information about psychiatry online as well as the field of

Psychoanalysis -- A page full of psychoanalysis-related links and resources.

Psychology of Cyberspace -- An excellent site by John Suler

Psychology Textbook Summaries & Brain Map -- Stig-Lennart Sxrensen

Psycoloquy Journal -- The original refereed online journal on a wide range of
                  cognitive topics. - Stevan Harnad

Psychopharmacology Tips -- Offers a wealth of knowledge to professionals
                  looking for some of the spoken lore about how best to
                  prescribe psychotropic medications. If you're a psychiatrist
                  and you're online, you should be reading this page every
                  week. -  Dr. Bob Hsiung**

Schizophrenia Information -- Dept. of Social Psychiatry, Univ. of Groningen

School psychology -- Sandy Steingart

Sexual Abuse by Professionals -- Contains abstracts, articles, and links to the
                  book the author co-wrote on this topic as well as an article
                  she wrote for the World Wide Legal Information Association.
                  -  Pamela K. Sutherland

Social Psychology Network -- Provides a variety of links to psychology
                  organizations, U.S. schools with psychology PhD programs, and
                  social-psychological topics of the day.

Clinical Social Work Homepage -- Pat McClendon

Social Worker Networker -- Mike Hammer

Statistical and data analysis software (shareware)

Statistical help, health, psychopharamcology

Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS)

Teaching Clinical Psychology -- Another excellent site by John Suler.

Videos for professionals -- On personality and mood disorders (c)

Videos for professionals -- On trauma, child abuse, dissociation (c)


Clinical Psychology Resources -- Nicely organized set of links, which is

Cognitive & General Psychology Research-oriented Resources -- One of the
                  oldest and largest on-line resources to exist in the
                  professional mental health field, this one has kept
                  up-to-date. Extensive and well-documented links to thousands
                  of other on-line resources in academia, discussion lists,
                  organizations and conferences, journals and magazines,
                  software and much more. The files are large, so be

Cyber Synapse -- A nicely-done, comprehensive page of psychology-related
                  links. - Warren Bush

Education Related Resources -- University of Virginia's Office of Career
                  Planning & Placement (OCPP)

Emotional Support Guide -- Internet resources for physical loss, chronic
                  illness, and bereavement

Interesting Mental Health Internet Resources -- A newer mish-mash of pages
                  related to mental health, including organizations,
                  universities, journals, etc. all on one page.

Internet Mental Health -- This has long been one of my favorite comprehensive
                  mental health information sites that has so much
                  information, it really should have a search engine. Suffers
                  from boring graphics and a layout which requires wading
                  through too many sub-menus, plus not enough cross-references
                  for laypeople. In the past, this site has suffered from some
                  serious DNS entry errors, but they now claim to have been

Medical & Mental Health Resources -- Specifica, an evolving resource of
                  information and services for people in need. - Jeanine Wade

Medical & Mental Health Resources -- A psychiatrist's guide to mental health
                  information online. - Dr. Bob Hsuing

MedWeb: Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology

Mental Health Net -- Dr. John Grohol's latest and more comprehensive effort
                  which is both a Web site and a non-profit organization
                  devoted to the dissemination of information and education
                  online in psychology, psychiatry and mental health topics.

PIE Online - Mental health and health policy.

Psychiatry Star -- University of Michigan Comprehensive and oriented toward

Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page -- A psychologist's guide
                  to self-help and mental health resources. (You're looking at
                  the text version!)

PsychLink -- Instream

PsychScapes -- PsychScapes Worldwide

Psych Web -- A friendly list of links, oriented toward students in psychology.
                  - Russ Dewey

Sociology & Psychology Resources
   This Pointer is freely distributable to  any  other mailing list,
   newsgroup,  or  network  service provider  as  long as it remains
   fully intact. Copyright 1994-1996 John M. Grohol.
   All rights reserved.

   Send comments/questions/suggestions regarding this Pointer to the
   author (replying to this message should work).   Do *not* include
   this entire Pointer in your reply, or it may not be read.
Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page:     Co-moderator sci.psychology.research           Associate Editor, Behavior OnLine
Mental Health Net:                Editor, Self-Help & Psychology Magazine                       Editor-in-chief, Perspectives

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