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rec.woodworking Introduction FAQ (updated: 22/Jun/98)

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Archive-name: woodworking/introduction
Last-modified: 22 Jun 1998
Posting-Frequency: weekly

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|  for frequently discussed topics.  Use good titles on your posts. |
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  1) Where are the FAQ's
  2) Where are the WWW archive sites
  3) Where are rec.woodworking articles archived?
  4) Pointers to some related newsgroups and resources.
  5) Pointers for Beginners
     5.1) Posting Binaries

  This FAQ is intended to point readers to woodworking resources
  available on the Internet.  The newsgroup sees a lot of repeat
  traffic; please check out these resources before posting.

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1) The following relevant FAQ's are available:

    rec.woodworking Introduction         <This Document>
    rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Addresses 
    rec.woodworking Steambending wood Frequently asked Questions 
    rec.woodworking Electric Motors Frequently asked Questions 
    rec.woodworking Frequently Requested Tool Reviews 
    rec.woodworking Frequently Asked Questions 
    Electrical Wiring FAQ [Part 1/ Part 2] 
    FAQ: Crib and Cradle Safety Regulations 
    FAQ: Hand Tools
    Cabinet Saw FAQ

  These FAQ's are posted regularly (usually monthly) to this newsgroup.
  Most are also crossposted to news.answers and rec.answers.  A well
  configured site should keep all postings to the *.answers news groups
  for at least 30 days before expiring them.  Therefore, you should
  always be able to find these FAQ's in your news spool.  (If you
  can't, ask your sysadmin, but read on, there are other options.)

  There exist several Usenet FAQ archive sites.  To find out more about
  them and how to access them, please see the "Introduction to the
  *.answers newsgroups" posting in the group news.answers.

  One main WWW FAQ archive site is at:

  The "main" rec.woodworking archive is maintained by Jim Roche, and
  can be accessed at

  In addition to those "general purpose" FAQ's, more focussed special
  purpose documents (eg: a Workbench FAQ, Wood toxicity table, etc)
  are also available, and continually being developed.  Browse some
  of the Woodworking web pages (like Jim Roche's above) to find them.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
2) Woodworking information on the WWW:

  There are many Woodworking pages on the WWW.  I can't expect to keep
  track of all of them, so here are just a few links to get you started.
  Check them for further links to other Woodworking pages, or check an
  indexing service like Yahoo or Lycos.
        - Jim Roches' pages -- the "main" rec.woodworking archive
        - Robert Brown's "W^5: WoodWorking on the World Wide Web"
        - Allan Fisher's "The Electronic Neanderthal" (Hand tool focus)

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
3) Where are rec.woodworking articles archived?        

  There are two main services (that I am aware of) that archive
  rec.woodworking articles.  Between the two of them you can search
  through a year or more worth of archived postings.  These archives
  are a wonderful way to look up old posts, and avoid restarting a
  discussion that just got finished.

  3.1) Dejanews Research Service     

  Dejanews archives many Usenet newsgroups.  Last time I checked they
  had over 3 years of rec.woodworking archived.

  3.2) Alta Vista                

  Alta Vista is a Research project of Digital's Palo Alto labs.
  They provide a full-text index of over 13,000 USENET newsgroups,
  and also a full-text index to over 16,000,000 web pages.

  They index 'current' news -- which seems to amount to roughly a
  month of rec.woodworking, as near as I could discover.  This is
  still a very useful archive to search for recent rec.ww articles.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
4) Pointers to some related newsgroups and resources.

  Perhaps this newsgroup's focus isn't quite what you are looking for.
  If so, Maybe one of these other newsgroups will have what you are
  looking for.

  comp.home.automation           Home automation devices, setup, sources, etc.
  misc.consumers          Consumer interests, product reviews, etc.    Discussion about owning and maintaining a house.           Created by someone who didn't know about m.c.h
  alt.building.*          There are 10 or so building-industry groups.
  rec.crafts.metalworking All aspects of working with metal.
  rec.crafts.carving      Carving and its techniques.
  rec.crafts.woodturning  Woodturning and turned objects.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
5) Some Pointers for Beginners

  If you are a complete beginner to the whole world of Usenet
  (electronic news), I STRONGLY[1] encourage you to make the
  time to read the handful of very informative postings in the
  'news.announce.newusers' newsgroup.  They are an invaluable help.

    [1] In fact, when they finally name me King Of The Internet, no
    one will be allowed to post to Usenet until they have passed a
    reading comprehension test to show that they have read the ~5
    main FAQ's in news.announce.newusers. :-) 

  rec.woodworking has a fair amount of traffic.  To those people who
  have trouble with the volume of this group, a few suggestions that
  may help:

    Learn and use a good-quality newsreader, like tin, trn, nn,
    and others.  These all have powerful display mechanisms that
    can show you "threads" of conversation, searching, sorting, and
    the ability to automatically select or deselect articles (aka
    "kill files").  A good newsreader makes it much easier to read
    a high-volume newsgroup.

    If your newsreader can't follow threads or doesn't have automatic
    selection/killing of articles then...

                  Your Software Is Broken.  Fix It.

        [paraphrased from one of Chris Lewis' well written postings.]

5.1) Posting Binaries

  The question has come up recently about posting binaries to the 
  rec.woodworking newsgroup.  

  I quote briefly from the FAQ "How to find the right place to post"
  which is posted to the news.announce.newusers newsgroup.  See that
  FAQ for a more full explanation.
  (You HAVE read all of those FAQ's, haven't you!?)

    "There are many newsgroups dedicated to posting various sorts of
     binary files, such as images, computer software, etc.  These are
     gathered under the alt.binaries.* and comp.binaries.* hierarchies.
     (There are also some local binaries hierarchies, such as
     de.alt.binaries.*)  These groups are the only places where you
     should ever post a file that is not directly human-readable,
     such as pictures, software, or even Microsoft Word files"

PLEASE NOTE: The reply address in the headers is bogus.  I regret this
action, but it is necessary to ATTEMPT to defeat Junk Email robots. 

-- mulder ( )( )
              ( Sys Admin / Support Analyst, Network Resources )
              ( Computing and Network Services, U of Alberta, Edmonton )

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