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Introduction to comp.os.*.win95 groups and FAQ
Section - 6. Tell me about the main FAQ...

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Top Document: Introduction to comp.os.*.win95 groups and FAQ
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It's made of text files, written in HTML using Internet Assistant for
MS-Word, has a few pretty graphics, and it comes in three flavors: HTML,
news.answers postings, and Windows .HLP format.

        6.1.  Administrivia

Basic legal stuff, disclaimers, credits, and your name in lights if you can
contribute.  I don't sell ads so don't bother asking me.

        6.2.  Installation, Re-Installation, Un-Installation

How to put Win95 on a box and yank it back off again.  Most of the
discussion in *.setup.win95 made up this page.

        6.3.  Usage

How to cope with the Start Menu, and like stuff.  Faster ways of doing
things.  How to see hidden files, copy files with long filenames, how to
run apps, etc...

        6.4.  Hardware

How to make your hardware work WITHOUT using DOS drivers.  I have a very
strict opinion that hardware in Win95 does not need DOS TSRs or device
drivers in config.sys to work.  By using these techniques you will allow
Win95 to perform like MS designed it.

        6.5.  Modems and TAPI

TAPI promises to simplify using modems.  It does, if used correctly.  Don't
forget to specify area codes in phone numbers, even if they're local, so it
knows how to dial the number.  You can even make your calling card work
with it and save yourself money for those long distance calls.  And the
coolest feature:  If a program is waiting to answer the phone, another
program can jump in and use the modem, without shutting down the answering
program!  Read about it here.

        6.6.  Novell NetWare (tm) Networking

Ahh... a favorite for discussion.  I listen in on the NetWare groups (the
comp.os.netware.* groups) for insights into this page.  Here I'll tell you
how to make your server Win95 ready, the best way to set up the client
machines, and most important of all, how to use Win95 on a NetWare network
without crashing the server!

NOTE: I plan on including Novell's Client32 into this page, but I have a
strong opinion against it.  I also don't have a lot of time anymore.  Maybe
some Client32 admins out there can contribute to a FAQ page 6.5 devoted to

        6.7.  Networking (Not including NetWare)

I cover Internet stuff briefly here, but this section mainly covers
client/server stuff, peer to peer stuff, how to use your favorite NOS with
Win95, and how to make apps behave on Win95 networks.

        6.8.  Dial-up Networking and The Internet

No one likes Win95's built in dial-up networking.  Why?  It works great for
about 99% of UNIX and NT dial-up servers when used correctly.  So what if
MS replaces winsock.dll... it's a standard OS component.  I cover how to
make it work with your ISP, and cover some stupid DUN tricks that can save
you money and improve connectivity, even if you aren't on the Internet.

        6.9.  Maintanence and Annoyances

A lot of this comes from the Win95 Annoyances page at
<> but I show you safer ways of fixing
them or working around them.  I also have stuff here not found in any other

        6.10. Windows Messaging, AKA: MS Exchange

Like DUN and TAPI, how come no one likes Exchange?  Take the advice here
and make it work better, and you might actually like it.  This Windows
Messaging front end lets you connect to many different kinds of mail
services with the same interface.

        6.11. Disk Compression and You

Crazy enough to try it?  Here's some serious advice on making it work
faster and safer.

        6.12. Running MS-DOS Games

I know, you can't live without DOOM... or Descent... or whatever.  Here's
how to make it run without resorting to boot disks, multi-boot, or third
party memory managers.

        6.13. Microsoft Plus! Add-on, and other MS add-ons

So what's about these cool toys?  Read about them before you break your
computer with them.

        6.14. Miscelaneous

Anything left over.

I also maintain other pages on the site.  These are the *really* subjective
pages, with lots of opinionated garbage and a lot of dirt on some of the
more "popular" products.  The most popular one (meaning it actually gets
visited!) is the Logo Lamers page, where I lay waste to placebo-ware such
as Cybermedia's First Aid, and have fun with companies that use the
Designed for Win95 logo without earning it.

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Top Document: Introduction to comp.os.*.win95 groups and FAQ
Previous Document: 5. Tell me about the microsoft.* groups.
Next Document: 7. Where else can I find good information?

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