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                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: Vision and EyeCare
                                  Part 5/5
                          (Copyright(C), Grant Sayer)

9.0   Eye Injuries and Emergencies

9.1   What to do in an emergency

10.0   Internet Vision/Health Resources

A large number of resources specific for ophthalmology/optometry are
maintained by Ocular Surgery News Web Server. See


10.1  Guide to On-Line Medical Resources
An extensive list of Internet Medical resources are listed in the 
"Guide to On-Line Medical Resources" produced by Dr Gary Malet, Family
Physician ( and Lee Hancock, Education Technologist 

The latest version of the document, Version 1.9, September 1 1994  ,
is provided in text form and as a hypertext database for use with World 
Wide Web browsers

(URL: gopher://

This list is recommended if you're interested in finding out some detail 
of all the health resources, including information, listservers, 
discussion lists and software that is located on the Internet or 
on-line from BBS's.

10.2  Images of Eye Conditions/Diseases
Images of retinal and eye conditions as GIF/TIFF files 
[ Ed - will scan in photos/slides and put on a listserv - maybe ? ]

11   Mailing Lists
A number of mailing lists are located on the Internet which deal with 
specific visual problems or conditions.  The list descriptions or 
"charter" are described below :

11.1  RPList

This list deals with all retinal degenerations including Retinitis Pigmentosa 
The list description is as follows :-

Description: Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is a generic name for a family
of degenerative genetic diseases that affect the retina.  RP causes
progressive vision loss, and eventually blindness.  The RP list is
intended for RP sufferers, their friends and relatives, and anyone
with an interest in RP.  Discussions are welcome on any subject
relevant to RP, with an emphasis on issues specific to low vision and
degenerative vision; issues relevant to blindness in general are
better kept on existing blindness-related lists and newsgroups.
Medical aspects of RP are also of interest, but are not the main
focus of the list.

send "subscribe rplist <your name>" to

Posting: send email to

Archives: all contributions to the list are archived.  
          Archives can be searched and retrieved automatically 
          by mail to

Email: for more information, contact Nicolas Graner <>

11.2  CVNet
This list deals with colour and vision research.  

To subscribe send an email to 

[details to be added ]

11.3  ColorCat
This list deals with Color categorisation

To subscribe send an email to include in the 
body of the message

subscribe COLORCAT Firstname Lastname

11.4  HMatrix
[ Details to be added ]

11.5  BlindFam
This list is for the discussion of all aspects of family life as affected 
by blindness.  

To subscribe send an email to and include in 
the body of the message

subscribe blindfam Firstname Lastname

11.6  BlindNews
This list deals with issues of the visually handicapped.  

To subscribe send an email to include
in the body of the message.

subscribe BLINDNWS Firstname Lastname

11.7  MedNet
[ Details to be added ]

11.8  EyeMove
This list is for scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of 
eye movement studies.  

To subscribe send and email to and 
include in the body of the message

join eye-movement Firstname Lastname

11.9  LiveEye
This list also deals with colour and vision research. 

To subscribe send and email to include in the body 
of the message

subscribe live-eye Firstname Lastname

11.9a National Marfan Foundation 

Discussed in the newsgroup

Located on the web at

The National Marfan Foundation is located at 382 Main Street,
Port Washington, NY  11050.  Telephone:  1-800-8-MARFAN
An informative booklet on the Marfan syndrome is available
upon request.  Become a member of the NMF and recieve the
quarterly, "Connective Issues".

11.10  PupilNet
From the announcement page...

Pupilnet is an electronic mail network and noticeboard, run from 
Loughborough University of Technology,  England.  It has three functions:

1. To provide a forum for discussion of any issue related to the pupil
   of the eye.
2. To allow pupil researchers from different fields to interact.
3. To collate and disseminate information about the pupil, and about work
   in progress, prior to publication.

It is envisaged that, in the first instance, any messages sent to Pupilnet
will be vetted, and then sent on to everyone on the network.
In addition, a membership list of Pupilnet will be made available on request.
To join the network, send a message to:

11.11  Sjogren's Syndrome List (SS-List)
This list is for the discussion of sjogren's syndrome.

To subscribe send an email to listserv@uiucvmd.bitnet and include in 
the body of the message

subscribe ss-l FirstName LastName

11.12 Ophthalmic Photography and Imaging Mailing List (OPTIMAL)
This list is for the discussion of ophthalmic photography and

To subscribe send an email to Joseph Warnicki (owner of list) at

11.13 Ophthalmogenetics Mail List
This list is for the discussion of Ophthalmogenetics (genetics of
the eye).

To subscribe, send message

	SUBSCRIBE OPH-GEN first_name last_name


11.14 Myopia Research mailing List:

This list is for anyone with an interest in clinical or applied myopia

To subscirbe, send an email message to

include in the body of the message
	subscribe MYOPIA-NET FirstName LastName

12.0 World Wide Web (WWW)
Other related Web servers include :

Announcements about conferences on Medical Imaging and Computer Vision:

Indianna School of Optometry web server:

The Centre for Visual Sciences at the Australian National University 
has installed its Web server a few months ago. It's URL is:

Web sites:   is 
Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience
Rutgers, The State University
197 University Avenue
Newark, NJ 07102

"Stanford Vision and Imaging Science and Techology".

Rutgers Centre for Cognitive Science

NASA Vision Science and Technology Group

Vision Science

The latter is a collection of pointers to web material related to
Vision Science: labs, groups, conferences, newsgroups, databases,
source code etc.

CVnet list archives

Centre for vision and Image Sciences at the University of Texas

Visual Impairments & Blindness Expert System:
Published by the Illinois Parents of the Visually Impaired 
and can be accessed at

13.0   Email for Optoms/Ophthals & Net Resources
Currently the national board for USA is on the internet at

To locate an OD on the internet see

Looking for a job ?

13.1 Commercial Interests on the Net:


Spectacle Ordering
(Optical Brokers, Portland Oregon)

(The Sunglass Connection)

(EJ's Sunglasses)

14.0   References

15.0   Contributors
Grant Sayer,Optometrist (
Barbara La Scala (
Scott Fitz, (
Nathan Schwade, Ophthalmologist (
Robert Maloney M.D, Ophthalmologist (
Grant Sayer 
EMAIL:                PHONE: +61-2-805-2937
SNAIL: Canon Information Systems Research Australia
       1 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde, Australia 2113

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