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sci.virtual-worlds Visual Displays FAQ
Section - -5- Stationary Display Vendors and Products

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**Special thanks and credit goes to Ed Lanz of Spitz, Inc. for his list of

Alternate Realities Corp. (ARC)
Manufactures VisionDome (TM), a portable 3-D digital theater which provides a
full hemispheric display. Offered in 5-meter and 7-meter models.
Alternate Realities Corp.
Suite 13oo
215 Southport Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
tel: 919.467.6200, fax: 919.467.5057

CGSD Corporation
Builds high-performance custom visual simulation and VR systems.
CONTACT: Roy Latham
CGSD Corporation
2483 Old Middlefield Way, #140
Mountain View, CA 94043-2330
tel: 415.903.4922, fax: 415.967.5252

David Sarnoff Research Center
Developing an immersive three-screen rear-projection stereoscopic display
for medical visualization, museums and science centers, and C3I.
CONTACT: Jeffrey L. Posdamer
David Sarnoff Research Center
Visual Information Systems Research
CN 5300
Princeton, NJ 08543-5300
tel: 609.734.2008, fax: 609.734.2662

Dodeca LLC
Developer of the RoundAbout (TM) immersive imaging system providing live-action
spherical videography for playback in a dome theater or HMD. Patented
approach utilizes efficient pentagonal divisions of a spherical field of
CONTACT: David McCutchen
Dodeca LLC
2066 NW Irving St.
Portland, OR 97209-1200
tel: 503.220.8558, fax: 503.220.8557

Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago
Pioneer of SIDs for VR applications. Developments include the CAVE (TM) virtual
reality theater in 1992, the ImmersaDesk (TM) drafting-table format virtual
prototyping device, and the NII/Wall, a large-screen stereo projection
display suited for large audiences.
CONTACT: Daniel J. Sandin
Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago
851 S. Morgan St., Room 1120
Chicago, IL 60607-7053
tel: 312.996.3002, fax: 312.413.7585

Evans & Sutherland, Inc.
Products include Digistar¨ II, a calligraphic video projection system for
planetaria, and StarRider (TM), a "fully interactive, full-color projection
system that delivers high-quality, three-dimensional graphics for domed
theater environments." Also manufactures domed simulators.
CONTACT: Jayne Anderson
Evans & Sutherland, Inc.
600 Komas Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
tel: 802.582.5847, fax: 802.582.5848

Fakespace, Inc.
The Immersive WorkBench, from Fakespace, Inc., available with DUO
technology, is a virtual model display that supports natural interaction
with computer-generated 3D imagery, and enables users to manipulate virtual
objects in the same "hands-on" way they work with real objects on a desk or
table. It has an adjustable viewing surface, from horizontal toward
vertical, so that the reachable work area and viewing volume can be adjusted
according to individual preferences.
DUO-Dynamic Display System, which enables two simultaneous and individually
head-tracked stereo pairs to be displayed on VMDs. With this Dual User
Option (DUO), two people can now share a workspace, and collaborate within a
virtual model space that is accurate for both users.
Fakespace, Inc.
241 Polaris Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94943
tel: 415.688.1940, fax: 415.688.1949

FlightSafety International
Manufactures the VITAL product line of visual simulation systems for flight
CONTACT: Dan Myers
FlightSafety International
Visual Simulation Systems
5695 Campus Parkway
St. Louis, MO 63042-2338
tel: 314.551.8502, fax: 314.551.8444

Flogiston Corporation
Offers the flostation (TM), a specially equipped personal immersion reclining
chair with a "bubble-hood" display, motion base, hand controller, and a
six-channel sound/vibration system. Originally funded by NASA for training
astronauts in EVA procedures.
CONTACT: Brian Park
Flogiston Corporation
16921 Crystal Cave Drive, Austin, TX 78737
tel: 512.894.0562/fax: 512.858.7287

Goto Optical Mfg. Co.
Offers the Virtuarium (TM), a full-color CG dome projection system utilizing
SGI's advanced computer graphics technology, NK-EXA's software integration
technology, and Goto's specialized video projectors and dome engineering
Goto Optical Mfg. Co.
4-16 Yazaki-cho
Fuchu-shi Tokyo 183 JAPAN
tel: +81.423.62.5312, fax +81.423.61.9571
U.S. Rep. Kimberly Ayers
tel: 415.599.9494

National University of Singapore
Developed the Virtual Workbench consisting of a computer screen, stereo
glasses, a mirror and 3D sensors. "The user looks into the mirror through
the glasses and perceives the stereo virtual image within the work volume,
where the sensor and hands lie." Direct interaction within the virtual
volume is possible.
CONTACT: Luis Serra
National University of Singapore, Institute of Systems Science
Kent Ridge, Singapore 119597
tel: 65.772.2014, fax: 65.774.4998

Panoram Technologies, Inc.
Arrayed projection system, system design, GVR120 immersive visualization
system for SGI Reality Centres(tm).
CONTACT: Theo Mayer
Panoram Technologies, Inc.
350 N. Glenoaks Blve., Suite 207
Burbank, CA 91502-1133
tel: 818.848.1614, fax: 818.848.2120

Pilkington Aerospace, Inc.
Produces simulation visual display systems and related components including
mirrors, back-projection screens, and beamsplitters.
CONTACT: Kevin McGee
Pilkington Aerospace, Inc.
12122 Western Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92641
tel: 714.893.7531, ext. 203

Pyramid Systems, Inc.
Presentation display systems and advanced visualization displays including
the CAVE(tm) and the ImmersaDesk(tm). Pyramid Systems, Inc. has the
worldwide license from the University of Illinois" to market, install,
integrate the CAVE(TM) and ImmersaDesk(TM) products.
Pyramid Display Systems, Inc.
24477 West Ten Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48034
tel: 1-248-356-2662, 1-800-846-2662 (USA), fax: 1-800-356-0063

SEOS Displays Limited
Specializes in the design, production, sales and support of visual display
systems. Products include multi-channel dome display systems and collimating
projection displays.
CONTACT: Barry Swainston
SEOS Displays Limited
Marchants Way, Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 8QY ENGLAND
tel: +44.1444.870.888, fax: +44.1444.870.777
American Sales Contact: John Anderson
tel: 904.672.0202, fax: 904.672.5108

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
SGI's UK headquarters developed the Reality Centre (TM), a simulation center
using a 150 degree FOV edge-blended display, digital multi-channel sound
effects system (AudioWorks from Paradigm Simulation, Inc.), and a "Fly
Chair" (controls by B.G. Systems). Also adapted as the Visionarium (TM) in
Mountian View, CA.
CONTACT: John Burwell
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
2011 N. Shoreline Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043-1389
tel: 415.933.1743, fax: 415.964.8671
UK Contact: David Hughes, Reality Centre Manager
tel: +44.1.734.306222

Sogitec Industries - Division Electronique
Manufactures simulator equipment including domes, target projectors, and
head-slaved image projection systems.
CONTACT: Joel Clairon
Sogitec Industries - Division Electronique
4 rue Marcel Monge - Immeuble Nobel
tel: 33.1.4118.5731, fax: 33.1.4118.5718
U.S. Contact: tel: 201.261.6122, fax: 201.261.5258

Spitz, Inc.
Spitz engineers and manufactures projection-based immersive visualization
systems, cylindrical and dome screens, and related products. New products
include ElectricSky (TM) immersive dome video theater, and ElectricHorizon (TM)
partial immersion VR display, both based on Spitz's ImmersaVision (TM) format.
Spitz, Inc.
U.S. Route #1
Chadds Ford, PA 19365
tel: 610.459.5200 x27, fax: 610.459.3830

STN ATALAS Elektronik GmbH
The Simulation Division produces turn key simulation and visual systems and
related software.
CONTACT: Rainer Huelsz
STN ATALAS Elektronik GmbH
Sebaldsbruecker Heerstr. 235
D-28305 Bremen, Germany
tel: +49.421.457.3326, fax: +49.421.457.3725

VRex, Inc
Offers the VR Cove (TM), a three-screen rear-projection 3-D stereoscopic
"Virtual Reality Command Visualization Environment." Uses an exclusive
seamless screen design and provides a 180 degree field-of-view.
CONTACT: Carl Tung
VRex, Inc
8 Skyline Drive
Hawthorne, NY 10532
tel: 914.345.8877, fax: 914.345.9558

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