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Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

The latest posted copy of the World Guide to Vegetarianism is also
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USA part 7

This section has listings for the following:

    Alabama          Georgia          Mississippi      South Carolina
    Arkansas         Kentucky         North Carolina   Texas
    Florida          Louisiana

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the USA listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.



The following states are listed here:

    Alabama          Georgia          Mississippi      South Carolina
    Arkansas         Kentucky         North Carolina   Texas
    Florida          Louisiana



Golden Temple Natural Grocery & Cafe, 1901 11th Avenue South, 933-6333
- Vegetarian cafe. Vegan options. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG


Custom Foods International, 3309 Lorna Road, 823-7002 *VRG


Eureka Springs

Dairy Hollow House, 515 Spring Street, 253-7444
- Natural foods. This inn has won awards. Soups are vegetarian.
  Vegetarian options are always available, but vegans should give
  notice. *VRG

Little Rock

It is surprisingly easy to find vegetarian food in Little Rock.

Beans, Grains, & Things, 300 S. Rodney Parham Road, 221-2331
- Natural foods deli. Located in health food store. *VRG

Delicious Temptations, 11220 Rodney Parham, 225-6893
- Pita sandwiches.

Trio's, 8201 Cantrell Road (at Andover), in Pavilion-in-the-Park Mall,
- Open 11am-9pm. Closed Sundays.

Ciao's, 405 West 7th Street, just east of Broadway, downtown, 372-0238
- Italian. Closes at 8:30pm.


Altamonte Springs

Chamberlin's Natural Foods, Goodlings Plaza, 1086 Montgomery Road,
- Natural foods. Salad bar. Vegetarian deli. Vegan options. *VRG

Boca Raton

Pine Garden, 1668 N. Federal Highway (north of Glades Road), 395-7534
- Has a separate completely vegetarian menu. They use only vegetable
  oil in the cooking, and no MSG. The food is fresh, and the service
  is excellent.

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Earth, Palmetto Park Blvd and Powerline Road

Wholly Harvest, Glades Shopping Center, Glades Road, just west of I-95


Chamberlin's Natural Foods, 1271 Semoran Blvd, Ste 105, Lake Howell
  Square, 774-8866
- Natural foods. Salad bar. Vegetarian deli. Vegan options. *VRG


Bunny Hop Cafe, 1408 Cleveland Street, 443-6703
- Natural foods. International and macrobiotic foods. Vegan options.

Coconut Grove

The Last Carrot, 3133 Grand Avenue, 445-0805
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Oak Feed Market & Restaurant, 2911 Grand Avenue, 448-7595
- Natural foods/macrobiotic. Vegan options. *VRG

Fort Lauderdale

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Bread of Life, 2388 N. Federal Highway, 565-7423
- Vegetarian restaurant & natural foods market. Gourmet vegetarian
  cuisine. Art-deco atmosphere. Deli, bakery, organic produce. Vegan

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Alive and Well
- Vegan-friendly. Very good!

Natural Foods Stores:

Nature Boy Health Foods, 220 East Commercial Blvd, 776-4696
- Has a deli. Vegan options. *VRG

Nature's Delights, 1544 East Commericial Blvd, 776-7321
- Has a deli. Closed Sundays. *VRG

Fort Myers

Vegitable, 5245-7 Ramsey Way, Fort Myers, FL 33907
- The first in a chain of all-vegetarian fast-food restaurants.

Sangeet of India Restuarant, 12375-25 S. Cleveland Avenue, Villas
  Plaza, 278-0101
- Indian. All menu items can be made vegetarian on request. Jewish
  menu on Jewish holidays. Closed Mondays. *VRG


See also: High Springs

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's Cafe, 1222 W. University Avenue, 376-9393
- All you can eat vegetarian buffet and salad bar. Vegan-friendly.
  Great food, reasonably priced.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Ivey S. Grill, 3303 W. University Avenue, 371-4839
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Falafel King Sandwiches, 2 locations:
  12 NW 13th Street, 374-9830
  3252 SW 35th Blvd, 375-6342
- Middle Eastern. Counter service. Vegan options. *VRG

High Springs

See also: Gainsville

This town is stuck in the 1960's.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Great Outdoors Cafe, 65 North Main Street, close to I-75, 454-2900
- Multi-ethnic culturaly diverse ecletic gourmet and tasty.
  Vegan-friendly. An absoulte must see in this area. Very popular and
  has a coffee shop upstairs. Decadant healthy desserts. Also has an
  enviromentaly correct Bed and Breakfast nearby. An excellent value.
  Large portions. Specials daily. Expresso Latte. Open 9am-10pm.


Natural Foods Stores:

Harvest Village Natural Foods, 1928 Harrison Street, 921-5149
- Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

The Natural Advantage, 5091 Sheridan Street, (305) 989-3313
- Open daily-9am-9pm.


Natureworks! Deli, 461 N. Harbor City Blvd, 242-0772
- Natural foods. Deli. "Mostly vegetarian" with vegan options. *VRG

Community Harvest Market and Cafe, 1405 Highland Avenue, 254-4966
- Vegetarian cafe and market.


See also: Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, North Miami, Miami Springs.

Vegan Restaurants:

Natural Foods Express, 672-FOOD (672-3663)
- *Delivery only*. $37 minimum order. *VRG

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Tulasi, 12260 S.W. 8th Street, (305) 554-8989
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Some vegan dishes. Low prices (if
  I can remember it's $6 all you can eat, in 1995). Very clean. They
  serve most Indian foods (not spicy), some international, salad bar.
  Open Mon-Sat 11am-9pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Granny Feelgood's, 2 locations:
  111 NW 1st Street, Metro Dade Bldg, 579-2104
  190 SE 1st Avenue, 358-6233
- Natural foods. Low-fat/low-cholestrol emphasized. Vegetarian and
  vegan options. *VRG

Natural Eats, 2 locations:
  Dadeland Plaza, 9477 S. Dixie Hwy, 665-7807
  Kendall Town & Country, 8720 Mills Drive, 271-7424
- Natural foods. Provides nutritional breakdowns of menu items.
  Vegetarian options. At least one vegan option (muffin) but dunno

Natural Foods Stores:

Man's Health is God's Wealth, 6901 Biscayne Blvd, 757-6133
- Natural food store.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of South Florida
Environmental Center, 1101 SW 104th Street, Miami, FL 33176,
(305) 347-2600

Miami Beach

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Our Place, 830 Washington Avenue, 674-1322
- Vegan restaurant. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Pineapples, 530 Arthur Godfrey Road, 532-9731
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Singles Club
16750 N.E. 10th Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

Miami Springs

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Garden Restaurant, 17 Westward Drive, 887-9238
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Calella's Bistro, 368 Fifth Avenue South, (941) 261-5886
- Italian. Not vegan-friendly. Excellent chef and staff very willing
  to accommodate special requests. Excellent food, moderately
  expensive. Open Tue-Sun for lunch 11am-4pm and dinner 4pm-10pm, and
  breakfast on Sat & Sun 8am-10:30am. Closed Mon.

Natural Foods Stores:

Sunsplash Market and Cafe, 850 Neopolitan Way, (941) 434-7221
- This is a juice bar which offers sandwiches and salads. Many
  vegetarian and vegan options are available. Open Mon-Sat 11am-7pm,
  Sun 11am-5pm.

New Smyrna Beach

Indian River Vegetarian Society
2435 Tecca Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168, (904) 427-VEGE

North Miami

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Sara's Natural Food Restaurant & Pizza, 2214 NE 123rd Street,
- Kosher vegetarian restaurant. Vegan-friendly. Wide variety of foods,
  including a variety of ethnicities (Middle Eastern, Italian). Closes
  at dusk on Fri and opens at dusk on Sat. Open all other days. Also a
  location in North Miami Beach.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Unicorn Village (?)
- Vegan options. ** Is this one different from the one in North Miami

North Miami Beach

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Sara's Natural Food Restaurant & Pizza, 1127 NE 163rd Street, 891-3312
- Kosher vegetarian restaurant. Vegan-friendly. Wide variety of foods,
  including a variety of ethnicities (Middle Eastern, Italian). Closes
  at dusk on Fri and opens at dusk on Sat. Open all other days. Also a
  location in North Miami.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Kebab Indian Restaurant, 514 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach,
- North Indian. Recommended by Vegetarian Gourmet Society in Florida.
  Special diets accommodated. Vegan options. *VRG

Artichoke's Natural Cuisine, 3055 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach,
- International natural foods. Vegetarian, macrobiotic, Pritikin, and
  vegan dishes available. *VRG

Unicorn Village, 3565 NE 207th Street, North Miami Beach, 933-8829
- Natural foods. Many vegetarian dishes. Organic ingredients used.
  Also a grocery store and deli counter. Restaurant closes early in
  the evening, however the store is open until 10pm.


See also: Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Winter Park.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Florida Hospital Cafeteria, 601 E. Rollins Street, 897-1793
- Vegetarian cafeteria. Deli and taco bar. Low-fat/salt entrees
  available. Open 24 hrs. *VRG

Green Earth Health Foods, 2336 W. Oakridge Road, 859-8045
- Natural foods store with vegetarian eatery inside. Vegan options.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bee Line Diner, 9801 International Drive, Peabody Hotel, 352-4000
- International. Vegetarian section on menu. Open 24 hrs. *VRG

4-5-6, 657 N. Primrose Drive, 898-1899
- Chinese. 20 non-dairy vegetarian dishes available. *VRG

Passage to India, 2 locations:
  5532 International Drive, 351-3456
  845 Sand Lake Road, 856-8362
- Indian. Vegetarian appetizers and soups. 12 veggie entrees. *VRG

Chamberlin's, 4 locations:
  Colonial Plaza Mall, Orlando
  The Market Place, Orlando
  Goodings Plaza, Altamonte Springs
  Lake Howell Square, Casselberry
- Natural foods store with salad bar & juice bar. Organic vegetables.

The Garden Patch, 25 E. Church Street
- Fruit & vegetable store?

Theme Parks:

Walt Disney World
- Food is not allowed into the theme parks, however vegans are
  exempted from this. Vegan food is essentially non-existant.
  Reservations for vegan food typically result in a plate of
  unseasoned steamed vegetables being served for $11 a plate.
- There is now a vegetarian restaurant in the Magic Kingdom called
  Sleepy Hollow or something similar. It seems to have opened in early
  1994. It's near the entrance to Frontierland and it's quite easy to
  miss. Only a few items are offered. We thought the vegetarian chili
  was good, but we really disliked the barbequed tofu. There were,
  however, NO lines at the counter, which is unusual for any place at
  WDW. I hope this restaurant lasts.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Greater Orlando Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 451071, Kissimmee, FL 34745-1071

Palm Beach

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Sunrise Natural Foods, 233 Royal Poinciana Way, 655-3557
- Vegetarian/macrobiotic restaurant. Open for lunch only. Closed
  Sundays. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Wholly Harvest Market & Cafe, Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, 585-8800
  5 Blks South of Forest Hill Blvd
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. A 12000 square foot natural food market
  and cafe. It has South Florida's largest selection of vitamins,
  groceries, organic produce, and on site nutritionists. Open Mon-Sat
  9am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Froggy's, at one (or both?) of the following addresses:
  745 41st Street, 351-7508
  3025 North Tamiami Trail, 359-VEGE
- Vegetarian fast food restaurant. Most food vegan. Sandwiches
  offered include: unmeatball sub or pita, a seitan ruben, veggie
  hotdogs & burgers, sloppy joes, hummus, grilled veggies,
  absolutely delicious air fried fries, salads, vegan banana
  smooties, herb ice tea, etc. Highly recommended for the health and
  environmentally conscious. Open until 10pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Wildflower, 5218 Ocean Blvd, 349-1758
- Macrobiotic. Also a bed & breakfast. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

The Granary, 3 locations:
  8421 North Tamiami Tr, 351-4671
  1930 Stickney Point Rd, 924-4754
  1451 Main Street, 366-7906
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Open Mon-Sat 8:30am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm.


There are a couple of alternative-living communities located in
Tallahassee. The largest is the Miccosukee Coop. While there are a
large variety of beliefs represented there, the focus is on healty
living, recycling, community spirit, and living gently with the
Earth. Easy place to be a vegetarian.

Natural Foods Stores:

New Leaf Market, 1235 Apalachee Parkway, (904) 942-2557
- The area's only food co-op. Large selection of vegetarian and vegan
  products. Recently opened cafe behind the store, serving lunch daily
  and dinner on the weekends, with vegetarian and vegan food. Open
   Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun noon-6pm.

Honey Tree, 1660 N. Monroe, (904) 681-2000
- Natural foods store and deli. Large selection of vegetarian and
  vegan foods, macrobiotics, etc.

Cabo's Tacos, 1221 Apalachee Parkway, (904) 878-7707
  (The address may be out-of-date, if so, they are only a 1/2 block
  west on same street)
- Vegetarian-friendly. Great weekend breakfast choices (some vegan).

Tampa / St-Petersburg

The Natural Kitchen (The N.K. Cafe), 4100 W. Kennedy Blvd, 267-1385
- Natural foods. No longer exclusively vegetarian, but has vegetarian
  and a few vegan options. *VRG

Vegetarian Society of Tampa Bay
10263 Gandy Boulevard, #2405, St. Petersburg, FL 33702, (813) 576-6596

American Natural Hygiene Society
P.O. Box 30630, Tampa, FL 33630, (813) 855-6607
Contact: James Michael Lennon, Executive Director
- The organization was founded in 1946 and has promoted "health
  through healthful living, "relying on vegetarianism as a cornerstone
  of that philosophy. Publishes 'Health Science', a bimonthly magazine
  dedicated to natural health. Publishes many books and tapes of great
  vegetarian writers and thinkers. Hosts an annual summer convention
  with natural hygienist speakers and great food. Wonderful


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Althea's, Miami Avenue, near shops on Venice Avenue
- Veggie burger, rice and beans, pitas with vegetables. A lot of
  vegetarian food. Not a lot of vegan food.

Winter Park

Chamberlin's Natural Foods Restaurant, Winter Park Mall,
  430 N. Orlando Avenue, 647-3330
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG

The Power House, 111 E. Lyman Avenue, 645-3626
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


State Vegetarian Organization:

Vegetarian Society of Georgia
P.O. Box 2164, Norcross, GA 30091
Tel: (404) 662-4019 (24 hour answering machine)
- The Society teaches vegetarian cooking classes and presents the
  program "Going vegetarian" at community schools. We have a speakers
  bureau and set up Burger Booths at community activities.


The Grit, 199 Prince Avenue, 543-6592
- Great vegetarian place. "Fabulous Vegetarian Dining"

Guaranteed, 167 E. Broad
- "All meals all days" juice bar, meals, and VERY vegan friendly.

The Grill, 171 College Avenue (Downtown), 543-4770
- 24 hour "diner" with Tofu dogs and grain/bean burgers.

Bluebird Cafe, 493 E. Clayton Street, 549-3663
- Natural foods. Known for its fabulous breakfasts, but also serves
  lunch & dinner. Ovo and lacto vegetarian Mexican foods offered.
  Vegan options available. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Daily Groceries, 197 Prince Avenue, 548-1732
- Co-op. Right next to The Grit.

Phoenix, Broad & Pulaski (downtown), 548-1780

Zucchini's, 1055 Gaines School Road, 353-8066


See also: Buckhead, Decatur.

Vegan Restaurants:

Cafe Internationale, on North Highland Avenue just south of Ponce de
  Leon and Virginia Highlands
- Vegan. Great African restaurant. They have great soybean ice cream.
- May be named 'Veggie Delight'.

Veggieland, 2 locations:
  211 Pharr Road NE, 231-3111
  220 Sandy Springs Circle NW, 252-1165
- Vegan. Has low-calorie, sugar-free foods. Good food. Plenty of
  choices. 'Absolutely wonderful.'

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant, 879 Abernathy Blvd SW, 752-5194
- Vegan.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Eat Your Vegetables, 438 Moreland Avenue NE, 523-2671
- Natural foods. Vegetarian and macrobiotic foods. Good food. Plenty
  of choices.

Madras, at Clairmont and Briarcliff
- Indian.

Cafe Sunflower, 5975 Roswell Road, Suite 353, 256-1675
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Run by a religious organization,
  The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association.

Sunflower Cafe, Hammond Drive
- Lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Lettuce Souprise You, 5 locations:
  Loehmann's Plaza, 2470-47 Briarcliff Road, 636-8549
  Sandy Springs, 5975 Roswell Road, 874-4998
  Rio Mall, 595 Piedmont Avenue, 874-4998
  1109 Cumberland Mall, 438-2288
  245 Pharr Road, 841-9583
  (Corporate office: 955-3999)
- All-you-can-eat salad & soup bar. *VRG

Nuts 'N Berries, 4274 Peachtree Street NE, 237-6829
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Rio Bravo Cantina, 3172 Roswell Road, 262-7431
- Mexican. Vegan options. *VRG

Shipfeifer, 1814 Peachtree Street, 875-1106
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. *VRG

California Pizza Kitchen, Lenox Square
- Fantastic cheeseless pizza (non-vegan): Roasted eggplant with
  sun-dried tomatos, garlic and fresh spinich on a whole wheat crust,
  served with a light honey-mustard dressing. None of their pizza
  crusts are vegan, as they all contain dairy products of some sort.
  Only one size: individual. Pastas, salads. Smoke-free.

Rocky's Brick Oven Pizza, on Peachtree Street
- Good pasta options (several vegan). Fairly upscale, pretty, relaxed

Tortilla's, on Ponce
- Fun, open-air California-Mexican atmosphere. Young crowd, eclectic
  music. Cheap. Excellent meatless burritos with pinto beans, potatos,
  and tomatos. Vegan friendly.

Touch of India, on Peachtree Street

Natural Foods Stores:

Sevananda Natural Foods, 1111 Euclid Avenue NE, (404) 681-2831

Rainbow Grocery

DeKalb Farmers Market
- The freshest fruits and vegetables. Difficult to find ingredients
  from other parts of the world.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of Georgia
P.O. Box 2164, Norcross, GA 30091
Tel: (404) 662-4019 (24 hour answering machine)
- The Society teaches vegetarian cooking classes and presents the
  program "Going vegetarian" at community schools. We have a speakers
  bureau and set up Burger Booths at community activities.


Ritz Carlton Main Dining Room
- Very upscale. Be sure to call ahead first.


Country Life, 1217 Eberhart Avenue, (404) 323-9194
- Vegan. 7th Day Adventist restaurant.


Vegan Restaurants:

New Creation Cafe & Catering, 3033 North Decatur Road, (404) 299-2030
- A large assortment of American & ethnic foods. Fresh food bar with
  daily specials including soup of the day, special desserts, hot
  entrees. Quaint atmosphere. Inside and outside dining. Catering and
  deliveries available. Open Mon-Wed 11:30am-2:30pm, Thu-Fri
  11:30am-9pm, Sun brunch 10am-2pm.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Indian Delights, on Scott Blvd
- Vegetarian South Indian restaurant. Great. Casual. Cheap. Lots of
  fun. Wonderful vegetable biryani.

Natural Foods Stores:

Rainbow Natural Foods, 2118 N. Decatur Road, 636-5553
- Natural-foods-store deli. *VRG


Lettuce Souprise You, Gwinnett Esplande, 3525 Mall Blvd, Bldg 6,
- American restaurant chain. All-you-can-eat salad bar. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Life Grocery Store, 1453 Roswell Road, (404) 977-9583


Lettuce Souprise You, Holcomb 400, 1474 Holcomb Bridge Road, #155,
- American restaurant chain. All-you-can-eat salad bar. *VRG



Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Alfalfa, 557 S. Limestone, 253-0014
- Vegetarian-friendly. International. Vegan options. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Good Foods Co-op, 439 Southland Drive, (606) 278-1813
- "Kentucky's largest whole foods grocery store. We carry a great
  selection of bulk foods, herbs, organic produce, cruelty-free
  body-care items, and lots more. The public is welcome to shop with
  us. We enjoy having travellers come our way and extend a 5% discount
  to visitors with membership cards from other co-ops. Open Mon-Fri
  9am-8pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun noon-6pm.

Everybody's Natural Foods and Deli, 503 Euclid Avenue, 255-4162
- Vegetarian sandwiches, Not Dogs, etc. Vegan options. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods and Deli, 106 Fairfax Avenue, 893-3626
- Vegetarian deli with many vegan options. Take out only. Organic
  ingredients used when possible. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

EarthSave Louisville
P.O. Box 4396, Louisville, KY 40204
Contact: Stacey Vicari, (502) 569-1876
- EarthSave is a non profit organization educating people about the
  powerful effects of their food choices. EarthSave shows people how
  their food choices affect the environment and their personal health,
  and supports people in shifting towards a plant based diet. Please
  call for more info.

Friends Vegetarian Society of North America
P.O. Box 6956, Louisville, KY 40206
- Quaker organization.


Vegetarian Organizations:

Jewish Vegetarians from Abroad Society
230 Stratford Drive, Richmond, KY 40475, (606) 624-8675


Baton Rouge

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

India's Restaurant, 5230 Essen Lane, (504) 769-0600
- Indian.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Essen Lane & I-10, 763-9100

Natural Foods Stores:

Living Foods, 3033 Perkins Road, (504) 346-1886
- Has a vegan-friendly deli.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Tandoor, 3000 Severn, (504) 887-7414
- Indian. Excellent Tandoori food. Good lunch buffet on Sundays.
  Vegetable samosas especially good. Many vegetarian choices. Open
  daily for lunch 11:30am-2:30pm & dinner 5:30pm-10:30pm.

Natural Foods Stores:

Nature Lovers, 3014 Cleary Avenue, 887-4929
- Has a deli and salad bar. *VRG

New Orleans

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Old Dog New Trick Cafe, 307 Exchange Alley, French Quarter, 522-4569
- Excellent gourmet vegetarian. Vegan and macrobiotic selections. The
  Ben-burgers are great. Nice decor though tables small. Outdoor
  tables too. Friendly staff and generally great ambiance. Open
  Mon 11am-4pm, Tue-Sat 11am-9pm.
- "It's a fantastic vegetarian restaurant. In fact, it's the best I've
  ever eaten at. I don't know of a veggie restaurant that good in the
  San Francisco Bay area. Every dish we tried was great. We could have
  eaten there for over a week and not eaten the same thing twice."

East African Restaurant, 1643 Gentilly Boulevard, 943-0787
- East African vegan. Excellent food. Okra stew, black-eye pea
  fritters, green bananas with peanut sauce, etc. Open Mon-Sat

Jack Sprat's Vegetarian Grill, on South Carrollton Avenue
- Vegan. BBQ tofu, steamed vegetables, rice dishes, veggie burgers,
  sandwiches, Middle Eastern staples, salads. Daily specials have
  included a black bean soup and a wheat gluten based 'chicken' and
  dumpling dish. Desserts may include chocolate cake and peach
  cobbler. Attractive little place.

Back to the Garden, 920 St. Charles Avenue, near Lee Circle
- Lots of sprouts, brown rice, stir-fry vegetables, etc. Smoothies.
  Reasonably priced. If you are staying at a downtown hotel this is
  probably your best place for cheap regular meals. Open Mon-Fri
  7am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm.

All Natural Foods and Deli, 5517 Magazine Street, 891-2651
- Nice place w/ good selection of vegetarian food such as sandwiches.
  TLT sandwich (tempeh bacon, lettuce, tomato, tofu mayonnaise; $3.50.
  Also a natural food store. Open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 9am-7pm,
  Sun 10am-5pm.

Whole Foods Market, 3135 Esplanada, 943-1626
- Natural food store with small restaurant. Vegan friendly. Great
  salads and entrees. Highly recommended.

Apple Seed Shoppe, 346 Camp Street, 529-3442
- Natural foods with free delivery. Salads, soups, smoothies, fruit
  juices. Downtown office lunch crowd. Open Mon-Fri 10:30am-3pm.

Marty's Health Food Cafe and Coffee House, 207 Dauphine Street,
  French Quarter, 522-5222
- Vegetarian gumbo, jambalaya, and other New Orleans specialties. Open
  Mon-Fri 11am-3:30pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

:Creole/Local Specialties:

  Bennachin, 133 North Carrollton
  - Vegetarian soul-food, jambalaya and African vegetarian dishes.

  Nola, 534 St. Louis Street, 522-6652
  - Nouvelle creole/cajun. Wild and robust, both visually and
    gastronomically. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

  Galatoire's, 209 Bourbon Street, 525-2021
  - Classic creole. Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-9pm.

  Bella Luna, along the river
  - An up-scale contemporary creole restaraunt with vegetarian

  Praline Connection
  - Soul food. Has vegetarian rice and beans.

  Cafe Du Monde
  - Great beignets (french doughnuts), though not very good for one's


  Santa Fe Restaurant, 801 Frenchmen Street, 944-6854
  - South-western with a New Orleans twist.


  Tio Pepe's, 511 Toulouse Street, 529-5380
  - Supposed to be one of top 100 Mexican restaurants in the US.


  Vic's Kangaroo Cafe, Tchoupitoulas Street, 524-4329
  - Australian with a few veg dishes.


  Tandoor, 115 University Place, (504) 529-9909
  - Excellent Tandoori food. Good lunch buffet on Sundays. Vegetable
    samosas especially good. Many vegetarian choices. Open daily for
    lunch 11:30am-2:30pm & dinner 5:30pm-10:30pm.

  Taj Mahal Restaurant, 923 Metairie Road, 836-6859
  - Indian. Lacto-vegetarian and vegan options. Open Tue-Sat
    11:30am-2:30pm & 5:30pm-10:30pm.

  Old Calcutta, 724 Dublin Street, Riverbend, 861-0565
  - Okay food. A bit expensive. Try the mango daquiris.


  Bangkok Cuisine, 4137 S Carrollton Avenue, 482-3606
  - Some vegetarian entrees. Pretty good food. Cheap. Most vegetarian
    entrees come with eggs, but you can ask to have them left out.
    Open for dinner 5:30pm-11pm most days.


  Bacco, 310 Chartres Street, 522-2426
  - Bistro. Eggplant and penne pasta w/fresh mozzarella and roasted
    tomatoes, Gorgonzola tortellini in a herb tomato sauce, mixed
    grilled vegetable plate with portobello mushrooms, and grilled
    polenta w/balsamic vinaigrette. Open daily 11:30am-2:30pm &

  Spunto Ristorante, 534 St. Louis Street, 522-7455
  - Found a few vegetarian selections including good wood-fired pizza
    and a bean paste + olive oil soup; beautifully decorated and
    excellent service, but tables quite close.

  Anacapri, 320 Decatur, 522-9056
  - Will cook vegetarian to order.

  Pastabilities, 721 Common Street, 522-4619
  - Includes vegetarian specials.


  Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, 2 locations:
    2800 Esplanade, 488-2800
    95 French Market Place, in the old French Market, 522-9500
  - Gourmet pizza.

  Ciao Pizza, 1118 Decatur, 525-2426
  - Traditional and gourmet style pizza. Free delivery. Open Sun-Thu
    11am-midnight, Fri-Sat 11am-3am.


  Bayona, 430 Dauphine Street, French Quarter, 525-4455
  - New World cuisine.

  Bayou Ridge Cafe, 437 Esplanade Avenue, French Quarter, 949-9912
  - Multi-cuisine.

  Mike's on the Avenue, 628 St. Charles Avenue, 523-1709
  - Cross cultural cuisine.

  Cafe Sbisa, 1101 Decatur Street, 522-5565

  G&E Patio Grill
  - "Has some great vegetarian dishes".

  Bagel Works, 132 Carondelet Street, 523-7701

Natural Foods Stores:

Nature Lovers, 3014 Cleary Avenue, Metairie, 887-4929
- Natural foods store with deli and salad bar.

Vegetarianism Promoting Organizations:

Legislation in Support of Animals
P.O. Box 740321, New Orleans, LA 70174
Contact: Jeff or Dana Dorson, (504) 366-8972
- Only organization in the deep South that protects animals through
  litigation and legislation. Handles cruelty cases, lobbies,
  investigates, fundraises, works on overpopulation problems, promotes

Animal Peace
P.O. Box 4430, New Orleans, LA 70178, (504) 865-9792


Earthereal Restaurant and Bakery, 3309 Line Avenue, 865-8947
- Natural foods/macrobiotic. Salads, "unique" sandwiches. Closed
  Sundays. *VRG



High Noon Cafe, 4147 Northview Drive, 366-1602
- Vegetarian cafe. All vegan Monday through Friday. Menu changes
  daily. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG


Harvest Cafe & Bakery, Faulkner Alley, center of town
- Good food.

North Carolina

Triangle Area Vegetarian Organizations:

Triangle Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 61069, Durham, NC 27705-1069, (919) 682-0309
- Sponsor potlucks and vegetarian dinner outings. Membership is
  $15/year and includes a bi-monthly newsletter that contains
  articles, recipes, restaurant reviews, and a calendar.

There's a small but active PETA group in the area.

The Hare Krishnas have a free vegetarian dinner on Thursday nights
from 5pm-7pm at Duke's East Campus (near tennis courts and general
administration building.


See also: Chapel Hill.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Carrboro Cafe, in the Weaver Street Market natural foods store,
  Carr Mill Mall, 101 E. Weaver Street, (919) 929-0010
- Food counter with vegetarian options. Competitive pricing.

Elmo's Diner, Carr Mill Mall, 929-2909
- Diner food. They always have a vegetarian selection in the specials.
  Definitely not for vegans, but ovo-lactos will do fine.

Natural Foods Stores:

Weaver Street Market, Carr Mill Mall, 101 E. Weaver Street,
  (919) 929-0010
- Natural foods store with vegetarian friendly cafe. Excellent coffee,
  fresh-baked pastries & bread, and sandwiches. Small store, but
  excellent selection of bulk items. Friendly and knowledgable staff.
  Good selection of wines and micro-brewery beers.


See also: Raleigh.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Las Margaritas, 609 E. Chatham Street, 467-5766
- Mexican. Standard menu. Cheap. Very casual atmosphere.

Gaulart & Maliclet French Cafe, 957 N. Harrison Avenue, 469-2288
- Almost always one if not more vegetarian soups, steamed veggies,
  pizza baguette, salads, etc. Lots of vegatarian options. Half the
  staff is vegetarian. Open Mon for lunch, Tue-Sat lunch & dinner.

Chapel Hill

See also: Carrboro.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Healthy Bite, 107 N Columbia Street, 929-2483
- Great place for lunch. Vegetarian & vegan sandwiches, salads,
  stirfrys. Everything is low fat, and they print nutritional info on
  your receipt! Under $5.

Pyewacket, 431 W. Franklin Street, 929-0297
- "Nouveau" again. Marked as "Reviewer's choice" in VRG's Guide to
  Natural Foods Restaurants. $8-15.

Carolina Brewery, 460 West Franklin Street, 942-1800
- Has several good vegetarian selections and wait staff seems
  knowledgeable about ingredients.

Penguins Cafe, in Wellspring Grocery, 81 South Elliot Road, 968-1983
- Cafeteria style. Always have vegetarian options. Okay.

Henry's Bistro, (West) Rosemary Street
- Eccentric / nouvelle cusine. Usually a good variety of vegetarian
  appetizers. Always at least one vegetarian main dish. Good selection
  of both beer and wine.

Burrito Bunker, 160-something East Franklin Street, behind the
  Rathskellar, near the parking garage. To get there, go thru the
  Ratskellar alley off of Franklin Street, all the way through it, and
  go up the steps on the other side. You will see a door on the right
  with a sign on it (Burrito Bunker). It looks fishy and will remind
  you of a crack house, but go in anyway.
- Burritos as big as your forearm for less than 2 bucks! No oil in the
  beans and no lard in the tortillas. The bean burritos are vegan if
  you ask for no cheese. Canola oil is used for chips and taco shells.
  Chips and salsa are only 50 cents. Everything looks clean. Primarily
  take-out. Open Tue-Sat noon-10pm or "until we run out of food".
- "The inside of the place looked a lot better than I had expected. It
  was fairly clean, and the kitchen equipment is still all shiny and
  new. There are no tables -- in fact, they prominently display their
  fire dept inspection card that declares, "OCCUPANCY BY MORE THAN 0
  PERSONS IS UNLAWFUL" -- but there is a counter against one wall with
  a few stools."

Papagayo, 137 E. Franklin Street (near the university), 967-7145
- Mexican. Large variety. Very good prices.

Oriental Garden, 503 West Rosemary Street, 967-8818
- Chinese and Thai. Very vegetarian friendly. Separate vegetarian
  menu. They use fresh tofu and have been very good about having
  vegetarian versions of the specials.

Passage to India, 1301 E. Franklin Street, 967-6622
- Indian.

India Palace
- Good selection of vegetarian meals.

Silk Road Tea House, on W. Franklin Street
- Good coffee, teas, and vegetarian food. There are always reasonably
  priced meals for under $5. Daily specials can include Middle-
  Eastern, Indian, and Indonesian dishes. Have various board games
  that you can take and play at you table. Sometimes music on
  weekends. Open Tue-Sun noon-3:30pm and 5pm-11pm on most nights
  (close early on Thursdays). Closed Mondays.

Natural Foods Stores:

Wellspring, 81 South Elliot Road, 968-1983
- Gourmet/health food store. Expensive. Has a deli and a hot food
  counter with one or two entrees and a couple of soups. Really good
  vegetarian chili.


House of Chinese Gourmet, 5608 Independence Blvd, (704) 563-8989
- Vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Vegan options. MSG omitted on
  request. *VRG

Berrybrook Farm, 1257 East Blvd, (704) 334-6528
- Take-out only. Natural foods. Primarily vegetarian. Vegan options.
  Open Mon-Sat. *VRG

Cafe Verde, in Talley's Green Grocery, 1408-C East Blvd, 334-9200
- Natural foods. Low-fat vegetarian & vegan options. Open daily. *VRG

Cafe Flavors, 540-B Brandywin Road, (704) 527-6392
- Vegetarian items marked as such on the menu. *VRG

Casablanca, 212 E. Independence Blvd, (704) 375-9893
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. *VRG

Chicken Delight, 4113 Monroe Road, (704) 333-1818
- Indian. 34+ vegetarian options. Vegan options. *VRG

India Palace, 6140 E. Independence Blvd, (704) 568-7176
- Authentic Indian cuisine. Vegan options. *VRG

Dragon Inn, 204A W. Woodlawn Road, (704) 503-3900
- Chinese. Vegan options. MSG omitted on request. Open daily. *VRG

Thai Cuisine, 4800 Central Avenue, (704) 532-7511
- Thai. Vegan options. Tofu substituted for meat in any dish. Some
  vegetarian appetizers. *VRG
- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Pewter Rose, 1820 South Blvd #109, (704) 332-8149
- Seasonal. "Electic cuisine". Limited vegetarian options, primarily
  appetizers. *VRG

Carolinas Medical Center
- Their cafeteria serves several vegetarian items including pasta
  primavera, vegetarian chili, colcannon (a casserole made with
  cabbage, carrots, potatoes, and onions), black bean soup, and
  veggie burgers.

Mecklenberg Vegetarian Association
7302 Lancashire Drive, Charlotte, NC 28227, (704) 545-3796


Western North Carolina Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 368, Cullowhee, NC 28723


Anotherthyme, 109 N. Gregson Street (next to Brightleaf Square),
- Assorted "nouveau" foods. $8-15. Open for lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am-
  2:30pm, supper Mon-Thurs 6pm-10pm, Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm, & Sun 6pm-9pm.
  Late night menu 11pm-1am daily. Jazz on Thurs and Sat nights
  10:30pm-1:30am. Phone for reservations.

Suman's Indian Take-Out, 2300 Chapel Hill Road, 493-9369
  close to Duke & S.Sqr Mall
- Excellent, authentic Indian food. Large variety. Vegan-friendly.
  Take-out and delivery only. Open for lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm,
  dinner Sun-Thurs 5pm-9pm, Fri-Sat 5pm-9:30pm.

Yoko's Grill
- Japanese. Have vegan, vegetarian, & macrobiotic items. $7-10.

Yamazushi, on Hwy 54
- Vegetable tempura and vegetarian sushi!

- Large selection of vegetarian dishes. Can be ordered without msg.
  Good prices, large portions. Has vegetarian egg rolls.

Pulcinella's, Woodcroft Shopping Center, 4711 Hope Valley Road,
- Italian. Reminiscent of a little neighborhood family-owned
  restaurant. Quite accommodating to the vegetarian diet. Food is
  tasty and satisfying.

El Rodeo, in Brightleaf Square
- Mexican.

Ninth Street Bakery
- Casual vegetarian food with music many evenings.

Pizza Inn, 2 locations:
  3906 Duke Street, 471-1575
  3648 Chapel Hill Blvd, 489-9109
- Buffet 11am-2pm (NY Style Pizza, Chicago Pan, original thin, salad
  bar, soup, dessert stromboli, bread sticks, "pizzert") $3.99.
  Mon-Wed night buffet $4.18.

Natural Foods Stores:

- Gourmet/health food store. Expensive. Has a deli and a hot food
  counter with one or two entrees and a couple of soups. Really good
  vegetarian chili.


North Carolina Network for Animals
P.O. Box 3551, Gastonia, NC 28053, (704) 865-4788


Sunset Cafe, 4608 W. Market Street, (919) 855-0349
- Natural foods cafe. Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Regulator Cafe, 108 South Churton Street, (919) 732-5600
- A great place for a special meal out. They have good tofu and tempeh
  dishes on the menu. Vegan options. Delightful romantic atmosphere.
  All dishes are great. Pricey, but worth it. They have an excellent
  line of vegetarian sauces called Wizard's.


Sahara, 15 W. Salisbury Street
- Middle Eastern. Open Mon-Sat 11am-2pm & Tue-Sat 6pm-9pm.


See also: Cary.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Irregardless Cafe, 901 W. Morgan Street, near NCSU, (919) 833-8898
- The Irregardless has re-opened (a fire closed it down in the Spring
  of 1994). The menu is basically the same as before, but the
  atmosphere has changed drastically. What used to be a quaint little
  hole in the wall has become a yuppie haven.
- Old descrition: "No longer totally vegetarian. Phone 833-9920 to
  hear the menu of the day recording. Vegan options. Hands-down winner
  year after year in the local surveys of vegetarian food. Chef Arthur
  Gordon puts a huge emphasis on using the freshest ingredients
  available, and thus the menu is different every night. The
  atmosphere is casual, but nice, and the close seating has a real
  feel of community. Good wine selection, locally roasted coffee and
  the most EVIL desserts you have ever tasted. I cannot say enough
  good about this restaurant. Ask anybody for directions to Charlie
  Goodnight's Comedy Club and you will find the Irregardless right
  next door. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Smoke-free.

Rathskellar, 2412 Hillsborough Street, across from NCSU, 821-5342
- "This is the BEST 'vegetarian' restaurant in Raleigh." There are at
  least 12 vegetarian selections on the menu. WIDE selection of
  vegetarian entrees and soups, and the menu items are marked if they
  are vegan or if they can be made vegan (many can be). The food is
  delicious, the prices are reasonable, and the staff is knowledgable
  about vegetarian issues. A good selection of beers and wines is also
  provided. Open daily 11am-11pm.
- "The best tofu dish I've ever had: grilled tofu w/ asparagus! Wow!"

Easy Street, 119 E. Hargett Street (Moore Square district), 755-0404
- Vegetarian specialties. Live music and art. Open 5pm-midnight.

Lilly's Pizza, 1813 Glenwood Avenue, Five Points, 833-0226
- Gourmet pizza, including vegetarian & vegan. Available toppings
  include: soy mozzarella, artichoke hearts, broccoli, eggplant,
  roasted peppers, spinach, sundried tomatoes, zucchini, apples,
  mandarin oranges, peaches, pine nuts, pistachio nuts, and many
  others. Set up for free delivery and take-out. You could eat there,
  but it has no atmosphere.

Nur Grocery & Deli, near Record Exchange in Mission Valley Mall, near
- Middle-Eastern food. Pretty good falafel, good baklava.

India Mahal, 3212 Hillsborough Street (near NCSU), 836-9742
- Reasonably good Indian food. Good prices. Try the Aloo Tikki. The
  waiters are unfriendly, and the service can be very slow. Don't go
  with high expectations for decor or mood.

TGIFridays, North Raleigh
- Pastas, veggie burgers, salads.

Great Wall, Mini City Shopping Center, 4520 Capital Blvd,
  North Raleigh
- Chinese.

Dalat, in shopping center across Mission Valley Inn near McKimmon
  Center, near NCSU
- Vietnamese. Some vegetarian dishes.

Natural Foods Stores:

Harmony Farms, 2 locations:
  2710 Hillsborough Street, (919) 832-3237
  5653 Creedmoor Road, (919) 782-0064
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Nice selection of natural foods and
  vegetarian delicacies. Bulk food bins, some organic produce, organic
  breads, frozen foods, and the usual packaged goods. Homemade
  sandwiches, dips, and deli items. Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 1pm-6pm.
- The Creedmoor Road location has a small but very good restaurant
  that serves lunch Mon-Fri.

- Gourmet/health food store. Expensive. Has a deli and a hot food
  counter with one or two entrees and a couple of soups. Really good
  vegetarian chili.

- Co-op.

Research Triangle Park

Yamazushi, on Hwy 54
- Vegetable tempura and vegetarian sushi!


Natural Foods Stores:

Tidal Creek Food Co-op, 4406 Wrightsville Avenue, 799-2667
- Natural foods store with vegan-friendly deli. Nice place, nice
  people, non-profit, mostly volunteer, etc. The only place to get
  fresh tofu. Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm. Closed Sun.

Doxey's Market & Cafe, Landfall Shopping Center, (910) 256-9952
  Fax: 256-6750
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Good selection of organic produce,
  frozen foods, healthcare products, etc. Nice seating available for
  the cafe. *Friendly people!*. Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun noon-6pm.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of the Lower Cape Fear
P.O. Box 3411, Wilmington, NC 28406, (919) 791-4907


Rainbow News & Cafe, 712 Brookstown Avenue, (919) 723-0858
- European style cafe. Open daily. *VRG

The Rose and Thistle, 107 Lockland Avenue, (919) 725-6444
- Open daily for lunch. Dinner served on Saturdays only. *VRG

Very Vegetarian Society
620 Bellview, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, (919) 765-2614

South Carolina

South Carolina Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 1093, Lexington, SC 29072, (803) 957-8155


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Angel Fish, 520 Folly Road, Merchant Village Center, James Island,
  (803) 762-4722
- Vegan options. Unique decor. Full service. About 15 minutes from the
  city (considering traffic etc).

Sundrops Vegetarian Cafe, 1331-B Ashley River Road (Behind
  Raspberry's), (803) 556-6305
- Vegan-friendly. Eclectic. Co-owner/gourmet chef from downtown
  restaurant provides customers with her real passion--healthy, fresh
  food. Outdoor and indoor seating. Saturday dinner includes live
  music (folk, fun rock, or international). Great smoothies. Friendly
  atmosphere and excellent service and relaxing atmosphere. This is a
  place where locals gather for good food and conversation. Open Mon
  11am-4pm, Tue-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 11am-4pm & 7am-10pm. Closed Sun.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Nosh With Josh, 217 Meeting Street, 577-6674
- Kosher/natural foods. Vegan options. Middle Eastern and health foods
  from scratch. *VRG

Doe's Pita Plus, 334 E. Bay Street, 577-3179
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. Open daily. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Basil Pot, 928 Main Street, next to the state capitol building,
- Mostly vegetarian. Vegan, ovo-lacto, and macrobiotic dishes. Tofu
  loaf, soups, salads, chili, breakfast menu. Lots of baked goods (use
  of sweetners and dairy produts is listed). "My favorites are the
  nondairy blueberry pancakes and the scrambled tofu." Nice
  atmosphere, lots of plants, classical music, local art that rotates
  each month. Notoriously bad service.

Rosewood Market and Deli, on Rosewood Drive
- Natural foods supermarket with a takeout deli and a few tables.
  Daily vegetarian and macrobiotic lunch special. Wide variety of
  sandwiches and salads. Usually two soups and a variety of desserts.
  Scruplously clean. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Reasonable
  prices. Produce is mostly organic or locally grown.

Nice-N-Natural, 1217 College Street, near campus, 799-3471
- Open for lunch only. Natural foods. Vegan options. Sandwiches,
  salads. "The best meal is the Reubenless, a vegetarian reuben
  sandwich." Open Mon-Fri for lunch only.

For Goodness Sake, 4711-18 Forest Drive, 738-2440
- Vegan-friendly. Small 'Mom-n-Pop' deli, also small selection of
  vegetarian groceries, etc. Take out or eat in (about 6-10 tables).
  Service a little slow but very friendly. Call for hours.

Annabelle's of Columbia, Dutch Square Mall, 772-5586
- Family restaurant. Vegan option (stir fry veggies). Chef willing to
  create various veggie dishes. *VRG

Garibaldi's, 2013 Greene Street
- Seafood and Italian restaurant. If notified in advance, the chef can
  prepare vegan and macrobiotic dishes.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Annie's Cafe, 121 S. Main Street, (803) 271-4872
- Natural foods. Mexican and other options. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Greenville Vegetarian Association
10 Terramont Drive, Greenville, SC 29615


South Carolina Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 1093, Lexington, SC 29072, (803) 957-8155

Rock Hill

Kindred Spirits Vegetarian Collective
1914 Huntington Place, Rock Hill, SC 29732, (803) 328-5977


Thanks to Sheri Slattery for doing a great job keeping me up to date
with the Texas listings.

State Vegetarian Organization:

Texas Vegetarian Society
c/o Joe Dinoffer, 5416 (5419?) Gurley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75223
(214) 823-3078

State Restaurant Chains:

Texas Burger
- Sells lacto-ovo Garden Burgers.


Back to Eden Snack Bar and Deli, 2425 I-40 W., (806) 353-7476
- "Healthiest place to eat in Amarillo." Closed Sunday. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Good Health Place, 2503 South Cooper Street, (817) 265-5261


Thanks to Carol Gabele for lots of help with the Austin listings.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Mother's Cafe & Garden, 4215 Duval, near U of T, 451-3994
- Great! Won best vegetarian restaurant in Austin. Vegan-friendly.
  Good selection. Good soups and entrees. Brunch on weekends until
  3pm. ($3-$7, 1994)

West Lynn Cafe, 1110 West Lynn Street, 482-0950
- Great! Various international cusines. Vegan options. Casually
  upscale atmosphere. Wonderful food. Highly, highly, highly
  recommended. A MUST for any vegetarian/vegan Austin visitor. The
  menu has over fifty items to choose from. The desserts went eggless
  in 1994. Will accomodate special dietary needs. Use only rennet-free
  cheeses. Same owners as Mother's Cafe but a little more 'yuppie'
  atmosphere. Excellent reviews in the two local newspapers. Open
  daily 11:30am-10pm. Brunch on Sat & Sun 11am-3pm. ($7-$9, 1994)

Mr Natural, 1901 East First Street (near Chicon), 477-5228
- Lacto-vegetarian bakery, juice bar, food store, and vegetarian food
  to go. The food is fresh, exceptionally tasty, and almost
  exclusively vegan. Owned by a couple who specialize in Border
  Mexican / Tex-Mex vegetarian food. Very friendly folks. Excellent
  gingerbread cookies. VERY casual with folding chairs, etc. Cheap!
  Recommended by Austin Vegetarian Society. Vegetarian breakfast
  buffet once a month. The neighborhood is a bit rough which is why
  they close so early. Open daily 7am-6pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Whole Foods Market, 3 locations:
  5th & Lamar
  9070 Research Blvd, Crossroads Center
- Natural food store with deli. Vegan friendly. Great salads and
  entrees. Highly recommended. A little pricey for lunch ($7-$8,

Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Road, 476-2535
- Macrobiotic. It's a one of a kind in Austin. There's no menu.
  Everyone gets whatever they dreamed up that day. Colorful and
  relaxed. Don't ask for coffee.

Martin Bros. Restaurant, 2815 Guadalupe (Central) (near U of T)
- Veg. and non-veg. They have very good food with clearly labelled
  menu items re lacto-ovo content. Meals usually run us about
  $13-$15 (1994) for two. Large vegetarian selection.

Kerbey Lane Cafe, 3 locations:
  12602 Research (NW) (open 24 hours on weekends only)
  3704 Kerbey Lane, 451-1436 (W Central) (open 24 hours)
  2700 South Lamar (S) (open 24 hours)
- About 1/4 of menu is vegetarian. Pleasant atmosphere. Beans OK.
  ($7-$10, 1994)


  China Palace, 6605 Airport
  - Chinese. Vegetarian lunch and dinner buffet in a separate room.
    The selection is quite good, probably with over 20 items, from
    appetizers to desserts.

  Shanghai River, Village Shopping Center, 2700 West Anderson Lane,
    458-9598 (Northwest)
  - Vegetarian Menu. Vegetarian Buffet on Wed & Sun nights. Even the
    spring rolls, soups, and fortune cookies are eggless. "A bit
    heavy, but good tasting." ($5-$8, 1994)

  Tien Hong, 8301 Burnet Road, 458-2263 (Northwest)
  - 25 vegetarian dishes. "Very fresh." ($5-$9, 1994)


  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

  Bangkok Cuisine, 9041 Research Boulevard (183 & Burnet Rd), 832-9722
  - Great food. Separate vegetarian menu. Some veg items on buffet.
    Homemade raspberry tea. Caution: Fried vegetarian items are fried
    in the same oil as the non-vegetarian items.

  Thai Kitchen, 2 locations:
    William Cannon at I-35
    3437 Bee Caves Road, 328-3538 (slightly more upscale)
  - Vegan-friendly. Hot! Very good Thai food. About 20 vegetarian
    entrees on the menu. Runs from mild to super hot. Very good veggie
    egg rolls. Casual. Inexpensive. Request no fish stock or MSG.
    ($5-$9, 1994)

  Satay, 3202 W. Anderson Ln. (N)
  - Separate vegetarian menu. Great chocolate tofu pie. Pleasant

  Thai Soon, around 4th Street and Congress
  - Vegan-friendly. Try the lotus cups. They have many stir fry items
    in every imaginable combination. ($5-$9, 1995)


  Bombay Grill, 3249 Bee Caves Road (SW)

  Star of India, 2900 West Anderson Lane (near Hwy 183), 452-8199
  - Owned by same people as Bombay Grill. Lunch buffet is $6, dinner
    buffet is $8 (1994). ($6-$11, 1994)

  Taj Palace, 2 locations:
    6700 Middle Fiskville (E Central)
    4141 S. Capital of Texas Hwy (SW)
  - $$ Dinner. Good lunch buffet. Naan bread has egg in it. In a strip
    center, but nice.


  Mr Natural, 1901 East First Street (near Chicon), 477-5228
  - Lacto-vegetarian Border Mexican food. See listing under
    "Vegetarian Restaurants".

  El Mercado, 2 locations:
    1302 South First Street, 447-7445 (South)
    ??? (Northwest)
  - Border Mexican food, but borders on Tex-Mex. Vegetarian section
    on menu. Vegan options. ($4-$6, 1994)

  El Azteca, 2600 East 7th, 477-4701 (East Central)
  - Border Mexican food. Great greasy 'TexMex'! Separate vegetarian
    menu with 12 platters. No lard or eggs used, but tell them that
    you're vegetarian. ($5-$7, 1994)

  Las Manitas Avenue Cafe, 211 Congress (Central)
  - Border Mexican food. Good breakfast tacos and coffee. Ecletic
    atmosphere. Very small place. Casual.

  Fonda San Miguel, 2330 W. North Loop
  - Interior Mexican food. Wear nice dress. Pricey, but very unique.
    Ask waiter on each item.


  Trudy's North Star, 8800 Burnet (N)
  Southern Star, 1000 South Lamar (S)
  Texas Star, 409 W. 30th (Central)
  - Vegetarian selections. Casual.

  Casita Jorges, 2203 Hancock Drive (Central)
  - A bit heavy, but the rice & beans are veg. Long waits possible on
    weekends. Casual. Lots of families.

  Chuy's Mexican, 2 locations:
    1728 Barton Springs Rd (S)
    10520 North Lamar (N)
  - Beans OK. Ranchero sauce OK. Rice has chicken stock. Very
    interesting place.


  Threadgills, 6416 N. Lamar (N)
  - Southern style cooking. Vegetable plate. Eggless chocolate cake!

  Good Eats Cafe, 3 locations:
    1530 Barton Springs (S)
    6801 Burnet Rd. (N)
    10508 North Lamar (N)
  - Southern style cooking. Vegetable plate. Fruit pies OK. A little


  Brick Oven Restaurant, 2 locations:
    1209 Red River (Central, orig.)
    10710 Research Blvd. (183N) (NW)
  - Gourmet Pizza & stromboli

  Conan's Pizza, 5 locations all over town.
  -  Deep Dish Chicago style pizza.

  Little Italy, 8127 Mesa (in Northwest Hills)
  - Some veg. Italian dishes. Expensive dinners, cheap lunch.


  Schlotzsky's Sandwich Shop, locations all over town.
  - Local sandwich shop. Not vegan-friendly. Hot cheese sandwiches.
    Vege-pizza. Bread locally made. Fast.

  Thundercloud Subway, locations all over town.
  - Sub shops. Fast.

  Souper Salads, several locations:
    2438 W. Anderson (N)
    4211 South Lamar (S)
    10710 Research (NW)
    7414 Burnet (N)
    1302 South First (S)
  - GREAT salad bar. Usually one soup is veg, but all breads have
    eggs. Baked potatos and sandwiches. Crowded at lunch.

  Black-eyed Pea, 2 locations:
    9041 Research (183 & Burnet) (N)
    3909 South Lamar (S)
  - Not vegan-friendly. Broccoli Cheese soup & salad Vegetable Plate.
    Cobblers & Crisps have eggs. Southern style cooking. Crowded at

  Luby's Cafeteria, several locations.
  - This is a really decent cafeteria chain. Not vegan-friendly. Long
    lunch lines. Bread & pies are brushed w/ eggwhite? Take-out too.

  Magnolia Cafe, 2 locations:
    2304 Lake Austin Blvd (W Central)
    1920 S. Congress (S)
  - Various selections.

  The Omelettry, 4811 Burnet (N)
  - In an old A&W Rootbeer bldg. Several veg/no-egg choices. Scones
    and chili or tacos. Laid back, ex-hippie owners.

  The Oasis, 6550 Comanche Trail (Lake)
  - The food is nothing to recommend, but the view is stupendous with
    seating on outside decks. With some work vegetarians can make a
    meal. Long waits at sunset time!

  Four Seasons Hotel Cafe, 98 San Jacinto, 478-4500 (Downtown)
  - Very accomodating. Somewhat dressy. ($15-$25, 1994)

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Foods Market, 3 locations:
  5th & Lamar
  183 and 360
  9070 Research Blvd, Crossroads Center
- Natural food store with deli.

Wheatsville Co-op

HEB Central Market
- Not a natural foods store, but it seems that half the produce is

Vegetarian Organizations:

Austin Vegetarian Society
PO Box 2335, Cedar Park, TX 78613
- Contact: Pat Tierra (512) 331-5287. I think they meet quarterly.

League of Vegetarian Enthusiasts
P.O. Box 7382, Austin, TX 78713, (512) 467-8516


See also: Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Richardson, and

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Kalachandji's, 5430 Gurley Avenue, 827-6330
  (SW corner of Gurley and Graham just north of I-30)
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. They serve an all-you-can-
  eat buffet twice a day. Dinner's ~$8, lunch is cheaper. BTW:
  Kalachandji's is a favorite with visiting veggy musicians, many of
  whom have left autographed pictures and letters of recommendation
  to be displayed in the lobby. Among them are Crissie Hynde(sp?),
  Annie Lennox, and the B-52's.

Cosmic Cup, on Oak Lawn, south of Cedar Springs
- Indian. Bohemian atmosphere.

Francis Sumun's, 1507 N. Garret Avenue, 824-4910
- International cuisine. Open daily for lunch and dinner. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Blue Bonnet Cafe, 2218 Lower Greenville Avenue, 828-0052 / 824-1744
- Located in the Whole Foods Market natural food store. Vegan
  friendly. Great salads and entrees. Highly recommended. Black bean
  tamales, black beans and rice, veggie burger, tempeh burger, soups.

Phil`s Natural Eats Cafe, 761-8400
- ** Closed, but re-opening at a new location?
- Not strictly vegetarian, but close. Basically Tex-Mex, with lots of
  interesting items like black bean nachos, and spinach enchilladas.
  Good budget food. Open late.

H&M Natural Foods, 9191 Forest Lane, 231-6083
- Natural foods store with deli. Vegan options. Open Mon-Sat in the
  afternoon. *VRG

Roy's Nutrition Center, 130 Preston Shopping, 987-0213
- Natural foods store with deli/juice bar. *VRG

La Suprema Tortilleria, 2 locations:
  7630 Military Parkway, 388-1244
  The Studios at Los Colinas, 506-0988
- Tex-Mex. Vegan options. Organic. Macrobiotic. 11 flavors of chips &
  tortillas. Recipient of 8 awards. The first location is an old
  converted gas station, the second is on the lot of a very large film
  studio. Closed Mondays.

Via Real, Las Colinas Plaza, 4020 N MacArthur, Irving, (214) 255-0064
- Mexican. Vegan-friendly. "Very tasteful, slightly up-market.
  Wonderful service and decor. The veggie options were imaginative and
  tasted exquisite. This was a really pleasant veggie oasis for a
  European traveller in stockyard country."

Sala Thai, 2 locations:
  4503 Greenville (at Yale), 350-8945
  2415 W. Northwest Highway (at Harry Hines), 350-8945
- Thai. Willing to accommodate vegetarians, and substitute items. Has
  tofu dishes. Open Mon-Fri for lunch, Sat-Sun for dinner. *VRG

Thai Lotus Kitchen, 3851 D Cedar Springs, 520-9385
- Thai. Thai cooking classes available. Open Fri & Sat for lunch and
  dinner. *VRG

Thai Soon, 2018 Greenville, 821-7666
- Veggie egg rolls. 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for
  flesh'. Be sure to insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Kebab 'n' Kurry, 401 N Central Expwy, 231-5556
  (N Central Expwy just north of Beltline - west side)
- Indian. Moderately expensive.

Shalimar, 35 Richardson Heights Shopping Center, 437-2858
  (N Central Expwy just south of Beltline - west side)
- South Indian. Great Masala Dosa.

Akbar, 2115 Promenade Shopping Center, 235-0260
  (northeast corner of Coit & Beltline)
- Indian. Ovo-lacto Thali plate. Too oily.

India Palace, 12817 Preston Road (corner LBJ), 392-0190
- Touted as the "best" Indian food in Dallas. Typical, but very good
  Indian food. They have a vegetarian thali plate (ovo-lacto), this
  is a full meal for one price. Expensive.

Bombay Cricket Club, downtown Dallas
- This is the sister restarant to India Palace. Not as good and more

ZuZu, at least 8 locations in the Dallas/Plano area
- Very fresh Tex-Mex food. They have a bean burito plate that you can
  order sans dairy. I order with double rice, corn tortillas and a
  salad. They have the best chips and salsa in Dallas. Inexpensive.
- Note: They use chicken broth in their rice. Write them at the
  following address if you want to see this changed:
  Espartaco Borga, President of ZuZu, 2651 North Harwood, Suite 200,
  Dallas, TX 75201.

Cafe Greek, 12817 Preston Road (corner LBJ), 934-9767
- Vegetarian platter comes with humus, baba ganoush, falafel,
  spanikopita, tabouli, a salad (I ask them to 86 the feta cheese)
  and bread. Good, but moderately expensive.

Sinbad's Palace, Skillman and Abrams, 340-4445
- Middle-eastern food. Their "1st Voyage" is a vegetarian meal of
  baba ganoush, falafel, salad, couscous, pita bread, and baklava
  (delicious). Ask them to go light on the oil. If your are lucky, you
  might get to see the belly dancer! Moderately expensive.

River Nile, 363-1128
- Ethiopian. There are two vegetarian dishes on the menu. Both are
  good. You eat with your hands using large rounds of flat bread to
  scoop up the food. The waitstaff is slightly incompetent. I
  recommend you pay with cash. Inexpensive.

Queen of Sheba, Lemmon at McKinney
- Ethiopian. Also has an Italian menu.
- "Very good. Very friendly waitstaff. Highly recommended. I have
  introduced several people to this restaraunt and they have, without
  exception, thought that it was nothing less than great. This place
  is always packed on Friday and Saturday nights and has been around
  for many years."

The Dream Cafe, 2828 Routh Street, 954-0486
  (near Downtown in the Quadrangle)
- Very popular with the yuppie crowd, but casual. Good breakfasts.
  Moderately expensive.

Joey Tomato's, 3232 McKinney Avenue, 754-0380
- Italian food. Very good veggie pizza. Made with grilled veggies.
  They don't think you are weird for ordering without cheese (it's on
  the menu that way). Inexpensive.

California Pizza Kitchen
- Fantastic cheeseless pizza (non-vegan): Roasted eggplant with
  sun-dried tomatos, garlic and fresh spinich on a whole wheat crust,
  served with a light honey-mustard dressing. None of their pizza
  crusts are vegan, as they all contain dairy products of some sort.
  Only one size: individual. Pastas, salads. Smoke-free.

Mai's, Synder Plaza, (southwest of Hillcrest and Lover's Lane)
- "Tofu Tofu" cooked in a dark garlic sauce - very good. Good veggie
  fried rice - not too oily. Vegan "Vegetarian Paradise" very low fat.

Cafe Panda, 7909 Inwood Road (corner Lovers Lane), 902-9500
- Chinese. They have a great vegetarian egg roll and veg moo shu that
  you can order without eggs. Very good. I don't recommend the cold
  noodles (they are frozen and taste that way). This is a classy
  restaurant. Expensive.
- Note: Their "vegetarian" soup is made with chicken broth. I had
  asked about this specifically before and they told me it wasn't,
  but the last time I was there the "vegetarian" soup had chicken
  in it!

Eureka, on Villanova (southeast corner Preston and Northwest Hwy)
- Some vegetarian alternatives. Very pricey. Portions are small. Don't
  come here if you are hungry, unless you want to throw a lot of cash
  around. Trying to be upscale health food for the trendy.

Lydia's Cafe, in Fitness Foods, southeast corner of Parker & Custer
- Mostly ovo-lacto food. Garden Wrap with "veggie buger". Small salad
  bar. Lunch only.

Fresh Choice, soon to open (if not open already).
- All-you-can-eat salad bar, pasta bar, etc. Unfortunately the vegan
  items seem to be disappearing. All their pasta contains eggs and the
  marinara sauce surprisingly is not vegan. Their nutritional
  information pamphlet lists all menu items and indicates which are

Cafe Society, on the southeast side of Travis, south of Knox

Natura, (near the Quadrangle)
- I have no real info on this place except that it's probably upscale
  with some vegetarian stuff.

If you're stuck with a group of carnivores who want to go to
one of the popular places, Tia's (Tex-Mex), Chili's (Southwestern),
Houstons, and TGI Fridays (steak/burgers) all offer veggie
alternatives, though the best dish at Houstons, the California Salad
is off the menu but still available.

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Foods Market, several locations:
  2218 Lower Greenville Avenue, 824-1744
  60 Dal-Rich Village, 699-8075
  7205 Skillman Avenue (at Kingsley), 341-5445
  2201 Preston Road (at Park), Plano, (214) 612-6729
- Has a vegan-friendly deli.

Roy's Nutrition Center, 130 Preston Shopping, 987-0213
- Natural foods store with deli/juice bar. *VRG

- Just like Whole Foods Market.


Good Earth Organic Farm
Rt. 2 Box 343, Celeste, TX 75423-9748, (903) 496-2070
- A Community Supported Agriculture organic farm. Cost: $440/year per
  share. Weekly drop-offs at points in Dallas and on the farm.

Kurry King, in Garland, (214) 205-1940
- Fresh Texas manufactured curry powders. Also (?), natural foods.
  Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.


The Dallas Vegetarians
c/o Ricky Burke, 19 Willow Creek Place, Richardson, TX 75080
(214) 997-1936

Texas Vegetarian Society
c/o Joe Dinoffer, 5419 Gurley Avenue, Dallas, TX 75223, (214) 823-3078

Animal Connection of Texas (ACT)
P.O. Box 679008-141, Dallas, TX 75367, (214) 373-7867


See also: Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Richardson, and

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants:

The Pearl Cafe, 1633 Scripture, 566-5589
- The best and cheapest Chinese restaurant in town. Very good
  vegetarian section on the menu. They also have great seaweed!!
  Cheap, especially at lunch!

Mr. Chopsticks, 1120 W. Hickory, 382-5437
- Thai. "Wonderful" about accommodating vegetarians, will make special
  items. Open daily. *VRG

Yummy's Greek Restaurant, 2 locations:
  210 W. University (this one has better and larger menu)
  Golden Triangle Mall
- Pretty good vegetarian appetizers.

Mercado Juarez, 419 S. Elm, 380-0755
- Has a good vegetarian menu that adapts pretty well to vegan. Yummy
  vegetarian fajitas!

Ellingon's on the Square, 119 W. Hickory, 566-3294
- Offers a veggie burger.

Arcadia's, on University
- Greek.

Sukho Thai, on Fulton
- Thai.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Denton Area Vegetarian Organization
2040 W. Oak, Denton, TX 76201, (817) 383-3858

Fort Worth

See also: Dallas, Denton, Irving, Plano, Richardson, and Waxahachie.

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants:

Maharaja, South Hulen Street (in a shopping center Near Old Granbury
  Road, about 2 Miles South of 820)
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Maharaja is the essence of my life. They
  have a great lunch buffet!! Open daily 11am-2:30pm and 5pm-10pm (or
  something like that).

The Back Porch, 3400-B Camp Bowie, (817) 332-1422
- Sandwich and salad shop. Vegetarian sandwiches. Across the street
  from museums, Omni theater. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Ray's Health Foods, 5437 South Hulen Street, (817) 370-7611
- Open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun noon-5pm.

Sunflower Shoppe, 5837 Camp Bowie Blvd, (817) 738-9051
- Open Mon-Sat 9:30am-6pm.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Fort Worth Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 24008, Fort Worth, TX 76124, (817) 261-0313

Texas Animal Protection Society
P.O. Box 48464, Fort Worth, TX 76148, (817) 277-8854 or (817) 281-8607


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Wonderful Vegetarian Restaurant, 7549 Westheimer (at Hillcroft),
- Vegan. Chinese Buddhist. Kosher. Very highly recommended. The
  only vegetarian restaurant in town. Many of the dishes may be
  too meat-like for some.
- Under new managament in Summer of 1994. Menu is supposed to be
  revamped with an emphasis on healthier food.

Anand Bhavan, 6662 SW Frwy, 977-0150
- Indian vegan. North and South Indian foods. Open 10am-9pm.

Quan Yin Vegetarian Restaurant, 10804-E Bellaire Blvd, 498-7890
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Run by a religious organization,
  The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association.

Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants:

Hobbit Hole Cafe
- Rumored to be once all-vegetarian. Many dishes are lacto-vegetarian
  that can be easily made vegan. Also several vegan dishes. The black
  bean nachos are incredible. Special bonus is the Tolkien-related
  decor and recipe names.

A Moveable Feast, 3827 Dunlavy (2202 W. Alabama?), 528-3585
- Macrobiotic restaurant. Casual, upscale. Innovative cuisine. Brunch
  on weekends.

Whole Foods Market, 2 locations:
  2900 S. Shepherd, 520-1937
  11145 Westheimer Road, 784-7776
- Natural food store with small restaurant attached. Vegan friendly.
  Great salads and entrees. Highly recommended.

Baba Yega
- Kinda like the Hobbit Hole but less veg. Serves a veggie burger.

Hungry International, 2356 Rice Blvd, 523-8652

Souper Salad, 5460 Weslayan, 660-8950

Star Pizza, 2111 Norfolk, 523-0800
- Have veggie pizzas.

Macrobiotic Center, 2815 Garrott, 523-0171
- Not a restaurant, but caters vegetarian food.

Seekers Natural Foods and Vitamins, 4004 Bellaire, 665-2595
- Natural foods store with 90-item salad bar. Includes organic
  produce. Vegan options on menu. *VRG

On the Border, 2 locations:
  9705 Westheimer, 977-9955
  4608 Westheimer, 961-4494
- Mexican. Grilled vegetable fajitas. *VRG

Bombay Palace, 3901 Westheimer, 960-8472
- Indian. Daily buffet has vegetarian options. [Is it vegan-friendly?]
  Open daily for lunch and dinner. *VRG

Empress of China, 5419 A FM 1960, 583-8021
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Exquisite. It doubles as a routine Chinese
  restuarant for lunch and at night transforms to one of Houston's
  most elegant, word of mouth, high cuisine restaurants with extensive
  wine selection. Scott and Mae Chen provide wonderful atmosphere.
  Mr. Wong's kitchen staff are versatile and it's far, far cleaner
  than my compulsive pathologist wife and I can keep our kitchen at
  home. Call in advance and arrange business meetings or banquets. Can
  match the appearance of continental east meets west flavored and
  decorated dishes so you can take non veggie guests for a gentle
  introduction to veggie food in a wonderful setting. Truely culinary
  ART! Does exquisite vegetarian banquets on request. I've studied
  Chinese food for 20 years and I can't begin to touch the art of
  preparation I've seen this kitchen routinely turn out for the past
  two years. Open Mon-Fri from lunch to 10pm, Sat dinner. Closed Sun.

Red Pepper Restaurant, 5626 Westheimer, 622-7800
- Chinese. Many unusual vegetarian (vegan?) options. Open daily. *VRG

Asian Restaurant, 3701 Weslayan, 850-0450
- Chinese/Vietnamese. Separate vegetarian menu. Vegan options. *VRG

Guilin Chinese Cafe, 4005 H Bellaire, 661-1963
- Chinese. Some vegan options. Counter service. *VRG

Thai Pepper, 2049 W. Alabama, 520-8225
- Thai. "Best Thai food in Houston." Accommodating staff. *VRG

Paddy Thai, on Westheimer
- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Health Food Express, Bayou Park Club, 4400 Memorial Drive, 861-2800
- Natural foods. Food delivery business supplies a week's worth of
  food. Lunches at cafe itself Mon-Fri. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Foods Market
- An excellent chain of grocery stores. Not entirely vegetarian, but
  lots of good stuff veggies look for. Excellent selection of organic

Seekers Natural Foods and Vitamins, 4004 Bellaire, 665-2595
- Natural foods store with 90-item salad bar. Includes organic
  produce. Vegan options on menu. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of Houston
P.O. Box 980093, Houston, TX 77098-0093, (713) 880-1055
- Vegetarian (vegan) organization holds monthly social/educational
  meetings at area restaurants and pot luck dinners at homes.

Houston Animal Rights Team (HART)
P.O. Box 440304, Houston, TX 77244, (713) 522-5131


See also: Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson, and

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

La Suprema Tortilleria, 6311 N. O'Conner, (214) 506-0988
- Tex-Mex. Vegan options. Closed Mondays. *VRG


See also: Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, Richardson, and

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Foods Market, 2201 Preston Road (at Park), (214) 612-6729
- Has a vegan-friendly deli.


See also: Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, and Waxahachie.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Star of Siam, Central Expressway & Springvalley (Northwest corner)
- Thai lacto-vegetarian. Not vegan-friendly. Pahtai is good. Great
  thick spicy noodles. Can order tofu with dishes that normally
  contain meat.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Macro Gourmet, 850 S Greenville Avenue (near Spring Valley), 669-8328
- Macrobiotic. All vegetarian items are vegan. Organic meals. Only
  fresh vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. are used. $8
  (1994) for lunch on styrofoam plates (sans dessert). Also cooking
  classes and very small grocery store. Open daily for lunch, Thu for

Vegetarian Organizations:

The Dallas Vegetarians
c/o Ricky Burke, 19 Willow Creek Place, Richardson, TX 75080
(214) 997-1936

San Antonio

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Gini's Restaurant & Bakery, 7214 Blanco, (just North of Loop 410),
- SA Magazine Award winner. Natural home cooking. In house bakery.
  Vegetarian menu selection. Highly recommended. Open Mon-Fri 7am-9pm,
  Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-4pm.

Adelante, 21 Brees, 78209, 822-7681
- Health Tex-Mex cuisine. Great food. Nice atmosphere. Vegan-friendly.
  Good vegetarian/vegan tamales. No lard used. Take-out. Highly

Twin Sisters Bakery & Cafe, 6322 North New Braunfels, 822-2265
- Casual. Daily specials. Vegan-friendly. Wonderful soups and bakery

La Fiesta Patio Cafe, 1421 Pat Booker Road, Universal City, 658-5110
- Natural Mexican food. Vegan-friendly. Organic vegetables. Homemade-
  style salsa. Free sprouts. *Great* puffy tacos.

Whole Foods Market, 3711 Colony Drive (IH-10 & Wurzbach)
- Natural food store with small restaurant attached. Vegan friendly.
  Great salads and entrees. Highly recommended.

Cafe Lite & Bakery, 3 locations:
  Fredericksburg at Wurzbach, 614-2600
  Lincoln Heights Shopping Center, 824-0027
  San Pedro at McCarty, 432-3336
- Low-fat food.

Boardwalk Bistro, 4011 Broadway, Alamo Heights, 824-0100
- Extensive vegetarian menu. Don't have the caesar salad on the
  vegetarian menu, "There are only two anchovies for about 60
  servings," they said!

Mamacita's, 6322 San Pedro Avenue, 340-0774
- Mexican low-fat food. Vegetarian menu section. Don't let the outside
  of the building scare you!

Taco Cabana, locations all over the city
- Fast food place that does not use lard. Lacto-ovo vegetarians will
  like their breakfast tacos and cheese enchiladas.

DELIcious FOODS, 7460 Callaghan Road, 366-1844
- Kosher deli that sells the best bagels in Texas. The pizza bagels
  are great!

Thai Kitchen, 445 McCarty, 344-8366
- Thai/Chinese. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner. *VRG

Zuni Grill, 511 Riverwalk, 227-0864
- Southwestern. Vegan options. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and
  dinner. *VRG

EZ's Restaurant, 3 locations around San Antonio
- Offers a meatless burger and a veggie-pizza (fairly decent).

Souper Salads, 4 locations around San Antonio
- GREAT salad bar. Usually one soup is veg, but all breads have eggs.
  Baked potatos and sandwiches. Crowded at lunch.

Luby's Cafeteria, 18 locations around San Antonio
- This is a really decent cafeteria chain. Not vegan-friendly. Long
  lunch lines. Bread & pies are brushed w/ eggwhite? Take-out too.

Schlotzsky's Sandwich Shop, 15 locations around San Antonio
- Local sandwich shop. Not vegan-friendly. Hot cheese sandwiches.
  Vege-pizza. Bread locally made. Fast.

Black-eyed Pea, 3 locations around San Antonio
- Not vegan-friendly. Broccoli Cheese soup & salad Vegetable Plate.
  Cobblers & Crisps have eggs. Southern style cooking. Crowded at

Vegetarian Organizations:

San Antonio Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 790391, San Antonio, TX 78279

Health Humane & Environmental Network
4115 E. Southcross Blvd, (210) 333-3310
Contact: Joel Hailey
- A not-for-profit organaization the promotes vegetarianism. Publishes
  an Awareness Guide of local vegetarian, cruelty-free and earth
  friendly references by restaurant and retail store.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Joe's Sandwich Shop, 1900 S. 12th Street, (817) 756-5151
- International/American. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Waco Natural Foods, 1424 Lake Air Drive, (817) 772-5743
- Has a vegetarian-friendly deli. Vegan options. *VRG


See also: Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, and Richardson.

Natural Foods Stores:

Kirkpatrick's, 207 S. College, (214) 937-0010
- Has a deli. Open for lunch Mon-Sat, dinner Thu-Sat. *VRG


Pelly Health Ranch, 1616 S. Bridge Avenue, (512) 968-5343
- Natural foods. Speciality: raw food dishes. Open daily. *VRG

West Columbia

South Texas Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 314, West Columbia, TX 77486, (409) 345-5453


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