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Archive-name: vegetarian/guide/usa5
Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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USA part 5

This section has listings for the following:

    Illinois         Michigan         Nebraska         Oklahoma
    Indiana          Minnesota        North Dakota     South Dakota
    Iowa             Missouri         Ohio             Wisconsin

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the USA listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.



The following states are listed here:

    Illinois         Michigan         Nebraska         Oklahoma
    Indiana          Minnesota        North Dakota     South Dakota
    Iowa             Missouri         Ohio             Wisconsin


Arlington Heights

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Chowpati, 1035 S. Arlington Heights Road, (708) 640-9554
- Gourmet vegetarian restaurant. Family run. International foods.
  Vegan options. Full service. Closed Mondays.

Buffalo Grove

Natural Foods Stores:

Blue Sky Market, Dundee Road


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Fiesta Cafe, 216 S. First Street, (217) 352-5902
- Mexican. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Common Ground Food Co-op, Box 2600 Sta. A, 610 E. Springfield Avenue,
  Champaign, IL 61825, (217) 352-3347. Cgfc@uiuc. edu
- Vegan-friendly. A small, friendly, vegetarian food co-op that
  emphasizes locally grown or produced foods, organic produce, and
  high levels of member participation. Open Mon-Fri 3pm-8pm, Sat
  noon-6pm. Closed Sun.


See also: Arlington Heights, Downers Grove, Evanston, Glen Ellyn,
          Highland Park, Oak Park, Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Skokie,
          St. Charles, Villa Park, West Dundee, Westmont.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Chicago Diner, 3411 N. Halsted, 935-6696
- The best vegetarian restaurant in the Midwest. Not all vegan, but
  very vegan friendly. Tofu burgers, good soy shakes, etc. Some
  really good vegan pasta cream sauces, various vegan specials like
  seitan stroganoff, cabbage rolls w/artichoke sauce, a terrific
  Paella and fairly creative tofu roulades. All desserts vegan.
  Open Mon-Fri 11am-9:30pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9:30pm. Near the Addison 'el'

Soul Vegetarian East, 2 blocks east of I-94's 75th Street exit.
- Vegan. Great lentil soup and "roast beef" sandwich. Very
  inexpensive. Try the appetizer-combo platter to experience the
  chef's full range. Homemade dairyless ice-cream. On Sundays you'll
  get a fixed meal, down-home style.

Country Life, 17 W. 717 Roosevelt, Oakbrook Terrace, (708) 629-2454
- Vegan. 7th Day Adventist restaurant.

Cafe Voltaire, 3231 North Clark Street, (312) 528-3136
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Very small cafe. Mostly organic
  food prepared by hand by chef Julie Moore. Strong commitment to
  healthful and flavorful enlightened cuisine. Fresh mango frappes.
  Theory, manifestoes, poems, pictures, music. Performance theatre in
  the basement (not easily accessed by wheel-chair, sorry) with
  rotating series of about 75 performances each month. Art gallery
  upstairs. Open Sun-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri-Sat 11am-1am.

Udupi Palace, 2543 West Devon Avenue, 338-2152.
- South Indian vegetarian restaurant. Most of the fare is vegan.
  Exceptionally prepared. Excellent food quality & service. Large

Woodland of Madras, 2340 West Devon Avenue, 338-8550
- Indian vegetarian. Lunch buffet ($5.95 in 1994) has over 25 items.
  Dinner buffet ($6.95 in 1994) has over 30 items. Various dosai and
  uttapam. The Masala Dosa is filled with potatoes, onion, carrots,
  and nuts.

Govinda's, 1715 West Lunt
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. Have vegan desserts.

Annapurna, 2608 West Devon Avenue
- Indian. In USA's most bustling Indian district.

Natraj, 2240 West Devon Avenue
- Indian. In USA's most bustling Indian district.

Standard India Resaurant, on Belmont
- Indian Vegetarian. All-you-can-eat buffet.

The Bread Shop
- Near the Addison 'el' station.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Lucky Platter, on Main St. in Evanston just E of Chicago Avenue
- Vegetarian ragout and Mexican polenta are just two of a half-dozen
  delectable vegetarian items on their innovative menu. Inexpensive.

Lulu's on Davis and Orrington in downtown Evanston
- "Dim Sum and Then Some" is the slogan for this converted hot-dog
  stand that serves a variety of Oriental dishes at excellent prices.
  One side of the menu is vegetarian, the other non.

Charlie Trotter's, 816 W. Armitage
- The best restaurant in Chicago. Has a vegetarian degustation menu,
  and you can get a vegan version by asking when you make
  reservations. The place is mondo expensive, expect dinner to cost
  anywhere from $100 to $200 per person. You also must wear a jacket
  and tie and make reservations at least a few days in advance, but
  the food is a sensual experience of orgasmic proportions.

Heartland Cafe, on Lunt
- Several vegetarian dishes. Next to the Morse 'el' station.

A Natural Harvest, 7122 S. Jeffery Blvd, 363-3939
- Natural foods. Specialties are vegetable protein foods such as
  burgers, hotdogs, and steaklets. Also sold by the pound. Closed

The Original Mitchell's Restaurants, 101 W. North Avenue, 642-5246
- Natural foods. Vegan options. Delicious breakfasts. Daily lunch and
  dinner specials. Full service. *VRG

Pattie's Heart-Healthy, 520 N. Michigan, 645-1111
- Heart-healthy fast food. Vegan options. Fat and calorie content of
  foods listed on the menu. *VRG

jane's, 1450 West Cortland Avenue
- Not vegan-friendly. Jane's serves both lacto-ovo vegetarian and
  "clean cuisine" dishes. The restaurant is a cozy place to linger in
  the Bucktown neighborhood, in a little brick house with lace
  curtains, exposed brick walls, a worn wood floor, sky lights and
  lots of candles. Lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes include a tofu burrito
  and quesadillas, either for under $10.

Pegasus, 130 S. Halsted, 226-4666
- Greek. Excellent all-vegetable entrees. Good vegan variety. Full
  service. *VRG

lo-calzone, 912 rush street, 943-9060
- Hummus burrito is $3.99, SO BIG you need a crane to lift it. Veggie
  or tofu burgers $4.15. Also veggie chili.

Moti Mahal, on Belmont and Kenmore
- Great Indian food. Near the Kenmore 'el' station.

Gaylord, 678 N. Clark Street, 664-1700
- Indian. Meals freshly prepared without canned or proccessed
  ingredients. Vegan options. *VRG

Mama Desta's Red Sea, near the corner of Clark and Belmont
- Ethiopian. Very reasonably priced and the food is delicious. I
  suggest the "sandwiches" of lentils, spinach, and something else
  (it escapes me at the moment). Highly recommended. The atmosphere
  is really cool inside, too.

Salaam Restaurant and Bakery, 700 West 79 Street, (312) 874-8300
- Vegan-friendly. Fine dining. Open Tue-Sun 4pm-10pm. Bakery open
  Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 11am-5pm.

- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.
Star of Siam, 11 E. Illinois St
The Bangkok, on Halsted and Addison
Penny's Noodle Shop

King Wah, on Wentworth Avenue, just south of the Chinatown bridge.
- Chinese. Good vegetarian options.

University Gardens, 1373 E. 53rd St
- Middle Eastern.

The Magical Tortoise, 1600 W. Morse Avenue
- Juice bar/coffeehouse. Organic whole grain muffins and baked goods.

Ethio Cafe, one block south of Mama Desta's on Clark
- As modest as Mama Desta's is showy, this tiny restaurant revolves
  almost entirely around its $5.99 all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet,
  a feast of various textures and degrees of heat that will leave you
  fat and happy.
- !! Warning: People have found actual real meat hidden in some of the
  'vegetarian' buffet items. !!

Natural Foods Stores:

Whole Foods Market, 1000 W. North Avenue, Wicker Park area, 587-0648
- Large organic food store. Great selection of vegan food. Also has a
  vegan friendly cafe.

Fresh Fields, 2484 N. Elston Avenue, (312) 862-5300
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. This is great grocery for all type of
  vegans. There is a deli, bakery, seafood shop, cheese shop and much
  more! And the prices for most items are inexpensive. Open daily.

The Organic Tomato, Elm Street (couple of Blocks off the Lake)
- Has a vegetarian deli. Small combo health-food and book store/deli.
  Nothing very cheap, but quite delicious veggie summer sandwiches and
  rice veggie dishes sold by the pound. Outstanding (they should be
  for 3 or 4 bucks each, 1995) smoothies that really kill a summer

Vegetarian Organizations:

Purdue Animal Rights & Diet Information Service (PARADISE)
4216 Tod Avenue, East Chicago, IL 46312

Downers Grove

Old Country Buffet, 1410 W. 75th Street, Grove Shopping Center,
  (708) 810-0150
- All-you-can-eat buffet. Many vegetarian items. Vegan options. *VRG


Al's Cafe & Creamery, 43 Fountain Square, (708) 742-1180
- Imaginative soups and sandwiches. *VRG

Bangkok House, 11 N. Grove, (708) 742-1460
- Thai/Chinese. Many vegan options. *VRG

Jalapenos, 7 Clock Tower Plaza, (708) 468-9445
- Authentic Mexican. Mostly vegetarian, but limited vegan options.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Blind Faith Cafe, 525 Dempster Street, (708) 328-6875
- Variety of ethnic & American dishes. Bakery. Organic produce.
  Environmentally responsible environment. Vegan and macrobiotic
  options. Marked as "Reviewer's choice" in the _Vegetarian Journal's
  Guide to Natural Food Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada_.
  Smoke-free. Full service. Just a block east of the Dempster 'el'
- Just so know, at this restaurant, egg-free does not mean dairy-free,
  and vegan may include honey.
- "The owner made some really snotty remarks about veganism in an
  article in the Sun Times a few years back. The place is also quite
  pretentious, self righteous and not all that good."

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Dave's Italian Kitchen, 906 Church Street, (708) 864-6000
- Italian. Vegan options. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Oak Street Market, 1615 Oak Avenue, (708) 864-0330
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Good full service natural foods. "Best
  natural food store" in 1994 according to North Shore Magazine and
  Pioneer Press. Macrobiotic and organic produce. Natural and cruelty
  free soaps etc. They do sell meat, but also have a large selection
  of vegan foods. Open 8am-9pm daily.

Fresh Fields
- Great place for vegetarians to shop.


Soup to Nuts, 425 Hamilton Street, (708) 232-6646
- Natural foods store with deli. Cafeteria style. Special diets
  accommodated. Organic ingredients used when possible. *VRG

Glen Ellyn

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Prairie Star Cafe & Coffeehouse, 538 Crescent, (708) 790-1993
- Small cafe serving primarily vegetarian food. Open for lunch several
  times during the week, and for dinner (with live entertainment) on
  Fri and Sat. *VRG


College of DuPage, 22nd & Lambert Road, (708) 858-2800
- International vegetarian cooking classes are offered each quarter
  through the Open Campus. Classes are taught by Caroline Honig.
  Email for more information.

Highland Park

Nature's Cupboard Cafe, 508 Old Elm Road, (708) 266-1825
- Macrobiotic. Vegan-friendly. Open Mon-Fri 11am-7pm.


Le Mekong, 1606 Fifth Avenue, (309) 797-3709
- Southeast Asian/French. Traditional curry dishes, mock meats, etc.
  Vegetarian section on menu. Vegan options. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Fresh Fields, 1163 E. Ogden Avenue, (708) 369-9800
- Great place for vegetarians to shop.


Fit Inn Charlie Club, 1500 E. Dundee, (708) 934-4900
- Buffet. Low fat/cholesterol dishes. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Fresh Fields
- Great place for vegetarians to shop.


India Palace, Main Street, downtown
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Get the buffet unless you are very familiar
  with Indian food, the entrees are about the same price as the
  buffet, and the buffet is all you can eat. Across the street from a
  health food store, downtown, near all the night-life. Open Tue-Sat,
  11am-9pm, Sun 11am-4pm.


Dwaraka, 6921 E. State Street, (815) 397-2265
- Indian. 11 vegetarian options. Vegan options. *VRG

Rolling Meadows

Old Country Buffet, 1400 E. Golf Road, (708) 981-8996
- All-you-can-eat buffet. Many vegetarian items. Vegan options. *VRG


Slice of Life, 4120 W. Dempster, (708) 674-2021
- Italian/kosher restaurant. Mostly vegetarian foods. Wide variety of
  appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Full service.
  "Authentic vege-burgers [but greasy]." *VRG

St. Charles

Al's Cafe & Creamery, 105 N. 2nd Avenue, (708) 584-5120
- Imaginative soups and sandwiches. Open Mon-Sun. *VRG


Red Herring, 1209 W. Oregon Street, (217) 367-2340
- Vegetarian restaurant. Primarly vegan. Red Herring is a nonprofit
  educational food service. International dishes and baked goods. All
  foods are made from scratch. Organic ingredients used when possible.
  Cafeteria-style. Open Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, Thu-Fri 5:30pm-8pm. Open
  only during the university fall and spring semersters? *VRG

Villa Park

Better Living, 100-25 E. Roosevelt, (708) 782-5433
- Vegan restaurant. Entrees, salad bar, sandwiches. Open Mon-Fri for
  lunch, Wed-Thu for dinner. Also Sunday brunch, but by reservation
  only. *VRG

West Dundee

China Palace, 840 W. Main Street, (708) 428-8888
- Chinese. Can substitute tofu into any dish. Vegan options. *VRG


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Shree, 655 N. Cass Avenue, (708) 655-1021
- Indian vegetarian restaurant. Well prepared food. Varied and
  extensive menu. Open Thu-Sun. Reservations required Fri-Sun. *VRG


Diho Market, (708) 323-8180
- Asian Market. Great selection of food for the eastern gourmet.



Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Laughing Planet Cafe, 322 E. Kirkwood Avenue, 323-2233
- Vegan-friendly. Wonderful little place! Huge, inexpensive Mexican
  burritos with optional soy cheese. Can put fresh spinach and
  broccoli on them too! Great vegan quesadillas. Good veggie-burger.
  And best of all, a delicious rice, beans, and steamed vegetable
  dish. Much of the food is organically grown (by local growers when
  possible). Highly recommended!

Bloomingfoods, 3220 E. 3rd St. and 419 E. Kirkwood Avenue, 336-5400
- Natural foods store with deli/restaurant section.

Encore Cafe, 316 W. 6th, 333-7312
- Excellent variety of vegetarian sandwiches, main dishes and salads.
  Try them all!

Lennie's, 1795 E. Tenth Street, 323-2112
- Best pizza in a town that prides itself on pizza. Try the garlic
  sauce on your pizza. Recently became non-smoking environment.

Positively Fourth Street, 111 1/2 E. Fourth Street, 323-1055
- American-style restaurant with a variety of vegetarian and vegan

Siam House, 430 E. Fourth Street, 331-1233
- Thai restaurant with a variety of vegetarian dishes, but be
  careful in ordering, especially the appetizers (fish sauce).

Snow Lion, 113 S. Grant Street, 336-0835
- Tibetan restaurant. Offers a few vegetarian dishes. The food is

Village Deli, 409 E. Kirkwood, 336-2303
- Good vegetarian sandwiches.

Phoenix Dumpling, 307 E 3rd
- Normally has stir-fry mixed vegetables,with or without tofu, ready
  immediately (5 to 10 minute wait if not), with steamed rice for
  $3.15 any time of day.

Shanghia Dumpling, 421 E 3rd
- Similar to Phoenix Dumpling.

Yen Ching, 1143 College Mall Road
- Lunch specials around $3. Order their vegetable low mein ($2.75)
  with steamed rice, instead of the default fried, and skip the soup
  (it's not vegetarian). They use little oil.

Crown Point

Twin Happiness Restaurant, 1188 N. Main Street, 663-4433
- Chinese. Can accomodate requests for low fat foods, etc. *VRG


The Enniskillen Fruit Company, 3869N County Road 1100E,
  (317) 249-3041
- Open daily 24 hours. All business done by computer (mail-order


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Essential Edibles, 429 East Vermont Street, (317) 266-8797
- Vegan-friendly. Rave reviews. Seasonal menus. Lunches: $2.75-$6.25,
  may include roving summer pasta, veggie burger #22, stir-fry rice &
  veggies, confetti vegetable pate with fresh tomato coulis, Caribbean
  jerk tofu & crazy slaw in pita, etc. Dinners: appetizers
  $1.75-$4.25, entrees $9.50-$14.50, may include tofu cacciatore &
  rice, baked polenta triangles with roasted portabello mushrooms &
  goat cheese in a roasted poblano sauce, gado gado, pasta of the
  week, Andrea's green card cyprus plate, sweet ginger tofu w/ peanut
  sauce & udon noodles. Use local organic grains and produce when
  possible. Dinners feature live jazz. Open Tue-Sat 11am-2:30pm,
  Fri-Sat 5:30pm-10pm.

Essential Edibles, 49th & Pennsylvania
- This location has take-out only.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Anarkali, 4213 Lafayette Road, 298-0773
- Indian. *VRG

Consulate House, 245 S. Meriden Street, 637-1688
- Chinese; Has vegetarian menu. *VRG

Koerys Restaurant, 1850 E. 62nd Street, 253-2252
- Greek. *VRG

Mexicana Rose, 1850 E. 62nd Street, 251-1355
- Mexican. *VRG

Pesto, 303 N. Alabama Street, 269-0715
- Italian. *VRG


The Dead Pigeon Cafe, Walnut Street Plaza
- Ayurvedic Indian cuisine. Vegan-friendly. Small selection but good
  food. Reasonable prices. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm (approx).


I CARE (Intramovement Coalition for Animal Rights and the Environment)
P.O. Box 127, Patriot, IN 47038, (812) 594-2374

South Bend

Cornucopia Restaurant, 303 S. Michigan Street, 288-1911
- Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

Eduardo's Pizza, Michigan Avenue
- Italian. Across the street from Corncopia. Great veggie stuffed
  pizzas, salads and appetizers. Appeases your carnivore friends too.
  A little pricy. Takes awhile, but worth the wait.

West Lafayette

Goodness Grocery, 307 Sagamore Parkway West, (317) 463-3663
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli.



Sukothai, 223 Welch Avenue, near Iowa State University, (515) 292-8294
- Thai and Chinese. Vegan friendly. Great for dinner, but the lunch
  selection is very poor. Request no MSG if it affects you.

Cafe Lovish, 2512 Lincoln Way, near Iowa State University, 292-9852
- Vegetarian-friendly. Cheap good food ($5). Can easily leave the
  cheese off of several entrees to make them vegan. Closes at 8pm

Lucullan's, 400 Main Street, (515) 232-8484
- Italian. "The fanciest vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Ames. Try
  the Bombe Aux Trois for dessert - chocolate heaven!". Not especially
  vegan friendly.

The Pizza Kitchens, 120 Hayward Avenue, Near Iowa State U, 292-1710
- 2 vegetarian pizzas. 2 vegetarian pasta dishes. *VRG

Vegetarian Society of Central Iowa
P.O. Box 761, Ames, IA 50010, (515) 292-0950


Animal Lifeline of Iowa, Inc.
P.O. Box 12, Carlisle, IA 50047


The Greatest Grains On Earth, 1600 Harrison Street, (319) 323-7521
- Natural foods deli. Vegan options. *VRG

Des Moines

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sheffield's Restaurant, 3 locations:
  2724 Ingersoll, 274-2303
  216 6th Avenue, 288-7687
  10201 University, 224-6774
- Natural foods. *VRG

Campbell's Nutrition Center, 4040 University Avenue, 277-6351
- Health food deli. Features vegetarian pita sandwiches. *VRG

A Taste of Thailand, 215 E. Walnut Street, 282-0044
- Thai. Extensive vegetarian menu section. Vegan options. *VRG

El Patio, 611 37th, 274-2303
- Mexican. Closed Mondays. *VRG

Cafe Su, 225 5th Street, 274-5102
- Chinese. Many vegetarian entrees.

A Dong, 1905 Cottage Grove Avenue, 284-5632
- Asian. Moderate vegetarian selection.

Cosi Cucina Italian Grill, 1975 NW 86th Street, 278-8148
- Italian. Many vegetarian entrees.

New City Market Natural Grocery, 4721 University Avenue, 255-7380
- Small natural foods store. Bulk grains, organic fruits and veggies,
  plus the usual natural and vegetarian food/products.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians Establishing Greatest Good for Iowa's Environment (VEGGIE)
1535 29th Street, Des Moines, IA 50311, (515) 255-0213


Bonnie's China Deli, 51 N. Second Street, 472-7587
- Natural foods Chinese style. Tofu & gluten dishes. Vegan options.
  Open Mon-Sat. *VRG

Iowa City

For those driving through: take I-80 to exit 244, go south on Dubuque
Street 1 mile to downtown Iowa City, then turn left on Iowa Avenue.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Masala, 9 South Dubuque Street (corner Iowa Avenue)
- Indian vegetarian restaurant. Open Mon-Sat 11am-2pm & 5pm-9:30pm.

New Pioneer Natural Foods Co-op, 22 South Van Buren Street, 4 blocks
  east of Old Capital, 338-9441
- Natural foods store with a large and good vegetarian & vegan
  take-out counter. Store has large selection of flours and grains in
  bulk. Open Mon-Sun 8am-10pm.
- The best natural foods co-op I've ever come across. Worth a bypass
  into Iowa City if you're passing on I-80.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Givannis, 109 E College, (319) 338-5967
- Italian. Gourmet pizzas, pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads They have
  a wide selection of pasta dishes with nutritious vegetables. All
  dishes served with unlimited bread. Prices are about $7-$9 for a
  meal. Very good food. Open Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm, Sun

Yen Ching Cafe, 130 S Dubuque, (319) 338-6395
- Chinese. Many vegetarian main dishes. Vegetarian egg rolls. Good
  fast food for a reasonable price. Also have a sit-down restaurant
  under the same name (no vegetarian egg rolls there, though). Open
  Mon-Fri 11am-8:30pm, Sat-Sun noon-8:30pm. Closed on Sundays May-Aug.

Cottage Bakery, 14 South Linn Street (corner Iowa Avenue), 2 blocks
  east of Old Capital, 351-0052
- Freshly baked bread on premises. Sit-down lunch with veggie
  sandwiches. Open Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, Sun 7am-5pm.

The Kitchen, on Washington Street, 337-5444(?)
- Specializes in pasta with several vegetarian and vegan pasta sauces
  daily. Open 11am-9pm.

Great Midwestern Ice Cream Co., 126 E. Washington Street, 337-7243
- Ice cream/sandwich shop. Some vegetarian soups and sandwiches.
  Smoke-free. *VRG

India Cafe, Washington Street
- Indian. Vegan-friendly.

Sanctuary, Gilbert and Washington
- Vegan-friendly.


Blooming Prarie Warehouse, 2340 Heinz Road, (319) 337-6448 or
  (800) 323-2131
- Blooming Prarie delivers to food co-ops throughout Iowa, Nebraska,
  Michigan, and Illinois. The quality of food is excellent. An
  extensive catalog is provided to member co-ops. Open Mon-Fri


New Delhi Palace, 3225 NW 86th Street, 278-2929
- Indian. 8 vegetarian entrees plus appetizers and soup. Fresh Indian
  breads baked in clay ovens. Vegan options. Open Mon-Sun. *VRG

Location Unknown

Blooming Prairie Warehouse
- For those who are interested in setting up a natural foods co-op,
  Blooming Prairie Warehouse provides a selection unheard of at many
  natural foods stores. Frozen, fresh, and non-perishable items.
  Excellent organic produce. This is available at a *substantial* cost
  savings. You have to put in a little work (ordering, unloading
  trucks, etc), and you generally (but not always) have to buy in
  cases, but the selection and savings are, to us at least, well worth
  it. Jim Bradley's <> wife organizes a co-op in
  Kansas City, Missouri which buys from Blooming Prairie Warehouse,
  you can e-mail him for more info.


Vegetarian Society of Kansas
3709 SW Stonybrook Drive, Topeka, KS 66610, (913) 273-3652


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Herbivores, 9 East 8th Street, (913) 749-2477
- Vegan. Small place. Great for lunch.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Paradise Cafe, 728 Massachusetts Street, 842-5199
- Natural foods. Ethnic dishes. Vegan options, including at breakfast.

Glass Onion Cafe, 624 W 12th (at Oread), (913) 841-2310, right outside
  university campus
- Vegan-friendly. Excellent food, good prices, great coffee live

Full Moon Cafe, 803 Massachusetts Street, downtown, (913) 832-0444
- Many ethnic foods: Moroccan, Greek, Asian, etc. Good atmosphere,
  live bands, ethnic gift shop.

Tin Pan Alley, 1105 Massachusetts, 749-9756
- Has a few vegetarian items. Not sure if there any vegan items.
  Everything from Italian to Mexican to Greek and American. Diverse
  food, but it doesn't taste generic. Includes a full bar as well.
  Good place to go if you have carniverous friends: lots of variety.

Yello Sub, 624 W 12th. 1814 W 23rd, (913) 841-3268. (913)-843-6000
- Hot and cold subs, salads. Really good vegetarian subs!

Natural Foods Stores:

Wild Oats Market, 1040 Vermont, (913) 865-3737
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Quite large, especially for Lawrence.
  Farmer's market in the parking lot during Summer & Fall on Tue & Thu
  in the afternoon, and Sat mornings.

Community Mercantile
- Has a vegan-friendly deli.


Natural Foods Stores:

People's Grocery Cooperative Exchange, 811 Colorado, (913) 539-4811
- The People's coop has bulk grains, organic produce, personal hygene
  supplies, and other earth friendly products. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm,
  I think.


People for Animal Rights
P.O. Box 2928, Olathe, KS 66062

Overland Park

Mother India, 9036 Metcalf, 341-0415
- Indian. Many vegetarian specials. Vegan options. *VRG

Prarie Village

Manna House, 5313 W. 94th Terrace, 381-9615
- Natural foods. *VRG

Shawneee Mission

Shawnee Mission Medical Center, 9100 W. 74th Street, 676-2496
- Hospital cafeteria. Vegetarian entrees and side dishes available
  every day. *VRG


State Vegetarian Organization:

Michigan Vegetarian Society
PO Box 258, Clawson, MI 48017

Ann Arbor

Seva, 314 E. Liberty, 662-1111.
- Vegetarian. Excellent quality, and reasonable prices, and it is
  vegan friendly too (egg and dairy clearly indicated). It is very
  popular, and so reservations would be a good idea.

The Blue Nile, 317 Braun Court, (313) 663-3116
- Ethiopian. Authentic. Vegan and many vegetarian options. *VRG

Chia Chiang, 2016 Packard, (313) 741-0778
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. An extensive selection of vegetarian
  items. Items containing egg can be made without it upon request.
  The staff usually, but not always, asks about egg when you order.

Almost all restaurants in Ann Arbor have substantial vegetarian
selections, and will often modify dishes to make them vegatarian.

Vegetarianism Promoting Organizations:

CHEETAH(Caring Humans Engaged in Effort to Treat All Animals Humanely)
P.O. Box 1401, Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Washtenaw Citizens for Animal Rights
P.O. Box 2614, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, (313) 426-2492

Berrien Springs

Andrews University, U.S. 31 North, (616) 471-3161
- Vegetarian cafeteria. Cyclical menu changes. Soy/gluten-based meat
  analogs in many dishes.

Dairy Queen
- This Dairy Queen serves vegetarian burgers and hotdogs.

Natural Foods Stores:

Apple Valley, located very near Andrews University
- Very large. Sells absolutely no meat, and has a great selection of
  vegetarian foods, a fine bakery and a health food section (herbs,
  bulk foods, etc).


La Luna Grancafe, 183 N. Woodward, (313) 642-7070
- Italian. Pizza selections include cheeseless. Vegan options. *VRG


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Good Food Connection, 42615 Ford Road, (313) 981-8100
- Vegan & macrobiotic. 40+ deli salads, fresh soups, vegan baked
  goods, wheat-free options, fresh juice bar. Sit down restaurant.
  Located inside the Good Food Co. natural foods store. Open Mon
  11am-5pm, Tue-Sat 11am-8pm, Sun noon-4pm.

Natural Foods Stores:

Good Food Co., 42615 Ford Road


La Shish, 12918 Michigan Avenue, (313) 584-4477
- Lebanese. Vegan options. *VRG


Most restaurants in Metro Detroit are NOT vegetarian friendly;
here are some wonderful exceptions:

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's, 383 Lenox Avenue, 331-6740
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.

Pure N' Simple, 2791 Rochester Road, Troy, just north of I-75
  entrance, (313) 528-0840
- Good food, big menu. Slow service, but worth the wait if you have
  some time. Seventh Day Adventist. Open Sun 12-8; Mon-Thurs 11:30-8;
  Fri 11:30-3; closed Saturday.

Cosmic Cafe

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Inn Season, 500 E. 4th Street, downtown Royal Oak, (313) 547-7916
- Good food, almost all vegetarian except for a fish special. Very
  popular; may have to wait on the sidewalk for 30 minutes during
  peak hours (so dress warmly in winter).

Good Food East, 74 W. Maple Road, Troy, (313) 362-0886
- Probably the largest health food store in Metro Detroit, with a deli
  which I believe is entirely vegetarian, and a small cafe area.

Traffic Jam and Snug, 511 W. Canfield Street, 831-1265
- Natural foods. Weekly menu changes, always including vegetarian
  options, "usually" vegan options. *VRG

Sweet Lorraine's Cafe, 29101 Greenfield, Southfield, (313) 559-5985
- Has a variety of vegetarian entrees and sandwiches on the menu.
  Food is creative and tasty.

Anita's Kitchen, 110 W. Maple Road, Troy, (313) 362-0680
- Middle Eastern cuisine, with many Middle Eastern vegetarian dishes,
  as well as a great veggie lasagna, and, best of all, several really
  good vegetarian soups.

Taste of Thailand, 2755 University Drive, Auburn Hills, close to I-75
  entrance, (313) 373-4422
- Most Thai restaurants around Detroit have practically no vegetarian
  entrees on the menu. Taste of Thailand offers most of its entrees
  with the option of tofu. Food is superb. However keep in mind that
  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

The Blue Nile, 508 Monroe Street, 964-6699
- Ethiopian. Vegan options. *VRG

Don Pedros, 24366 Grand River, 537-1450
- Mexican. No lard in beans. No chicken broth in rice. Vegan options.

Vegetarian Organizations:

PeaceMakers Vegetarian Outreach and Support Center
14425 E. Jefferson (at Chalmers)
contacts: Linda Means (810) 731-0551 <>, Tom Milano
(313) 331-9300
- Dedicated to the promotion of vegetarian diet and lifestyle as a
  means of restoring individual well-being and societal harmony. A
  full-time resource for individuals who are vegetarian or want to
  make the transition to vegetarian living. They organize: a
  vegetarian shop, local organic food co-op, vegetarian soup kitchen,
  reading library, cooking classes, juice bar, free referral services,
  vegetarian hotline, educational programs, comprehensive vegetarian
  classes, vegetarian assistance for the economically disadvantaged,
  meeting facilities for support/study groups and special events. They
  serve only vegan food at events and classes.

East Lansing

See also: Haslett.

Small Planet Food and Spirits, 220 Mac Avenue, (517) 351-6230
- Natural foods. Specializes in ethnic, vegetarian cusines. *VRG

Farmington Hills

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Anita's Kitchen, 31005 Orchard Lake, (313) 855-4150
- Lebanese. Vegan options. Features falafel, hummus. *VRG

Shalimar, 29200 Orchard Lake Road, (313) 626-2982
- Indian/Mexican. Vegan options. *VRG

House of India, on Orchard Lake Road at mile 12.5
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Small cafe. Good food at reasonable prices.
  Vegetarian lunch platter costs $3.49 (Mar 95). Open Tue-Sun
  10am-10pm. Closed Mon.

Tandoor Asia, on Orchard Lake Road at mile 12.5
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Good food. Good setting.


Om Cafe, 23136 N. Woodward Avenue, (313) 548-1941
- Macrobiotic. "Terrific food". Vegetarian and vegan options. *VRG


Jeffersons Place, 5965 Marsh Road, (517) 339-1655
- They have a small vegetarian section. All items can be ordered with
  soy or dairy cheese, or no chesse. One of the very few vegetarian
  friendly places near East Lansing.


Apple Jade, 505 Frandor, (517) 332-8010
- Chinese. Many vegetarian options. *VRG

Clara's, 637 E. Michigan, (517) 372-7120
- Italian/Mexican/American. *VRG

Mt. Clemens

Dimitri's Rendezvous, 36247 Gratiot, (313) 792-2200
- Greek. Vegan options. Meets special requests. *VRG

Port Huron

Natural Foods Stores:

Honeycomb Natural Foods, 3900 Pine Grove Road, Suite 11, 984-1773
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. An oasis in the lower thumb area of
  Michigan. Canadians from Sarnia find great values here. Open Mon-Fri
  9am-7pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun noon-4pm.


Down to Earth Country Buffet, 10025 Belding Road NE, (616) 691-7288
- Natural foods. Whole-foods prepared on the premises. Fresh bread
  baked daily. Organic produce in summer. Closed Mondays. *VRG

Royal Oak

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Cuisine Couriers, 508 S. Washington, (810) 541-2002
- Natural foods deli. Sandwiches, veggie burgers, salads, soups, etc.
  Vegan options. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Inn Season Cafe, 500 E. Fourth Street, (810) 547-7916,
  info line: (810) 691-0051
- Mostly vegetarian. Vegan options. Good reputation. Very popular.
  Their menu is available at the above WWW site. *VRG

Les Auturs, 222 Sherman, Washington Square, (313) 544-2887 *VRG


Pure'n Simple, 2791 Rochester Road, (313) 528-0840
- Vegetarian. Lots of vegetarian and vegan foods for lunch and dinner.
  Dairy-free desserts. Closed Saturdays. *VRG

Union City

Creative Health Institute, 918 Union City Road, (517) 278-6260
- Vegetarian. A "living foods" restaurant. Buffet has such items as
  sprouts, seed cheeses, salads, etc. Vegan options. *VRG

West Bloomfield

The Blue Nile, 6635 Orchard Lake Road, (313) 539-1126
- Ethiopian. Vegan options. *VRG



Anoka Co-op Grocery and Cafe, 1917 2nd Avenue S., (612) 427-3552
- Natural foods cafe. International vegetarian foods. Cafeteria style.
  Vegan options. *VRG


Sawatdee, 8501 Lyndale Avenue, (612) 888-7177
- Thai. Vegetarian spring rools, noodle dish, entrees. Tofu can be
  substituted in most meat dishes on request. Vegan options. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

The Burnsville Coop
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Wonderful, clean!!! place to buy whole
  foods in bulk. Also has large stock of cosmetics (cruelty-free) and
  medicinal products. Managed by friendly, knowledgeable people. Also
  carry publications and cookbooks. I used to be a member but had to
  move out of state. I miss the coop!


Taste of Saigon, DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace, 94 Lake Avenue S.,
  (218) 727-1598
- Vietnamese. Vegetarian dishes include tofu and mock meat dishes.
  Vegan options. *VRG


Vegetarian Society of Southern Minnesota
P.O. Box 1225, Mankato, MN 56002, (507) 625-4448


See also: St. Paul, Minnetonka.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

New Riverside Cafe, 329 Cedar Avenue South, 333-4814
- A worker-owned restaurant that has great vegetarian food, with a
  different special every day.

Seward Cafe, on Franklin
- Similar to New Riverside Cafe. The "Earth Breakfasts" are wonderful.

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe, 2610 Lyndale Avenue South, 870-7855
- Lacto-ovo. Vegan-friendly. Multi-ethnic. Rotating menu of soups,
  salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and entrees. Great coffees and desserts.
  Casual atmosphere. Outdoor seating in summer. Named "Best Bread" by
  Bon Appetit. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.

Mud Pie, 2539 Lyndale Avenue South (near 26th), 872-9435
- Ok, but a bit pricey.

Delites of India, 1123 West Lake Street (at Emerson), 823-2866
- Very good food. Ayurveda-oriented. Pricey. Also sells spices,
  chutneys, Indian music and books. Non-Indian foods too. Marked as
  "Reviewer's choice" in VRG's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants.

St. Martin's Table, 2001 Riverside Avenue, (612) 339-3920
- Natural foods. Non-profit restaurant/bookstore. Not vegan-friendly.
  Bring own container for take-out. Daily soups, sandwiches, salads.
  Open Mon-Sat for lunch only. Closed Sun. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

:Natural Foods:

  Cafe Brenda, 300 1st Avenue North, 342-9230 (342-9270?)
  - Vegan options. Go here if you want to splurge.

  New French Cafe, 128 N. Fourth Street, 338-3790
  - Ethnic/natural foods. Vegetarian lunch place. Can tailor-make
    vegetarian meals. *VRG

  Organica Deli, 400 Central Avenue SE, 378-7413
  - Natural foods deli. Organic bean burritos, sandwiches, special
    entrees. Counter service. Closed Sundays. *VRG

  Seward Community Cafe, 2129 E. Franklin Avenue, 332-1011
  - Natural foods cafe. Cafeteria style. Sandwiches, soups, desserts.
    Vegan options. *VRG

  Wedge Community Food Co-op Deli, 2105 Lyndale Avenue S., 871-3993
  - Natural foods deli. Wide selection of salads, sandwiches, and some
    soups. Counter service.

  Tao Natural Foods and Books, 2200 Hennepin Avenue S., 377-4630
  - Juice bar/deli. Daily sandwich, soup specials. Closed Sundays.

  The Good Earth, 3001 Hennepin Avenue S., Calhoun Square, 824-8533
  - Natural foods. Home baked goods, soups, sandwiches, entrees, etc.
    A pre-fab kind of place that serves meat but keeps getting voted
    best vegetarian restaurant. Open daily.


  Lotus Vietnamese, several locations:
    The Lotus of Campus, 313 Oak Street SE, 331-1781
    Lotus Uptown, 3037 Hennepin Avenue S., 825-2263
    Lotus to Go Grant Mall, 113 W. Grant Street, 870-1218
  - Vegetarian section on menu. Vegetable, tofu, mock meats. No eggs
    used. Take out. Vegan options.

  Vo's, 648 Broadway Street NE, (612) 623-4704
  - Excellent vegan selection. Vegetarian spring rolls highly
    reccommended. Open Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat noon-9pm. Closed Sun.

  Nam, 1005 Nicollet Mall, 332-3666
  - Large vegetarian section on menu with vegan options. Open Mon-Sat
    for lunch and dinner. *VRG

  Saigon Uptown, 3035 Lyndale Avenue South, 827-8918
  - Good selection of vegan dishes.

  - Lots of great vegetarian food, including curried mock duck.

  Most Vietnamese restaurants in the Twin Cities serve mock duck


  Chau's, on Washington Avenue, 2 blocks east of U of Minn. Med School
  - Has some great vegetarian dishes. 'Hot and Spicy Mock Duck' is
    highly recommended.

  Village Wok, 2 locations:
    Near U of Minn. Med School on Washington Avenue
    In Golden Valley
  - Good vegetarian entrees. Golden Valley location has a great dim
    sum brunch on Sundays (but perhaps with fewer vegetarian items).

  Ping's Szechuan Bar and Grill, 1401 Nicollet Avenue, 874-9404
  - "Several" vegetarian entrees. Willing to make substitutions in any
    dish. Vegan options. *VRG


  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

  Diamond, 1423 Washington Avenue S., 332-2920
  - Vegetarian section on menu. Closed Sundays. *VRG

  Sawatdee Thai, 607 Washington Avenue S, 338-6451


  Sri-Lanka Curry House, 2821 Hennepin Ave. S (near 26th), 871-2400


  Bombay Palace, 15th & Nicollet
  - Affordable and very good (but on the fatty side).


  Blue Nile, on Lyndale just south of Lake
  - Lots of vegetarian selections. Excellent and very affordable.

  Odaa, 408 Cedar Avenue S., 338-4459
  - Authentic East African Oromo cuisine from scratch. Vegan options.

  - You must drink the Rania.


  Falafel King, 701 West Lake Street (Lake & Lyndale) , (612) 824-7887
  - Vegan-friendly. Baba ganouje (eggplant), dolmades (rice, herbs,
    tomatoes, etc), falafel, hummus. Dishes indicated as "vegetarian"
    do not contain any dairy ingredients. The King potatoes are superb
    and are fried in vegetable oil. There are also some lacto dishes.

  Joe's Market
  - Vegans beware, they make their falafel with eggs.


  Pizza Luce', 119 North Fourth Street, 333-7359
  - Italian. Vegan pizza with a dozen vegetable toppings to choose
    from. Soy cheese (dairy free) can be substituted for mozzerella.
    The menu may still say that the "classic red" sauce contains
    parmesan cheese, but it no longer does. Also has veggie club
    sandwiches and salads.

  Caper's, 2221 W. 50th Street, 927-4416
  - Pizza, appetizers, pasta, etc. Vegan options. *VRG


  Cafe Metro, 108 S. 7th Street, street level, Northstar West,
  - Vegan-friendly. Very moderately priced. Fresh food. Soups, salads.
    New menu every day. Quaint.

  Loring Cafe, 1624 Harmon Place, 332-1617
  - Cafe. Appetizers, sandwiches, vegetarian specials. Limited vegan
    options. *VRG

  Azur, 651 Nicollet Avenue S., 342-2800
  - Fine dining. Menu changes often, normaly has vegetarian options.
    Special requests accepted if reserved in advance. *VRG

  Q-cumbers, 2 locations:
    7465 France Avenue South, Edina
    1655 West County Road B2, Roseville
  - Veggie friendly (not vegan). Lots of salads.

Natural Foods Stores:

The Wedge Community Food Co-op, 2105 Lyndale Avenue S, 871-3993
- Wide selection of organic foods, nuts, grains. Large frozen foods
  area. "They've pretty much got it all!"

North Country Co-op, 2129 Riverside Avenue, 338-3110
  (on the West Bank close to the U of MN)

Seward Coop Grocery & Deli, 2201 Franklin Avenue E, 338-2465

Tao Natural Foods and Books, 2200 Hennepin Avenue S, 377-4630
- Closed Sundays.

East Calhoun Coop, 3255 Bryant Avenue S, 827-4145

Rainbow Foods, over 20 locations
- Has a pretty decent health food section.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Information Service of Minnesota
5049 Thomas Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55410, (612) 920-6412


The Marsh, 15000 Minnetonka Blvd, (612) 935-2202
- Health club restaurant. Some vegetarian foods. Muffins and breads
  baked on the premises. Cafeteria style. Open daily.

Natural Foods Stores:

Lakewinds, 17507 Minnetonka Blvd, (corner of Hwy 101 and County
  Road 5)

New Brighton

Los Banditos, 2321 Palmer Drive, (612) 636-5858
- Mexican. Authentic Mexican food with vegetable or guacamole as
  fillings. Beans have ham soup base though. *VRG

Sauk Rapids

Vegetarian Society for EARTH
(Environment, Animal Rights, & Total Health)
721 Second Avenue North, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379, (612) 252-5370

St. Paul

See also: Minneapolis.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

White Lily, 758 Grand Avenue, (612) 293-9124
- Vietnamese. Vegan-friendly. Well over a dozen vegan entrees
  utilizing mock dock, bean curd, and a variety of vegetables. Even
  the non-vegetarian dishes can be adjusted to accommodate vegans
  (e.g. the spring rolls are made from scratch and are wonderful
  without the animal-based ingredients.)

Old City Cafe, 1571 Grand Avenue, (612) 699-5347
- Kosher. Middle Eastern foods, pizza, veggie burgers, mock meats etc.
  Mostly dairy items with plenty of garlic. Excellent hummus. Vegan

Bruegger's Bagel Bakery, Grand Avenue
- Bagel sandwiches and soups. Always at least one good vegan choice.

Lotus Victoria Crossing, 867 Grand Avenue, (612) 228-9156
- Chinese. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Mississippi Market Food Co-Op, 1810 Randolph Avenue, (612) 690-0507
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Good selection of organic produce and
  bread. Open 8:30am-9pm.

Hampden Park Co-Op, 928 Raymond Avenue, 646-6686
- Co-op.

St. Peter

St. Peter Food Co-op Sandwich Shop, 100 S. Front Street,
  (507) 931-4880
- Natural food-store deli. Self-serve soups, entrees. Fresh baked
  goods. Cafeteria style. Vegan options. *VRG


Natural Foods Storess:

Natural Harvest Food Coop, 119 Chestnut, (218) 741-4663
- Open since 1980. "We are in the process of erecting a new log cabin
  store on the shore of Bailey's Lake in downtown Virginia." (1995).



Candicii's, 7910 Bonhomme, (314) 725-3350
- Italian. "Good selection" of vegetarian pasta dishes, appetizers.
  Vegan options. Open daily. *VRG

Lettuce Leaf, 7823 Forsyth, (314) 727-5439
- Natural foods. Menu changes 4 times a year to utilize the freshest
  possible ingredients. Entrees, salads, gourmet sandwiches etc. *VRG


International Cafe, 209 Hitt Street, (314) 449-4560
- International, primarily Middle Eastern. Appetizer combo is good.
  Limited service. *VRG

Mixed Company, 1025 E. Walnut, (314) 449-1141
- Coffeehouse. "Limited but expanding vegetarian menu". Vegan options.

Natural Foods Stores:

Clovers Natural Food, 802 Business Loop 70 E, (314) 449-1650
- Excellent selection of organic, natural, vegetarian and vegan foods.

Kansas City

Amber Waves, 4305 Main Street, 931-8191
- Macrobiotic. Vegan options. Limited menu "but grainburger platter is
  excellent". *VRG

Daily Bread, 4501 Genessee, 531-1452
- Natural foods. Menu changes daily, but always with vegetarian soups,
  salads, entrees, etc. Vegan options. Closed Sundays. *VRG

Zo's Cafe, 614 W. 26 Street, 221-5373
- Natural foods. Organic ingredients used when possible. Daily menu
  always with two vegetarian dishes, many of which are vegan. *VRG

Shalimar gardens, Shawnee Mission Pkwy & Metcalf Avenue
- Indian. Vegan-friendly.

The new Jerulsalem Cafe, 431 Westport Road
- Middle-Eastern.

Pyramids cafe, Broadway & S. 34th
- Middle-eastern.

Natural Foods Stores:

There are at least 6 different home-operated natural foods co-ops in
the Kansas City area, each serving from 10 to 30 families. Jim
Bradley's <> wife organizes one of these co-ops.
You can e-mail him for more info. They buy from Blooming Prairie
Warehouse in Iowa and have available to them an unheard-of selection
of natural foods, including fresh, frozen, non-perishable items, and
excellent organic produce.


Missouri Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 2345, Overland, MO 63114, (314) 429-2786


Springfield Community Foods, 300 N. Waverly Avenue, (417) 866-1337
  (1/2 block NW of intersection of Glenstone Ave and St. Louis Street.
  About 3 miles south of I-44 exit 80)
- Whole foods grocery and lunch counter. The only completely
  vegetarian restaurant in town. Three creative cooks surprise and
  delight me every day. Always available vegan items: brown rice with
  deliciously spiced beans & huge salads with perfect dressings.
  Variety of sandwiches. Daily specials such as pastas, Indian foods,
  unique soups such as kombu, eggplant. Food served Mon-Fri 11:30am-
  2pm, Sat 9:30am-2pm. Store open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.

St. Louis

Govinda's, 3926 Lindell Blvd, 535-8085
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options. Buffet. Closed

The Golden Grocer Cafe, 335 N. Euclid, 367-0405
- Vegetarian. Fresh salad bar, mostly organic. Four entrees daily,
  sold by weight. Eggless (often vegan) baked goods. Vegan options.
  Closed Sundays. *VRG

Sunshine Inn, 8 1/2 S. Euclid Avenue, 367-1413
- Vegetarian friendly. Will substitute soy-cheese for dairy-cheese.
  Slightly pricey. Closed Mon. Marked as "Reviewer's Choice" in VRG's
  guide. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm & 5pm-10pm, Sat 11:30am-10pm,
  Sun 10am-2:30pm & 5pm-9pm.

Lettuce Leaf, 620 Westport Plaza, 576-7677
- Natural foods. Entrees, salads, pizza, quiche etc. Menu changes four
  times a year. Closed Sunday. *VRG

Lettuce Leaf, 107 N. 6th Street, 241-7773
- Natural foods. Gourmet sandwiches, homemade soups, etc. Open on
  weekends in the Spring and Summer only. *VRG

Shalimar Gardens, 4569 LaClede Avenue, 361-6911
- Indian. Many vegetarian options. Vegan options. *VRG

Bombay Cofee House, 4249 S. Kings Hwy, 353-1594
- Indian. Authentic. Seven vegetarian entrees plus appetizers, bread.
  Vegan options. Closed Mondays. *VRG

Koh-i-noor, 608 Eastgate Avenue, 721-3796
- Pakistani. Vegetarian appetizers and main dishes. *VRG

La Patisserie, 6269 Delmar Blvd, 725-4902
- Ethnic. Vegetarian sausage for breakfast. Soups, sandwiches,
  barbecued tofu. *VRG

Red Sea, 6511 Delmar Blvd, 863-0099
- Ethiopian. "Many" vegetarian dishes. Vegan options. Traditional
  style with injera bread. *VRG

Saleem's, 6501 Delmar Blvd, 721-7947
- Lebanese. Vegetarian appetizers, platter, and eggplant dish offered.
  Closed Sundays. *VRG

Al Baker's, 8101 Clayton Road, 863-8878
- Italian. Vegetarian pasta dishes. Vegan options. *VRG

California Pizza Kitchen, 1493 St. Louis Galleria, 863-4500
- Fantastic cheeseless pizza (non-vegan): Roasted eggplant with
  sun-dried tomatos, garlic and fresh spinich on a whole wheat crust,
  served with a light honey-mustard dressing. None of their pizza
  crusts are vegan, as they all contain dairy products of some sort.
  Only one size: individual. Pastas, salads. Smoke-free.

University City

Brandt's Market and Cafe, 6525 Delmar, (314) 727-3663
- Natural foods. Veggie burgers, black bean chili, pizza, etc. Vegan
  options. Open daily. *VRG

Red Sea, 6511 Delmar, (314) 863-0099
- Ethiopian. "Several" vegetarian dishes. Open daily for dinner,
  Wed-Sat for lunch. *VRG

Webster Groves

The Webster Grill and Cafe, 8127 Big Bend Blvd, (314) 962-0564
- New American. Vegetarian stir-fry, falafel, salads, sandwiches.
  Vegan options. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Breakfasts on
  weekends. *VRG


State Vegetarian Organizations:

Nebraska Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 30631, Lincoln, NE 68503, (402) 476-7252


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Asian Palace, 3031 "O" Street, 435-8884
- Chinese. Vegetarian fast food. Open daily. *VRG

Open Harvest Natural Foods, 1618 South Street, 475-9069
- Natural foods deli. "Good selection" of vegetarian items. Whole
  grain bakery. *VRG

Taj Mahal, 5500 Old Cheney, Suite 4, 420-1133
- Indian. The portions are extremely generous and very reasonably
  priced. Separate vegetarian menu. About 17 vegetarian dishes (9
  with soup, rice and salad). Don't order mulligatawny, it is made
  with chicken broth. Vegetable soup (shorba) is $2 and yummy. Rose
  lassi was probably not worth the trouble. Generous lunch for 2 was
  about $15 (1995). Look for "Cuisine of India " sign.

Taste of India, 1320 "O" Street, 475-1642
- Indian. Authentic North Indian cuisine. Vegan options. Closed
  Sundays. *VRG

The Oven, 201 N. 8th, Ste. 117, 475-6118
- Indian. Fine dining. Vegan options. "Very good" selections for
  vegetarians. *VRG

Thai Garden, 215 North 14th (downtown)
- Thai. Separate vegetarian menu. More than 25 choices. Spring rolls
  are amazing. The soups are perhaps a bit too authentic for
  American tastes. This is real Thai food (the owner used to help
  manage a restaurant in Bangkok). The basil tofu is highly
  recommended, as are most of the noodle dishes. In fact, the only
  thing I haven't liked there is the soup. Open Mon-Thu 11am-8pm,
  Fri-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 5pm-8pm.

Crane River Brewpub and Cafe, Eleventh and "P" Streets, 476-7766
- Sort of nouveau-American. Vegetarian dishes are marked as such on
  the menu. Food is a little pricier, but good. The garbanzo burger
  is highly recommended. Not vegan-friendly. Appetizers $3-$4,
  entrees $4-$6 (1995). Root beer is brewed on the premises and is
  good (drink it fast or it goes flat). Desserts are decadent
  (cheesecakes, chocolate cake, bicolor brownies). 6 or 7 varieties
  of beer are brewed on the premises. Open Mon-Sat 11am-1am, Sun

Vegetarian Organizations:

Nebraska Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 30631, Lincoln, NE 68503, (402) 476-7252


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Good Life Vegetarian Buffet, 1015 S 10th Street, 341-1950
- Serves an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet, run by 7th Day
  Adventists. Open Sun noon-5pm, Mon-Fri 11am-3pm, Thu 4pm-7pm.

Grainery Wholefoods Market, 74th & Main Street, Ralston, 593-7186
- Serves vegetarian lunches Mon-Sat 11am-2pm. Also sells organic
  produce and a good selection of vegetrian cookbooks.

McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe, 38th & Farnam, 345-7477
- "Eclectic" vegetarian cuisine, friendly atmosphere, cappucino
  service, smoke-free, accoustic music on weekends. Open Mon-Sat

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Food Gallery, 312 S 72nd Street, 393-4168
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. Cafeteria style. Closed Sundays. *VRG

Indian Oven, 1010 Howard Street, 342-4856
- Indian. Vegetarian options. Specializes in Tandoori cusine. Open
  daily. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Community Natural Food Co-Op, 3035 N 93rd Street, 573-1538

Grainery Wholefoods Market, 74th & Main Street, Ralston, 593-7186
- Vegetarian market and cafe. Bulk and packaged veg selections. Cafe
  is moderately priced and casual.

No Name Nutrition, 2 locations:
  14469 W Center Road, 333-1300
  2032 N 72nd Street, 393-5812

Vegetarian Organizations:

Nebraska Vegetarian Society, Omaha Chapter
P.O. Box 715, Omaha, NE 68101

North Dakota


Green Earth Cafe, 208 E. Broadway, 223-8646
- Vegetarian-friendly cafe. Daily vegetarian specials. Open Mon-Thu
  for lunch, Fri-Sat for lunch & dinner. *VRG



Mustard Seed Market Cafe, 3885 W. Market Street, (216) 666-7333
- One of the largest natural foods stores in the Midwest. Restaurant
  in store has "great...dishes" including vegan options. Has organic
  foods. Open daily for lunch, Tue-Sat for dinner. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Burrito Buggy, parked near the Main OU campus green
- Mexican. The buggy is always parked by the green during the day,
  and usually until late at night. They have some wonderful LARGE
  bean burritos. Yes. I checked the beans. They are vegetarian.
  Vegan is an option. Open almost always.


Ely's Food for Thought, Ogilvie Square Plaza, (216) 385-3597
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Ely's is reportedly the best vegetarian
  restaurant in Northeast Ohio. Open hours vary, be sure to call.


Vegetarian Club of Canton
P.O. Box 9079, Canton, OH 44711, (216) 456-8733


See also: Clifton, Dayton, Fairborn, Fairfield, Kettering,
  Yellow Springs.

Be sure to look at the Clifton listings, they're extensive.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Everything Vegan, 2037 Madison Road, 321-6227
- All vegan grocery. Will deliver to local hotels.

The Choice Is Yours, 825 Delta Avenue, Mt. Lookout, 871-8680
- Natural foods restaurant and store.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Chin Dynasty, 4609 Vine Street, St. Bernard, 641-2888
- Traditional Chinese. Vegetarian menu available, with extra
  vegetarian specials Tue-Thu.

Mullane's Parkside Cafe, 723 Race, downtown, 381-1331
- American menu with vegetarian options.

Arnold's, 210 E. 8th Street, downtown, 421-6234
- American menu with some vegetarian entrees. Neat ambiance.

Bacchus, 1401 Elm Street, 421-8314
- International menu. Call and ask which Elm Street!

Taco Casa, 318 New (between Sycamore & Broadway, S of 7th), downtown,
- Mexican with vegetarian re-fried beans.

Bombay Brasserie, north of town, take I-75 north to Cin-Day Road and
  take a left at the end of the exit ramp, it's about a quarter-mile
  up on the left side of the road in an Econo-Lodge
- I was skeptical at first but it's the best Indian food anywhere
  near Cincinnati.

Natural Foods Stores:

Everything Vegan, 2037 Madison Road, 321-6227
- All vegan grocery. Will deliver to local hotels.

The Choice Is Yours, 825 Delta Avenue, Mt. Lookout, 871-8680

Goodness Within, 4506 Bridgetown Road, 574-6097

Vegetarian Organizations:

Cincinnati Vegetarian Resource Group
PO Box 31455, Cincinnati, OH 45231, (513) 542-6810


See also: Cleveland Heights, Lakewood.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Parma Pierogies, 5580 Ridge Road, (216) 888-1200
- Polish/ethnic. Fifteen varieties of vegetarian pierogies, nine of
  which are vegan. The dough has no preservatives, egg, or dairy. *VRG

Ali Baba Restaurant, 12021 Lorain Road, (216) 251-2040
- Middle Eastern. Vegetarian section on menu. Falafel, hummus, and
  baba ghanouj are "outstanding." Open Tue-Fri for lunch and dinner,
  Sat for dinner only. *VRG

Chin's Kitchen, 2173 South Green Road, University Heights, 291-2446
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Owners are very gracious hosts and will
  prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes to your specifications. The
  non-smoking dining area is small. The majority of their business is
  take-out with limited delivery area. Open daily 12pm-9pm.

Cafe Tandoor, S. Taylor Road (1/4 mile north of Cedar Road in
  Cleveland Heights)
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Prefer this one to Saffron Patch, though the
  service can be more unpredictable.

Saffron Patch, 20600 Chagrin Blvd, 295-0400
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Good food. Has a great Sunday brunch which
  starts at noon.

Saffron Kitchen
Bombay Bistro
- Indian restaurants. Very good. High quality of preparation and


Network for Ohio Animal Action
P.O. Box 21004, Cleveland, OH 44121, (216) 321-6222

Cleveland Heights

See also: Cleveland, Lakewood.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Taj Mahal Restaurant, 1763 Coventry Road at Mayfield Road, 321-0511
- Indian. Vegan options. Many vegetarian appetizers and entrees
  available. "Very good" vegetable curries. Open daily for dinner and
  on Sun for brunch. *VRG

Tommy's, 1820 Coventry Road, 321-7757
- Greek. Vegan options. "The place to go." Fresh juices, tempeh
  burgers, falafel, spinach pies, etc. Open daily. *VRG

Yaakov's, 13969 Cedar Road, 932-8848
- Kosher. Vegan options. Cafeteria style. Take-out. *VRG


See also: Cincinnati, Dayton, Fairborn, Fairfield, Kettering,
  Yellow Springs.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Ulysses Whole World Foods, 350 Ludlow Avenue, near U of C, 281-5050
- Vegan. International. Open Tue-Sat for lunch and dinner.

Clifton Natural Foods, 207 W. McMillan, near U of C, 651-5288
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Vegan options. Extensive
  menu of entrees, sandwiches, soups, salads, drinks, fresh juices,
  and desserts. Open daily.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Alpha, 204 W. McMillan Street, near U of C, 281-6559
- American natural foods with macrobiotic on request. Vegetarian
  options at breakfast, lunch, dinner. Willing to accommodate special
  dietary needs.

Floyd's of Cincinnati, 129 Calhoun Street, near U of C, 221-2434
- Middle Eastern. Vegan dishes include tabouleh, baba ghanouj, hummus,
  falafel, and salads. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner. *VRG

Jerusalem Cafe, 235 W. McMillan Street, near U of C, 241-2323
- Middle Eastern. Extensive vegetarian menu with vegan options. Open
  daily for lunch and dinner.

Cheng-I Cuisine, 203 W. McMillan Street, near U of C, 723-1999
- Chinese. Has extensive vegetarian menu. Vegetarian spring rolls
  considered excellent. Open daily for dinner, Mon-Sat for lunch.

New World, 347 Ludlow Avenue, near U of C, 861-1101
- Middle Eastern with macrobiotic specials.

Ambar India, 350 Ludlow Avenue, (513) 281-7000
- Indian. Excellent food. Extensive selection, including vegetarian
  and vegan options. Closed Mon.

Vindu Indian Carry Out, 313 Calhoun, (513) 961-6224
- Indian. Excellent food. Selection is somewhat limited, but prices
  are very reasonable. Family-owned and operated.

Mayura, 3201 Jefferson Avenue, near Zoo, 221-7125
- Good Indian.

Myra's Dionysus, 121 Calhoun Street, near U of C, 961-1578
- International. Vegan options. Good selection.

Natural Foods Stores:

Ulysses Whole World Foods, 350 Ludlow Avenue, near U of C, 281-5050

New World Foodshop, 347 Ludlow Avenue, near U of C, 861-1101
- Vegetarian and vegan food items as well as vitamins and other
  dietary supplements. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Alpha, 204 W. McMillan, near U of C, 281-6559

Clifton Natural Foods, 207 W. McMillan, near U of C, 651-5288


Vegetarian Restaurants:

King Avenue Coffeehouse, 247 King Ave, just south of OSU campus,
- Mostly vegan. Huge selection of teas & coffees. Traditional,
  contemporary, and ethnic recipes. Wide menu. Organic ingredients.
  Art exhibits. European atmosphere. Wonderful place.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


  Whole World Bakery, 3269 N. High Street, Clintonville, 268-5751
  - Almost entirely vegetarian. Vegan options. Everything here is
    fabulous. Wonderful soups, whole wheat pizzas, lots of tofu based
    items. Tofu sloppy Joes, veggie burgers. Their brocolli burger is
    terrific. Closed Mondays.

  Not Guilty Cafe, Park Place Shopping Center, off N. High Street,
    about 2 Miles N of I-270
  - Some vegetarian main dishes. Casual atmosphere. Inexpensive.
    Central theme is non-fat or very low fat fare. Very tasty food.

  Rigsby's Cuisine Volatile, 698 North High Street, 461-7688
  - A few vegan options. Formal restaurant. *VRG


  Nellie's Curry Pot, in the French Market, North of Street Route 161
    off of Busch Blvd
  - Vegan-friendly. Many vegetarian main dishes. One of many 'food
    court' restaurants. Inexpensive. Many items are very low fat fare.
    Very tasty food.

  Star Of India, Olentangy Square, 816 Bethel Rd (off 315 N), 459-4101
  - Lunch buffet offered on all days. Dinner a-la-carte. Sunday buffet
    offered at dinner time as well, and offers more variety than the
    competition. Some buffet items are not displayed so make sure to
    ask what other vegetarian dishes are part of the buffet. Offers
    carry-out and catering services as well. Open Mon-Fri 11am-2pm &
    5pm-10pm, Sat 11am-3pm & 5pm-10:30pm, Sun noon-8pm.

  Taj Mahal, on North High Street, a few blocks north of OSU campus
  - Indian.

  Dehli Palace, on North High Street, a few blocks north of OSU campus
  - Indian.


  Estrada's, 240 King Avenue, 294-0808
  - "Best Mexican food in town." A few vegan options, many vegetarian
    options. Cheap food. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG


  Nong's Hunan Express, 1634 Northwest Blvd, 486-6630
  - Many vegetarian options. Casual atmosphere. *VRG


  The Blue Nile, On East Main St, About 1.5 Miles East of Bexley
  - Vegan-friendly. Five vegetarian main dishes. Very casual. Very
    friendly service.

:Middle Eastern:

  Firdous, on North High Street, across from OSU campus
  - Good, cheap food.

  Sinbad's, corner of North High & Duncan
  - Middle Eastern. Good selection.

Natural Foods Stores:

King Avenue Food Co-op, 205 King Ave (at Forsyth Ave), 291-COOP
- Natural food store in the basement of the Northminster Presbyterian
  Church. Open afternoons, Friday evenings, and Saturdays daytime.
  Fresh co-op-baked bread on Thursdays and fresh all-organic produce
  Fridays. Very funky and friendly and earnest, check it out. Highly

North Market
- Indoors (in an old quanset hut). There is a natural foods store
  (Northwest Natural Foods), several coops, short-order counters, a
  baker, several local & organic produce stands, etc.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Ohio State University Vegetarian Society
Ohio Union Business Office, 1739 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210


See also: Cincinnati, Clifton, Fairborn, Fairfield, Kettering,
  Yellow Springs.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Christopher's Restaurant, 2318 East Dorothy Lane, 299-0089
- Quite a few of vegetarian selections. Coffeehouse atmosphere in
  evenings. Good food and cheap.

Little Saigon, 1718 Woodman Drive, 258-8010
- Vietnamese. Vegan-friendly. Full page of vegan dishes on the menu.
  Small. Very busy at lunch but quiet at dinner. Closed Mon.

Amar India, 2759 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, 439-9005
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-2pm & 5pm-10pm, Sun
  noon-9pm. Closed Mon.

El Meson, 903 E Dixie Drive, 859-8229
- Spanish/Latin-American. Good vegetarian selection. Very nice
  atmosphere. Harp-player during the evenings.

The Diner, 5th Street
- American. Great atmosphere. Part of "the Oregon District". Good
  vegetarian sandwiches and soups. Soup selection varies, so call
  ahead. Great desserts. Large portions.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of the Greater Dayton Area
P.O. Box 404, Englewood, OH 45322, (513) 429-9163


See also: Cincinnati, Clifton, Dayton, Fairfield, Kettering,
  Yellow Springs.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Flying Tiger
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Best chinese food in town. Several
  vegetarian options. Some vegan options. Good use of browned bean

Euro Bistro, 1328 Kauffman Avenue, (513) 878-1989
- Bistro. Smoke-free. Freshly baked breads. Closed Sundays. *VRG


See also: Cincinnati, Clifton, Dayton, Fairborn, Kettering,
  Yellow Springs.

Natural Foods Stores:

Jungle Jim's, 5440 Dixie Highway, (513) 829-1919
- Only five minutes from the northern edge of Cincinnati. A truely
  massive grocery store with one of the best/most extensive produce
  departments in the area. Also has large Indian, Asian, and Italian
  departments, a bakery, a deli, and a large selection of wines and
  imported beers. Open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-10pm.


Vegetarian Organizations:

Fit for Life Study Group
12521 Indian Hollow Road, Grafton, OH 44044, (216) 458-5551


The Zephyr, 106 W. Main, (216) 678-4848
- Mostly vegetarian. Middle Eastern appetizers, veggie stir fry,
  veggie burger, potato pancakes, etc. Open Tue-Sun for breakfast,
  lunch, and dinner. *VRG


See also: Cincinnati, Clifton, Dayton, Fairborn, Fairfield,
  Yellow Springs.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Kettering Medical Center Cafeteria, 3533 Southern Blvd, (513) 296-7262
- Vegetarian. Cafeteria style. Few vegan options. Menu is on a 28-day
  cycle. Open daily for three meals. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Mama D'Salvo's, Stroop Road
- Italian. By far the best Italian resaurant in the Miami Valley.
  Very authentic. Good prices. Large portions. Not vegan-friendly.
  Try the eggplant rollatini!


See also: Cleveland Heights, Lakewood.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Aladdin's Eatery, 14536 Detroit Avenue, 521-4005
- Middle Eastern. Vegan-friendly. Great hummous, falafel. Plenty of
  salads and vegetarian choices. Terrific lentil soup, veg. chili, or
  lentil chili combination.


Food For Thought, 212 East High Street, 424-9608
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Run by a religious organization,
  The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association.


Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Connection
4826 Ridgebury Boulevard, Lyndhurst, OH 44124, (216) 381-1385


Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of Northeast Ohio
Good Earth Market, 26 W. Main, Norwalk, OH 44857, (419) 668-6596

Norfolk Vegetarian Society
c/o Don Mossman, 50 E. Main Street, Norfolk, OH 44857


Natural Foods Stores:

Jalmers Health Foods, 1488 Sylvania Avenue, 476-7918
- Had a deli/juice bar. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of Toledo & Northwest Ohio
2655 Calverton Road, Toledo, OH 43607, (419) 536-4073

Yellow Springs

See also: Cincinnati, Clifton, Dayton, Fairborn, Fairfield, Kettering.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Organic Grocery, 225 Xenia Ave., (513) 767-7215
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Vegan options. Vegetarian
  chili, sandwhiches, etc. Smoke-free. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Carol's Kitchen, 101 Corry Street, 767-7959
- American. Many vegetarian options. Smoke-free. Cafeteria service.

Ha Ha Pizza, 108 Xenia Avenue, 767-1261
- Pizza. Fresh vegetables. Meat alternatives, soy cheese available.
  Open daily for dinner, Mon-Sat for lunch. *VRG

Sunrise Cafe, 259 Xenia Avenue, 767-1065 or 767-7211
- Natural/ethnic foods. Vegan options. Fresh ingredients, everything
  made from scratch. Open daily, but no dinner on Sundays. *VRG

Winds Cafe and Bakery, 215 Xenia Avenue, 767-1144
- Natural foods. Constantly changing menu always has some vegetarian
  or vegan options. Pizza. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner, Sun for
  brunch. *VRG


Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of the Greater Youngstown Area
1631 Price Road, Youngstown, OH 44509, (216) 799-7237



Love Light, 529 Buchanan Street, 364-2073
- Vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Best vegetarian selection in town.
  Bright airy atmosphere. Patio dining. Sandwiches, salads. Vegan
  options. Counter service. Open Mon-Sun. *VRG

The Earth Natural Foods & Deli, 309 S. Flood Street, 364-3551
- Natural foods store with take-out deli. No seating available. Open
  Mon-Sun. *VRG

Oklahoma City

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sala Thai, 1614 NW 23rd Street, (405) 528-8424
- Thai. Vegan-friendly. The large sign outside this fine establishment
  reads "Vegetarian Welcome." This says it all. Ask for Nick. He will
  transform any item on the menu into a vegetarian or vegan item.

Natural Foods Stores:

The Earth Natural Foods & Deli, 1101 NW 49th Street, 840-0502
- Natural foods store with deli. Many vegetarian selections. Open
  Mon-Sun. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of Oklahoma City
c/o Carolyn McGarraugh, 7724 NW 20, Bethany, OK 73008, (405) 789-3506

Vegetarians for Life
409 NW 33rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, (405) 524-7989

South Dakota

Rapid City

Veggies, 2050 West Main
- Vegan restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner. All-you-can-eat buffet.
  Different entrees each day. "Really good food."

Staple and Spice, near corner of Main Street and Mt. Rushmore Road
  (Hwy 16)
- Natural foods store.


Body Guard, 2101 Broadway Mall, 665-3482
- Natural foods bakery. Open Mon-Sun. *VRG




Northeast Wisconsin Voice for Animals
P.O. Box 549, Denmark, WI 54208, (414) 863-8709


People's Food Coop, 315 South 5th
- Natural foods co-op with small deli and bakery. Vegan options.


You shouldn't run into any difficulties since vegetarianism has
become the latest fad here.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Country Life, 2465 Perry Avenue, 257-3286
- Vegan restaurant and natural foods store. 7th Day Adventist. Closed

Savory Thymes, 1146 Williamson Street, 256-2292
- Near-vegan restaurant. All menu items are vegan unless otherwise
  specified. Entrees are all around $6 and vary daily; there is a
  bean, grain, and green of the day, as well. Open Tue-Sat. Next to
  the Williamson Street Coop.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bahn Thai, 2 locations:
  944 Williamson Street, 256-0202
  2809 University Avenue, 233-3900
- Thai. Good vegetarian selections. Good squash dishes.

Canterbury Booksellers and Coffeehouse
- Full-service restaurant/coffeehouse and bookstore. Veggie burgers.
  Two daily soups. Rotating seasonal menu. Caution, their "vegetable
  chili" has meat in it. Open 365 days/year, Sun-Thu until 11pm,
  Fri-Sat until midnight.

Madison Bagel Company, 309 N Henry Street, just off State St, 256-6688
- Great bagels and other bakery items. Small deli counter that
  normally has good vegan options, like black bean hummus,
  tempeh-herb pate, and various tofu salads.

Casa De Lara, 341 State Street, 251-7200
- Mexican.

Himal Chuli, 318 State Street, 251-9225
- Nepali.

China Hut, 527 State Street, (608) 257-3107
- Chinese. Cheap, fast, basic Chinese food. A bit oily.

Wah Kee, 600 Williamson Street, (608) 355-5580
- Chinese. Has vegetarian section on menu.

Imperial Gardens, 4214 E. Washington Avenue, 249-0466
- Chinese.

Kitchen Hearth, 6644 Mineral Point Road, 833-1320

LuLu's Deli and Food Mart, 2524 University Avenue, 233-2172

Mount Everest, 1851 Monroe Street, 255-1704
- Indian.

Sa Bai Thong, 2840 University Avenue (in University Station), 238-3100
- Thai food. They will substitute tofu for shrimp, etc. in most
  dishes, and offer many vegetarian options. Open Mon-Sun.

Pizzeria Uno, 2 locations:
  222 W. Gorham (off State Street)
  7601 Mineral Point Road
- Excellent vegetarian pizza options in full and individual sizes.

Pasquals Southwestern Deli
- They offer numerous vegetarian options including the best black
  bean buritos on the planet.

Great Dane
- Menu has several marked vegetarian (ovo-lacto) options. Also, they
  brew their own beer and have a nice bar.

Monty's Blue Plate Diner, 2089 Atwood, 244-8505
  (across from the Barrymore Theatre)
- Features 4 or 5 vegetarian sandwiches, and one of the daily
  specials is usually vegetarian, as well.

Radical Rye, on Williamson
- Makes some good veggie sandwiches.

Union South cafeteria, University of Wisconsin
Memorial Union cafeteria, University of Wisconsin
- Serve GardenBurger veggie patties.

Caspian Cafe, University Square Mall
- Middle Eastern. Not a bad place for a quick and inexpensive lunch.
  Falafel, hummus, tabouli, and other Middle Eastern fare. They also
  cater. Open Mon-Fri 11am-5pm. Weekend hours unknown.

Horn of Africa
- Ethiopian.

- Expensive but wonderful. One vegetarian entree on the menu each

Sunprint Cafe & Gallery, 638 State Street, 255-1555
- European style cafe. Several vegetarian dishes. Full service. On
  university campus. Open Mon-Sun.


Natural Foods Stores:

Country Life, 2465 Perry Avenue, 257-3286
- Vegan restaurant and natural foods store.

Magic Mill, 2862 University Avenue (in University Station), 238-2603
- They have a carryout deli bar that includes several vegan dishes.

Mifflin Street Coop, 32 N. Bassett Street, 251-5899

Whole Earth, 817 E. Johnson Street, 256-8828

Williamson Street Coop, 1202 Williamson Street, 251-6776


Madison Farmer's Market, Capital Square ("the Concourse")
- Every Saturday, there is a large farmer's market on Madison's
  Capitol Square from 6 am to 2 pm. Plenty of fresh veggies and
  fruits -- many organic -- as well as cheese (some vegetarian) and
  sprouts and baked goods. On Wednesday, this market moves to Martin
  Luther King Blvd, just off the Square. Go early!

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegan Action
P.O. Box 2701, Madison, WI 53701

No Compromise, Ricardo Jomarron
173 Jackson Street, Madison, WI 53704, (608) 249-9845
- An organization started by Ricardo Jomarron who broke off from
  Greenpeace when it made the calculated decision not to address
  animal agriculture as an environmental issue.

Alliance for Animals, 111 King, 257-6333

Protect Animal Life Inc., 4512 E. Washington Avenue, 249-4156

Vegetarian-Friendly Products/Services:

Green Earth, 2094 Atwood Avenue, 244-9297
- Personal care & household.

The Soap Opera, 319 State Street, 251-4051
- Personal care & household.

Jack's Shoes, 204 State Street, 257-9766
- Canvas tennis shoes.

Mimosa Community Bookstore, 212 N. Henry Street, 256-5432
- Environmental, animal rights books, cookbooks.

EarthCare Paper, PO Box 14140, Dept 656, Madison, WI 54714-0140,
- Recycled paper products

ShopKo, Kohl's, and other department stores carry an ever-increasing
line of non-leather shoes at bargain prices. Quality is variable, but
the selection is generally quite high.

Nine Jack Nine BBS, (608) 256-5697
- A computer bulletin board that carries FidoNet, Usenet and local
  vegetarian forums.


Beans and Barley, North and Oakland Avenue
- Range of good dishes from a $2 bowl of the rice of the day to $12
  fancy pasta dinners. Also a health food store & deli counter.

Health Food Stores:

Outpost Coop, around 1st Street and Capitol Drive
- Main natural food store in Milwaukee. Also has a deli counter.

Beans and Barley, North and Oakland Avenue
- Has a great deli counter and a vegetarian restaurant.

Stevens Point

Natural Foods Stores:

Stevens Point Area Coop, 633 2nd Avenue, (715) 341-1555
- This coop was started over 20 years ago. There is a bakery. On Thurs
  at noon there is a deli at the bakery. The coop includes freezer
  items, cooler items, a large assortment of bulk spices, grains,
  legumes, vegetibles, fruits, etc. The staff is largely volunteers.
  Open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-6pm, Sun 10am-4pm.


Trempealeau Hotel
- Serves walnut burgers and other vegetarian items. Closed during the
  winter. Week end concerts during the summer. Close to bike trail.


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