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Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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USA part 4

This section has listings for the following:

    Alaska           Hawaii           Puerto Rico

    Idaho            Oregon           Washington       Wyoming

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the USA listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.



The following states are listed here:

    Alaska           Hawaii           Puerto Rico


Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of Alaska
2604 Fairbanks Street, Anchorage, AK 99503, (907) 278-4737


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Natural Pantry, 300 W 36th, (907) 563-2727
- Vegan-friendly. Friendly, quick service. Salad bar. Health food
  store. Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm. Closed Sun.

The Marx Brothers Cafe, 627 W. 3rd Avenue, 278-2133
- Some vegetarian options. Can provide special meals for vegetarians.

Natural Foods Stores:

The Natural Pantry, 300 W 36th, (907) 563-2727
- See entry above.


There is a health food restaurant near the corner of College and
University which serves vegan food, and there are several other
restaurants near the University of Alaska campus which serve one or
two vegan entrees.

I tend to eat out of grocery stores rather than restaurants. Most of
the grocery stores in Fairbanks have a very good selection of
vegetarian food, and restaurants are very high priced during the

Cafe de Paris, 801 Pioneer Road, 456-1669
- Vegetarian friendly. Lunch only. *VRG

Gambardella's Pasta Bella, 706 2nd Avenue, 456-3417
- Vegetarian friendly. Veggie options marked as such on menu. *VRG

Whole Earth Grocery and Deli, 1159 Deborah, Fairbanks, AK 99709,
  (907) 479-2052
- Routinely sends C.O.D. orders by mail to the bush. Nothing frozen or
  very perishable though. They carry a complete line of organic and
  cruelty-free products and have a price list from which you can


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Fiddlehead Restaurant & Bakery, 429 W. Willoughby Avenue, 586-3150
- Natural foods place. Has vegan options. Weekend jazz band. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Rainbow Foods, 200 Seward, (907) 586-6476
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Well stocked. Friendly intelligent staff.


Helse Restaurant, #17 Sing Lee Alley, 772-3444
- Natural foods restaurant. Homemade bread and soups. Has vegan


Many thanks to Dr. Neal Pinckney and The Vegetarian Society of
Honolulu for providing many of the following listings. Dr. Pinckney
warns us that many restaurants in Hawaii use excessive amounts of
oil. Be sure to request low-fat if that's what you want.

State Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of Honolulu
P.O. Box 25233, Honolulu, HI 96825, (808) 395-1499

Gentle World
P.O. Box U, Paia, Maui, HI 96779, (808) 572-1560, (808) 572-3522
- A vegan commune and publishing company. See listing below under
  Paia for more information.


ChampaThai, 98-199 Kam Hwy, 488-2881
- Thai. 20 vegetarian dishes. Must request no fish sauce.


The Coffee Gallery, 66-250 Kam Hwy, 637-5571
- Nearly all vegetarian dishes. Water-processed decaf coffees.

Paradise Found Cafe, 66-443 Kam Hwy, 637-4540
- Quaint and tiny place. All vegetarian soups, sandwiches, specials.

Celestial, 66-443 Kam Hwy, 637-6729
- Natural foods store. Small snack bar. Best natural foods store on
  the North Shore.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant, Chinese Cultural Plaza,
  100 N. Beretania, Old Chinatown, 532-8218
- Vegetarian Chinese. Spotlessly clean, has linen tablecloths, linen
  napkins, sparkling crystal, and a bright and tasteful atmosphere.
  Many imitation meat dishes (the sweet and sour vegetarian `pork' is
  the best, real or imitation, I've ever had) and a very wide
  selection of rare mushroom, vegetable and other vegetarian dishes
  which are delicious, very attractively served, extremely fresh, and
  very reasonably priced. The average dish is about $6, only a few
  much higher. They will substitute water for oil in any dish on
  request. Dim Sum. Some dairy used. 5% discount for VSH members.
  Closed Wednesday.

Down to Earth Deli, 2525 S. King Street, 947-7678
- Vegetarian deli, salad bar and dining area. Vegan options. 5%
  discount to VSH members.

Guaranga's Vegetarian Dining Club, 51 Coelho Way, 595-3947
- Hari Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options. Ethnic
  themes each night. Wednesday is vegan day. Inexpensive. Located at
  a Hari Krishna Temple.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

India Bazaar Madras, 2320 S. King Street, 949-4840
- Indian. Nearly all vegetarian. Cafeteria style. Simple, inexpensive,
  and good. No ghee used.

Chiang Mai, 2239 S. King Street, 941-1151
- Thai. Very vegetarian friendly. Full vegetarian menu. Vegan options.
  Good, popular and reasonably priced.

Crepe Fever Restaurant, Ward Centre, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, 521-9023
- Natural foods restarurant. Omnivorous lunches. Dinners all
  vegetarian, many vegan.

Keo's Thai Cuisine, 3 locations:
  625 Kapahulu Avenue, 737-8240
  1200 Ala Moana Blvd, 533-0533
  1486 S. King Street, 947-9988
- Gourmet Thai. Vegan options. Any item can be made vegetarian.
  Elegant. Somewhat expensive. Award winning restaurant.

La Salsa Rita's, 500 Ala Moana Blvd, 536-4828
- Mexican. Vegan options. All fresh ingredients. No lard.

Mekong, 2 locations:
  1295 S. Beretania Street, 521-2025 or 523-0014
  1726 S. King Street, 941-6184
- Thai. Simple and good. Same owner as Keo's.

Pineland Chinese Restaurant, 1236 Keeaumoku Street, 955-2918
- Chinese. Special vegetarian menu. Vegan options. Inexpensive and
  good. Does not use chicken stock in vegetarian dishes.

Yen King Chinese Restaurant, 4211 Waialae Avenue, Kahala Mall,
- Chinese. 30 vegetarian dishes. Vegan options. Nice decor. Must
  request no chicken stock.

Heidi's Bistro, 733 Bishop, Grosvenor Center, 536-5344
- Romantic European atmosphere. Vegetarian appetizers/entrees at
  dinner time.

Nature's Basket, 2972 E. Manoa Road, 988-7449
- Takeout food for lunch. Delicious but somewhat expensive.

Juice Stop, 1050 Ala Moana Blvd, Building 2, Small food court at
  Ward Warehouse, 545-4022
- Vegetarian soups, sandwiches, specials.

California Pizza Kitchen, Kahala Mall, 4211 Waialae Avenue, 737-9446
- Fantastic cheeseless pizza (non-vegan): Roasted eggplant with
  sun-dried tomatos, garlic and fresh spinich on a whole wheat crust,
  served with a light honey-mustard dressing. None of their pizza
  crusts are vegan, as they all contain dairy products of some sort.
  Only one size: individual. Pastas, salads. Smoke-free.

Ciao Now, in The Market Place, 1120 Maunakea Street, 521-1487
- Pizza and pasta. Natural ingredients.

Sea Otter's Cafe, 500 Ala Moana Blvd, 531-5282
- Assorted ethnic. Tiny snack shop.

London Cafe, 1345 S. Beretania, 591-0050
- Jerusalem coffee house. Middle-Eastern salads. Moderately priced.

Taj Mahal, 1309 Kalakaua Avenue, 947-4729
- Indian. Moderately priced. Many vegan dishes.

Auntie Pasto's, 1099 S. Beretania, 523-8855
- Italian. Popular and noisy. No egg noodles.

Compadres, 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Ward Center, 523-1307
- Mexican bar & grill. Large, popular restaurant. 6 vegetarian dishes.

Chan's, Puck's Alley, 2600 S. King Street, 949-1188
- Chinese. Moderately priced. Nice atmosphere.

Fu Lu Shou, 1451 S. King Street, in BOH parking lot, 941-9812
- Four Asian cuisines. Vegetarian menu. Inexpensive.

Siam Orchid, 1514 Kona Street, 955-6161
- Thai. Inexpensive. Many vegetarian dishes.

Thai Taste, 1246 S. King Street, 526-3772
- Thai. Inexpensive.

Diem, 2633 S. King Street, 941-8657
- Vietnamese. Very friendly. 10% discount to VSH members.

Hale Vietnam, 1140 12th Avenue, 735-7581
- Vietnamese. Colorful and tasty food.

A Little Bit of Saigon, 1160 Maunakea Street, 528-3663
- Vietnamese. Many tofu dishes.

Natural Foods Stores:

Down to Earth Natural Foods, 2525 S. King Street, 947-7678
- Large and well-stocked. All vegetarian. 5% discount to VSH members.

Huckleberry Farms, 1613 Nuuanu Avenue, 524-7960
- Large and well-stocked. VSH members get 10% off on vitamins only.

Nature's Basket, 2972 E- Manoa Road, 988-7449
- Small place with good organic produce. Lunchtime deli takeout.

Kokua Market, 2643 S. King Street, 941-1922
- Non-profit co-op. Bulk and packaged foods, produce, and deli items.

Eco-Foods Hawaii, 1541 S. Beretania, 955-6168
- Non-profit co-op. Good prices. Bulk and packaged foods. No produce.

Lifestream Natural Foods, 716 Kapahulu Avenue, 732-6253
- Quiet place. Not too well stocked.

Vim G Vigor Foods, Ala Moana Shopping Center, 1450 Ala Moana, 955-3600

Vegetarian Organization:

Vegetarian Society of Honolulu
P.O. Box 25233, Honolulu, HI 96825, (808) 395-1499


Pali Gardens, Castle Hospital Cafeteria, 640 Ulukahiki, 263-5500
- Vegetarian. Inexpensive and quick. Castle Hospital Cafeteria.

Something Good, 301 B Hahani Street, 262-8792
- Natural foods. "Limited" vegan options. *VRG

The Source, 32 Kainehe Street, 262-5604
- Natural food store with sandwiches, limited menu. Vegan options.
  Juice bar.

Saeng's, 315 Hahani Street, 263-9727
- Thai. Good and moderately priced.


Mui Kwai Chop Suey, 45-1052 Kam Hwy, 247-3230
- Chinese. Must request no chicken stock.


International Museum & Cafe, 9875 Waimea Road, 338-0403
- International. Primarily vegetarian. *VRG

Koloa Ice House & Deli, across from the post office in Koloa, 742-6063
- Natural foods. Counter service. *VRG


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Tonya's Vegetarian Cafe, across from the post office, 966-8091
- Almost completely vegan. Counter service. Closed Sat-Sun. *VRG


Sadfree, HCR 1 Box 4635, Keaau, HI 97649
Contact: Patricia McCrary, (808) 982-5629
- Studio & one bedroom accomodation available for vegans/vegetarians.
  Grow your own vegetables, located on eight acres.


Natural Foods Stores:

Down to Earth, 1169 Makawao Avenue, 572-1488
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Deli items are labeled if vegan. Many
  bulk items. Strong in providing items for healthy vegetarian
  lifestyle rather than another trendy yuppie veggie store. Open
  Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm.


Cheese Burger in Paradise, 811 Front Street, Lahaina, 661-4855
- American. Two vegetarian burgers. *VRG

Royal Thai Cuisine, Azeka Shopping Center, Kihei, 874-0813
- Thai. Has 25 vegetarian options. *VRG

Saeng's Thai Cuisine, 1312 Front St. Lahaina, 244-1567
- Thai. 10 vegetarian entrees offered. *VRG

Thai Chef Restaurant, Lahaina Shopping Center, Lahaina, 667-2814
- Thai. Authentic. 13 vegetarian options. *VRG


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Huna Ohana, Akebono Theatre Complex, 965-9661
- Lacto-vegetarian expresso cafe. Vegan-friendly. Good place for
  breakfast, tofu scramble, garden sausage, multigrain toast with
  organic strawberry jam, bagels, puna papaya and real coffee. Also
  does tempeh burgers and assorted snacks and salads for lunch. Owned
  and run by a feisty Taurean woman, the place is a throwback to the
  age of Aquarius with assorted characters browsing through the
  adjoining Metaphysical Bookstore. Also has garden seating. Open
  Mon-Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8am-1pm.


The Vegan Restaurant, 115 Baldwin Avenue, 579-9144
- Vegan. Thai. Run by people from Gentle World. This restauarnt is
  complete with a large yellow M reading "millions saved". Closed

Gentle World
P.O. Box U, Paia, Maui, HI 96779, (808) 572-1560, (808) 572-3522
- A vegan commune. The community is made up of 25-30 adults, many of
  whom have been together since Woodstock, and a continuous stream of
  guests who stay from days to months learning the vegan way and
  sharing in the love and warmth of these people. The people who live
  there have names such as Love, Peace, Light, Rainbow, and Sunray.
  They operate The Vegan Restaurant, a recycled lumber yard, and run
  a publishing company. Books they have published include: _Cookbook
  for People who Love Animals_ and Klapers books _Vegan Nutrition:
  Pure and Simple_, etc.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Higher Taste, Aloha Tower Marketplace, 536-6767
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Nice little takeaway situated at
  new tourist market/marina development. Try the enchiladas they are
  not as heavy as they look and are real tasty. Owned by past Govinda
  connections so similar type of fare. Open 11am-9pm daily.


Natural Foods Stores:

Down to Earth, 1910 Vineyard,242-6821
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Deli items are labeled if vegan. Many
  bulk items. Strong in providing items for healthy vegetarian
  lifestyle rather than another trendy yuppie veggie store. Open
  Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm.

Puerto Rico


Nutrilife, Calle Miguels Casillas #9, (809) 852-5068
- Natural foods store and vegetarian restaurant. Fruit shakes. Fresh
 juices. Open Mon-Sat.

San Juan

All Natural Plaza, 65th Infantry, Rio Piedras, PR 00923
- Vegan restaurant. Owned and operated by Norman Gonzalez-Chacon and
  his wife, two well prepared Doctors in Natural Medicine. Open
  Mon-Sat noon-6pm.

Govinda's, Tetuan 153, Viejo San Juan, (809) 725-4885
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.



The following states are listed here:

    Idaho            Oregon           Washington       Wyoming


Idaho Vegetarian League
1222 Freeman Lane, Suite 190, Pocatello, ID 83201, (208) 233-7158


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Earth Food Cafe, 2907 W. State Street, (208) 342-7169
- Vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. We had 13 people eat there this weekend
  and the food was terrific. Several vegan options, international
  dishes, fresh juices. They use organic products when possible. Cafe
  style decor. Parking lot in back. I wish this was available in my
  home town. Open Tue-Sat 7:30am-9pm, Sun brunch 8:30am-3pm.

Natural Foods Stores:

Boise Consumer Co-op, 1674 Hill Road, (208) 342-6652
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Huge selection of natural products. Nice
  deli and bakery items. Open Mon-Fri 10am-9pm. Sat?


From The Earth, 215 N 8th, Boise, ID, 83702, 342-0836
- "Our shop is devoted to products designed to be beneficial for
  people and the environment. We feature body care, aromatherapy and
  massage products, Edgar Cayce formulas, recycled paper products, and
  gifts of nature. Contact us to receive our product listing and be
  placed on our newsletter mailing list."

Coeur d'Alene

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Tito Macaroni's
- Vegetarian-friendly. The best vegetarian food in the area. You can
  order non-vegetarian dishes made vegetarian.

- Good vegetarian burrito.

Natural Foods Stores:

Coeur d'Alene Natural Foods Store and Cafe, 301 Lakeside Avenue,
- Natural foods store with cafe. Cafeteria style for lunch. Open
  Mon-Sat. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Cafe Spudnik, 215 S. Main, (208) 882-9257
- International menu (Greek, Italian, Indian, etc). Vegan-friendly.
  They have gourmet pizzas in addition to an appetizer/entree menu
  that changes every week. Outstanding beer and wine list. Campy
  Eurepean atmoshphere, excellent service. Open for dinner only.

Natural Foods Stores:

Moscow Food Co-op, 310 W. Third Street, (208) 882-8537
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. In business over 20 years. Friendly
  people, good selection of organically/locally grown products. Lots
  of bulk items. Prices are good and even better if you are a working
  member. Clean and inviting. Close to downtown and the University of
  Idaho. The wonderful 'Upper Crust Bakery' whole-grain bakery is on
  the premisses. Open daily 9am-8pm.


Corwin Springs

The Ranch Kitchen, Highway 89, (406) 848-7891
- Natural foods/American. Seitan dishes, soy burgers, miso soups.
  Weekend buffet, etc. Open May to mid-September. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Mountain Valley Foods, 404 1st Avenue East, (406) 756-1422
- Specializes in organics. A full range of bulk foods, produce,
  spices, and supplements. Body care and health items. Excellent,
  personal service. Family-owned & operated. The best food,
  affordably priced. Open Mon-Sat 9am-5:30pm. Closed Sun


The Black Dog, 138 W. Broadway Street, 542-1138
- Vegetarian restaurant. Menu changes daily. Organic ingredients used
  whenever possible. Soups, entrees, tempeh sandwiches, lentil
  burgers. Many vegan options. Full service. Open Mon-Fri for lunch
  only, Sat for lunch & dinner. *VRG

Mammyth, 131 W. Main Street, (406) 549-5542
- Natural foods cafe. "Great salad bar". Daily entree specials.
  Sandwiches, soups. Cafeteria style. Closed Sundays. *VRG

The Mustard Seed, 419 W. Front Street, (406) 728-7825
- Contemporary oriential. Vegetarian menu includes sushi, spring
  rolls, wok dishes, tofu and vegetable dishes. *VRG

China Garden, 2100 Stephens Avenue, (406) 721-1795
- Chinese. Vegetable sautees, soups, noodle dishes, etc. No MSG. *VRG



Vegetarian Restaurants:

North Light, 120 E. Main Street, (503) 482-9463
- Vegan options. Organic ingredients used when possible. Full service
  with buffet. Daily specials. Open daily.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Ashland Bakery and Cafe, 38 E. Main Street, 482-9463
- Extensive vegetarian menu. Open daily. *VRG

Geppetto's, 345 E. Main Street, 482-1138
- Italian. Wide selection of vegetarian meals including eggplant
  burgers! Open daily. *VRG

House of Thai Cuisine, 1667 Siskiyou Blvd, 488-2583
- Thai. Has separate vegetarian menu. Voted best Oriental restaurant
  in Ashland in 1992. Open daily for dinner, Mon-Sat for lunch. *VRG


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Columbia Cafe, 1114 Marine Drive, (503) 325-2233
- Vegan options. Cheap. Great owner/cook.


See also: Portland, Troutdale.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

McMenamin's Pub, 2927 SW Cedar Hills Blvd (at Jenkins), (503) 641-0151
- Tavern. Extensive vegetarian menu. Always has great vegetarian
  selections, including Spicy Tofu Burritos, Pasta with Black Beans,
  Salsa and Peanuts, and Paul's Famous Stirfry. And to top it off the
  entire Pub is non-smoking!


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Cafe Sante, 718 NW Franklin Street, 383-3530
- Menu mostly vegetarian. Vegan options. Organic produce used when
  possible. Open daily for breakfast and lunch. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

Central Oregon Friends of EarthSave
2119 NW Cascade View Drive, Bend, OR 97701, (503) 388-6806


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Nearly Normal's Gonzo Cuisine, 109 NW 15th Street, 753-0791
- Extensive, diverse menu. Vegan options, including desserts.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

China Blue, 2307 NW 9th Street, 757-8088
- Chinese. Large vegetarian selection. Vegan options. *VRG

Bob's Burger Express, 360 NW 5th Street, 754-1583
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG

The Beanery, 2 locations:
  500 SW 2nd Street, 753-7442
  2541 NW Monroe Street, 757-0828
- Coffeehouse. Counter service, take-out. Open late daily. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

First Alternative, south of town on highway 99.
- Food coop with organic produce.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Corvallis Vegetarians
145 NW 16th Street, #303, Corvallis Plaza Apartments
Corvallis, OR 97330, (503) 753-2265


See also: Springfield.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's, 270 W. 8th Street, 686-3531
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant. Vegan options. Self-serve buffet
  with salad bar, ten hot entrees. Open Mon-Fri for lunch and dinner.

Fast-N-Healthy, 1030 River Road, 689-8324
- Vegan options. Wheat-free foods available. No sugar or salt used in
  cooking. *VRG

Oasis, 24th & Willamette
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. A transition store, with
  lots of organic and natural foods, but also cigarettes and
  salty-greasies. Great bakery right next to the deli.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Mekala's, Fifth Street Public Market, 296 E. 5th Avenue, 342-4872
- Terrific Thai restaurant. Vegan options. Has a vegetarian menu
  certified by PETA, so you can order with confidence. No MSG.

Glenwood, 2 locations:
  1346 Alder Street, 343-8303 (open 24hrs)
  2588 Willamette Street, 687-8201 (open 6:30am-9pm)
- American/Californian. Vegan options. Wide variety of vegetarian
  options including tofu burrito, cabbage rolls, kima, etc. *VRG

Wild Rose Food Company, Fifth Street Public Market
- Imaginative and tasty vegetarian and vegan meals. Gourmet options.
  Very good. Moderate prices.

Sundance Natural Foods, 24th & Hilyard
- Great store with extensive salad bar and cold and hot vegetarian
  entrees for take out. Very, very good, big selection.

Anitolio's, 992 Williamette, 343-9661
- Mediterranean. Wide variety of vegetarian options. Open daily for
  dinner, Mon-Sat for lunch. *VRG

Zahara, Station Square, 342-5159
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. Outstanding vegetarian selection.

Casablanca, Fifth Street Market, 342-3885
- Middle Eastern. Vegan options. Cafeteria style. *VRG

Kestral Cafe, 454 Willamette, 344-0943
- American/international. Vegan options. Vegetarian dishes prepared in
  separate pots. Open daily. No dinner on Sun and Mon. *VRG

The Beanery, 2 locations:
  152 W. 5th Street, 342-3378
  2465 Hilyard Street, 344-0221
- Coffeehouse. Counter service, take-out. Open late daily. *VRG

Keystone Cafe, 395 W. 5th Avenue, 342-2075
- American. Vegan options. Specializes in various kinds of plate-sized
  pancakes. Breakfast all day daily 7am-3pm. *VRG

Bob's Burger Express, several locations:
  620 West 6th Street, 342-3121
  296 Coburg Road, 485-4332
  1990 West 11th Street, 686-9313
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Sundance Natural Foods, 24th & Hilyard

Oasis, 24th & Willamette

Vegetarian Organizations:

Earthsave Eugene, Box 286, Dexter, OR 97431-0286, (503) 998-4970
- EarthSave Eugene is the local action group of the national EarthSave
  Foundation. EarthSave is committed to educating the public about the
  powerful impact our food choices have on our our health, the
  environment, and all life on earth and supports people in moving
  toward a plant based diet. We host monthly potlucks and video
  showings. EarthSave Eugene in particular is committed to emphasizing
  the impact of choosing local, organic suppliers for one's food
  whenever available and possible.

Grants Pass

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sunshine Natural Food Cafe, 128 SW H Street, 474-5044
- Vegan options. Organic salad bar. Buffet. Closed Sunday. *VRG

Riverside Inn Restaurant, 971 SE 6th Street, (503) 471-2003
- Vegan-friendly. Open daily 6:30am-10pm, winter hours 7:30am-9pm.
  Open every-day of the year.

Junction City

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bob's Burger Express, 890 Ivy Street, 998-3264
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG


See also: Beaverton, Troutdale.

Many thanks to Therese Baumberger for supplying much of the
information used in the Portland listings.

Seems pretty much anywhere you go in Portland you'll find veggie
food on the menu!

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Garden Cafe, Portland Adventist Medical Center, 10123 SE Market
  Street, 233-5521
- Vegan options. Cafeteria-style service. Food is pretty good. Fast
  food grill has 15 vegetarian sandwiches. Limited hours.

Happy Harvest Grocers, 2348 SE Ankeny, 235-5358
- Full vegetarian and vegan breakfasts on weekends. Curried tofu and
  braised tempeh. Open daily. Counter service. *VRG

Song of the Rose, 1328 NW 23rd, 224-0863
- Pretty good, but a bit pricey. Lunch and dinner on weekends.

The Daily Grind, 4026 SE Hawthorne, 233-5521
- It also has a natural food store and six blocks west of Hawthorne
  there are lots of "neat stores". Mixed reviews - one contributor
  says this place is boring but cheap, another says it's wonderful
  and the food is "out of this world"

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Old Wives Tales, 1300 East Burnside, 238-0470
- Run by a women's collective. A lot of veggie (new age) food. Vegan
  friendly and most lacto selections can be made vegan. Rice noodles,
  black bean stew, Mexican dishes, Egyptian loaf. Great soups (some
  vegan) and salad bar (mostly vegan). Great for families. Has a
  playroom for kids. Cozy. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and

Vinnies, 824 SW 1st, downtown, 222-9818
- Has a vegan chef and a 'veggie' menu.

Indigine, 3723 SE Division, 238-1470
- One of the best restaurants in the NW. "Very interesting selections
  for lacto-ovo's. Not much in the way of vegan food though." Cozy
  ambiance. Open Tue-Sat. Reservations are preferable.

Healthway Food Center, 524 SW 5th, 226-2941
- Natural foods store with deli. Fresh juice, soups, salads. *VRG

Cup and Saucer Cafe, 3566 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 236-6001

Hands On Cafe, 8245 NW Barnes, 297-1480
- Very good for lunch.

Happy Bowl, 937 SW 5th, 223-0809
- Has some good offerings. Takeout.


  Jarra's Ethiopian, 1435 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 230-8990
  - Pyrocuisine. HOT food!


  Plainfields Mayur, 852 SW 21st Street, 223-2995
  - Best Indian food in Portland. Vegetarian section of menu has
    entrees, appetizers, soup. Vegan options. Very elegant restaurant.
    Spendy but worth it. Reservations recommended. Marked as
    "Reviewer's choice" in VRG's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants.

  India House, 1038 SW Morrison, 274-1017
  - Excellent lunch buffet.

  Kashmir, 1705 NE Couch, 238-3934
  - North Indian & Pakistani

  Swagat Indian Restaurant, 4325 SW 109th, Beaverton, 626-3000


  Al-Amir, 223 SW Stark, 274-0010
  - Lebanese. Excellent food.


  Mr. Moto, NW 21st at (Davis?), west side of street, small walk down,
    no phone.
  - Cheap Japanese box food.


  Chin Yen, 28th and NE Burnside


  Thanh Thao, 4005 SE Hawthorne, 238-6232
  - Wide selection of tofu, vegetable, and mock-meat entrees.
    Vegan-friendly. Open Wed-Mon for lunch and dinner. Closed Tue.

  Yen Ha, 8640 SW Canyon Road, Beaverton


  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

  Bangkok Kitchen, 2534 SE Belmont, 236-7349

  Tara Thai House, 4545 Watson, Beaverton, 626-7258

  The Saigon Kitchen, 835 NE Broadway (Vietnamese/Thai)


  Macheezmo Mouse, several locations:
    723 SW Salmon, 228-3491
    3553 SE Hawthorne, 232-6558
    811 NW 23, 274-0500
    Pioneer Place, 700 SW 5th
    10719 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, next to Target.
  - Best quick and healthy Mexican (Mayan) restaurant. Some think it's

  Bullring NW, 2 locations:
    1900 NW 27th, 274-4096
    2627 SE 82nd, 775-2855
  - Mild mexican.

  Santa Fe Taqueria, 831 NW 23rd, 220-0406

  Mayas Taqueria, 1000 SW Morrison, 226-1946

  Casa-U-Betcha, 2 locations:
    612 NW 21st, 222-4833
    1700 NE Broadway, 282-4554
  - Funky Mexican. Over-priced.

  Taco Time
  - Fast food. Better than Taco Bell. Vege-burrito contains beans,
    rice, lettuce, tomato, olives, sunflower seeds, cheese & sour
    cream on a whole wheat tortilla.


  McMenamin's Pub, many locations (16?), 4 of which are:
    Ram's Head, 2282 NW Hoyt & 23rd, 221-0098
    Blue Moon Tavern, 432 NW 21st & Glisan, 223-3184
    Mission Theatre and Pub, 1624 NW Glisan, 223-4031
    Edgefield Theatre and Pub, 2126 SW Halsey, Gresham (off 84),
  - Pubs with great beer and vege burgers! They have other vegetarian
    selections at times.

  Bridgeport BrewPub, 1313 NW Marshall, 241-7179

  Moloch/Heathman Bakery & Pub, 901 SW Salmon, 227-5700.
  - Excellent bread, pizza and more

  Portland Brewing Co., 1339 NW Flanders, 222-7150

Natural Foods Stores:

Nature's Fresh Northwest, 4000 SW 117th (Beaverton 1.0 mi), 646-3824
- Best natural grocery, also deli.

Food Front, 2375 SW Thurman, 222-5658
- Has a deli.

Happy Harvest Grocers, 2348 SE Ankeny, 235-5358
- Has a deli.

The Daily Grind, 4026 SE Hawthorne, 233-5521
- Has a deli.

Healthway Food Center, 524 SW 5th, 226-2941
- Has a deli.


Powell's City of Books, 1005 West Burnside, downtown
- If you like bookstores at all, be 100% sure to go here.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Portland Vegetarians
P.O. Box 19521, Portland, OR 97219, (503) 223-5596


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bob's Burger Express, 433 W. Antler Street, 548-1405
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bob's Burger Express
  1415 Capitol Street, 363-8983
  3999 Commercial Street, 364-5798
  5130 River Road, 393-1072
  890 Lancester Drive, 399-8383
  831 Lancaster Drive, 399-7710
  710 Wallace Road, 399-7933
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Heliotrope Natural Foods
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Offer organic foods, many macrobiotic
  and vegan foods, natural cosmetics, etc. Tends to be a little

Vegetarian Organizations:

Salem Vegetarians
1930 Hampden Lane, NE, Trailor 16, Salem, OR 97305


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Elusive Trout Pub, 39333 Proctor Blvd, Sandy, 668-7884
- Vegetarian-friendly. Good beer, big food for cheap. Great soups.


See also: Eugene.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Kuraya's Thai Cuisine, 1410 Mohawk Blvd, 746-2951
- Thai. Vegan options. "Many wonderful vegetarian selections." *VRG

Bob's Burger Express,
  5803 Main Street, 747-5544
  720 South 8th Street, 747-3421
- Mainstream fast food joint but with cheap vegetarian burger. Open
  daily. *VRG


Art-Space, on Rt 101 north of Tillamook
- Vegetarian-friendly. Mid-price. Gallery.


See also: Beaverton, Portland.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Multnomah Falls Lodge Restaurant, Highway 30 at Multnomah Falls,
- American. Has garden burger on menu. *VRG


Many thanks to Phil Hughes for helping with the Washington state


Raga, 556 108th Ave NE, Bellevue, 450-0336
- Very impressive. If you like good Indian food, it's worth a trip to
  Bellevue to check this place out. There is a nice vegetarian section
  on the menu. Dinner is order-off-the-menu, the mostly vegetarian
  all-you-can-eat lunch buffet is $6.95, and well worth it.

Public Market, Crossroads Mall, NE 8th and 156th Ave NE
- A food circus with a variety of food booths, many of which have
  vegetarian food. A Taste (Bite?) of India features Southern Indian
  dosas (savory stuffed pancakes), and lots of other veggie
  selections. There are also Middle Eastern, Italian, Chinese,
  Japanese, Filipino and a pizza place, all of which have a few veg
  selections. Generally inexpensive.

The Twelve Baskets, 201 106th NE, 455-3684
- "Health food" restaurant that has grown up into a fair sized
  vegetarian restaurant.

Natural Foods Stores:

Nature's Pantry, 10200 NE 10th, (206) 454-0170
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. This is as close to a "supermarket" for
  health food connoisseurs that there is. There is another of their
  stores on Mercer Island and soon a new one opening in the Crossroads
  Shopping Center. Full line of organically grown produce as well as
  bulk food items. Also cosmetics, vitamins and sports nutrition
  products. Open Mon-Sat. I'm not sure about Sun.


The India Palace, 1405 Hewitt Avenue, 252-8543
- Lunch and dinner 7-days a week. All you can eat buffet lunch is
  $5.95 and available on weekends too.


Innisfree, about a mile out of Glacier, on the "highway", at the foot
  of Mt. Baker
- A WONDERFUL little place. Almost entirely vegetarian. It's very
  small. On weekend evenings you will NOT get in without a

The Italian restaurant right in Glacier is incredible, too. Terrific
veggie lasagna and run by super people.

Mountlake Terrace

Natural Foods Stores:

Manna Foods
- Lots of bulk flours, grains, spices, and beans. Limited produce
  section. Peanut-butter grinder in-store. Very inexpensive.


Vegan Restaurants:

Studio Seven, NE 720 Thatuna, (509) 332-6863
- American. Veggie burgers, etc.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Swilly's, NE 200 Kamiaken, (509) 334-3395
- Multi-ethnic (Southwest, Greek, Middle Eastern, Italian). Many
  vegetarian entrees, including veggie burgers, burritos, soups.
  Vegan-friendly. Dinner menu includes pasta dishes and calzones.
  Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Creative seasonings. Lunch and
  dinner specials (but usually not vegan). Gourmet desserts.
  Reasonable prices. Casual atmosphere. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and
  dinner. Closed Sun.

Banjara Indian Cuisine, SE 905 Main, (509) 334-6342
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. $3.99 all-you-can-eat vegetarian lunch
  buffet on weekdays. Open for lunch and dinner. Cocktail lounge.


The Seattle area has a fair number of vegetarians, and is a pretty
good place for vegetarians to live. There is Puget Consumer Coop, a
natural food coop with 5 area stores (most of which are full
supermarket size). There are several good all-vegetarian restaurants,
many restaurants that have at least a few vegetarian dishes, and most
of those that don't are very accommodating about whipping up something

Public transit is really decent in Seattle and free in the core of
downtown. Off peak bus service to other places (like the U-district)
is $.85, $1.10 (1995) at peak times and you can get a transfer good
for 2 hours.

Vegan Restaurants:

Bamboo Garden, 364 Roy Street (Queen Anne area), 282-6616
  Located near Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is).
- They are a kosher vegan Chinese restaurant (really!). They have
  excellent vegan "meat" dishes. The only non-vegan item is the the
  fortune cookie that has egg in it. Open Mon-Sun 11am-10pm.

Araya's, 4732 University Way NE, in the University District, 524-4332
- Vegan Thai. Outstanding. The food is delicious. All kinds of
  curries and stir-fries, and some great soups (esp. the hot and
  sour soup). A little expensive (dinner ~$11 + tip). All-you-can-eat
  brunch buffet on Saturdays noon-5pm, $6. Lot's of Thai/Hindu decor.

Five Loaves Deli, 2719 East Madison (Madison Park area), 726-7989
- Vegan. A Seventh Day Adventist bakery and deli. "Their ice cream is
  GREAT!" Great Sunday brunch. Closed Friday and Saturday.

Globe Cafe, 1531 14th Avenue, 324-8815
- Simple vegan food, really good baked items, latte with soy milk.
  Funky atmosphere; worker owned.

Black Cat Cafe, 4110 Roosevelt Way NE (at 41st), 547-3887
- Vegan. Lots of different ethnic influenced dishes. Menu choices such
  as garbanzo-dal burritos, veggie scramble, fresh squeezed OJ.
  Entrees in the $4-$6 range. Seems pretty tasty. Worker owned and
  operated. Open Mon-Sat 10:30am-8:30pm.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Cafe Flora, E. Madison St. (in the heart of the Madison Valley).
- Stay away if things yuppie make you ill, but if you enjoy artsy
  food, no alcohol and a pleasant environment that just happens to be
  vegetarian, this is a nice place. Dinner entrees run around 8-$15.
  Our "Cafe Flora regular" says their food has gone from good to
  excellent. She calls it "reasonably priced gourmet". Portions are
  good. Some vegan options, which are indicated on the menu. Cafe
  Flora is doing *a lot* of business: early evening is always very

Honey Bear Bakery, 56th and Meridian
- Good bakery with a few lunch choices that are all vegetarian.

Mid City Cafe, 5509 University Way, 623-7979
- Lacto-vegetarian. Formerly located downtown they have relocated to
  the U district. Soup, veggie burgers with more choices to come.

Silence Heart-Nest Restaurant, 5247 University Way NE, U-district
- All vegetarian Indian food. Lots of vegan items. Sri Chinmoy fans
  usual stuff.

Sunlight Cafe, 64th and Roosevelt
- Seattle's oldest real vegetarian restaurant. Most things have dairy.
  They also have additive free beer and wine.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Ali Baba's, 707 E. Pine
- One of Seattle's good Middle-Eastern restaurants.

Arnie's Northshore, 1900 N Northlake Way
- Although there isn't anything vegetarian on the menu, they're really
  good about whipping up special stuff, such as stir-fried veggies or
  a fleshless pasta. They're very accomodating.

Axum, 42nd & Brooklyn in the U-district
- Good Ethiopian food with reasonable vegetarian choices.

Azteca, several locations
- Now serve a non-fat bean dish as an option instead of their refried
  beans, and they claim the beans are vegetarian. You can have these
  non-fat beans in any of their dishes that contains beans.

Bizzaro Italian Cafe, 1307 North 46th Street, 545-7327
- This is a fairly strange Italian restaurant that has a good
  assortment of interesting vegetarian choices. Expect to find things
  like artichoke hearts, eggplant and feta cheeze in various dishes.
  The atmosphere is as interesting as the food with all sorts of
  strange things hanging from the ceiling and waiters that are pretty
  strange in their own right. Open for dinner with moderate prices
  ($7-$12). Wine is available.

Cafe Illiterati, 5327 Ballard Avenue, 782-0191
- Wonderful vegetarian (ovo-lacto) selections: their vegetable
  pot-pie is amazing, and their Saturday and Sunday breakfast menu has
  a few selections (such as the eggs florentine) that shouldn't be

Cafe Loc, 2 locations:
  407 Broad (near Seattle Center)
  Food Circus at Seattle Center
- Inexpensive good Vietnamese entrees. Lots of vegetarian stuff.

Cafe Long, 12517 Lake City Way NE, in Lake City
- Good assortment of cheap Vietnamese food, a large percentage of
  which are vegetarian.

Flowers, 42nd and University (University District)
- Mostly vegetarian. An ex-flower shop that is now a restaurant with a
  bar. Many choices are vegan. Excellent vegetarian lunch buffet with
  pasta (containing eggs) being the only non-vegan choices. Highly

Gravity Bar, 2 locations:
  415 Broadway E, (Capitol Hill), 325-7186
  113 Virginia, (near Pike Place Public Market), 448-8826
- Mostly vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. To quote their menu, "modern
  food". All sorts of rather strange dishes and lots of fresh fruit
  and veggie drinks. Maybe more yuppified than some places, but
  certainly a good juice bar with many vegetarian choices on the menu.

Julia's, two locations:
  in Wallingford, 1714 N 44th, (Wallingford)
  Park Place, 5410 Ballard Ave NW, (Ballard)
- Wallingford is probably the better choice for veggie choices. A
  mid-priced restaurant with beer and wine. Not hippie, not formal,
  just all around pleasant.

Macheezmo Mouse, 4129 University Way & 211 Broadway E
- Burritos and stuff with a reasonable number of veggie choices.
  Inexpensive, clean and they have beer. Menu lists calories and
  fat as % of calories.

Mandarin, 125 15th Avenue East, in Capitol Hill
- Have a vegetarian menu. Vegan-friendly. A little pricey. "The best
  Chinese food I have ever had in my life. Definitely check this place
  out." Closed on Saturdays.

New Orleans Restaurant, 81 Yesler Way, Pioneer Square, 622-2563
- Here's something different for the Pacific Northwest - Creole food.
  Gumbo is a delicious okra soup and the New Orleans Restaurant has a
  vegetarian variety. They also make a vegetarian eggplant dish.

The Oasis, 5020 University Way NE, 527-4101
- Authentic Middle Eastern food. Falafel, maftool, garlic rice,
  imjadarah, Sri-Lankan curry, pesto. Daily rice special (rice with
  some sort of veggie topping such as green beans and a sauce) for
  $3.95. Most meals around $6.

Panko's, 4850 Greenlake Way (south of Greenlake)
- A "stir-fry" sort of place with reasonable vegetarian choices
  including tofu tomato curry chow mein. Say hi to Guy, the
  cook/owner. He will remember you.

Red Robin Burger and Spirits Emporium, several locations
- Meatless burger, veggie primavera, meat-free salad choices. (I was
  told -- by a Red Robin employee -- that the veggie burger is
  excellent and a great seller.)

Sound View Cafe, Pike Place Market
- A fresh food cafe (ingredients come from the market itself) with
  lots of vegetarian choices.

Still Life Coffeehouse, 709 N 35th, Fremont
- They ususally have at least one vegetarian soup du jour plus salads,
  good desserts, and a great veggie submarine sandwich.


  Panchito's, 1st and Cherry, Pioneer Square
  - Lardless refried beans, burritos and tacos.

  Pepe's on University Way, 4535 University Way NE, 633-3544
  - Fast Mexican food that is really fast and Mexican. Doesn't look
    like much from the outside but inside it is clean, has a great
    mural on the wall and has nice veggie choices at reasonable prices
    such as a veggie burrito (rice, beans, lettuce, tomato and sour
    cream) for $3.75, bean and cheese burrito for $2.75 and a "lunch
    box" special consisting of your choice of burrito, rice, beans and
    a soft drink for $4.50. To top things off, they make their own
    tortillas, both flour and corn, and even use a comal to grind the
    corn. Yes, you can order in Spanish.

  Sergio's Poco Loco, 4518 University Way (in the Ave Arcade)
  - A fast food window with a counter inside. Monster vegetarian
    burritos (beans, rice, tomato, avocado, cheeze) for $3.50, other
    vegetarian choices.


  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

  King's Chinese Restaurant, 15th NE & Lake City Way (Maple Leaf area)
  - Now Chinese and Thai with lots of vegetarian choices. Healthy: no
    MSG, brown rice available.

  Little Thai, 4142 Brooklyn Ave NE (On 42nd NE, between University
    Way and Brooklyn in the old church building)
  - Very good. Lots of vegan choices. Vegetarian (vegan) lunch for

  Phad Thai, 8530 Greenwood Ave N, 784-1830
  - Lots of vegetarian choices; no MSG, moderate prices.

  Thai Siam, 8305 15th Ave NW
  - Good selection of vegetarian entrees (11 on their current menu)
    and homemade desserts. No MSG and now all non-smoking.

  Grand Palace, 417 2nd Avenue
  - Curried vegetables and tofu. Noodles and vegetable soup.

  Angel's Thai, Broadway East, at Thomas, + (1) 206-328 0515
  - Vegan-friendly. Full vegetarian section on the menu. When oyster
    sauce is an ingredient, it's listed to alert vegetarians. Open
    daily for dinner from 4pm to 10pm or 11pm.


  Pacific Inn Pub, 3501 Stone Way (Wallingford)
  - Two veggie burgers. Fries cooked in corn/saffola oil. One of the
    bartenders (cooks) is vegetarian. They are continually looking to
    add new vegetarian meals and suggestions from customers are

  College Inn Pub, 4006 University Way NE.
  - Veggie burger, vegetarian burrito, sometimes lentil soup. (One of
    the cooks is vegetarian).

  Triangle Tavern, 3507 Fremont Place, Fremont
  - They have vegetarian dishes on their menu including a Middle
    Eastern appetizer plate, vegetarian sandwich, vegetarian lasagne
    and lots of micro-brew beers on tap. Often their soup du jour is

There are many restaurants with vegetarian choices on University Way
between 42nd and 52nd. Many have menues in the window. Park and take a

Natural Foods Stores:

Central Coop, 1835 12th, (Capitol Hill)
- Feels more like a real co-op, as opposed to PCC which is more like a

Alfalfa's, 5440 Sand Point Way N.E. (Hawthorne Hills Area, Near
  Laurelhurst), (206) 525-3941
- Has a vegetarian deli. Very much like Puget Consumer Coop. Almost
  exactly the same selection, with the addition of some private-label
  merchandise. Sale prices seem pretty good. Located in an old
  Tradewell grocery store, with tons of parking. Open 8am-9pm daily.

Puget Consumer Coop, 7 locations
- A natural food coop. Most are full supermarket size. They have a
  good fresh bread section though a limited selection of some
  products. They do carry lots of packaged sandwiches and roll-ups,
  many of which are vegan.

Rainbow Grocery, 15th Ave E, between Harrison and Republican
- Cute little grocery store with bulk foods, reasonable choices and
  some organic produce.


The PAWS Store
8503 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone/FAX: (206) 782-1700
- Books, cookbooks, cruelty-free items, clothing, shoes, fake leather
  jackets, vegetarian pet food, household and personal care products,
  gift items, buttons, stickers, posters. Everything is vegan! Also a
  thrift shop. Run by PAWS (see under Organizations below) and managed
  by Bob Chorush, previously of The Animal Rights Store/Catalog. Open
  Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm.


EarthSave Seattle
P.O. Box 9422, Seattle, WA 98109, (206) 781-6602

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
15305 44th Avenue West, (206) 787-2500, extension 828
or P.O. Box 1037, Lynnwood, WA 98046
- Provides shelter and finds permanent homes for unwanted companion
  animals, rehabilitates injured wildlife, and informs and educates
  the community on animal issues. Sponsors vegetarian events. Founded
  before 1969.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Eat-Rite, 402 W. Montgomery, (509) 325-1957
- Seventh-day adventists eatery. Good food. Open for breakfast Mon-Fri
  7am-10:30am, ethnic lunch buffet Mon-Fri 11am-3pm.  dinner Mon-Thu
  5pm-8pm, Sun brunch 10am-4pm. Closed Fri evenings and Sat.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Onion, 302 W. Riverside, downtown, (509) 747-5175
- Vegan-friendly. They'll make things the way you want them prepared.
  Superb service and fun atmosphere in the heart of Spokane's
  downtown. Open Sun-Thu 11:15am-11:30pm, Fri&Sat 11:15am-1am.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Cactus Ya Ya, 19794 SE Mill Plain Blvd, (206) 944-9292
- Multi-ethnic. Has 'fushion' food. Good for lunch. Noisy.


Wyoming Vegetarians,
3251 Brookview Drive, Casper, WY 82604


Dynasty Cafe, 600 W. 19th Street, (307) 632-4888 or 632-2088
- Chinese & Vietnamese. Vegan-friendly. They use fresh ingredients,
  serve good-sized portions, are reasonably priced, and deliver free
  to office or home. They serve ten vegetarian selections (I believe
  about half are vegan), each selection is different and delicious.
  Open for lunch & Dinner daily Mon-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm.

Twin Dragons, 1809 Carey Avenue, 637-6622
- Mandarin Chinese restaurant. Ten vegetarian dishes. Open Mon-Sun.


The Magpie, 159 North 2nd Street, (307) 332-5565
- Vegetarian/vegan-friendly. A nice small restuarant run by a
  vegetarian (the restaurant itself is not vegetarian). The menu
  changes every day depending on what is available. There are always
  at least two or three vegetarian dishes (out of five or six dishes


Jeffrey's Bistro, 123 Ivinson, 742-7042
- Vegetarian-friendly. Variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  Pleasant and earthy atmosphere.

Jeffrey's Too, 116 South 2nd, 742-0744
- Vegetarian-friendly. Variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  Take-out. Has small dining area. Next door to Jeffrey's Bistro.

Overland, 100 Ivinson, 721-2800
- Some vegetarian dishes. Informal setting.


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