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Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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This section has listings for the following countries:

  Bolivia          India            Mexico           Singapore
  Brazil           Israel           Nigeria          South Africa
  El Salvador      Japan            Peru             Taiwan
  Guatemala        Korea            Phillippines     Thailand
  Hong Kong        Caribbean Islands



La Paz

Restaurant Manjari, Calle Potosi 1315, esq. Colon
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.

Santa Cruz

Snack Govinda, Av., Argomosa (1` anillo), esq. Bolivar
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.



Belem  (in Para)

Sri Krsna Prasada, Av. Gentil Bittencourt, Passagem Mac Dowell, 96
  (entre Dr. Morais e Benjamin Constant), Tel. (091) 222-1886
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Caribbean Islands

See also in Mexico: Cozumel.

Many thanks to Chuck Narad for providing the information on the
Caribbean Islands.

Most of the islands (St. Lucia, Bonaire, Roatan, St. Kitts, Saba) do
not have any obvious vegetarian places, but you can find cooperative
chefs everywhere.

If you know of any other vegetarian resources in the Caribbean,
_PLEASE_ let us know.


The main grocery store in Kralendjik carries tofu!

Grand Cayman

There is a vegetarian grocery/deli/cafe/bakery just north of the
Georgetown harbor. Nothing fancy but nice to have around.

Providenciales  (a.k.a. Provo, part of Turks and Caicos Islands)

Be prepared to overdose on pasta, since that is the primary vegetarian
option on the island.

Tiki Hut, Turtle Cove
- Has Gardenburgers (lacto-vegetarian)! Also has a mix-and-match menu
  of pastas and sauces, served with a salad and fresh bread.
  Breakfasts include pancakes with fresh mango, and waffles topped
  with a tropical fruit salad. Great bar. "Say hi to Keno, Betelgeuse,
  and Rose for me."

Banana Boat, Turtle Cove
- Only vegetarian option is Rasta Pasta, linguini with herbs. They
  make an evil green drink that has 'everything but the kitchen sink'.

Caicos Cafe, near the Turquoise Inn (former Ramada)
- On request will make a veggie version of their pasta of the day.

Top of the Hill Deli, uphill from Turtle Cove
- Bagels, egg salad, vegetable sandwich.

Mediteraneo, Downtown
- Full Italian menu, lots of pasta options.

??? (Turkish restaurant), near the Turquoise Inn
- Has a platter with hummous, tabouli, falafel, pita.

House of Pasta, downtown
- The name says it all.

Alfred's, Turtle Cove, on the hill near Erebus
- Forget the food, but they have great live music on Saturday night,
  and make the best Caicos Coffee on the island (contains rum, kaluha,
  rum, tia maria, rum, coffee, rum, and something else. Maybe it was

Hong Kong House, downtown
- Can make vegetarian dishes on request.

Jimmy's, Turtle Cove
- Lists an occassional veg. lasagne.

Hey Jose's, near Turquoise
- Mexican. Looks like there were some vegetarian options here.

Club Med Turquoise
- Didn't go there, but I talked with some folks on the plane home.
  Standard Club Med fare, french cooking heavy on the fats, enough
  options to keep you well fed, if you're a club Med kind of person,
  of course :-)

St. Maarten  (Dutch side)

There are several Indian restaurants on the side alleys off of the
tourist strip. Also, the Chinese restaurant at the south end of the
strip had an extensive list of veggie options.


El Salvador

San Salvador

El Tao, 2 locations:
  19 Calle Poniente
  Centro de Gobierno
- Vegetarian. Good overall food. Although they are ovo-lacto, you can
  always find some food that does not have eggs or milk products. Open
  Mon-Sat 10am-5pm.

Kalpataru, 100 mts. north of redondel Masferrer, Colonia Escalon
- Lacto-vegetarian. Salvadoran and Indian style dishes.
  Vegan-friendly. The food is very good, a little more expensive than
  El Tao. Try the local dish "Pupusas", they make them with different
  mixture of vegetables, plus the traditional cheese pupusa. "I think
  that it's open Mon-Sat noon-10pm."

Hare Krishna Temple, Colonia Miralvalle
- Traditional Hare Krishna center. Devotional on Sundays with
  vegetarian dinner afterwards.




Govinda's(?), Callejor Santandes a una cuadra abajo de Guatel,
  Panajachel Solola
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Hong Kong

Supposedly there are over 100 Chinese vegetarian restaurants in
Hong Kong. If you know of any, please send me a listing.

Most Chinese and Thai restaurants can make dishes meatless if you ask
them (Cantonese for vegetarian is Sihk Chai). Make sure you tell them
you don't eat seafood (or eggs).

The easiest way to spot vegetarian places in HK (they rarely have
English signs), is to look for Buddhist symbols.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Healthy Mess, 51 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, 2527-3918
- Chinese vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. It is clean and inexpensive, and
  their food is very fresh. It is well known amoung Westerners in HK
  (veggie and non-veggie alike) and the staff are friendly and some
  can speak English as well! Recommended.

Fantasy Vegetarian Restaurant, 66 Electric Road, Tin Hau, 2807-0569
- Chinese vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. This restaurant is off the
  beaten path, but a good choice for authentic vegetarian Chinese
  food. Many of the staff do not speak English, but they do have an
  English menu and the staff are very willing to assist inspite of the
  language barrier! Food is very fresh and extremely inexpensive by HK
  standards. Near the Tin Hau MTR. Recommended.

Bodhi Vegetarian Cuisine, 9 locations:
  Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2739-2222
  Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, 2366-8283
  Wan Chai, 2573-2155
  Mong Kok, 2394-6223
  Yaumatei, 2735-4686
  Tsuen Wan, 2415-0113
  Leighton Road, 2890-5565
  Tai Koo Shing, 2568-7231
  Grand Tower, 2395-0416

Lotus Garden, Causeway Bay, Kung Tak Lam at Tsim Sha Tsui

Yuen-Yuen Institute, in Tsuen Wan
- A tri-faith temple with a vegetarian restaurant on the upper level.

Lo Bok Vegetarian Kitchen(sp?), in Tsuen Wan, on west side of Cheung
  On Street near Castle Peak Road (Ching Shan Do), opposite HK Bank

There is also a vegetarian cafe near the Lo Bok Vegetarian Kitchen
(sp?) around the corner. It sells not only meals but stuff like
textured protein.

Woodlands, on Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
- South Indian vegetarian restaurant.

Sandalwood, on Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
- South Indian vegetarian restaurant.

International Vegetarian House, Ground Floor, Kui Shing Building,
  296 Sai Yeung Choi Street North, Mong Kok, Kowloon, 2397-8208 &
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. International food, including
  Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, French, etc. Tofu specialties.
  Run by a religious organization. Also known as The International
  Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Associations Vegetarian House.

Public Vegetarian House, Ground Floor, 703 Nathan Road, Mongkok,
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Run by a religious organization,
  The International Supreme Master Ching Hai Meditation Association.

The Higher Taste Vegetarian Dining Club, 27 Chatam Road South,
  6/F, Kowloon, 2739-6818
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.

There are two vegetarian kiosks that serve mostly snacks in the Nan
Fung Centre in Tsuen Wan (opposite the MTR station).

There is a fantastic juice bar just around the corner from the Park
Lane Hotel. They do all sorts of tropical fruits whizzed up into a
smoothie in front of your eyes. So many fruits! It really was



"India was the hardest place to remain a vegan. True, vegetarianism is
common, but veganism is not. I found myself repeating time after time
"we don't eat cheese, yogurt, milk, or ghee (clarified butter)," but
the yogurt and cheese just kept on coming. They explained, "but it's
only in the sauce." Living in such a poor nation, most Indian
restauranteurs usually just take the meal back to the kitchen, remove
the chunks of cheese, stir the yogurt into the sauce, and return the
same dish. As they can't afford to take a loss on the meal, they felt
like they did the best they could."
- Vegan world traveller Jed Civic in an article in the Sept/Oct 1993
  Vegetarian Journal.

"South Indian vegetarian food is prdominantly vegan as long as you
stay away from the yogurt in some soups and salads, and the desserts."
You can find idlis (steamed rice and mung bean cakes) at any
restaurant which is marked Udipi. Also availble at Udipi restaurants
are wadas (fried mung bean patties) and dosas, which make a satisfying
meal along with the sambar (spicy lentil and vegetable soup). Udipi
restaurants are located all over India now. They are not upsacle but
have a reputation for being very clean and low cost.
While travelling in South India, a good place for vegans to eat would
be at restaurants which serve meals and are marked as cooked by
Brahmins. These are also very cost effective restaurants. The meals
are served in a large plate which has rice and all of the dishes in
small bowls on the side. Ghee is usually served by a waiter
separately. Occasionally, there may be a soup or salad which is made
with yogurt, and yogurt will be served separately, but the selection
is much wider than that available in North Indian establishments,
where the yogurt is mixed into the sauce and cheese is a staple.
Dairy products are higher priced commodities, so often and the
lower-end restaurants have a wider selection of vegan food."
- Padma Verma

Ajmer  (in Rajastahan)

Mansingh Palace Hotel, Vaishali Nagar
- Vegetarian/vegan-friendly. Good quality food, good environment, and
  good prices, but the service is not very efficient. Open daily


Kamat, many locations
- Vegan-friendly. Open daily 7am-midnight.

Coimbatore  (in Tamilnadu)

Annapoorna, Gowrishankar, City Tower


Govinda's, Hare Krishna Land, Juhu 400 049, Tel. 6206860
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Jyoti, Ho Chi Minh Sarani (not Very Sure)
- South Indian vegan. Open Mon-Sun 10am-2pm, 6pm-9pm (approx times).

Govinda's(?), Russel Street
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


A town in India which is completely vegetarian. Perhaps it is
difficult to enforce it by law, but signboards say that the town is

New Delhi

Nirula's, Janpath, Connaught Circus
- Indian. Nirula's is Delhi's "Fast-Food" place. They have several
  locations which serve vegetarian burgers and south-Indian style
  dishes which are vegan. Very clean and always busy. The food is
  mostly excellent. Open daily 11am-11pm.


Krishna-Balaram Mandir, Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Raman Reti,
  Mathura Dist. 281 124, Tel. 82478
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant(s)(?).



National Vegetarian Organizations:

The Israel Society for the Abolition of Vivisection (ISAV)
P.O. Box 519, Givatayim 53104, ISRAEL
Tel: 972 3-6359014 (Trudy Gefen)
E-mail contact: (Amnon Jonas)
- Abolitionist. Encouraging veganism and vegetarianism. Concentrating
  on animal experimentation but involved in other AR activity. Active
  since 1983. About 600 members.

P.O. Box 6315, Tel Aviv 61062, ISRAEL
Tel: 972 3-291032 (David Massey)
- "Anonymous is an animal rights society, that is dedicated to
  struggle against all forms of animal abuse. We chose the name
  Anonymous because we are speaking out for all the nameless,
  faceless, suffering creatures in the world, be they animals in
  kennels, laboratories, circuses, dolphinariums, fur or factory
  farms - they are all anonymous and they need our help"


A vegetarian village that was set up as such. It is the only one in
Israel. The greatest vegetarian food is here in Amirim (my village).
Bed & Breakfast, family hospitality. Vegetarian meals overlooking the
Sea of Galilee. Not far from skiing in winter, swimming in summer, and
many other natural attractions. Sara Peleg invites you to contact her
when in town at 972-6-989571/2 (office) or via e-mail at

Wholefood Vegetarian Guesthouse
Mailing address: Phillip Campbell, Lamden House, Amirim, near Carmiel,
Galilee, 20115, Israel
Tel: (010) 972 698 9045 / 6989372
Fax: (010) 06-980 772


Natural Foods Stores:

American Israeli Natural Foods Store - Mazon Tivi, Jaffa Road 76,
- A very friendly place especially for vegetarians. Also, sunrider
  foods are available here! Open Sun-Thu 8:30am-7pm, Fri 8am-1pm.
  Closed Sat.



It is *very* difficult being a vegan in Japan. Most vegetarian
restaurants include fish in their definition of vegetarianism, and
they include it in *everything*. I was told "but they are only little
fish." They have no understanding of the concept over there since they
do not really classify seafood as meat. They have so many categories
for seafood that it is very difficult to explain all the exclusions
without missing something. Even the restaurants that serve Buddhist
food include fish in the meals. And when I say all these restaurants
include fish, it is not only in the form of flesh but as fish stock,
fish flakes and any other variation you may not think of.

You *may* be able to get true Buddhist (ie. vegetarian) food at some
of the Buddhist temples. I can not vouch for this though. There are
many forms of vegan sushi (Norimaki & Kuppamaki) you can get as well
as Onigiri (rice balls) and so on. Basically all sorts of rice and
seaweed combos some with veggies, umeboshi plums or whatever. Watch
out though since some of the rice balls (they are called balls
although they are shaped like triangles--apparently easier to handle--
are made with a fish stock for flavouring. If the rice looks white it
is okay). The good thing about these is that you can get them almost
anywhere. The bad thing is that you can tire of them very quickly.

You will find that you can buy fruit and veggies at their food
centres. These are like our big grocery stores except that they are
actually a lot of smaller independents under one roof (and I mean one
roof--without walls dividing them so they look like one big store
except you pay as you go from section to section). These food centres
usually contain a multitude of very small sections (like mini-delis)
where you can buy fresh vegan sushi as well.

For a country that does everything with rice it was surprising that
they had never heard of rice milk. Hence I had my Corn Flakes (when I
could find them--which was very hard and only in small boxes) with
orange juice. At least I could have something other than rice for
breakfast. I was unable to find any breads that did not contain eggs
and/or milk.

After four weeks, it was a while after returning before I wanted to
see rice again. The whole thing would have been a little easier if I
had access to a kitchen so that I could prepare my own meals. Alas
that was not the case.

 - Kevin Pickard

Also, be carefui of items made with seaweed stock instead of fish
stock. There may also be bits of fish in it.


Sujata's Indian Restaurant, 87-28 Nishimachi Kitashirakawa, 781-9720
- Vegetarian restaurant.

Koan, on the grounds of Shotekiin Temple, Fukuchi-cho, Nanzenji,

Unkai, in the ANA Hotel Kyoto, near Nijo Castle
- Has a fantastic (but expensive) 8-10 course vegetarian shojin-ryori
  meal: sort of veggie kaiseki.

Izusen, near the main railway station
- Very good. Several vegetarian set meals. Cheap by Japanese


Country Life, 2-13 Kitahama-Higashiku, 06-943-5943
- Vegan. 7th Day Adventist restaurant.

Seed of Life, 4-2-2, Kitakyuhoji-machi, Chuo-ku, 06-251-1245
- Vegan.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Bodejeu, in Roppongi area
- Most well known vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo.

Transcendence Perfection Beyond, #401 2-2-10 Shimouna, Setagaya

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Mominoki House, near Harajuku, 2-18-5 Jingu-mae, Shibuyaku,
- "Organic foods" restaurant. Vegan dishes. At dinner, everything was
  a la carte and we spent about 7000 yen with minimal drinks for 2
  entree's (one good, one bad), rice, a vegetable, and a salad (all

Moti, 4 locations:
  2 in Akasaka
- Indian. Most of the waiters speak English.

Samrat, in Roppongi
- Indian.

Taj, in Akasaka
- Indian.

Ark Hills, in Roppongi
- Good kinokunia raamen.




Country Life, Tel: 785-6429
- Vegan. 7th Day Adventist restaurant.



It's *really hard* to be a vegetarian in Mexico. They cook with lard a
lot, everything's really really greasy. The best thing I can say about
Mexico is that the fresh tortillas are killer. It's too bad because
the country is really beautiful.

Hopefully vegetarians in San Diego who know of passable places to eat
in Tijuana, Rosarita Beach, and Ensenada can make contributions to the


See also: Playa Carmen.

I did not have a very hard time (not as much as I had feared) finding
stuff to eat in Cancun. Most places were very obliging. I ate a lot of
fruit, rice and torillas.

100% Natural, two locations:
  Plaza Caracol
  Plaza Kulkulcan
- They have a breakfast granola, fruit yogurt bowl that is very good
  for lacto-vegs. For lunch/dinner there is a spaghetti plate with a
  very light spicy tomato sauce. Tasty. Ask them to give you more

Savio's, Plaza Caracol
- Upscale Italian. Very nice atmosphere with live music. There are no
  vegan dishes on the menu, but there are a few lacto-veg that you can
  ask them to leave off the cheese. Use your coupon from the books
  they give you at the airport.

Sierra Radisson, Cancun Hotel Zone 10
- I had a very nice lacto-veg sandwich with tomato, lettuce, sprouts,
  avocados and cheese (ask to 86 the cheese) with spicy mustard on
  whole wheat bread. To go with it I had a generous fruit plate and
  some bread.

Planet Hollywood, Cancun North of Plaza Kulkulcan
- Very tasty slightly greasy veg burger with fries. There were other
  lacto-veg items on the menu including a vegetarian pizza.

XCARET, 45 miles south of Cancun
- We drove in a rented Beetle to this beautiful spot that offers
  snorkeling, dolphin shows, boat rentals, an underground cave, and
  the most beautiful scenery on the peninsula (IMHO). This place is
  touted as earth/health conscious and I believe it. I had a very nice
  buffet with rice, refried beans (no lard), sauteed vegetables,
  fruit, corn tortillas and rice milk all to the accompaniment of a
  three person miramba. Excellent - not too be missed!


"Cozumel is fish-o-centric, and many places had not one entree I could
eat. I pieced together semi-fulfilling dinners from appetizers such as
nachos, soups, and salads. You will have good luck with the many
Italian places that abound, although it may not be the Mexican
atmosphere you want. Most restaurants are open air with great
atmosphere and helpful staff. No one acted like I was crazy for
wanting "no carne, no pesca, no pollo." There is always fresh fruit,
such as pineapple and mango."
- Kim Stahler

Cafe Nostra, on the backstreets
- Excellent place run by two American women with a definite
  veg/health-food slant (seitan and tofu on the menu!). Credit cards
  not accepted. You may have trouble finding it.

Ernesto's, two of them on the main drag
- Good veg fajitas.

La Choza
- Willing to make me a bland veg kabob.

- Spaghetti with marinara sauce. Good salad bar and pea soup. The
  bananas flambee are amazing (lacto-vegetarian).

Guaymas  (Sonora)


Potam 214-a Col:fovissste, 2-92-78
- Operating since 1993 (?). (Can someone provide more info about this
  organization please, like the name perhaps.)

Mexico City

There are at least two vegetarian places in Mexico City.

Hotel Fiesta Americana, Mexico City Airport
- If you are stuck in the Mexico City airport looking for something to
  eat, take the bridge across (it's near Gate C inside the airport) to
  the Hotel Fiesta Americana and check out their restaurant. Lacto-
  vegetarians can survive in there and they speak passable English.
  Beware of the buffet, it's loaded with meat items and other things
  which are cooked in lard.

Monterrey  (Neuvo Leon)

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Natural City Market and Cafe
- Vegan. Lof-fat fast food restaurant, juice bar, bakery, and grocery.

Playa Carmen  (Quintana Roo)

Sabor (Flavor), ask locals where it is, they'll know.
- Vegetarian-friendly. As of summer 93, they will have moved to a new
  larger location. Vegetarian tortas, killer pastries, etc. A
  vegetarian oasis in a country full of meat.

San Cristobal de Las Casas  (Chiapas)

Madre Tierra (Mother Earth), on Avenida Ninos Heroes near Avenida
- Great (mostly) vegetarian restaurant with a natural food store.




Govinda's(?), Ibadan Road, Obantoko, behind NET.
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.




Govinda's(?), Jerusalen 402, Tel. 229523
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Govinda's(?), Espaderos 128
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Govinda's(?), Schell 634 Miraflores




Govinda's, 26 Sanchiangko Street
- Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant.


Vegetarian Contacts:

(Name unknown) <>



Vegetarian Restaurants:

Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant, Albert Complex #03-23 and Blk 190 Toa
  Payoh Lorong 6 #02-516, 3382947 & 3542566
- Chinese vegan.

Komala Vilas, 76-78 Serangoon Road, Singapore 0821, 293-6980
- South Indian. Serves very authentic South Indian food. Not spicy and
  very reasonably priced. Open 7am-10pm daily.

Analakshmi(?), just around the corner from the famous Funan Computer
  centre, near a hotel
- Vegetarian Indian. IMHO, the best vegetarian restaurant in
  Singapore. The food is prasad (offered), which makes it taste much
  better! It's run to help fund a school for Indian dance and music,
  with volunteer effort, so you're supporting a good cause!

Bodhi Vegetarian Cuisine, 2 locations:
  03-140 Marina Square, 337-0703
  246-B Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 2057, 451-3208


South Africa

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegans in South Africa
Box 36242, Glosderry 7702, South Africa



All of the below establishments listed with *CHMA are affiliated with,
and had their listings obtained from, The International Supreme Master
Ching Hai Meditation Association, which is a religious organization.
In addition, any establishments listed with the name 'Vegetarian
House' are actually named 'The International Supreme Master Ching Hai
Meditation Associations Vegetarian House'. These tend to be
lacto-vegetarian and vegan-friendly.


Infinite Life Buffet, 193 Zhong Zheng Road, Fu Wei Town,
  Tel. 5-6336811 *CHMA

Zhi Ju Lin Buffet, 25 Yun Lin Road Section 1, Dou Liu City,
  Tel. 5-5351896 *CHMA

Vegetarian Buffet, 230 Tai Lin Street, Tel. 5-2751709 *CHMA


Shin-Shin Vegetarian Bread Manufactory, 43 Shing-Jong Street,
  Tel. 35-223708 *CHMA

Hua Lien

Good Host Vegetarian Shop, 469 Chung Zheng Road, Tel. 38-348336/327815


Wu-Liang-Shou Delicacy Inn, 63 Hsao 2 Rd, Tel. 2-4201478/4250311 *CHMA

The Infinite Life Healthy Vegetarian Food, 5 Kung-Chien Road,
  Liu-Tu Industrial Zone, Tel. 2-4515191-3/451719-2 *CHMA
- Restaurant?


Asia Vegetarian Restaurant, 252 Chin Ting Road, San Min District,
  Tel. 7-3438006 *CHMA

Vegetarian House, 27 Rui Fu Road, Tel. 7-7215072 *CHMA


Good Friend Vegetarian House, 124-1 Kwang Fu Road, Ma Kung City,
  Tel. 6-9261158 *CHMA

Kai Feng Vegetarian Food Specialist, 7-4 Lin Hai Road, Ma Kung City,
  Tel. 6-9273318 *CHMA
- Western bread and cakes.


Kuang Liang Vegetarian Buffet, 117 Kuang-Tung Road, Tel. 8-7228513

Wu Ma Ma Vegetarian Buffet, 25-43 Lin-Sen Road, Tel. 8-7223257 *CHMA

Stand By Vegetarian House, 349 Tzu-Yu Road, Tel. 8-7382310 *CHMA

Vegetarian House, 68 Chang-Chun Road, Chaochou Chen, Tel. 8-7890022

Shin Shan Vegetarian Buffet, 36 Chung-Hsiao Road, Chaochou Chen,
  Tel. 8-7884613 *CHMA

Cheng Kung Vegetarian Buffet, 51 Chang-Ming Road, Chaozhou Chen,
  Tel. 8-7887710 *CHMA


Vegetarian House, 2 Tah Tun 19th Street, Tel. 4-3231250 *CHMA

Cottage Taiwanese Food Vegetarian Restaurant, 13, Lane 15,
  Hsin Hsing Road, Lung Ching Hsiang, Tel. 4-6315480 *CHMA


Vegetarian House, 21, Section 2, Dah Torng Road, Tel. 6-2601489 *CHMA

Wu Liang Guang Vegetarian Cafeteria, 209 Jong Hwa Road, Tel. 6-2384131

Wu Liang Shou Vegetarian Cafeteria, 269 Dong Ning Road *CHMA


Bodhi Garden Vegetarian Restaurant

Bodhidharma Vegetarian Restaurant, 140 Jin Hua Street, Tel. 2-3516651

Tong-1 Vegetarian Garden, B1, 9 Hsin Yang Street, Tel. 2-3815836 *CHMA

Wu-Liang-Shou Delicacy Inn, 2 locations:
  120 Heng Yang Road, Tel. 2-3886055-6 *CHMA
  42 Syh Wei Road, Tel. 2-7021127/7050903 *CHMA

Tang Tang Vegetarian Foods, 2 locations:
  19 An He Road Lane 171, Section 2, Tel. 2-7321243 *CHMA
  B1, 48 Lane 290, Kwang Fu South Road, Tel. 2-7773603 *CHMA

The Wisdom Eye Co, 548 Wang Ta Road, Tel. 2-3321664 *CHMA
- Vegetarian cakes and food.

Formosa Healthy Vegetarian Cafetaria, B1, 1, Sec. 1,
  Chung-Ching South Road, Tel. 2-3812042 *CHMA

Taipei City First Consumers Cooperative, Rm. 701, 72, Sec. 1,
  Chung Hsiao W. Road, Tel. 2-3759888 *CHMA
- "Healthy vegetarian food."

Buddha Yuan Pu Vegetarian Restaurant, 2F, 281 Chung Cheng Road,
  Shi Lin Dist, Tel. 2-8831195 *CHMA

Tao Yuan

Vegetarian  House, 318 Shiann-Fu Road, Tel. 3-3380650 *CHMA

Ching Yun Healthy Vegetarian Cafeteria, 382 Chung-Cheng Road,
  Chung Li City, Tel. 3-4941771/4942134 *CHMA

Quan Shin Vegetarian Restaurant, 310, Sec. 2, Jieh-Shou Road,
  Ba-De Hsiang, Tel. 3-3663178 *CHMA

Ching-Yun Vegetarian Restaurant, 192 Fu-Hsing Road,
  Tel. 3-3367762/3358448 *CHMA

Yi Lan

Shan Shyr Vegetarian Restaurant, 161 Yi Shing Road, Tel. 39-332992

Shan Shin Noodles Shop, 18 Cherng Hwang Street, Tel. 39-321789 *CHMA



'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
insist on no fish sauce or other animal products when eating out. In
Thailand, fish sauce is called 'nam pla'. Be sure to keep this in mind
because all Thai food seems to have some meat or meat based flavouring
in it.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Whole Earth, 93/3 Soi Lang Suan, Ploenchit Rd., 2525574
- Other than the weekend market pavillion this is the only all
  vegetarian place in Bangkok.

There is a vegetarian pavillion at the weekend market that's supposed
to be excellent.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Whole Earth
- Vegetarian-friendly. Truely amazing. Owned and operated by Buddhist
  monks (however they do serve non-vegetarian items).

Lemongrass, 5/1 Sukhumvit 24, 2588637
- Supposed to be fantastic. Vegetarian meals on request.

Ban Krua, 29/1 Saladeng Soi 1, 2336912
- Vegetarian items on menu.

Seven Seas, 14/7 Sukhumvit 33, 2597662
- Vegetarian meals on request.

Once Upon a Time, 167 Soi Anumarachamon, 2338493
- Vegetarian items on menu.

Tumahak Thai Ruchadapisek Rd, 2761810
- Vegetarian items on menu.


Tara Hotel, 183/1 Sukhumvit Soi 26, 2592900
- Actually Siamese twin (sorry) hotels. The cheaper, the Impala,
  features a vegetarian section at its buffet.

Dusit Thani Hotel, Rama IV Rd, 2361450/9
- Pavillion Cafe has vegetarian menu.

Regent Hotel, 155 Rajachmri Rd, 2516532
- Vegetarian items on menu.

Ambassador Hotel, 171 Sukhumvit Soi 11, 2515141
- Has a food court featuring a great Chinese vegetarian restaurant and
  a Thai vegetarian cafe.


Kuk Kak Rest Area, 20/1 MU4 Bangpakong, Banga-Trad Rd, Chachiengsao,
  038 531856
- All vegetarian inn. On the road from Bankok to the coast.

Chiang Mai

The Whole Earth, 88 Sridonchai Rd, 232463
- Vegetarian-friendly. Truely amazing. Owned and operated by Buddhist
  monks (however they do serve non-vegetarian items).

Hat Yai  (Songkhla)

Vegan Restaurants:

???, 266/3 Sangchan Road, 66-74-235992
- Chinese vegan restaurant & natural foods store. Open 7am-6pm.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Ying Mungsawirat, Juti-anusorn Road
- Thai vegetarian restaurant & natural foods store. Vegan-friendly.
  They serve glean rice. Open Mon-Sat 7am-8pm.

Je Lin, 139 Thummanoonwitee Road
- Thai/Chinese vegetarian restaurant & natural foods store.
  Vegan-friendly. Open 7am-7:30pm.

???, canteen at the Songklanakarin Hospital, Prince of Songkla U.
  Karnjanawanij Road
- Ovo-vegetarian canteen. Only Thai-style fast foods. Vegan-friendly.
  Open Mon-Fri 7am-2pm, excluding holidays.


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