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Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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New York

This section has listings for New York State.

Many thanks to Andrea Shettle-Sutton for providing lots of help with
the New York State listings.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.



Dahlia's Vegetarian Bistro, 858 Madison Avenue, (518) 482-0931
- Vegetarian. Vegan and macrobiotic options. International gourmet
  including pasta pesto, falafel, enchiladas, gado gado. Casual
  dining. Every item on menu made from scratch.

Nature's Way Cafe, 227 Washington Avenue, (518) 462-0222
- Emphasis on 'healthy' menu. Vegetarian and vegan options. Closed
  Sundays. *VRG

El Loco Mexican Cafe, 465 Madison Avenue, (518) 426-1855
- Mexican. Most items can be prepared vegetarian. Has soy cheese
  options (casein-free?). *VRG


Pizza Plant, 3085 Sheridan Drive, (716) 833-0882
- Has several natural food choices including vegetarian stew, soups,
  pizzas, and vegan burgers. *VRG

Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York (ARAWNY)
P.O. Box 475, Amherst, NY 14226


Santosha Vegetarian Dining, 40 Merrick Road, (516) 598-1787
- Vegetarian. Tortillas, tempeh, saffron coucous African, vegan
  desserts. Open for lunch Tue-Fri, dinner Tue-Sun. *VRG


Bay Club Vegetarian Society
2 Bay Club Drive, Suite 6F, Bayside, NY 11360, (718) 961-4268


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Lost Dog Cafe and Coffeehouse, corner of Murray and Main
- This is the only place in Bingo-land where you'll find a funky
  atmosphere and coffee drinks with rice milk. They substitute tofu
  for meat in most dishes, so you can contruct a vegan dish. No
  smoking on Thursdays. Outdoor cafe in the summer. Unfortunately, no
  vegan desserts. Open approximately Mon-Thu 10am-1am, Fri-Sat

Whole in the Wall, 43 S. Washington Street, (607) 722-0006
- Natural foods restaurant. Vegan and macrobiotic options. Breads and
  bagels baked fresh daily. Can accommodate special diets. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

E.A.T. Food Cooperative, Main Street
- The only food coop in the city, though there is a student-run coop
  that is more of a lunch restaurant on campus. Good bulk foods and a
  friendly manager named Wilton.

Down to Earth Whole Foods, in Endicott (10 mins from Binghamton)
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. The largest natural food store in the
  Binghamton area.


E-mail: (Suzanne)
- Veggie-focused zine. Art, poetry, essays, and opinions welcome.
  Topics tend to be enviro and animal rights oriented, not much of a
  health thing.


Club Veg Triple Cities
Contact: Amie Hamlin, (607) 724-1691
- New (1995) and energetic vegetarian education group. Newsletter


See also: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island.

The telephone area code for Brooklyn is (718).

Vegetarian Restaurant:

King Vegetarian Restaurant, 4705 Church Avenue, 284-4533
- East Flatbush vegetarian restaurant. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and
  dinner. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant:

Gourmet Cafe, 1622 Coney Island Avenue, 338-5825
- Kosher. Mostly vegetarian. Vegan and macrobiotic options. They have
  great soups, chopped vegetarian liver, stuffed cabbage, chicken-like
  schnitzel, veggie burgers, etc. Open Sun-Thu for lunch and dinner.

Taam Eden, 5001 13th Avenue, 972-1692
- Kosher. Full service, cafeteria style, and take-out. Open daily for
  breakfast lunch, and dinner. *VRG

Weiss's, 1146 Coney Island Avenue, 421-0164
- Kosher dairy cuisine with vegetarian dishes. Open Sun-Thu
  noon-9:30pm. *VRG

Who's on Seventh, 183 Seventh Avenue (at 2nd Street), 765-0597
  Near Seventh Avenue, C/D/Q/F subway stops.
- Natural foods. Sandwiches. *VRG

Leaf and Bean Cafe, 136 Montague Street, 855-7978
- Natural foods cafe. Vegetarian options. Gourmet tea and coffee. Open
  daily for brunch and lunch only. *VRG

Steve and Sons Bakery and Caterers, 9305 Church Avenue, 498-5800
- Ethnic/American. Vegetarian patties, turn overs, stew, gluten in
  wine sauce, etc. Open Sun-Thu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *VRG

Healthy Henrietta's, 60 Henry Street, 858-8478
- Mexican/natural foods. Vegan and macrobiotic options. Mexican items
  can be offered with tofu sour cream. *VRG

Moustache Pizza, 405 Atlantic Avenue, 852-5555
- Middle Eastern. Bread baked on order. Open daily. *VRG

Mr. Falafel, 226 Seventh Avenue, 768-4961
- Egyptian. Take-out. Open daily.

Kar, 428 5th Avenue, 965-1010
- Chinese. Open daily to 10:30pm. *VRG

Kar Too, 5909 Avenue N, 531-8811
- Chinese. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:
Flatbush Food Coop, 1318 Cortelyou Road, (718) 284-9717
- Established in 1976, Flatbush Food Coop is a natural foods
  cooperative open to the general public. They are a whole foods
  grocery store with a strong emphasis on organics. The Coop doesn't
  have a deli, per se, but carries many deli-type items: veggie
  sandwiches and subs, hummous, tabouli, baba ganoush, and other
  sundry prepared foods. Open 8:30-8pm daily.


Vegetarian Singles News
P.O. Box 300412, Brooklyn, NY 11230-0412
Contact: Art Goldberg, (718) 633-9817
- Magazine directed towards unmarried vegetarians worldwide with the
  goal of helping them meet each other. Also provides information on
  vegetarian lifestyle. Originally designed to be accessed in three
  formats: hard copy subscription (with letter forwarding options),
  voice mail (via 900 telephone # now active in the US) and Internet
  (but some snag happened).

Vegetarian Organization:

Women & Animals Activist Archive/Vegetarian Activist Collective
184 Seeley Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218, (718) 435-3998


Amy's Place, 3234 Main Street, (716) 832-6666
- Natural foods/American/Middle Eastern. About half the menu is
  vegetarian. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *VRG

El Charro, 3447 Bailey Avenue, (716) 837-5300
- Mexican. Tamales, empanadas, burritos, etc. *VRG


Willow Island, 1 West Main, (315) 386-8822
- Vegetarian. Vegan options. Open Tue-Sat for lunch and dinner. *VRG


La Pasta, 530 Central Avenue, (516) 374-9232
- Kosher. Mostly vegetarian. Open Sun-Thu. *VRG

Cold Brook

Adirondack Foothills Vegetarian Society
RD1 Box 651, Cold Brook, NY 13324, (315) 826-7405


North American Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 72, Dolgeville, NY 13329
Contact: Brian Graff, (518) 568-7970
- Membership $18/yr, includes subscription to "Vegetarian Voice".
  Annual convention.

Garden City

Akbar, One King Road West (in Roosevelt Field), (516) 248-5700
- Indian. Good vegetarian selection. At least 4 vegan entrees. Spicy
  food available. *VRG


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Cafe
- Vegan-friendly. They serve a few vegetarian dishes such as chili
  and garden burgers and usually have a vegetarian lunch special.
  Open during classes, 8am-10pm (?).

Natural Foods Stores:

Mother Earth Natural Foods, Exchange Street

Glen Cove

Natural Foods Stores:

Rising Tide Natural Market, 42 Forest Avenue, (516) 676-7895
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. This is a great mid-sized natural food
  store. The deli is outstanding and the store is clean, pleasant and
  easy to shop in. Open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-6pm.

Great Neck

Earth's Harvest, 5 Great Neck Road, (516) 829-8605
- Natural foods store with deli. Macrobiotic options. *VRG

Garden of Plenty, 4 Wellwyn Road, (516) 482-8868
- Chinese. Unique vegetarian dishes. *VRG


Natural Foods Stores:

Hamilton Whole Foods, 28 Broad Street, (315) 824-2930
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Excellent selection of spices and grains,
  plus specialty food items, books and enviro-friendly clothing. Deli
  counter with made-to-order sandwiches, salads, drinks, and a cool
  trivia contest each day. Alternative magazine selection and friendly
  atmosphere. Open Mon-Fri days, Sat 1/2 day. Closed Sun.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Jholla, 36 Gerard Street, (516) 385-7956
- Northwest Indian take-out. Emphasizes vegetarian food. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Straight From the Heart, 80 E Main Street, (516) 549-3750
- Has a very clean gourmet quality deli. Natural groceries and organic
  produce. The staff is pleasant and the food is wonderful.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Island Vegetarians
P.O. Box 1146, Huntington, NY 11743-0660, (516) 543-8350


Jewish Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 144, Hurleyville, NY 12747, (914) 434-6335

Hyde Park

Mother Earth's Storehouse, Jamesway Shopping Plaze, Route 9,
  (914) 229-8593
- Natural foods store. Wide variety of organic and vegetarian foods.
  Bulk beans and nuts.


The telephone area code for Ithaca is (607).

Thanks to Kimberly Phillips ( and Judith Underwood
for supplying most of the section on Ithaca.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

ABC (Apple Blossom Cafe), 308 Stewart Avenue, 277-4770
- Vegetarian except that Tuesday's special is shrimp tempura (they'll
  make a tofu version, but it's cooked in the same oil). Everything
  else they serve is vegetarian and much of it is vegan. "Everything
  I've had there is great, and substitutions are generally easily
  acommodated." Different ethnic/theme dinner specials every night.
  Open Tue-Fri 11am-midnightish, Sat 9:30am-1am, Sun 9:30am-11pm.
  Closed Mondays.

Ithaca Bakery, 400 N. Meadow Street (aka Route 13), 273-7110
- Bakery/deli/grocery. Vegan-friendly. Excellent selection of fresh
  bean, grain, pasta, and vegetable salads and dishes. Hummus deli
  sandwiches. Fresh bread and pastries. Selection of pricey specialty
  grocery products. Down-to-Earth atmosphere.

Collegetown Bagels, 413 College Avenue, 273-9655
- Has a good salad bar, usually at least one vegetarian hot entree.
  Another location at 203 N Aurora only has bagels and bagel

Basics, corner of Aurora and Seneca
- Has soup, salad, and bread (as wells as some hot entrees) from the
  Collegetown Bagel/Ithaca Bakery folks.

Sangam, 424 Eddy, 273-1006
- Northern Indian. Several of the vegetable dishes are vegan. The
  dishes containing dairy are clearly marked as such. The food here is
  very good. Nothing is cooked with ghee--it's all vegetable oil.
  Lunch buffet with at least two vegetarian main dishes. If you have
  something particular in mind that isn't on the menu (or isn't
  vegetarian or vegan as you would prefer), they'll make it up for you
  if you give them a few days notice. Take-out available. Open for
  lunch Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:30pm & Sat-Sun noon-3pm, dinner Sun-Thu
  5pm-10pm & Fri-Sat 5pm-10:30pm.

Thai Cuisine, 501 S. Meadow Street (Rt. 13), 273-2031
- Thai. Vegan-friendly. Good selection of vegetarian soups,
  appetizers, and entrees (several pages on menu). Moderately formal,
  extremely tasty food. Hot dishes can be made with varying degrees of
  hotness; the "medium" level is about the hottest food I can stand.
  Reservations recommended.
- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Vietnam Restaurant, 208 Dryden Road, 273-5030
- Vietnamese. There are only a few vegetarian options on the menu
  (most or all of which are vegan), but they are all so good that I
  thought this restaurant merited mention. Plus, the prices are good,
  even on a student budget. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Four Seasons Korean Restaurant, 404 Eddy Street, 277-1117
- Korean. Vegan-friendly. Use caution, it is not always clear from the
  menu whether something is vegetarian, but I have never had any
  trouble once I've asked. The food is tasty and the management is
  accomodating and willing to modify things on the menu to make them
  vegetarian or vegan upon request. Located on the former site of the
  Cabbagetown Cafe. Open daily 11am-10pm.

The Chariot, 420 Eddy Street, 273-0081
The Nines, 311 College Avenue, 272-1888
- Pizza etc. Chariot is very flexible about their menu -- if they can
  put it together in the kitchen, they'll serve it. The Nines is run
  by the same people but I have less personal experience with it.

Aladdins Natural Eatery, 100 Dryden Road 273-5000
- Middle eastern food.

Just a Taste, 116 N Aurora, 277-9463
- Wine and tapas bar. Many options for tapas (appetizer sized dishes
  that make a meal from two or three), fewer for entrees. Good spinach

Moosewood, Dewitt Mall, 273-9610
- Of the Moosewood cookbooks fame. Not in the vegetarian restaurant
  category because they serve fish and occasionally chicken. Vastly
  overrated -- ABC is much better and cheaper. Service is very poor
  and very slow. The prices have skyrocketed since they remodeled, and
  the food is fairly fatty (massive amounts of cheese used). They
  often mix orders up, and they don't know what's in the food.
- Eating at Moosewood as a vegan is also a nightmare (assured that the
  soup had no dairy in it, imagine my suprise to find a dollop of sour
  cream floating in it and butter in the stock).
- Last time I went to Moosewood, the predicted wait for a table was
  2.5 hours.

Natural Foods Stores:

Greenstar Co-op, 701 W Buffalo, 273-9392
- Has a mostly vegetarian deli. Vegan friendly. Non-members can shop
  but pay slightly more. Good source for organic (and local) foods and
  has great bulk prices and selection (including herbs and spices, nut
  butters, flours, grains, dried fruit, oil, sea weed, tofu, seitan,
  and much more). Greenstar also carries vegan personal care (like
  soap and lotion) and household cleaning (like dish soap) items.

Ludgate Produce Farm, 1552 Hanshaw Road, 257-1765
- Vegetarian food store. A wide variety of food from chick pea flour
  to Tropical Source chocolate bars, and of course tons of fresh
  produce of all types, many organic and locally grown. Ludgates is a
  bit off the beaten path but well worth the trip. Open daily

Oasis Natural Grocery, Dewitt Mall, 273-8213
- Grocery, bakery, deli, organic vegetables. Book section.

Ithaca Farmers' Market
- Details anyone?


McBooks Press, 908 Steam Mill Road, (607) 272-2114
Contact: Alex Skutt
- The publisher of a series of vegetarian parenting books by Sharon
  Yntema: Vegetarian Pregnancy, Vegetarian Baby, and Vegetarian


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

La Florintina, 604 Ulster Avenue, (914) 339-2455
- Excellent eclectic pizza, calzones & pasta dishes from a wood-fired
  brick oven. Many vegetarian, vegan, whole wheat, & yeast-free
  choices. Receptive to special needs. Incredible porcini mushroom
  sauce (butter) can be substituted to lemon tahini sauce. Take-out.

Natural Foods Stores:

Mother Earth's Storehouse, King's Mall, Rt 9W North, (914) 336-5541
- Natural foods, some organic produce.

Locust Valley

Charlies, 324 Forest Avenue, (516) 676-6229
- Vegetarian sandwhiches, tofu burgers, pasta dishes. Open daily
  4pm-midnight. *VRG

Long Island

See listings for Amityville, Cedarhurst, Garden City, Great Neck,
  Huntington, Locust Valley, Montauk, Oceanside, Sag Harbor, Seaford,
  West Hempstead, Woodmere.


See also: Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

The telephone area code for Manhattan is (212).

Vegan Restaurants:

Angelica Kitchen, 300 East 12th Street, 228-2909
- Vegan/macrobiotic. At any time, 95% of its 260 ingredients are
  organic. Excellent food. Marked as "Reviewer's choice" in VRG's
  Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants.

Bachue, 36 W. 21st Street (btwn 5th and 6th Avenues), 229-0870
- International with South-American touch. Vegan breakfasts. Very good
  review in Zagat Survey: food 19, decor 9, service 15, cost 17. Open
  Mon-Fri 8am-10:30pm, Sat 11am-10:30pm, Sun 11am-7pm.

The Health Nuts, several locations:
  1208 Second Avenue, 593-0116
  835 Second Avenue, 490-2979
  2611 Broadway, 678-0054
- Natural foods store with deli/juice. Gourmet salads, pasta, pizza,
  soups, pastries, cakes, etc. Counter service. *VRG

Vege Vege, 544 3rd Avenue (near 36th Street)
- Chinese. Wonderful! Lots of gluten. Fantastic dim-sum. The stuffed
  wild mushroom dish is heavenly. They are very willing to adjust
  foods for special diets. "Don't miss their delicious Orange Juice."

Vegetarian Paradise,  48 Bowery, Chinatown, 571-1535
- Chinese. Highly recommended. Everything is excellent.

Vegetarian Paradise 2 (VP2), 144 W. 4th Street, 260-7141
  Near West 4th Street subway stop on A/B/C/D/E/F trains.
- Chinese. "Exquisite Chinese vegetarian cuisine". Marked as
  "Reviewer's choice" in VRG's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants.
  Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Vegetarian Paradise 2 Go (VP-2-GO), 140 W. 4th Street, 260-7049
- Chinese vegan take-out. Authentic Dim Sum.

Vegetarin Heaven, 304 W. 58th Street (4 Columbus Circle), 956-4678
- Chinese Kosher.

Hangawi, 12 East 32st Street (between Madison and Fifth), 213-0077
- Korean. "The only vegetarian/vegan Korean restaurant outside of
  Korea." Beautiful, serene, and elegant atmosphere. Food
  exceptionally unique but simple. Worthy of a visit despite high
  prices. Received a good review in the New York Times.

Shojin, 23 Commerce Street, 989-3530
- Japanese. "Known for tofu pie". Also has gluten cutlet, okara
  burgers, etc. Closed Sundays. *VRG

Sacred Chow, 522 Hudson Street
- Everything is prepared without refined sugar or white flour.

Metro Lifestyle Ministries, 116 East 60th Street, 319-7850
- 7th Day Adventist.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Vegetarian Garden, 37 East 29th Street (between Madison & Park
  Avenues), (212) 686-9692
- Buddist. Great and inexpensive. Good dishes include: Orange Beef
  (made from portabello mushrooms), Peking Duck (made from tofu),
  Crispy Stuffed Bean Curd Roll, and Pork with Spicy Salt & Pepper
  Sauce (tofu and potatoes). Stay away from the General Tso Chicken
  (the tofu is too hard!). "Incredible food and much less expensive
  than Zen Palate."
- "Wonderful. This is the best vegetarian restaurant in NY, with very
  interesting, tasty, and exciting dishes. The soups are fabulous and
  they really know how to do up the analogs, for those into that. The
  vegetables are varied, fresh and done to exactly the right doneness!
  The chef went to Hong Kong to study under master chefs there."

Zen Palate, 2 locations:
  400 W. 46th Street, 582-1669 (more formal)
  663 9th Avenue (at 46th St), 582-1669 (less elegant, better food)
- Chinese vegetarian. Vegan options. Ellegant. Very clean. Specialties
  include mock meats of the asian variety, eg: pressed smoked tofu as
  ham. An emphasis on low fat. Excellent fried dumplings. Reservations
  required. One location has a noodle shop.
- Both locations have counter service with inexpensive dishes: $3-$4
  dumplings, $2 basil moo shu rolls (try them!), $6-10 entrees
  including those huge Asian soup-meals.
- "I have also found that asking [about vegan items] does not always
  mean you get an honest answer (they were once using a margarine
  with dairy in it on something I was told was vegan, and they tried
  telling me it was an old tub, while there were many more like it
  visible in the fridge."

Caravan of Dreams, 405 East 6th Street (btwn 1st Avenue & Avenue A),
- "This is my all-time favorite in NY City." Winner of the New York
  Naturally's 1994 Restaurant of the Year Award. Organic food, mostly
  vegan (non-vegan items clearly indicated). Seasonal menu with daily
  specials. Hot and cold appetizers, sandwiches, soups, salads,
  breads, hot meals (lots of pasta, grains, beans, veggies), juice
  bar, selection of sugar-free/dairy-free desserts. Many foods
  wheat-free. Live music sometimes. The food is excellent and the
  staff is friendly and attentive. Open Tue-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri
  11am-midnight, Sat 10am-midnight, Sun 10am-11pm. Closed Mon.

Plum Tree, 1501 1st Avenue, 535-0442
- Natural foods/macrobiotic. Vegan options. Closed Mondays. *VRG

Temple in the Village, 74 W. 3rd Street, Greenwich Village, 475-5670
- Cafateria-style. Excellent macrobiotic & vegetarian food. Open
  Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.

The Sanctuary, 33 St. Mark's Place, 505-8234
- Different ethnic foods each night. Vegan options. Open Tue-Sat
  noon-8:30pm. *VRG

Madras Woodland, 308 E. 49th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues),
- Vegetarian South Indian. Excellent.

Madras Mahal, 104 Lexington Avenue (btwn 27th & 28th Streets),
- Vegetarian South Indian kosher. No additives. Breads are whole
  wheat. Vegan options.

House of Vegetarian, 68 Mott Street, 226-6572
- Chinese vegetarian/macrobiotic. 200+ dishes. Vegan options.
- "I love this place. Especially the hotpot. Their veg ham is
  delicious. So is their turnip cake and mock meats, whether they're
  made from gluten, tofu skin, tofu, taro root, or various vegetables.
  Cheap prices. The atmosphere has a nice, dark, claustrophobic edge
  to it. Approved by my non-veg immigrant parents!"
- "Too fatty. Quantity but not really quality."

3 Chefs Chinese Restaurant, 242 W. 56th Street, between 8th and
  Broadway, 586-3666

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen, 70 Spring Street, 226-8280
- Vegetarian bakery. Mostly vegan. Some sandwiches. *VRG

The Friday Night Dinner Club, 2nd Floor, 48 W. 21st Street, 645-5170
- Open Fridays only. Reservations required. Sugar and dairy free, low
  in fat, etc. Take-out available. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


  Quantum Leap, 88 West 3rd Street, 677-8050
  - Japanese, macrobiotic, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Mexican
    dishes. Some dishes offer a choice of (rennetless) cheese or tofu,
    or of fried or steamed ingredients.
  - "My favorite restaurant! I never had a bad meal, the place is an
    oasis of calm, tranquility, and wonderful service in a very
    hectic, unhealthy city. The spaghetti and wheat balls are great. I
    lived near this restaurant, and it saved me from many a
    nutritional and emotional slump."

  Village East, 2 St Marks Place, 533-9898
  - Japanese, macrobiotic, Middle Eastern, and Italian dishes. Some
    dishes offer a choice of (rennetless) cheese or tofu, or of fried
    or steamed ingredients.

  Good Health Cafe, 324 East 86th Street, 439-9680
  - Japanese, macrobiotic, Middle Eastern, and Italian dishes. Some
    dishes offer a choice of (rennetless) cheese or tofu, or of fried
    or steamed ingredients.

  Ozu, 566 Amsterdam Avenue (near 85th Street), 787-8316
  - Japanese macrobiotic. Vegan-friendly.

  Mana, 2444 Broadway (btwn 90th & 91st Streets), 787-1110
  - Japanese macrobiotic. Mostly vegetarian. No dairy used. "A lot of
    really yummy vegan options. My favorites are the curried seitan,
    the huge bowls of broth with noodles and veggies, and their
    platters of steamed veggies of the day, bean of the day, hijiki,
    rice and tahini oat sauce with gomasio on every table. DON'T eat
    their desserts, though!!! You may not live to regret it! Ugh...."
    Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.

  Souen, 28 E. 13th Street, 627-7150
  - Macrobiotic/natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

:Natural Foods:

  The Health Pub, 371 2nd Avenue (at 21st Street), 529-9200
  - Vegetarian-friendly. Mostly vegan.

  Yaffa Cafe, 97 Saint Marks Place (btwn 1st & 2nd Avenues), 674-9302
  - Mostly vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Good selection of dinner salads
    and pastas. Outdoor garden. Resident cat. Cheap. "If you're lucky
    you'll see an 'alternative' musician. I used to see Iggy Pop there
    all the time." Open 24 hours a day.

  Life Cafe, 343 E. 10th Street, 477-9001
  - Natural foods. Primarily vegetarian. Many dishes vegan. Open for
    lunch and dinner daily, brunch on Sat-Sun. *VRG

  Luma, 200 Ninth Avenue, 633-8033
  - Natural foods/macrobiotic. "Extensive vegetarian menu". Uses
    organic ingredients. *VRG

  Healthy Candle, 972 Lexington Avenue, 472-0970
  - Vegetarian/macrobiotic juice bar. Take-out only. Vegan options.
    Tofu dishes, pasta. Sugar and dairy-free desserts. Open Mon-Sat
    for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *VRG

  Boostan, 85 MacDougal Street, 533-9561
  - Natural foods. Almost entirely vegetarian. Vegan options. *VRG

  Nutrisseris, 142 W. 72nd Street, 721-3039
  - Natural foods deli. Fresh juices. Open daily for breakfast, lunch,
    and dinner. *VRG

  Spring Street Natural, 62 Spring Street, 966-0290
  - Soups, salads, entrees. Sugar and dairy free desserts. *VRG

  Zucchini, 1336 First Avenue, 249-0559
  - Natural foods. Will accommodate special dietary requests. *VRG

  The Salad Bowl, several locations:
    566 Seventh Avenue, 472-9318
    A and S Plaza Floor 7, 901 Sixth Avenue, 594-6512
    721 Lexington Avenue, 752-7201
    906 Third Avenue, 644-6767
    South Street, Seaport Pier 17, 693-0590
  - Natural foods. Vegetarian sandwiches, soups, salads. Fresh juices.
    Cafetria style. Open daily. *VRG

  The Great American Health Bar, several locations:
    55 John Street, 227-6100
    76 Beaver Street, 344-7522
    2 Park Avenue, 685-7117
    821 Third Avenue, 758-0883
    10 E. 44 Street, 661-3430
    35 W. 57th Street, 355-5177
  - Natural foods/kosher. Various vegetarian entrees. Fresh juices.
    Soups. Vegan options. *VRG

  Gindi, 935 Broadway, 505-5502
    Near 23rd Street NR subway stops.
  - Natural foods/bakery. *VRG

  Good Food Cafe, 401 Fifth Avenue, 686-3546
  - Natural foods store with cafe and juice bar. Vegan and macrobiotic
    options. *VRG

  Village Natural Food, 46 Greenwich Avenue, 727-0968
  - Natural foods. *VRG

  Naturworks, 200 A West 44th Street, 869-8335
  - Natural foods. Vegan options. *VRG

  Whole Foods in SoHo, 117 Prince Street, 673-5388
  - Natural foods store with deli. *VRG


  Brownie's, 101 Second Avenue, 254-5004
  - "Extensive vegetarian menu". Cafeteria style. *VRG

  Josie's, on Amsterdam Avenue near 75th Street
  - Have a lot of vegetarian and vegan stuff. Can served soy milk with
    coffee. A bit pricey. You may have to wait for an hour to get in
    if you don't make reservations. "A REALLY great place... well
    worth an occasional splurge."

  Au Bon Pain
  - Somewhat upscale and urbane fast food chain. An ingredients list
    and a nutritional analysis of all of its products is available.
    Have vegetarian chili. The Garden Vegetable, Cream of Broccoli,
    and Tomato Florentine soups are vegetarian, all the others,
    including Split Pea and Minestrone, are not.

  St. Mark's Pizza, 23 Third Avenue, 420-9531
  - "Wide variety" of vegetarian pizzas. *VRG

  Nosmo King, 54 Varick Street
  - Contemporary American. Organic foods. Open for dinner daily, lunch
    Mon-Fri only. *VRG

  Apple, 17 Waverly Place, 473-8888
  - Uses separate cooking equipment for vegetarian foods. Open daily
    for lunch and dinner. *VRG


  The Natural Food Bar, 166 West 72nd Street, 874-1213
  - Kosher/natural foods. Mostly vegetarian. *VRG

  B&H Dairy Restaurant, 127 Second Avenue, 505-8065
  - Kosher. Mostly vegetarian. Home cooking. Vegan options. Open
    daily. *VRG

  Mizrachi Kosher Dairy Restaurant, 105 Chambers Street, 964-2280
  - Kosher/natural foods. Fresh salad bar. Open for Mon-Thu for
    breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Fri for breakfast and lunch only.

  Ratner's, 138 Delancey Street, 677-5588
    Near Delancey Street F subway stop & Essex Street J/M subway stop.
  - Kosher dairy place. "A classic".


  There are several inexpensive Indian restaurants on Lexington Avenue
  and about 29th Street which have quite a few vegan/vegetarian
  dishes. Often $5 includes fresh baked bread, salad bar, and a huge
  plate of rice, beans and vegetables. Delicious, a real treat.

  Chutney Mary, 40 East 20th Street (between Broadway and Park Ave)
  - Organic Indian Cuisine. Health concious, but not entirely
    vegetarian. Entrees from $10-$23. South Indian foods too.

  Dawat, on 58th between 2nd & 3rd Avenues,
  - Indian. Vegan-friendly. Expensive, upscale joint. Very good food.

  Ganges, 344 E 6th Street, 228-3767
  - Indian. Vegetarian options. *VRG

  Indian Delhi, 392 Columbus Avenue, 570-0962
  - Indian. Vegan options. *VRG

  Nawab, 256 E. 49th Street, 755-9100
  - Indian. Vegetarian section on menu. Vegan options. *VRG

  Nirvana, 30 Central Park South, 486-5700
    Near 57th Street N/R & B/Q subway stops.
  - Indian. Formal. *VRG

  Shaagureka, 94 Second Avenue, 979-7448
  - Indian. "Small and friendly". *VRG


  Veselka, on 1st Avenue near the Yaffa Cafe
  - Russian coffeeshop. Awesome vegan barley/mushroom soup, pierogies,
    etc. Open all night (I believe).


  Abyssinia, 35 Grand Street, 226-5959
  - Ethiopian. Vegan options. All natural ingredients. Open daily for
    dinner, Sat-Sun for lunch. *VRG

  Blue Nile, 103 W. 77th Street, 580-3232
  - Ethiopian. Vegan options. *VRG


  Afghan Kebab House, 764 9th Avenue (between 51st & 52nd). 307-1612
  - Has a vegetarian section of the menu.


  Blockheads, corner of 3rd Avenue and 34th Street
  - Mexican. Vegan-friendly. Big burritos. Vegetarian and vegan
    options on all their entrees.

  Benny's Burritos, 2 locations:
    93 Avenue A, 254-3286
    113 Greenwich Avenue, 727-0584
  - "Excellent Mexican food." Easy to get a vegetarian or vegan
    entree. They even have non-dairy tofu sour cream! Be careful if
    you're vegan though, cheese turns up in the strangest places. The
    staff is generally accomodating.

  Harry's Burritos, on Columbus at 71st
  - Similar menu to Benny's Burritos.


  Hana, 675 Ninth Avenue, 582-9742
  - Korean/Japanese. Separate vegetarian menu. Vegan options. *VRG


  Topaz, 127 W. 56th Street, 957-8020
  - Thai with a wide assortment of vegetarian dishes.
  - 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
    insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

Natural Foods Stores:

Good Food Cafe, 401 Fifth Avenue, 686-3546
- Natural foods store with cafe and juice bar. *VRG

Whole Foods in SoHo, 117 Prince Street, 673-5388
- Natural foods store with deli. *VRG

Commodities, 117 Hudson Street, 334-8330
- Open daily 10am-8pm.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarian Society of New York
P.O. Box 1518, New York, NY 10028, (212) 535-9385

VivaVegie Society
Prince Street Station, P.O. Box 294, New York, NY 10012

Afro-American Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 46, Colonial Park Station, New York, NY 10039

Afrikan Wholistic Network
P.O. Box 881, New York, NY 10035

Feminists for Animal Rights
P.O. Box 964 Cathedral Station, New York, NY 10025, (212) 866-6422


Incredible Edibles, 209 E. Seneca Street, (315) 682-6684
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Vegan and macrobiotic
  options. *VRG


Canal Street Kosher Cafe, 5 Canal Street, (914) 344-1230
- Kosher. "Many" vegetarian dishes. Tofu creamcheese on breakfast
  items. *VRG


Naturally Good Foods & Cafe, S. Essex Street, (516) 668-9030
- Natural foods store with cafe. Vegan and macrobiotic options. Open
  for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. *VRG

Montour Falls

Assoc. of Vegetarian Dietiticians & Nutrition Educators (VEGEDINE)
3674 Cronk Road, Montour Falls, NY 14865, (607) 535-6089

New Paltz

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Wildflower Cafe, 18 Church Street, (914) 255-0020
- Closed Wednesdays. Call for hours. *VRG

Vegetarian Organizations:

The Vegetarian Youth Network
68 DuBois Road, New Paltz, NY 12561
Contact: Tovah Walters-Gidseg <>
- A support network for vegetarian teens run entirely by, and for,
  vegetarian and vegan youth. We have several projects that are being
  coordinated, and would like people's ideas regarding what types of
  services we should offer.

New York City

See listings for Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island,
  Long Island.

See also in New Jersey: Colonial, East Rutherford, Hoboken, Montclair,


Vegan Restaurants:

Sorrek Vegetarian Cuisine, 3303 Long Beach Road, (516) 594-9547
- Vegan. The best generic vegan cuisine in the North Eastern U.S.
  Run by a great young couple that obviously love their profession.
  The Veggie Pasta Alfredo is wonderful with a "DAIRY FREE CREAM
  SAUCE". The salad bar, sold by the pound, is priced right. There
  are always new things but a staple is SOUTH WEST BARBEQUE BEANS
  described as having Black Beans, Soy "meat", onions and peppers &
  SORREL special sauce. You will take a pound or two home. House
  Dishes range in price from $3.50 to $6.50 (1995). Fresh fruit and
  vegetable juices are blended to order. Overall a really tasty,
  healthy & delightful dining experience. Open Sun-Thu 11:30am-8pm,
  Fri 11:30am-4pm. Closed Sat.

U-8-2 Much, 1739 Peninsula Blvd, (516) 569-6888
- Chinese vegan. New (1995) and beautiful. One of the nicest Chinese
  restaurants you are likely to find. The Cold Noodle with Seasame
  Sauce ($3.25, 1995) is excelent. The noodles appear to be home made.
  The steamed Vegetable Dumplings ($3.95) are great. The Orange
  Chicken ($9.95) is crisp sweet and spicy with a texture that will
  fool even meat eaters. The dinner  menu has 65 items all under $10.
  There is a Fresh Squeeze Juice bar as well. Lunch from $4.25 to
  $5.95. Free Delivery. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat
  11:30am-11pm, Sun noon-10pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Prima Pasta, 3450 Long Beach Road, (516) 536-7660
- Pasta restaurant. At least six vegan entrees. *VRG


Mountain Gate, 212 McKinky Hollow Road, (914) 254-6000
- Indian. Vegetarian buffet. Open daily for lunch and dinner. *VRG


In the "small" town of Oneonta there are about 20 pizza joints where
you have no problem ordering pizza sans cheese.

The Autumn Cafe, 244 Main Street, (607) 432-6845
- Natural foods. American bistro. *VRG

Painted Post

Corning Area Vegetarian Society
27 Split Rail, Painted Post, NY 14870, (607) 936-1239


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

D&H, 125 Bridge Street (near the Amtrak station), 562-9427
- Very vegetarian-friendly. Excellent food! Large variety of salads.
  Tofu curry, meatless sausages, egg rolls, chinese vegetables, pasta
  with spinach and garlic, hummus, falafel (the only thing I didn't
  like, too greasy), etc. Open for lunch, dinner, and weekend

Carburs, 124 Margaret Street, 561-3663
- Soups, salads, appetizers (deep fried veggies, raw veggies and dip).
  Several excellent sandwiches (grilled veggie mixtures, eggplant, or
  advocado), all have cheese and most have garlic or parsley mayo.
  Crowded on weekends. Open for lunch and dinner.

Mangia Pizza and Pasta, 496 Cornelia Street, 562-5555
- One of my favorites. Wood fired pizzas with many topping choices.
  Soups and salads. Amazing pasta dishes. Some vegan options. Several
  low fat items. Grilled veggies/eggplant sandwiches. Open for lunch
  and dinner.

Jimmy Wong's, 7 Miller Street (across from the post office), 561-0162
- The best Chinese food in town. Not authentic. Spicy food on request.
  The restaurant has about 4 booths and they play movies (sometimes
  inappropriate) on a TV. They deliver.

Natural Foods Stores:

North Country Co-Op, 13 City Hall Place
- Very large selection of spices. Very limited produce. Prices are a
  little high, and they add 15% to the bill if you're not a member.
  Small, but it's the only place around. Open Mon&Sat 10am-4pm,
  Tue-Fri 10am-7pm, closed Sun.

- The only supermarket around with a vegetarian section. Tofu, tempeh,
  veggie burgers. Worthington Foods and Fantastic Foods products.
  Occasionally has organic produce. Open 24hrs.

Vegetarian Organization:

Vegetarian Awareness Committee (VAC)
State University of New York at Plattsburgh,
Internet contacts (valid from September to April):
  Kirby Culp <>
  Michael Pickering <>
- Small, but very committed and active group. They do a good job
  promoting vegetarianism. Organize food buffets, guest speakers, and
  other activities. They are trying to work with the food service on
  campus (Marriott) to set up a vegetarian food booth.


Balancing Act Deli, 778 Main Street, (914) 454-9806
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Wide selection. Pricey, around $7
  for a sandwich and drink. Non-sugar desserts. Will deliver from
  about 6pm to closing.


See also: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island.

The telephone area code for Queens is (718).

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Bamboo Gardens, 41-28 Main Street, Flushing, 463-9240
- Chinese vegan. Same management as Vegetarian Heaven in Manhattan.

Annam Brahma, 84-43 164th Street, 523-2600
- Huge selection, everything is excellent. Won award for best
  vegetarian restaurant in Queens.

Smile of the Beyond, 86-14 Parsons Blvd, 739-7453
- Luncheonette, for breakfast and lunch only.
  Excellent food. People call it the "Smile".

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Quantum Leap, 65-64 Fresh Meadows Lane, Fresh Meadows, 461-1307
  (Near Long Island Expressway and Utopia Parkway)
- Japanese, Macrobiotic, Middle Eastern, and Italian dishes. Some
  dishes offer a choice of (rennetless) cheese or tofu, or of fried
  or steamed ingredients. Natural foods store attached.

The Salad Bowl, 24-20 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, 786-1002
- Natural foods. Vegetarian sandwiches, soups, salads. Fresh juices.
  Cafetria style. Open daily. *VRG

Hunan Dynasty, 271-01 Union Turnpike, New Hyde Park, 962-6868
- Hunan Chinese. Open daily for lunch and dinner. *VRG

India Corner, 178-19 Union Turnpike, Flushing, 523-9682
- Northern Indian. Open Wed-Mon. Closed Tuesdays. *VRG

Vegetarian Food Distributor:

Super Elephant Inc, 35-30B Farrington Street, Flushing, NY 11354
  Tel: (718) 353-5090, Fax: (718) 359-3882
- Distributor of Asian vegetarian mock meats. (Vegetarian ham,
  chicken, hot dogs, etc.)

Vegetarian Organization:

Vegan Society of Queens
150-39 75th Avenue, #2A, Flushing, NY 11367, (718) 263-7160


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Slice of Life Cafe, 742 South Avenue, (716) 271-8010
- Vegan-friendly. Run by a femminist collective. Yummy buffalo tempeh
  sandwiches and breakfast burritos. Open Tue-Sun approx 8am-3pm.

BTB (Blessed Thistle Bakery), 145 University Avenue, (716) 454-1156
- Vegetarian. Has a small cafe that is pretty good. Vegan options. The
  bread is excellent!

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

India House/Vegetarian Cafe, 998 S. Clinton Avenue, (716) 271-0242
- Indian. The India House has two restaurants and a store. One
  restaurant serves non-vegetarian and vegetarian North Indian dishes.
  The other serves vegetarian South Indian cuisine. The lunch buffet
  is good and reasonably priced. Take-out and catering available. Open

Hong Kong, on Alexander Street between Park and East
- Will make almost any dish vegetarian. Moo Shu No-Pork is very good.
  Chinese Vegetable with Garlic Sauce is my all time favorite.

Alvin Ord's, on Monroe across from Aladdin's
- Excellent veg sandwich. Tofu burgers.

Big Apple, Park Avenue btwn Culver & Berkley
- Some excellent veg dishes. Great atmosphere, a little expensive.

Alexi's, on Monroe Avenue near Aladdin's
- Excellent veg pizza and pasta.

Aladdin's, on Monroe Avenue
- Middle-Eastern. Falafel, etc.

Basha, 798 South Clinton Avenue, 256-1370
- Middle Eastern. Has great falafel, baba ganoush, and hummus etc.
  Open Mon-Sun for lunch and dinner.

Mission Cafe, on Monroe Avenue (across from Aladdin's)
- Phenomenal service. Good food. Try the homemade salsa with blue corn
  chips. It's a popular small cafe, so get there early to get good

Bangkok, 155 State Street, 325-3517
- Thai. Vegan-friendly. Great Thai place with vegetarian selections.
  Sesame tofu is great. Open Mon-Sun for lunch and dinner.

Thai Taste, Mt. Hope Plaza
- _Cheap_ food. They'll do most of their dishes vegetarian on request.
- 'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

India Palace, 1900 S. Clinton Avenue, (716) 271-2100
- Indian. Open daily.

Raj Mahal, corner of Monroe Avenue and Alexander

Wildseeds Bookstore and Cafe, 7?? University Avenue
- Not a huge selection but pretty good.

Oscar's, Monroe Avenue near Goodman
- Though the last time I recommended this place, they had a Hepatitis

Hmm. I wonder if the Dunkin' Donuts in Brighton (Rochester) does
things in a special way? They're certified kosher.

Natural Food Stores:

Tops Friendly Market, 1900 South Clinton Avenue, (716) 442-2990
- A large grocery store with an especially large Indian food section
  with many beans, lentils and spices available. Open 24 hours a day,

There's a coop on Monroe near Oxford that sells organic groceries.


Farmers Market, Union Street
- Open on Saturday mornings in the summer months. A great deal for a
  huge variety of vegetables.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Rochester Area Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 20185, Rochester, NY 14602, (716) 381-2208

Sag Harbor

Provisions of Sag Harbor, Main Street, (516) 725-2666
- Natural foods store with deli. Salad bar. Vegan options. *VRG

Saratoga Springs

Animal Rights Action League
P.O. Box 1323, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, (518) 587-6742


Natural Foods Stores:

Earthly Delights, 162 Jay Street, (518) 372-7580
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, Thu 9am-8:30pm.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

- Vegan-friendly. Excellent seitan/tofu/veggie appetizers and entrees.

Natural Foods Stores:

Mrs. Green's Natural Market, 365 Central Park Avenue, (914) 472-9675
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Juice bar. Vegan options.
  Open daily. *VRG


Earth's Harvest, 1244 Hicksville Road, (516) 797-0700
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. *VRG

Spring Valley

Oneg Pizza and Dairy Restaurant, 33 maple Avenue, (914) 356-3560
- Whole-wheat pizza. *VRG

Staten Island

See also: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn.

Dairy Palace, 2210 Victory Blvd, (718) 761-5200
- Kosher/dairy restaurant. Chinese menu. Vegan options. *VRG

Taste of India, 287 New Dorp Lane, (718) 987-4700
- Indian. *VRG

Coalition to Liberate Animals Worldwide (CLAW)
P.O. Box 81, Staten Island, NY 10312, (718) 317-5303

Stony Point

Hudson Valley Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 289, Stony Point, NY 10980, (914) 429-1071


Natura, 41 Lafayette Avenue, Rte 59 (5 miles west of Tappan Zee
  Bridge), (914) 357-9200
- Natural foods store with juice bar. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG


It has been extremely frustrating trying to eat vegetarian in
Syracuse. Eating out is a real problem. I am not all that crazy about
salad and I have been actually lectured by people when I ask for
things that are not specifically on the menu. The two Mexican joints I
have tried both appear to put bacon in their beans. It is REALLY
difficult to find Italian foods here that are not laden with cheese
and/or meat.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Cafe Margaux, 317 W. Fayette Street, 472-5498
- Vegetarian/macrobiotic. Organic breads. "Wide selection". Vegan
  frozen desserts. "Many vegan/macrobiotic options". *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

On The Rise Bakery, 109 Walton Street, (315) 475-7190
- Vegan-friendly. A cornerstone for anyone who likes great bread.
  Whole wheat, rye, raisin, etc. Use organic ingredients. Some lunch
  food available: tofu-veggie pizza with whole wheat crust, open-face
  hummus sandwich. Will take special orders for allergies (no yeast,
  no wheat, etc). 'Chico's Three Seed' is a favorite! A friendly
  place. Open Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm, some Sat hours.

King David's, 129 Marshall Street (near Syracuse University), 471-5000
- Middle Eastern. Great hummus and falafel. Good-sized portions at
  reasonable prices. Open Sun-Fri for lunch and dinner. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

Discount Natural Foods, 2120 Burnet Avenue, 437-4542
- A natural foods supermarket that is similar in size to Bread and
  Circus. Has a great macrobiotic deli that is reasonably priced,
  entirely vegetarian, and has lots of vegan selections. Hot entrees,
  8-10 salads, baked goods, and a juice bar. Huge selection of health
  food. Organic produce. Locally-produced foods. Bulk foods including
  beans (some heritage types), rice, pasta, etc. Huge assortment of
  vitamins and minerals, books, and environmentally friendly and
  animal-free health and beauty products. Discounts for bulk
  purchases. Laid-back atmosphere. Helpful staff. A bit messy. There
  is always something new in store. Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 9am-6pm.

On The Rise Bakery, 109 Walton Street, (315) 475-7190
- See listing under Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Syracuse University for Animal Rights
126 Schine Center, 303 University Place, Syracuse, NY 13210,
(315) 425-9362


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sante Fe, corner of Main & Montgomery, (914) 757-4100
- Great Tex-Mex. Over 5 vegetarian dishes. No lard! (unknown if vegan)
  Always terrific, upbeat service. Take-out.


The Network Cafe, 49 E. Main Street, (607) 387-5588
- Vegetarian. Vegan options. Open Mon-Sat for lunch & dinner, Sun for
  brunch only. *VRG


The Phoenician, 623 French, (315) 733-2709
- Middle Eastern. *VRG


Binghamton Area Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 614, Vestal, NY 13850, (607) 757-9463


West Street Whole Foods, 7 West Street, (914) 986-3669
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Open Mon-Sat. *VRG

Watkins Glen

Farm Sanctuary
P.O. Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, (607) 583-2225
- Spend a day in the country. Tour the farm and feed the animals. Give
  a pig a belly rub! Learn about farm animals. Unique visitor center.
  Gift shop. Bed & Breakfast available. Group and bus tours welcome.
  Farm Sanctuary is a 175 acre non-profit working farm that is home to
  hundreds of rescued pigs, turkeys, cattle, goats, and other animals.
  Open for visitors May 1 to October 31. Visitor center and gift shop
  are open Wed-Sun 10am-4pm. To get there, from Watkins Glen, follow
  Route 409 West to Route 23, follow 8 miles. Turn left on Aikens Road
  and follow for one and a half miles to the Farm Sanctuary. There
  will be signs along the way.

West Hempstead

Taj Mahal, 221 Hempstead Turnpike W, (516) 565-4607
- Open for dinner daily, lunch Mon-Sat. *VRG


Pizza Plant, 8020 Transit Road, (716) 632-0800
- Pizza. Vegetaran items marked with a carrot. *VRG


Earth's Harvest, 1002 Broadway, (516) 295-1505
- Natural foods store with deli. *VRG


Vegan Restaurants:

Woodstock Vital Foods, 51 Mill Hill Road, (914) 679-4440,
  Fax (914) 679-4467
- Vegan. A broad selection of creative cuisine for take-out and
  catering service. All foods prepared by Lucia Ferrante, long a cook
  to many artists in the Woodstock community. Open daily 9am-9pm.
- ** Opened July 1, 1995. **

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bluestone Country Foods, 54C Tinker Street (back from road), 679-5656
- Vegetarian and vegan foods from scratch. Deli items, fresh juices.
  Take-out. Often closed January, sometimes February.

Taco Juan's, 31 Tinker Street, 679-9673
- Vegan and vegetarian options. Inexpensive. Take out, some seating.

Natural Foods Stores:

Sunflower Natural Foods, Bradley Meadows Shopping Center, 679-5361
- Natural foods, organic produce.


WARM Store, (914) 679-4242
- Woodstock Animal Rights Movement. Cruelty-free, environmentally
  friendly, related bumper stickers, buttons, etc.


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