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Archive-name: vegetarian/guide/canada2
Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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Canada part 2

This section has listings for the following:

  Alberta          Manitoba         Saskatchewan     Yukon Territory
  British Columbia

Many thanks to Mike Eisele for his many contributions, and for all of
the work that he's put into maintaining the Western Canada & Manitoba


Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of Alberta
c/o Dave Parker, 9211 72nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 1Y8
Tel. (403) 469-1448 or (403) 426-6682
or 10257 95th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 2B3, (403) 429-3679


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Michael's Cafe, in High Country Inn, 415 Banff Avenue, 762-9339
- Very vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Vegan options. Tofu dishes,
  stirfrys, pastas, burgers, etc. No refined sugar used. Organic
  produce/rice when available. Open Mon-Sun for breakfast, lunch, &

Natural Foods Stores:

The Turning Point, 111 Banff Avenue


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Community Natural Foods, 1403 10th Avenue S.W., 229-2383
- Take-out counter in natural foods store. Soups, salads, hummus.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Beirut Restaurant, Stephen Avenue Mall, 112 8th Avenue S.W., 264-8859
- Lebanese restaurant serving falafel, dholmas, hummus, baba ghanouj,
  tabouleh, and fatoosh.

Cafe Med, 2204 4th Street S.W., 245-0352
- Popular restaurant with mediterranean vegetarian dishes, such as
  falafel, hummus and many other specialties.

Cedars Restaurant, 2 locations:
  1009a 1st Street S.W., 264-2532
  University of Alberta Campus Food Court
- Award winning Lebanese restaurant. Has many vegetarian and vegan
  selections, such as falafel, hummus, fatoosh and tabouleh. Owner is
  author of an award winning cookbook. Take-out available.

Chili Club Thai House
- Thai restaurant with a small vegetarian section on their menu.

Falafel Plus, 150 6th Avenue S.W. (2nd floor), 265-6672
- Lebanese fast food place in shopping area downtown. Open Mon-Fri

Grain Exchange, 811 1st Street S.W., 261-7958
- New restaurant in downtown Calgary. About 2/3 of their menu is
  vegetarian. Daily specials are served as well as soups, salads, and
  a wide variety of fresh juices. Vegan selections are available.

The King and I Thai Cuisine, 820 11th Avenue S.W., 264-7241
- Thai restaurant with vegetarian/vegan selections. Beware of fish

Meelen Lounge and Omar Khayam Restaurant, 1935 32nd Avenue, 291-3188
- Indian restaurant with good selection of vegetarian dishes. The
  very friendly staff will gladly cook without butter or ghee upon
  request. Delivery available free of charge in the Northeast part of
  the city. A service charge applies to all other areas. Open Sun-Thu
  5:30pm-9:30pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-11pm.

Rajdoot Indian Restaurant,
- Indian restaurant serving a good variety of tasty vegetarian dishes.

Shamiana Restaurant and Lounge, 411 5th Street S.W., 261-999(?)
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Skylark Restaurant, #15-5315 17th Avenue, 272-6313
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Taj Mahal Restaurant, 4860 McLeod Trail South, 243-6362
- Indian restaurant with many vegetarian selections. They will
  veganize their dishes if possible.

Tandoor Restaurant, 1147 17th Avenue S.W., 245-5553
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Thai Sa-On, 351 10th Avenue S.W., 264-3526
- Thai restaurant with a large selection of delicious vegetarian/vegan
  selections. Beware of fish sauce.

A Touch of Ginger, 514 17th Avenue S.W., 228-9884
- Thai/Vietnamese restaurant with vegetarian/vegan selections. As with
  all Thai restaurants, watch for fish sauce. Beautiful decor.

Natural Foods Stores:

Community Natural Foods, 1304 10th Avenue S.W., 229-2383
Earth Harvest Co-Op, 102 10th Street N.W., 283-4656


Vegetarian Restaurants:

ABC Health Shoppe Cafe, 10550 82nd Avenue, 432-7885
- Small vegetarian cafe in health food store. Vegan daily specials
  available. Sandwiches and dairy-free fruit shakes. Open Mon-Thu
  9:30am-6pm, Fri 9:30am-8pm, Sat 9:30am-5:30pm. CLosed Sun.

Last Reel Cafe, 10331 82nd Avenue, 432-7560
- Full service, licenced restaurant in Old Strathcona. Excellent menu
  which changes frequently. Includes burgers, pizza, and ethnic
  entrees. Many vegan selections. This is the best vegetarian
  restaurant in the province. Smoke-free environment. Open Tue-Wed
  11am-8pm, Thu 11am-9pm, Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm.
  Closed Mon.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Agadir Morrocan Dining, 10125 115th Street, 448-0395
- Serves couscous and vegetable specialties.

Ashoka Curry House, 10109 101 Street (basement), 424-7500
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Blue Nile of Ethiopia Restaurant, 8217 109 Street, 439-8730
- Serves several vegetarian Ethiopian specialties.

Bombay Food Experience, 10320 102 Avenue, 426-0699
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Cafe India, 9250 34 Avenue, 450-9596
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

El Moroc, 7908 104 Street, 439-2270
- Serves several couscous and vegetable specialties.

High Level Diner, 10912 88 Avenue, 433-0993 or 433-1317
- Environmentally responsible natural foods eatery. Very popular. Has
  several vegetarian selections, including a vegan chili. Open Sun-Mon
  9am-11pm, Tue-Sat 9am-midnight.

The King and I Thai Cuisine, 10160 82nd Avenue, 433-2222
- Thai restaurant with vegetarian selections. Accepts special
  requests. The Vegetarian Bird's Nest is great. Be sure to specify
  no fish sauce or animal fat. Open Mon-Fri for lunch. Open "late" on
  Fri & Sat.

New Asian Village Restaurant, 8230 103 Street, 433-3804
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections. Friendly staff. Open

Sidney's Restaurant, 10416 118 Avenue, 471-1560
- Don't let the sign saying "steak house" fool you. It's owned by a
  Lebanese family, and they have a separate vegetarian section on
  their menu. Vegan selections are available.

Taj Mahal Restaurant, 5640 104 Street, 435-4285
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Terra Natural Foods, 10313 82nd Avenue, 433-6807
- Small cafe in health food store. Mostly vegetarian food. Sandwiches,
  soups, and salads. Specials available on weekends. Not great for
  vegans. Closed Sunday.

Natural Foods Stores:

ABC Health Shoppe, 10550 82nd Avenue, 432-7885
Excel Food Market, 6523 111 Street, 434-1020
Terra Natural Foods, 10313 82nd Avenue, 433-6807

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vegetarians of Alberta
c/o Dave Parker, 9211 72nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6B 1Y8
Tel. (403) 469-1448 or (403) 426-6682
or 10257 95th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T5H 2B3, (403) 429-3679

British Columbia


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Barney's Beach Hut, 33787 South Fraser Way, 850-6575
- Tofu burgers, veggie burgers, falafel and salads. Closed Sundays and


Natural Foods Stores:

Black Sea Organics, 7054 Pioneer Avenue, (604) 796-3677
- Great selection of vegetarian and vegan foods, books, and animal
  friendly products. "Talk to Dave (the owner) he can give you some
  great advice!" Open Mon-Sat 9am-5:30pm.


See also: New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey,
          Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Fiji Islands Guru Lucky Sweets and Restaurant, 2 locations:
  7521 6th Street, 525-9370
  7898 6th Street (Take-out snacks only)
- Gujarati Indian cuisine. Completely vegetarian. Their cheeses are
  rennet free. Vegan selections available.

Govinda's, 5462 SE Marine Drive, Burnaby, 433-2454
- Lacto-vegetarian. All-you-can-eat buffet. Located in a very
  interesting small Hare Krishna community. Open Mon-Sun for lunch
  11:30am-2:30pm ($5.95) and dinner 5pm-8pm ($7.45).

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurant:

Cactus Club Cafe, 4653 Kingsway, 431-8448
- Trendy restaurant. Has small "cow friendly" section on their menu
  which includes a vegan chili, veggie burgers and burritos.

Campbell River

Natural Foods Stores:

Mother Nature Health Foods, 870A 13th Avenue, 287-4843
- Health food store. Has light vegetarian meals for take-out.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Gian's Sweet Shop and Restaurant, 31831B South Fraser Way, 850-6774
- Indian restaurant with several vegetarian options.

Shiva Sweet Restaurant, 2420 Clearbrook Avenue, 850-2399
- Indian restaurant with several vegetarian options.

Natural Foods Stores:

Northwest Natural Foods, 4-32700 Dahlstrom Avenue, 852-5959
- Small cafe located in a health food store. Lunch served Monday to
  Friday. Soups and sandwiches.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Bar None Cafe, 244 4th Street, 334-3112
- Gourmet vegetarian meals. Buffet selection. Pay by weight. Many
  vegan options. Coffee house every second friday. Open for
  breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Natural Foods Stores:

Edible Island Whole Foods Market, 244 4th Street, 334-3116
- Natural foods store.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Nu-Way Cafe, 822 Baker Street, 426-6001


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Himalaya Restaurant, 9285 120th Street, 581-6960
- Indian restaurant.

Koh-L-Noor Restaurant, 9261 120th Street, 583-3677
- Indian restaurant.

Natural Foods Stores:

Earth's Good Harvest, 1077 56th Street, 943-3035
- Natural foods store.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Dar Lebanon Restaurant, 105-1100 Sunshine Coast Highway, 886-3572
- Lebanese restaurant serving several vegetarian and vegan options.
  Falafel, hummus, tabouleh, and other choices.

Grand Forks

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Grand Forks Hotel, 7382 2nd Street, 442-5944
- Borscht and other Russian vegetarian foods.

Pal's Restaurant And Deli, 7320 4th Street, 442-5660
- Borscht and other Russian vegetarian foods.

Harrison Hotsprings

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Copper Room, Harrison Hotsprings Hotel, 100 Esplanade, 796-2294
- Up-scale dining room. Their menu has a very small vegetarian
  section. They will accomodate vegans.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Goldie's Gourmet Chicken, 563 Seymour Street, 374-0340
- Small fast food restaurant serving several Indian vegetarian
  dishes. Very casual. Take-out or eat in.

Natural Foods Stores:

The Zone Organic market, 444 Victoria Street, 828-7899
- Small cafe located in a good natural foods store. Serves some
  vegetarian sandwiches, soups, salads, and larger meals. Some vegan
  selections available.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Bohemian Bagel Cafe, 363 Bernard Avenue, 862-3517
- Small cafe serving soups, sandwiches, salads, and lasagna.

Cafe Beano, 467 Bernard Avenue, 860-3318
- Small cafe serving soups, sandwiches, salads, and lasagna.

The Pantry, Harvey Avenue, 862-3466
- They serve a vegetarian burger (less the mayo), fruit salads, etc.
  Open 6am-11pm.

Shalimar Restaurant, 538 Leon Avenue, 862-3400
- Indian restaurant with decent vegetarian section on menu. Vegans
  need to request that vegetable oil be used instead of butter. Closed


Loves and Hugs Family Daycare, 1441 Springfield Road, (604) 860-0503
Contact: Corina Crane
- Vegan daycare. Mostly organic foods.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Snowdrift Cafe, Located in the Bavarian Platzl.
- Almost entirely vegetarian restaurant. Soups, pizza, pasta,
  sandwiches and chili. Limited vegan selection. Open Mon-Sat


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Kooldownz Natural Food Bar, 20501 Logan Avenue, 532-0460
- Located inside of Fitness Unlimited. Serves some vegetarian
  sandwiches, salads, and shakes.

Maple Ridge

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sunflower Restaurant, 22266 Dewdney Trunk Road, 467-1711
- Small cafe serving one vegetarian daily special, such as lasagna,
  chili, or burgers.

Natural Foods Stores:

Roots Natural Organic Health Foods, 22254 Dewdney Trunk Road, 467-1822


Natural Foods Stores:

The Pantry Natural Foods, 33051 1st Avenue, 826-7561


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Daily Planet, 99 Chapel Street, 755-1758
- Many vegan selections. Pay by weight. Located in downtown Nanaimo.

Natural Foods Stores:

Natural Island, 2139A Bowen Road, 756-9898


Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Alleyway Cafe, 620 Heritage Lane, 352-5200
- Vegan selections available. Somewhat difficult to find, it's hidden
  away in a back alley. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

Natural Foods Stores:

The Kootenay Baker, 295 Baker Street, 352-2274
- Organic bakery attached to natural food co-op. Serves sandwiches and

Kootenay Country Store Cooperative, 295 Baker Street, 354-4077

New Denver

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Wild Rose Cafe, located 5km north of town on Hwy 6 in Roseberry,
  358-7744, call for directions and reservations.
- Mexican restaurant located in a rural area. Many vegetarian
  selections. Some vegan selections Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  evenings only.

New Westminster

See also: Burnaby, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver,
          West Vancouver.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Hare Krishna Place, 46 Begbie Street
- Small vegetarian coffee shop run by the Hare Krishnas. Closed

Natural Foods Stores:

Galloways Specialty Foods, 702B West 6th Avenue, 526-7525

North Vancouver

See also: Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver,
          West Vancouver.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

First Street Organics & Natural Foods, 93 Lonsdale Avenue, 985-9328
- Attached to a natural foods store which caters extensively to
  vegans. Ingredients are mostly organic. Offers a great variety of
  self serve-foods, with emphasis on vegan cuisine, freshly squeezed
  juices, and desserts. Pay by weight. Closed Sunday.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Cactus Club Cafe, 1590 Pemberton Avenue, 986-5776
- Trendy restaurant. Has small "cow friendly" section on their menu
  which includes a vegan chili, veggie burgers and burritos.

Flavour of India, 175 East 3rd Street, 985-5477
- Indian.

Moya-Starr Fantasy Treats, 1402 Lonsdale Avenue, 983-0034
- Small bakery serving bagels, muffins, scones, desserts and
  vegetarian soups. Options include low-fat/low-sugar or egg and
  dairy-free. Specialty coffees. Eat-in or take-out.


Natural Foods Stores:

New Leaf Whole Foods, 142 Alberni Highway, 248-2851


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Nadine's Vegetarian Restaurant and Teahouse, 3090 Skaha Lake Road,
- Serves tofu specialties, free range eggs, and other menu items, as
  well as desserts.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Turtle Island Cafe, 718 Main Street, 492-0085
- Small cafe serving veggie burgers, soups, and salads.

Natural Foods Stores:

Bulk Food Emporium, 1515 Main Street, 493-2855

Port Alberni

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Gurmann Punjabi Curry House, 3092 3rd Avenue, 723-0940
- Indian restaurant with several vegetarian options.

Port Coquitlam

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Bread Express, 3260 Coast Meridian Road, 945-8145
- Bakery with several tables serving a good selection of vegan
  pastries and other baked goods.

Natural Foods Stores:

Poco's Natural Foods, 2329 Whyte Avenue, 942-5612
- Natural foods store.

Prince George

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Kokamo's Restaurant, 1310 5th Avenue, 562-9065
- Nicely decorated restaurant located downtown. They have a separate
  Indian menu which contains several vegetarian and vegan selections.

Other Art Cafe, 1148 7th Avenue, 561-1553
- Popular cafe in downtown Prince George. Live performances on
  selected days. Salads, soups, sandwiches, hummus, and pasta.


See also: Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Surrey,
          Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Bo Kong Vegetarian Restaurant, 80-8100 Ackroyd Road, 278-1992
- Chinese Buddhist vegetarian restaurant. Mostly vegan. Good Dim Sum
  selection. Lunch buffet and take-out available.

Natural Foods Stores:

Wild West Co-Op, 150-2471 Simpson Road, 276-2411
- Bulk buying only.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sunshine Cafe, 2116 Columbia Avenue, 362-7630
- Cafe serving several vegetarian options. Soups, salads, sandwiches,
  and veggie burgers.

Natural Foods Stores:

Red Mountain Marketplace, 2123 Columbia Avenue, 362-5556
- Natural foods store.

Salmon Arm

Natural Foods Stores:

The Golden Pantry


Natural Foods Stores:

Sidney Natural Foods, 2473 Beacon Avenue, 656-4634
- Small cafe located in a health food store. Mostly vegetarian. Soups,
  sandwiches, pizza, and soysage rolls.

Rejuvenations Natural Foods, 304-9810 7th Street, 656-8806


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Quinn's Espresso Cafe, 38105 Second Avenue, 892-5560
- Bright, simple cafe serving veggie burgers, sandwiches, salads, and
  light meals.

Dos Amigos Mexican Cantina, 38037 Cleveland Avenue, 892-2207
- Mexican. Not vegan-friendly. Bright, funky decor. Serving variety
  of vegetarian options. Generous portions from delicious in-house
  recipes. Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-9pm, Sun noon-8pm. Closed Mon.


See also: Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond,
          Vancouver, West Vancouver.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


  Clayoven Restaurant, 9386 120th Street, 589-7622

  India Palace Restaurant, 9180 120th Street, 589-5712

  Raja Indian Cuisine, 107-7028 120th Street, 590-8821

  Spicey Naan Kebab, 107-10761 King George Highway, 581-7223

  Tandoori Palace, 12041 88th Avenue, 594-1455


  Sahara, 7159 King George Highway, 597-5651

Natural Foods Stores:

The Corner Stone, 101-15240 102A Avenue, 583-2274

The Organic Grocer, Surrey Public Market, King George and 64th


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Organic Matters, Campbell Street
- Vegetarian restaurant and natural foods store.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Alley Way Cafe, 305 Campbell Street, 725-3105
- Mexican and international dishes available. Prepared with mostly
  organic ingredients.

Common Loaf Bake Shop, 180 First Street, 725-3915
- Pizza, pasta, quiche, soups, and baked goods. Friendly coffee shop


See also: Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey,
          West Vancouver.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Surat Sweets, 6665 Fraser Street, 322-9544
- Absolutely the best, most incredibly spiced, Indian food (Gujarati)
  that I've ever had. The Bateta Wada are heavenly. Small with a
  casual atmosphere. No eggs used, mostly vegan (milk in only a few
  selected desserts). Unique in its judicious use of delicate spicing
  and cooking with little oil. Open Mon,Wed,Thu noon-3pm & 5pm-9pm,
  Fri&Sat noon-9:30pm, Sun 1pm-8:30pm. Closed Tue.

Arms Akimbo Vegetarian Food and Juice Bar, 1110 Denman Street,
- Small vegetarian cafe serving roll-ups, soups, desserts, and
  breakfasts. Many vegan selections available.

Bodai, 337 East Hastings Street, 682-2666
- Nearly vegan. Chinese Buddhist restaurant. Good Dim Sum selection.
  Over 130 items (e.g. veg. "duck" made from bean curd skin, deep
  fried taro roots, take-out cold cut glutens, etc.) Smoke-free.
  Closed Tuesdays.

Bodhi, 5701 Granville Street (at 41st Avenue), 261-3388
- Nearly vegan. Only 2 of 129 menu items contain dairy. Chinese
  Buddhist restaurant. Very highly recommended. Fancy looking place.
  Pricey. Great Dim Sum selection 11am-3pm daily. Excellent buffet on
  Sundays 5pm-7:30pm & 7:30pm-10pm but phone to make a reservation.
  Buffet costs about $10.80. Open 11am-3pm & 5:30pm-10pm.

Bo-Jik Vegetarian Restaurant, 820 W Broadway Avenue, 872-5556
- Mostly vegan. Chinese Buddhist restaurant. Excellent meals at
  affordable prices. Vast variety of tasty vegan options. Open Mon-Sun
  for lunch & dinner only.

Capers Courtyard Cafe, 2285 West Fourth Avenue, 739-6676 & 739-6685
- Strong on organic foods. Very popular restaurant and natural foods
  store. Good quality food and produce. Open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm,
  Sat-Sun 9am-10pm.

Circling Dawn Organic Foods, 1045 Commercial Drive, 255-2326
- Vegan. Totally organic. Juice bar and espresso coffees, including
  soyamilk lattes. Offers the only organic cappuccinos in town. Open
  Mon-Sun for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also a natural foods

Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant, 2168 Kingsway, 433-0023
- Chinese vegan. New restaurant in town (Jan 1995). Open Tue-Sun
  11am-9pm. Closed Mon. Runs on the Chinese calendar.

Evergreen Vegetarian Food Service, 4166 Main Street, 879-3380
- Packaged Shanghai & Taiwanese vegetarian foods at reasonable prices.
  Mostly vegan. Several tables are available to eat on location, but
  they cater mainly to the take-out business. Closed on Sunday.

Greens and Gourmet, 2681 West Broadway, 737-7373
- Pay by weight buffet. Vegan & macrobiotic options. Items cooked in
  purified water. Claims to use organic ingredients whenever
  possible. Open Mon-Sun.

Kewal Cafe, 235 East Broadway Avenue, 876-0424
- Small, simple cafe serving dinners, sandwiches, and soups. Vegan
  selections available.

Miu Jay Garden, 363 East Hastings Street, 687-5231
- Vegan. Chinese and Taiwanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Formerly
  the Bhuddist Vegetarian Restaurant. Closed Wednesday.

Montreal Bagel Factory, 2908 West 4th Avenue, 734-4525
- Bagels, potato knishes, fresh breads, and other goodies. Take-out

The Naam, 2724 W 4th Avenue, 738-7151
- Open 24 hours a day! Vegan & macrobiotic options. Ethnic dishes,
  burgers, etc. Daily specials. Live dinner music. Has open air patio
  in the summer and fireplace in the winter. Large selection of
  home-baked breads, muffins, and desserts. Very popular. Licensed to
  serve alchohol.

Pita Plus Bakery and Deli, 2967 West Broadway Avenue, 733-9900
- Pita breads, pita bagels, soups and exotic salads. Vegan selections
  available. Closed Sundays.

Sweet Cherubim, 1105 Commercial Drive, 253-0969
- Lacto-vegetarian. Serves hearty soups, burgers, salads, stuffed
  chapatis, and hot daily specials. Vegan selections available.
  Natural foods store attached.

Woodlands & Atrium, 2582 West Broadway, 733-5411
- Lacto-vegetarian. Vegan options. Pay by weight buffet OR fine dining
  in the Atrium. Salad greens are organic. Bake their own breads,
  pastries, and desserts daily. Special breakfast menu. Good natural
  foods store below. 10% off for students & seniors. Open Mon-Fri
  7am-10pm, Sat-Sun 8am-10pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Afghan Horsemen, 445 West Broadway Avenue, 873-5923
- Meals may be eaten seated on pillows in the Afghan Room or at
  conventional tables. No eggs used. Vegan selections available.
  Closed Sundays.

Akbar's Own, 3629 West Broadway, 739-8411
- Indian vegetarian cuisine. Approximately 40% of their menu is

Allium Fine Foods, 1885 Commercial Drive, 253-4224
- Serves salads, soups, sandwiches and hummus. Closed Sundays.

Benny's Bagels, 2503 West Broadway Street, 736-4686
- Very popular. Open 24 hrs a day. Eat in or take-out. Bagels,
  pretzels, and desserts.

Bishop's Restaurant, 2183 West 4th Avenue, 738-2025

Cafe Du Soliel, 1393 Commercial Drive, 254-1145
- Excellent soy shakes. Lots of vegan munchies. Live entertainment on
  some nights.

Clearwater Cafe, 1030 Denman Street, 688-6264
- Almost vegetarian. Only two dishes are not vegetarian. Good
  selection of fresh juices. Vegan selections available. Nice decor
  and atmosphere.

Earth Harvest Foods, 2132 Western Parkway (at UBC village), 224-3015
- Small cafe located in a health food store. Serves sandwiches, veggie
  burgers, soups, and salads.

Flying Wedge Pizza Company, 2 locations
  1937 Cornwall Street, 732-8840
  1175 Robson Street, 681-1233
- Small, casual pizzeria serving several vegetarian pizzas as well as
  one entirely vegan pizza.

Grand View Restaurant, 60 West Broadway Avenue, 879-8885
- Offers Chinese vegetarian dishes. No animal fats used. Vegan
  selections available.

Isadora's, 1540 Old Bridge Road, Granville Island, 681-8816
- Co-op. Burgers, tofu stir-fry, and soups.

Lalibela Restaurant, 2090 Alma Street, 732-1454
- Menu has 9 vegan Ethiopian dishes. Closed Mondays.

La Quena Coffee House, 1111 Commercial Drive, 251-6626.
- Popular spot for the political left. Many vegetarian and vegan

The Noodle Makers, 122 Powell Street, 683-9196
- Upscale and elegant Chinese restaurant. A separate vegetarian menu
  is available. Closed for lunch on weekends.

Nyala Restaurant, 2930 West 4th Avenue, 731-7899
- Ethiopian and African vegetarian dishes served with choice of
  injera, fufu, ugali, or rice. Vegan options. No dairy products or
  animal fats are used. Live music on selected nights. Open Mon-Sun.

O-Tooz, The Energy Bar, 3 locations
  242-1055 West Georgia (in Vancouver Centre), 684-0200 (closed Sun)
  1068 Davie Street, 689-0208
  900 Canada Place Way (Waterfront Centre Food Fair)
- Small cafe serving several vegetarian dishes. Soups, salads,
  tortilla wraps, and rice pots.

Ouzeri, 3189 West Broadway, 739-9378
- Greek restaurant with a good vegetarian and vegan selection.

Picasso Cafe, 1626 West Broadway Street, 732-3290
- Almost entirely vegetarian cafe serving international dishes. Vegan
  selections are available. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Slice of Gourmet, 2 locations
  1152 Denman Street, 689-1112
  3144 West Broadway Avenue, 731-9636
- Pizzeria catering to vegetarians and vegans. Their menu contains 5
  or 6 vegetarian and 2 vegan pizzas (one with herbal tofu). Open
  Sun-Thurs 11:30am-midnight, Fri-Sat 11:30am-1am.

SUB (Student Union Building) at UBC, 822-2901
- Vegetarian option available during lunch.

Taste of Thyme, 728 West Broadway, 872-1823
- Small almost entirely vegetarian cafe with several vegan selections.
  Casual atmosphere. Also serves as a small store. Closed Sunday.

Tio Pepe's Restaurante Mexicano, 1134 Commercial Drive, 254-8999
- Mexican restaurant serving Yucatan specialties. Plantain dishes,
  succulents, and other exotic dishes. Heavy emphasis on eggs and
  dairy. Closed Sunday.


  Babylon Place, 2972 West Broadway, 739-0608

  Cedar of Lebanon, 818 Howe Street, 683-7972

  Dar Lebanon, 809 Seymour Street, 682-7000

  Little Dar Lebanon, 1188-1050 West Pender Street, 669-0500


  Annapurna, 1812 West 4th Avenue, 736-5959
  - "Vegetarian cuisine of India." Vegan selections available.

  All India Foods, 6517 Main Street, 327-0891

  Ashiana Restaurant and Sweet Shop, 2 locations:
    5076 Victoria Drive, 321-5620.
    1440 Kingsway Avenue, 874-5060

  Da Tandoor, 819 Pacific Boulevard, 684-2529

  Heaven & Earth Curry House, 1754 West 4th Avenue, 732-5313

  India Gate, 616 Robson Street, 682-1000

  India Village, 308 Water Street, 681-0678

  Himalaya, 6587 Main Street, 324-6514 / 327-4300

  Lovely Sweets and Restaurant, 3339 Kingsway Avenue, 433-9393

  Maharajah, 137A Water Street, 685-6714

  Nirvana, 2313 Main Street, 872-8779

  Noor-Mahal, 4354 Fraser Street, 873-9263

  Punjab, 796 Main Street, 688-5236

  Raga, 1177 West Broadway Street, 733-1127

  Rubina Tandoori Lazeez Cuisine of India, 1962 Kingsway, 874-3621

  Sitar, 2 locations:
    8 Powell Street, 687-0049
    564 West Broadway Street, 879-4333

  Star Palace, 112 Kingsway Avenue, 877-0399

  Tandoori King, 2 locations:
    689 East 65th Avenue, 327-8900
    2189 Kingsway Avenue, 439-8902

  Zeenaz, 6460 Main Street, 324-9344

Natural Foods Stores:

Capers Kitsilano Store, 2285 West Fourth Avenue, 739-6676 & 739-6685
- Strong on organic foods. Very popular restaurant and natural foods
  store. Good quality food and produce. Open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm,
  Sat-Sun 9am-10pm.

Agora Co-Op Food Association, 3420 West Broadway, 733-3505

Bailey's Choice Foods, 3493 Cambie Street, 876-4640

Central Gourmet Produce, 1901 West 1st Avenue, 731-2818

Choices Market, 2627 West 16th Avenue, 736-0009

Circling Dawn Organic Foods, 1045 Commercial Drive, 255-2326

East End Food Co-Op, 1034 Commercial Drive, 254-5044

Galiano Natural Foods, 2600 West 4th Avenue, 737-2666

The Grainry, 1689 Johnston, 681-6426

The Healthy Gourmet, 1689 Johnston, 685-6639

Hearts Groceries, 3002 Granville Street, 732-4405

Sweet Cherubim, 1105 Commercial Drive, 253-0969

Vegetarian Daycare Centres:

Grandview Terrace Childcare Centre, 2005 Woodland, 255-0513
Sunset Area Day Care Centre, 8064 Buscombe, 325-3817

Vegetarian Organizations:

Lower Mainland Vegetarians
660 West 24th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V9C 3G8, 478-8477
- Social and informational group. Potluck dinner once a month.

Canada EarthSave Society
Suite 103, 1093 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E2, (604) 731-5885
Mailing address: P.O. Box 34277, Station D, Vancouver, BC, V6J 4N8
- A non-profit, educational organization promoting the awareness of
  the environmental, ethical and health consequences of our food
  choices. Membership meeting (non-members welcomed) and vegan potluck
  held the second Sunday of each month at the Bonsor Recreation
  Centre, 6550 Bonsor, Burnaby, 6pm-9pm.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Sunseed Natural Foods and Cafe, 2919 30th Avenue, 542-7892
- Vegetarian restaurant & natural foods store. Counter service. Daily
  specials available (one is usually vegan). Closed Sundays.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Green Cuisine, 5-560 Johnson Street, Market Square, 385-1809
- Mostly vegan with the exception of butter on the side, cream for
  coffee and honey in some desserts and dressings. Pay by weight
  buffet. Organic ingredients used whenever possible. Open Mon-Sun.

Gwen's Health Foods and Light Meals, 6002 W Saanich Road, 652-3132
- Open on weekends only. Vegetarian cafe.

Rising Star Whole Foods Bakery, 1320 Broad Street, 386-2534
- Cafeteria style or take-out. Soysage rolls, Jamaican pasties,
  falafel, burgers, sandwiches and desserts.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Burrito Express, 140-560 Johnson Street, 381-2333
- Fast food place serving vegetarian burritos.

Da Tandoor Restaurant, 1010 Fort Street, 384-6333
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian section on menu. All vegetarian
  choices can be veganized by ommiting the butter.

Eugene's Snack Bar and Take-Out, 1280 Broad Street, 381-5456
- Small cafeteria style restaurant serving greek food.

Futaba Japanese Restaurant, 1420 Quadra Street, 381-6141
- Japanese restaurant emphasizing healthy additive free cuisine. Half
  of the menu is vegetarian. Vegan selections available.

Guru's Indian Cuisine, 1692 Douglas Street, 382-4878
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections. Closed Sundays.

India Curry House, 2561 Government Street, 384-5622
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections. Closed Sundays.

India Tandoori Hut, 1548 Fort Street, 370-1880
- Indian restaurant. They seem to put a heavy emphasis on dairy

Jack Lee's Chinese Village, 755 Finlayson, 384-8151
- Chinese restaurant. Extensive vegetarian menu. Uses vegetable oils
  and no MSG. Special requests accepted. Open Mon-Sun.

Le Petit Saigon, 1010 Langley Street, 386-1412
- Thai/Vietnamese restaurant serving vegetarian meals. They claim not
  to use fish sauce in their vegetarian dishes.

Mediterranean Maza Bar, 411 Victoria Eaton Centre, 361-9594
- Open during mall hours. Located in shopping mall. Falafel and other
  Middle Eastern foods.

The Parsonage
- Vegan-friendly.

Pita Pocket, 69-560 Johnson Street, Market Square, 382-4432
- Food stand serving vegetarian pita sandwiches, Hummus, etc.

Pluto's, 1150 Cook Street, 385-4747
- Burgers, salads, stir frys and rice.

Re-Bar Modern Food, 50 Bastion Square, 361-9223
- Vegetarian restaurant all but one day of the week when it serves one
  non-vegetarian item. Some vegan selections. Very popular with the
  downtown lunch crowd. Minimal use of refined ingredients. Organic
  produce used when available in the summer. Uses filtered water. Open
  Mon-Sun for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Taj Mahal Dining Lounge, 679 Herald Street, 383-4662
- Indian restaurant with vegetarian selections.

Thai Siam Restaurant, 1314 Government Street, 383-9911
- Thai restaurant serving so called vegetarian meals (all their
  "vegetarian" dishes contain fish sauce or oyster sauce.) They can
  cook without these sauces upon request.

Natural Foods Stores:

Colwood House of Nutrition, 6-310 Goldstrea Avenue, 478-3244
Good Nature Market, 109-3995 Quadra Street, 727-9888
Nature's Fare Natural Foods, 6-1516 Fairfield Road, 592-3136
One World Health Foods, 250-777 Royal Oak Avenue, 727-2474
Viteway Natural Foods, 1019 Blanshshard Street, 384-5677

Vegetarian Organizations:

Vancouver Island Vegetarian Association
529 Stornoway Drive, Victoria, BC, V9C 3G8, (604) 478-8577

West Vancouver

See also: Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey,

Natural Foods Stores:

Capers, 2496 Marine Drive, 925-3316
- Cafe with sea-view. Vegetarian and limited vegan selections
  available. Attached to the largest natural foods store in Greater


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Ingrid's Village Cafe, 4305 Skier's Approach, Village Square, 932-7000
- Very small deli serving vegetarian soups, sandwiches, lasagna, and
  organic lentil burgers.

Blackcomb Mountain
- The Rendezvous on top of the mountain, as well as the main
  cafeteria at the base of the Wizard Express, offer several
  vegetarian and vegan selections.

Araxi's Ristorante, Located in Main Village Square, 932-4540
- Large Italian dining room serving several vegetarian pizzas,
  pastas, and many vegetarian starters.



Vegetarian Restaurants:

Wheat Song Cafe, 578 Broadway

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

India Gardens, 764 McDermot Avenue, 783-0306
- Best Indian food in Winnipeg. Received local reviews such as "Better
  than anything I've tasted in London". All-you-can-eat vegetarian
  buffet (lots of vegan food too) every Tuesday night. Make
  reservations for parties of more than 2. Open Mon-Sun

Bombay Curry House, 598 Ellice Avenue, 2 blocks from U of Winnipeg,
- Indian. Really excellent food. About 5 vegan dishes plus 5 other
  vegetarian dishes. All-you-can-eat lunch buffet, Mon-Fri
  11am-2:30pm, $6, with at least 2 veggie dishes (usually only 1
  vegan, but sometimes 2) and samosas, papadums, etc. They make a mean
  Malai Kofta. Open Mon-Fri 11am-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-11:30pm.

Punjab Restaurant, 749 Ellice Avenue, 5 blocks from U of Winnipeg,
- Indian. Really excellent. Has a really good grocery store attached
  to it. Open Mon-Sun 11am-11:30pm. (It's further away from the
  university, so I didn't get much of a review for this one.)

Easter, 833 Sargent Avenue, 772-9262
- Ethiopian. Open Mon-Sat 11am-midnight, Sun 4pm-midnight.

Taste of Sri Lanka, 841 Ellice Avenue, 775-7802
- Sri Lankan. Open Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 5pm-11pm.

Taste of Sri Lanka, 1 ForksMarket, 957-5254
- Sri Lankan. Second location. Open Sat-Thurs 9am-6:30pm, Fri 9am-9pm.

Thai Mandarin, 80 Rorie Street (Downtown), 942-2660
- Thai. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-2pm & 5pm-midnight, Sat 5pm-midnight.

Desserts Plus, 1595 Main Street, 339-1957

Falafel Place and Deli, 612 Academy Road, 489-5811

Moti-Mahal Curry Place, 998 St Mary's Road, 257-8218

Princess Deli, 172 Princess, 943-0162

Persian Palace Kabob House, 177 McDermot Avenue, 943-6865

Le Couscous, 135 Marion Street, 237-3775
- North African.

Messob, 106 Osborne Street, 475-0106
- Ethiopian. Open Mon-Sun noon-11pm (but seems to vary according to
  number of customers and whim of the owner).


  Bangkok Thai, 100 Osborne, 474-0908

  House of Thai, 715 Ellice Avenue, 775-8424

  Rorie Street Mandarin, Rorie and Bannatyne, 942-2660

There are many Indian and other ethnic restaurants in Winnipeg. Check
the Yellow Pages for listings.

Natural Foods Stores:

Harvest Collective, 877 Westminster Avenue, 772-4359
- Members get a discount, and there's a "working member" level, where
  if you work an 8 hour shift once a month, plus pay a $25 annual
  membership fee, you get 15% off everything.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Winnipeg Vegetarian Association
Box 2721, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 4B3, (204) 889-5789
- Offers social and educational activities in the Winnipeg area for
  anyone interested in vegetarianism. Organize restaurant outings,
  potluck dinners, seminars, Beginning Vegetarians' Nights and many
  other activities.

Manitoba Animal Rights Coalition
P.O. Box 2203, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3R5
Contacts: Jonathan Esterhazy or Liz Carlyle (204) 477-6203
E-mail contact: Jonathan Esterhazy <>
- "Manitoba's oldest animal rights organisation, founded in 1987. We
  focus on promoting vegetarianism, and campaigning against PMU
  farming and beluga captures."

Manitoba Animal Alliance (MMA)
255 Montgomery Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 1T3

People Acting for Animal Liberation (PAAL)
- Previously part of the MMA.



Natural Foods Stores:

Ina's Health Foods Store, 522-9121


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Adonis Mediterranean Food, Midtown Plaza Food Court, 1st Avenue and
  21st Street, 668-4489
- Falafel, hummus, and sandwiches. The Tahini sauce contains yoghurt,
  so vegans beware.

Genesis Family Restaurant, 901 22nd Street West, 244-5516
- Chinese restaurant with many vegan macrobiotic dishes. They use no
  MSG, and only filtered water is used for cooking. The food is
  somewhat bland and uninspiring but the Rice Dream dessert is
  delicious. Smoke-free environment.

La Curry, 727 22nd Street West, 242-3182
- Indian. Open Tue-Thu 11:30am-2:30pm & 5pm-10pm, Fri 11:30am-11pm,
  Sat-Sun 5pm-11pm.

Taj Mahal, 1013 Broadway Avenue, 978-2227
- Indian. Menu available at above WWW address. Open
  Tue-Sun 5:30pm-10pm. Closed Mon.

Yukon Territory

NO vegetables grow here! It costs six bucks for a head of soggy
lettuce at the grocery store! Be sure to bring ALL your food if you
really need to come here. If you run out of food you'll have to leave
or give up vegetarianism. Bread may be available though. Suggested
foods to bring include: cases of Mori-Nu tofu (in tetra-paks), a ton
of sprouting seeds, lots of dry goods including burger mixes and the
like, nuts, dried fruits (lots, to rehydrate), whole grains (rice,
wheat, oats, barley, millet, amaranth, teff, rye), seeds (flax,
sunflower, pumpkin, dill, carraway, corriander, fennel), nutritional
yeast, flours (various grains), soy grits, TVP (chunks, flakes),
sauces, dried seaweed (nori, dulse, kelp, kombu, etc), miso, umeboshi,
dehyrdated potato flakes, rolled grains, dehydrated vegetables,
bouillion cubes, dehydrates soups, dehydrated salad mixes, olive oil,
and lots of other things that I can't recall right now.

You may want to contact a few natural food stores and mail-order food
places to see if they ship to where you will be staying. One place
might be:

Whole Earth Grocery and Deli, 1159 Deborah, Fairbanks, AK 99709,
  (907) 479-2052
- Routinely sends C.O.D. orders by mail to the bush. Nothing frozen or
  very perishable though. They carry a complete line of organic and
  cruelty-free products and have a price list from which you can


Thanks to Ron Reed for the Whitehorse listings.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Talisman Cafe, 2112 2nd Avenue, (403) 667-2736
- "Superb dinners and unbelievable desserts; unfortunately, unless you
  have a gargantuan appetite, you'll probably never taste the latter,
  as the quantities of food served are rather prodigious. Three days a
  week, an excellent Tarot reader is available at the back table."

No Pop Sandwich Shop, 312 Steele Street, (403) 668-3227
- "Excellent lunches, featuring imaginative combinations (e.g., egg
  salad sandwich had green onions and cayenne) - even won plaudits
  from the New York Times, which of course says nothing about its
  vegetarianism, but lots about its quality." Connected to Alpine
  Bakery; bake own fresh bread.

Natural Foods Stores:

Food For Thought, 307 Wood Street, (403) 668-4908
- Good food, wide variety, prices not too unreasonable.


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