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Archive-name: vegetarian/guide/california2
Last-modified: 23 Jul 1995

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      World Guide to Vegetarianism

The 20 parts of this guide contain a world list of vegetarian and
vegetarian-friendly restaurants, stores, organizations, services, etc.
Each part is posted on an independent schedule.

The guide is available on WWW in easy-to-use hypertext format on the
Vegetarian Pages at

        ** Please send us any new listings or corrections. **

The prefered way for you to send us updates is to use the forms on the
above mentioned WWW site. E-mail updates gladly accepted also, but
please format them in the same format as is used in this guide and
keep comments and reviews short, simple, and straight to the point.

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California part 2

This section has listings for the following:

    Marin            Napa             Placer           San Bernandino
    Mendocino        Nevada           Riverside        San Diego
    Monterey         Orange           Sacramento       San Francisco

Many thanks to Elliot Omiya, our previous California coordinator, and
to Michael Hummell for having provided a good deal of information on
the Bay Area.

Entries marked with *VRG are ones which were discovered in the
_Vegetarian Journal's Guide to Natural Foods Restaurants in the U.S.
and Canada_ from the Vegetarian Resource Group, PO Box 1463,
Baltimore, MD 21203. Tel. (410) 366-VEGE. Foreword by Lindsay Wagner,
info compiled by Sally Clinton and Debra Wasserman, published by Avery
Publishing Group Inc. in Garden City Park, NY, copyright 1993.

Marin County

Marin Vegetarian Society
12 Rally Court, Fairfax, CA 94930, (415) 459-4668
Contacts: Stan & Patti, (415) 459-4668
- Newsletter. Monthly meeting (and potluck?).

Corte Madera

Moondoggies, 119 Town Centre Drive, 924-6261
- Vegetarian-friendly fast-food place. Has veggie burgers. *VRG


Marin Vegetarian Society, 12 Rally Court, Fairfax, CA 94930, 459-4668
- Newsletter. Monthly meeting.


Garden of Eatin' Cafe, 474 Magnolia Avenue, (415) 927-7611
- Vegetarian. Four different vege-burgers, tofu pups, tamales, "air"
  fries (organic russet potatoes freshly cut and baked, with no fat,
  in hot air oven), cole slaw tossed in homemade non-dairy mayonnaise.
  Makers of Garden of Eatin blue corn chips. Open Mon-Sat 11am-8pm.

Perfect Health-Joy-Songs, 1803 Larkspur Landing Circle, 461-6455
- Juice bar & health foods.

Mill Valley

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Cairo Cafe, Strawberry Village Shopping Center, (415) 389-1101
- Excellent Egyptian restaurant. Various vegan dishes. Very good
  falafel pitas and red lentil soup. Belly-dancing on Friday and
  Saturday nights! Closed Mondays.

Lucille's Cafe, 38 Miller Avenue #10, Mill Valley, (415) 381-4613
- Several vegetarian options, including a regular tempeh special. Good
  sit-down-and-relax place.

High Tech Burrito, Strawberry Village Shopping Center, Mill Valley,
  (415) 388-7002
- Great health-conscious Mexican fare, including a very tasty vegan
  burrito. Highly recommended for a quick meal. Try the black beans.
  Open late on Thu, Fri, Sat.

Natural Foods Stores:

Living Foods, 149 Throckmorton, 383-7121


Vegetarian Gourmet, 24A Central Drive, 383-0484
- French chef Denis Harle prepares gourmet vegetarian cuisine for your
  home or office. Macrobiotic and Ayruvedic dishes a specialty.

A Natural Affair, 383-5231
- Gourmet natural foods cooking classes & catering. Run by Eleonora


High Tech Burrito, Novato Fair Center, 942 Diablo Avenue, 897-8083
- Vegetarian-friendly. Great health-conscious Mexican fare, including
  a very tasty vegan burrito. Highly recommended for a quick meal.
  Try the black beans. Open late on Thurs, Fri, Sat.

San Anselmo

Living Foods, 222 Greenfield Avenue, 258-0660
- Natural foods store.

San Rafael

Vegetarian Restaurants:

** Milly's is permanently closed as of June 7, 1995. **
The owners have opened a new restaurant, Millennium, in San Francisco.

San Rafael Health Foods, 1132 4th Street, 457-0132
- Juice bar.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

High Tech Burrito, 2042 Fourth Steet (Miracle Mile Plaza), 485-0214
- See description under Mill Valley.

Pasand Madras, 802 B Street, 456-6099
- South Indian.

Okayama, 565 A N 6th

Natural Foods Stores:

Real Foods Co., 770 West Francisco Blvd, 459-8966

Vibrant Health, 55 Bellam Blvd


Farmer's Market, Marin Civic Center & Fairgrounds
- Thurs 8am-1pm year round. Sun 9am-2pm May to Nov.

Trader Joe's, Montecito Plaza, 337 Third Street, 454-9530
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.


Real Foods Co., 200 Caledonia, 332-9640
- Natural foods store.

Mendocino County

Fort Bragg

Viraporn's Thai Cafe, Chestnut at Main, (707) 964-7931
- Thai. Vegan-friendly. Four dishes specifically vegetarian (others
  can be made vegetarian): Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Soup, Pad Thai,
  and Vegetable Curry. All were actually vegan, except the Pad Thai,
  and it could be made without egg. The soup was good, the rest were
  passable. On Monday and Tuesday nights, a different chef prepares
  African dishes -- it isn't known if any are vegetarian/vegan.

Ada Belle's
- Chinese. "Will fix you a veggie meal with little oil and no MSG, if
  you ask."


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Mendocino Cafe
- "Wonderful Thai burrito made with brown basmati rice and veggies,
  and a good Asian noodle-and-tofu dish."

Cafe Beaujolais
- Run by Margaret Fox and Christopher Kump.

Ukiah 955
- Vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Expensive, but the flowers taste

Lu's Kitchen, in the parking area next to Corners of the Mouth
- Take-out. "Local specialty." Open only until 4 pm.

Natural Foods Stores:

Corners of the Mouth, 45015 Ukiah Street, (707) 937-5345
- Natural foods store. Organic fruits & vegetables, bulk grains, herbs
  and spices, teas, homeopathic remedies, a large refrigerated
  section, books, vitamins, etc. Crowded and friendly. Open daily


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Krishna's, North State Street, near the court house
- Hare Krishna Indian lacto-vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Mostly buffet
  style, all you can eat Indian food for a good price. About half
  vegan, nothing with eggs.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Arlene's Earthly Delights, Pear Tree Shopping Centre, 538 E. Perkins,
- Vegetarian-friendly. Gourmet sandwiches, soups. Vegan options.
  Closed Sun.


Harvest Bounty, 39 S. Main Street, 459-9647
- Natural foods store with vegetarian deli. Pizza, tamale pie,
  enchilada casserole, chili, mushroom stroganoff. They strive for
  vegan dishes. Very accommodating. Closed Sat-Sun.

Monterey County


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Great Wall, 731 Munras Avenue, (408) 372-3637
- Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Has an entire vegetarian menu that is
  mostly vegan, some dishes have egg but may be ordered without egg.
  Staff seem to be willing to serve vegans what they want/need. Take
  away available. Closed Mon.

David Walton's Beau Thai, 807 Cannery Row, 373-8811
- Thai. Tofu can be substituted in any non-vegetarian dish.

Power Juice Company, on Alvarado Street
- Juice/sandwich bar. They use organic ingredients if they can get
  them. Also soups & baked potatoes.

Pacific Grove

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Tillie Gort's Coffee House, 111 Central Avenue, (408) 373-0335
- Wonderful. Lots of vegetarian entrees that can easily be made vegan.
  Cheap and delicious.

Pasta Mia, 481 Lighthouse Avenue
- "Maureen will prepare a variety of dishes that are not on the menu.
  Just ask!"

Natural Foods Stores:

New Granary, 173 Central Avenue, 372-2533
- Natural foods store. Organic produce. Open Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun

Napa County


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Seed Time & Harvest Restaurant & Bakery, 1226 Washington St, 942-5512
- Mostly vegan. Many cakes, cookies, and muffins are vegan and free of
  refined sugar and oil. Outdoor dining in courtyard. Closed Sat. *VRG

St. Helena


Farmer's market, Dansk Square
- Fri 7:30am-noon.May-Nov

St. Helena Health Center, 650 Sanitarium Road, St. Helena
  Tel: (707) 963-6214, in CA 1-800-862-7575, elsewhere 1-800-358-9195
- Offers a range of health recovery programs, and a 12-day health
  improvement course (based on The McDougall Plan) run by Dr. John
  McDougall. Rooms, gym, pool, sauna, and vegetarian & vegan food.

Nevada County

Nevada City

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Earth Song Market and Cafe, 727 Zion Street, 265-9392
- Natural foods store with cafe. All-natural and organic ingredients
  used whenever possible. Daily specials. Vegan options.

Orange County

Vegetarian Organizations:

Orange County Vegetarian Network
12073 Stonegate Lane, Garden Grove, CA 92645

EarthSave Orange County
P.O. Box 15131, Santa Ana, CA 92705, (714) 835-1775


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Greenery Natural Kitchen, 323 S. Magnolla, 761-8103
- Wide-ranging menu. Quesadillas, burritos, lasagna, sandwiches,
  soups, smoothies. Vegan options. Closed Sun.

Los Sanchos, on Harbor Blvd just past Chapman
- Inexpensive Mexican fast food. Heavily frequented by the local
  Chicanos and their families. Has good vegetarian alternatives,
  including the green corn, sweet tamales, nachos, and veggie
  burritos. Generous portions. Wonderful atmosphere.

There is a good Chinese place on Katella just east of Harbor.
- Chinese. Nice selection of vegetarian meat substitute dishes.


Bengal Barbecue, in Adventureland
- Vegetarian shishkabob (vegan) consists of skewered potato, mushroom,
  squash, bell pepper, and onion. Also have big pretzels and a fruit
  plate (which comes with a container of yoghurt). "Quite tasty, and
  there's no lines."

River Belle Terrace, entrance in Adventureland and Frontierland
- Vegetable stew (vegan) served in a bread bowl (unsure if vegan).

Ville Verde, at Disneyland Hotel
- Some of the homemade pasta is eggless. Fettuccine with roasted
  vegetables (eggplant, onion, squash and tomato) is vegan if ordered
  without pesto sauce. The basil and tomato angel hair pasta is also

Goofy's Kitchen
- Buffet with plenty of vegan food. Vegan dinner items: French rolls,
  eggless pasta, marinara sauce, lots of incredible fruits, salad,
  juices. Vegan breakfast items: potatoes (fried in vegetable oil with
  onions and green peppers), bagels, and lots of incredible fruits.
  The cost of the buffet is about $14 per person, but the food was
  delicious and filling.

Street vendors
- Churros contain eggs. Popcorn is popped in vegetable oil.



Trader Joe's, Brea Imperial Center, 2500 Imperial Hwy (at Kraemer),
  (714) 257-1180
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Costa Mesa

Natural Foods Store & Restaurant:

Mother's Market & Kitchen, 225 East 17th Street, (714) 631-4741
- This is a large health-food store with mostly vegetarian products.
  Inside the store is an excellent and moderately priced restaurant
  with vegetarian and probably vegan foods. There is also a deli, a
  juice bar, and a large vitamin section. The restaurant serves
  breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Mexican and Chinese style food. Open
  daily, long hours.


Trader Joe's, 103 E. 17th, (714) 642-5134
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

El Toro

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

P.J.'s Casa Fiesta, 23696 El Toro Road, 581-2529
- Mexican. No lard used. Vegan options. Willing to accommodate.
  Counter service only. Open daily.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Greenery, 119 E. Commonwealth Avenue, 870-0981
- Soups, salads. Open Mon-Sun.

Garden Grove

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Souplantation, 5939 Chapman Avenue, 895-1314
- All-you-can-eat salad bar with more than 60 items. Soup, fruit,
  muffins. Open daily.

Huntington Beach

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Linda's Mexican Restaurant, 16446 Bolsa Chica Road, (714) 840-7374
- Mexican. The take-out menu claims that vegetarians "Will love this
  place because we fry in Canola oil and we have a large variety of
  items & combos just for you."

Pacific Pasta, on Beach Blvd
- Wonderful cheeseless vegetarian pesto pizza.


Trader Joe's, 18681-A Main Street, (714) 848-9640
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.



Trader Joe's, Walnut Village Center, 14443 Culver Drive,
  (714) 857-8108
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Laguna Beach

Vegetarian Restaurants:

The Stand, 238 Thalia Street, (714) 494-8101
- Vegan. Many Mexican specialties such as tamales and burritos.
  Open daily 7am-8pm.

The Downtown Stand, 347 Mermaid Street
- Vegan. Many Mexican specialties such as tamales and burritos.
  Open daily 8am-5:30pm.

Gauranga's, 285 Legion Street, Laguna Beach, 494-7029
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant.


Trader Joe's, Oakbrook Village Center, 24321 Ave. de la Carlota,
  Laguna Hills, (714) 586-8453
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Laguna Hills

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Niki's Tandoori Express, Laguna Hills Mall, (714) 586-0663
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Amazing bargain. Excellent vegetarian dishes
  always available. Matar Paneer, sag paneer, dal, squash, curries,
  other dishes can be had in combination plates. Vegetarian dishes are
  NOT cooked in animal fats. A three-item combo is only $5.50 (as of
  12/94). Other locations in Santa Ana and near South Coast Plaza.
  Open daily, mall hours.

Natraj, 24861 Alicia Parkway (near Freeway 5), (714) 581-4200
- Indian. Vegan-friendly. Lunch buffet with large vegetarian

Newport Beach

Vegan Restaurants:

The Last Mango in Newport, 2900 Newport Blvd, (714) 723-5778
- Great food and excellent service. Open daily 11:30am-10pm.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

The Healthy Gourmet, 3505 E. Chapman Avenue #E, (714) 771-1993
- Vegetarian and "California Lite" cuisines. Low-fat, high energy
  foods. Vegan options. Smoke-free. Open daily. *VRG

San Clemente


Trader Joe's, Ocean View Plaza, 638 Camino de los Mares,
  (714) 240-9996
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

San Juan Capistrano

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Natural Offering Cafe, (714) 472-1721 *VRG

Santa Ana


Trader Joe's, 1303 North Main Street, (714) 834-0514
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Souplantation, 13681 Newport Avenue, 730-5443
- All-you-can-eat salad bar with more than 60 items. Soup, fruit,
  muffins. Open daily.

Placer County


Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Lattitudes, downtown, across from the Courthouse, 885-9535
- Dishes run ~$10-$14. Monthly themes (eg. Thai). Nice flavors.
  Primarily vegetarian, some carniverous dishes.

Tahoe Vista

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Seedling Cafe, 7081 North Lake Blvd, (916) 546-3936
- Internatonal vegetarian cuisine. Good tempeh burgers. Delicious
  grilled veggies fajita plate includes black beans and rice.

Riverside County


Dragon House, 22456 Alessandro Blvd, 653-1442
- Vegetarian-friendly Chinese restaurant. Has a vegetarian menu, with
  many dishes using fake meats. Vegan options. Open daily. *VRG


Murrieta Hot Springs Resort and Health Spa,
  39405 Murrieta Hot Springs Road, (714) 677-7451
- "A mecca for the healing arts." A family-oriented resort. Three
  natural mineral springs, an Olympic sized pool, mineral baths,
  tule-root mud baths, body wraps, saunas, tennis courts. Has an
  incredible lacto-vegetarian menu. You can drop in only for one meal,
  but this place is so luxurious that you'll want to stay overnight.
  Open daily.

Palm Desert


Trader Joe's, Palm Desert Town Center, Fred Waring Drive at Town
  Center Drive
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Palm Springs

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Let's Get Juiced, 651 N. Palm Canyon Drive, 327-9112
- Lacto-vegetarian restaurant, coffeehouse, and art gallery. "A
  meeting place for artists, musicians, yogis, cyclers, storytellers,
  recyclers, writers, neo-bio-revolutionaries and other assorted
  friends of the universe." Organic ingredients used when possible.
  Vegan options. Open daily, but closes early on Tuesdays. Closed in
  August. *VRG


Dragon House, 10466 Magnolia Avenue, 354-2080
- Vegetarian-friendly Chinese restaurant. Has a vegetarian menu, with
  many dishes using fake meats. Vegan options. Open daily. *VRG

Sacramento County

Citrus Heights

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Fresh Choice, 5419 Sunrise Blvd, 863-5680
- All-you-can-eat salad bar, pasta bar, etc. Unfortunately the vegan
  items seem to be disappearing. All their pasta contains eggs and the
  marinara sauce surprisingly is not vegan. Their nutritional
  information pamphlet lists all menu items and indicates which are

Fair Oaks

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Blue Iris Cafe, 10118 Fair Oaks Blvd, 961-7675
- Gourmet restaurant. Has a vegetarian and macrobiotic menu.
  Stir-fries, sautes, noodle and rice dishes, vegetarian box lunches.
  Expensive. Open Tue-Fri for lunch, Tue-Sun for dinner.

Sunflower Drive-in


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Mums Vegetarian Restraunt, 2968 Freeport Blvd, 444-3015
- Lacto-ovo vegetarian. Vegan-friendly. Great Food. Cost for dinner is

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Good Earth, on Arden Way
- Part of a national chain. At least one third of the menu is
  vegetarian. Tends to emphasize beans and soy foods.

Fresh Choice, 2 locations:
  Arden Fair Mall, 1689 Arden Fair #1065, 649-3839
  535 Howe Avenue, 649-8046
- All-you-can-eat salad bar, pasta bar, etc. Unfortunately the vegan
  items seem to be disappearing. All their pasta contains eggs and the
  marinara sauce surprisingly is not vegan. Their nutritional
  information pamphlet lists all menu items and indicates which are

Natural Foods Stores:

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, 1900 Alhambra Blvd, (916) 455-2667
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. The largest natural foods store in
  Sacramento. It includes several varieties of products in all of the
  expected supermarket categories, including both organic and
  conventional produce sections. There is a vegetarian/vegan deli and
  a Market Cafe that serves mainly vegetarian/vegan entrees with a few
  non-vegetarian items. The Market Cafe also has a small bakery and a
  coffee bar. Classes are regularly scheduled on such topics as
  vegetarian/vegan cooking, using herbs for healing, homeopathy, etc.
  One does not need to be a member to shop at the co-op. Open daily


Farmer's market, under Hwy 80 at 8th & W Streets
- Sun 8am-noon. Year round.

Trader Joe's, 2 locations:
  Town & Country Village, 2601 Marconi Avenue (at Fulton), 481-8797
  Quail Pointe Shopping Center, 5307 Sunrise Blvd, Fair Oaks, 863-1744
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Eileen Murray, 457-9466
- Macrobiotic meals to go and cooking lessons.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Sacramento Vegetarian Society
P.O. Box 163583, Sacramento, CA 95816, (916) 927-5202
or 823 28 Street, Sacramento, CA 95816
- Potluck on 3rd Sunday of each month at 5:30pm.

San Bernandino County

Loma Linda

The Soup Stone, 11306 Mountain View, 796-1162
- Vegetarian restaurant, bakery, and caterer. Salad, soup, potato,
  bread, and dessert bars. Veggie burgers, pasta. Outdoor tables.
  Banquet room available. Open Sun-Thurs.

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Anderson Road at Barton Road,
- Vegetarian restaurant. Open 22 hours a day. Cafeteria style.
  Take-out available. Smoke-free.

Loma Linda Market, 24954 Prospect Avenue (at Anderson, behind the post
  office), (909) 824-4565
- A completely vegetarian grocery store. A full selection of frozen
  and canned fake meats. Bulk grains and spices galore! Full service
  bakery and adjoining cafe. A must for anyone headed for LA on I-10.
  Closed after sunset Fridays.


Irene's Drive Inn, 703 Broadway, 326-2342
- Fast food place which serves vegetarian burgers tacos & burritos.
  Closed Sat.



Trader Joe's, Orange Street Plaza, 552 Orange Street, (909) 798-3888
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

San Diego County


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Viva Nova, 1138 Orange Avenue, (619) 435-2124
- Health food store with juice bar and vegan-friendly vegetarian deli.
  Good vibes and great food. Open daily until 8pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Tiffiny's Deli-Juice Bar, 1120 Adella Avenue, 437-1368
- Natural foods. Vegan-friendly. Sandwiches, smoothies. Old fashioned
  decor. Open daily.

Stretch's Coronado Cafe, 943 Orange Avenue, 435-8886
- "Stretch takes pride in the quality and variety of food offered."
  All food prepared fresh daily. Self-serve. Fresh juices. *VRG

Del Mar

Vegan Restaurants:

Garden Taste, Del Mar Plaza, 1555 Camino Del Mar, 793-1500
- All organic. Raw soups, sprouted salads, sprouted veggie burgers,
  non-wheat pizza. No oil, sugar, or salt used. Fresh juices. Full
  service. Open daily. *VRG

Natural Foods Stores:

- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Some meat (ugh) and dairy, but lots of
  organic fruit and veggies and good prices.

El Cajon

Vegetarian Restaurants:

L'Chaim Cafe, 134 West Douglas Street, 442-1331
- Home-style. Pritikin menu. Vegan-friendly. It faces an alley, so it
  may be a bit hard to find. Closed Sun.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Fountain of Juice, 1163 First Street, 944-0612
- Wide variety. Curried vegetables, black bean burritos, mock meat
  dishes, smoothies. Vegan-friendly. Counter service. Catering. Open
  daily. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Star of India, 927 First Street, 632-1113
- Indian. Large vegetarian selection. Expensive, but good. One of San
  Diego's top ten rated restaurants. Catering available. Open daily
  for lunch and dinner.

Roxy Restaurant & Ice Cream, 517 First Street, 436-5001
- Falafel burger, vegetarian burrito. Open daily.

Natural Foods Stores:

Casady's, 2 locations
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Unfortunately it carries some meat (ugh)
  and dairy items.


Trader Joe's, Encinitas Plaza, 115 N. El Camino Real, 634-2114
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

La Jolla

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Che Cafe, 0323-C Student Center, UCSD, 9500 Gilman Drive, 534-2311
- Run by a non-profit vegetarian collective. Most items vegan. Live
  music most weekends. Always open on Wednesdays, call for other
  times. "Pretty unreliable for most meals I've tried there."

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Sandwiched Inn, 927 Silverado
- Friendly, and lots of vegan sandwiches. Open 8:30am-3:30pm.

Star of India, 1025 Prospect Street #100, 459-3355
- Indian. Large vegetarian selection. Expensive, but good. One of San
  Diego's top ten rated restaurants. Catering available. Open daily
  for lunch and dinner.

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, 702 Pearl Street, 456-5222
- Italian

Natural Foods Stores:

Choices, Scripps Health Center on Torrey Pines Road
- Has a deli.


Trader Joe's, La Jolla Village Square, 546-8629
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

La Mesa

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Village Emporium, La Mesa Blvd
- Vegan-friendly. Friendly atmosphere, offers live music most evenings
  in upstairs loft.

Souplantation, 9158 Fletcher Pkwy, 462-4232
- All-you-can-eat salad bar with more than 60 items. Soup, fruit,
  muffins. Open daily.

Natural Foods Stores:

Cortland's Greentree, 8704 Lake Murray Blvd, 463-7267
- Vegan-friendly deli. Nice but somewhat expensive. The small deli
  offers sandwiches and salads. Very similar to the Greentree
  Grocers in Clairemont. Open Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-8pm.


Trader Joe's, Grossmont Trolley Center, 8495 Fletcher Parkway,
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Lemon Grove


Optimum Health Institute, 6970 Central Avenue, Lemon Grove, CA 92045,
  (619) 464-3346
- Founded 1976 by Raychel Soloman. Conducts 21-day body-detoxification
  program based on a raw-food diet and wheat-grass juice. Owns
  "Vegetarian Village", a vegetarian apartment complex. Apartment
  residents do not have to be affiliated with the institute.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Vegetarian Express, 1470 North Highway 101, 942-2320
- Vegetarian fast-food restaurant. All-you-can-eat buffet.
  Entertainment twice weekly. Closed Mon.

National City

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Paradise Valley Hospital, 2400 E. Fourth Street, 470-6311
- Vegetarian cafeteria. Lunch and dinner specials are only $2. Open

North Park

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Govinda's, 3102 University (near 30th Street), 284-4826
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant. Vegan-friendly.
  All-you-can-eat buffet. Different international items daily, many
  Indian dishes. Fresh juices. Open daily (unsure about Sundays).

Jimbo's Pizza Naturally, 3910 30th Street, 294-9611
- Non-dairy and macrobiotic pizza & beer. Uses organic ingredients.
  Also has BBQ burgers, organic salad bar. Jimbo's makes it's own
  non-dairy (no casein) tofu cheese. All-you-can-eat vegetarian
  breakfast buffet on Saturdays. Also a market with organic produce
  and grains. (Closed Mon & Tue?)

Natural Foods Stores:

Jimbo's Naturally, 3918 30th Street, 294-8096
- Has a vegan-friendly deli. Has the largest selection of organically
  grown food products (CCOF) in San Diego. Very friendly atmosphere
  (as a former employee I kind of wished customers wouldn't hang
  around so often and so long!). Open Mon-Sat 9am-8pm, Sun 10am-6pm.


Vegetarian Restaurants:

Pacific Yeast-Free Bakery & Macrobiotic Center, 429 S. Hill Street,
  (619) 757-6020 / 967-0710
- Vegan options. Uses organic grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
  All breads vegan and free of sugar, honey, oil, yeast, baking
  powder, and baking soda. Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and
  dinner. Dinner by reservation only.


Trader Joe's, 2570 Vista Way, 433-9994
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Palomar Mountain

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Mother's Kitchen, 33120 Canfield Road, Junction of S6 & S7, 742-3496
- A nice little place on a very pretty mountainside. In a rustic
  cabin atop Mount Palomar. Nutburgers, sandwiches, soups, salads,
  fruit smoothies, fresh juices. Full service. Closed Tue & Wed.

San Diego

See also: North Park, Del Mar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Coronado,
  El Cajon, Solana Beach.

The 8th International Vegan Festival
- To be held August 6-13, 1995, at San Diego State University. At the
  last Festival, held in Tossa del Mar, Spain, hundreds of vegans from
  all over the world joined for a week of conferences, lectures,
  networking, socializing, hiking, lying on the beach and great meals.
  The 1995 Festival, to be held jointly by the American Vegan Society
  and the Vegetarian Union of North America is expected to be even
  bigger. All meals will be 100% vegan prepared under the direction of
  chef Ron Pickarski, International Culinary Olympics Silver-medal
- Speakers will include:
    Lindsey Russell, dep. editor of Vegetarian Living mag. (England)
    Maxwell Lee, pres. IVU (England)
    Bethany Alldridge, vegan marketing activist (Australia)
    Arnie Wingqvist, Vice pres. European Vegetarian Union
    Michael Klaper M.D., author
    Ronald Cridland M.D.
    William Harris M.D.
    Spice Williams, vegan body builder & stunt-women/actress
    Alex Hershaft, director Great American Meatout
    Agatha Trash M.D., author
    Ruth Heidrich, overcame cancer & became a winning athlete
    Victoria Moran, author
    Keith Akers, author
    Freya & Jay Dinshah, authors & founders of American Vegan Society
- Registration fees:
    Adult $170, Senior $160, Student $100, Child $20
- Accomodation fees:
    Adult:   $480 single, $410 double (with meals & banquet)
    Student: $400 single, $330 double
    Child:   $370 single, $300 double
- For full details and registration forms, e-mail
  or write the American Vegan Society, P.O. Box H, Malaga, NJ 08328
  or call (303) 777-4761 or call/fax (609) 694-2887.

Coastal California is pretty vegetarian friendly (which probably
won't suprise anyone). Here in San Diego, vegetarians are readily
accomodated at most restaurants. Also, the print media, in particular
the weekly "Reader" freebie magazine, considers vegetarians when
reviewing restaurants. When visiting an omnivore restaurant, the
reviewer will add something like "vegetarians will love all the
wonderful options" or "good selection of vegetarian entrees" in her
reviews. I've found a lot of great restaurants this way. If you drive
east, you're on your own. Lots of rednecks east of San Diego.

Vegan Restaurants:

Faque Burger, 6109 University (at College Avenue), 583-9520
- Vegan fast-food. Soy Burgers, home-made fries, shakes & soda. Has a
  drive-thru window, and an outdoor patio. Run by Seventh Day
  Adventists. Open Sun-Thu 10am-1am, Fri 10am-4pm, Sat 8:30pm-2am.
  Name of restaurant is pronounced as 'Fake Burger'.

Ocean Beach People's Natural Foods Market & Deli,
  4765 Voltaire Street, Ocean Beach, 224-1387
- Take-out only. Natural foods store with deli. Features vegan & raw
  foods. Great selection of organic salads, entrees, soups,
  sandwiches, and desserts. Fresh juices. Open daily.

Vegetarian Restaurants:

Second Nature Vegetarian Cafe, 4652 Mission Blvd, 272-7399
- 75% of menu is vegan. The menu is loaded with vegan options, among
  them: lasagna, quesadilla, enchiladas, tofu fajitas, wild rice and
  sweet potato paties. Very friendly service, but slow. Open Tue-Sun
  8am-9:45pm. Closed Mon.

Jyoti-Bihanga, 3351 Adams Avenue, Normal Heights, 282-4116
- Sri-Chiminoy vegetarian restaurant. Personally, my favorite, with a
  Saturday morning all-you-can-eat vegetarian breakfast buffet
  (7:30am-12:00pm) that is the best I've come across anywhere.

Govinda's At The Beach, 1030 Grand Avenue, Pacific Beach, 483-2500
- Hare Krishna lacto-vegetarian restaurant.

Kool Korner, 3896 Fifth Avenue, 298-3155
- Menu changes daily. Burgers, curries, stews, and salads. Juice bar.
  Open daily. *VRG

Kung Food, 2949 Fifth Avenue (at Quince), Hillcrest, 298-7302
- Vegetarian restaurant with a natural food store/new age shop next
  door. Vegan-friendly. Considered by some to be an exceptional
  restaurant. Considered by others to be a vastly over-rated
  restaurant with it's share of unappetizing dishes. Full service.
  Garden patio. Open since 1975. Open daily.

Lux Kahv'e, 728 Fifth Avenue, 232-7700
- Sidewalk cafe/bistro. Vegan-friendly. Pasta, falafel, hummus,
  sandwiches. Blended juices. Music every night. *VRG

Gelato Vero Cafe, 3753 India Street, 295-9269
- Soup, salad, fresh bread, and fresh juices. Limited menu. Open only
  during the evenings. *VRG

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

:Natural Foods:

  Jyoti Bihanga, 3351 Adams Avenue, 282-4116
  - "Excellent vegetarian and macrobiotic foods in a peaceful, serene
    atmosphere with a fountain, high arched ceiling, and fifteen foot
    windows." Vegan-friendly. Daily specials. Fresh juices.
    All-you-can-eat Saturday breakfast buffet. Closed Sun. *VRG

  Cafe Greentree, 3560 Mt. Acadia Blvd, 560-1975
  - In the Greentree Farms natural foods store. Extensive vegetarian
    menu. Open daily. *VRG


  Cafe India, 9760-5 Sports Arena Blvd
  - Great samosas, and $4.50 (1994) all-you-can-eat vegetarian lunch


  Mandarin Plaza, 3760 Sports Arena Blvd, 224-4222
  - Mandarin/Cantonese Chinese. Special diet sections on the menu. Use
    no MSG. Full service. Open daily. *VRG

  Imperial Wok, 5771 La Jolla Blvd, 454-8625
  - I've never been there, but here's a quote from their ad:
    "And for our vegetarian friends... Yang's Famous Vegetarian Menu.
    We use a special family recipe of exotic spices and careful
    preparation to offer you delicious entrees with tastes of chicken,
    beef, duck, or scallops, yet completely vegetarian."


  'Vegetarian' in Thai means 'substitute tofu for flesh'. Be sure to
  insist on no fish sauce or other animal products.

  Taste of Thai, 527 University Avenue, Hillcrest, 291-7525
  - All dishes can be made vegetarian, but watch out... they press and
    flavor tofu to resemble duck meat, and it's a bit too realistic
    for some of us. :-) The service is the best of any restaurant I've
    been in anywhere, and the owner is a man with a true love for the
    restaurant business. My SO and I are very frequent customers of
    Taste of Thai, and we recommend that anyone stopping in San Diego
    give them a try.

  The Thai Orchid Cuisine, 4310 Genesee Avenue, 278-4949
  - Thai. Small restaurant with very nice atmosphere. Friendly service
    and great prices. Everything they offer can be made vegetarian
    upon request. Open daily 11am-10pm.

  Saffron, 3731B India Street, 574-0177
  - Good Thai fast food.

  Celadon, 5th Ave (between Pennsylvania & Brookes Avenues), 295-8000

  Karinya, 4475 Mission Blvd, 270-5050

  Thai Chada, 142 University, Hillcrest, 297-9548


  Khyber Pass, 3555 Rosecrans Street, 224-8200

:Middle Eastern:

  Fariouz, 3166 Midway Drive (near Rosecrans Street), 225-0308

  Pasha's, 1110 Torrey Pines Road, 454-9229


  Pasta Time Cafe, 1417 University Avenue, 296-2425
  - "Takes pride in creating dishes that are both heathful and
    delicious." Vegan options. Daily pasta specials. No smoking. *VRG

  Lotsa Pasta, 1726 Garnet Avenue, 581-6777
  - More than 500 different combinations of pastas and sauces. Pastas
    cut to order. Full service. Open daily. *VRG


  Maria Isabella, 1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, 298-2860
  - Have a vegetarian menu. Vegan options. Fresh juices. Open daily.

  Casa De Pico, 2754 Calhoun Street (in the Bazaar Del Mundo Shopping
    Complex in old-town San Diego's historic state park), 296-3267
  - Many vegetarian options. Special menu for the health conscious.
    Live mariachi music at night on the open air patio. Open daily.

  Coyote Cantina, 2461 San Diego Avenue, Old Town San Diego


  Souplantation, 2 locations:
    6171 Mission Gorge Road, 280-7087
    3960 W. Point Loma Blvd, 222-7404
  - All-you-can-eat salad bar with more than 60 items. Soup, fruit,
    muffins. Open daily.

  Soup Exchange
  - One or two vegetarian soups each day.

  Soups Unlimited, 660 University Avenue, 296-4030
  - Juice bar. Vegan options.

Natural Foods Stores:

Ocean Beach People's Natural Foods Market & Deli,
  4765 Voltaire Street, Ocean Beach, 224-1387
- Natural foods store with take-out vegan deli. Great selection of
  organic produce. Open daily.

Greentree Grocers, 3560 Mount Acadia Blvd, 560-1975
- Grocery store, deli, bakery, small sandwich/smoothie bar.
  They actually have a remodelled restaurant that is excellent.
  Prices are very reasonable, unlike the food store section.
- They have a great little restaurant right inside the store. Bright
  and airy with a number of very good vegetarian selections each day.
  On weekends they have a great vegetarian breakfast.

La Fresqueria, 1125 6th Avenue, 235-0655
- Has a deli serving healthy fresh foods with a Latin influence.
  Limited menu. Sandwiches, salads, seasonal fruit salads, fresh
  juices, smoothies. Open Mon-Fri. *VRG

Greentree Farms, 3560 Mt. Acadia, 560-1975
- Has a vegetarian-friendly cafe. Full service. *VRG

Kung Food, 2949 Fifth Avenue (at Quince), Hillcrest, 298-7302
- Vegetarian restaurant with a natural foods store/new age shop next

New Seed, 946 Garnet, Pacific Beach


Trader Joe's:
  Carmel Mountain Ranch, 11955 Carmel Mt. Road, 673-0526
  Pacific Beach, 1211 Garnet Avenue, 272-7235
- Excellent store with many quality, and often reasonably priced,
  natural foods store type items.

Bookstar has a respectable veggie cookbook section.

Vegetarian Organizations:

Club Veg of San Diego
3716 35th Street, San Diego, CA 92104-3903, (619) 282-3900
- A very active vegetarian orgnization. Meet 2 or 3 times a month for
  restaurant outings and potlucks at members homes or on the beach.
  Regularly scheduled educational and informational forums with guest
  speakers and/or video presentations.

Gay and Lesbian Vegetarians of San Diego
P.O. Box 421462, San Diego, CA 92142
E-Mail contact:
- To receive their quarterly electronic newsletter, send an e-mail to
  the above e-mail address.

San Marcos

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Rocco's Pizza, 1531 W. Mission Blvd, 744-8012
- Italian restaurant with vegetarian pizza. Vegan options.

Solana Beach

Vegetarian Restaurants:

House of Afrika Roots Rock Reggae Cafe, 355 North Highway 101,
- Vegetarian cafe. Excellent!!! Highly recommended, for atmosphere if
  nothing else.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:

Chung King Loh, 552 Stevens Avenue, 481-0184
- Mandarin/Szechuan Chinese. Vegan-friendly. Extensive vegetarian
  menu. Entrees include Broccoli and Carrots in Hot Peanut Sauce, Bean
  Curd with Ginger and Green Onions, and Mung Bean Noodle with Black
  Mushrooms. Use no MSG. Dishes can be made without oil, sugar, and
  salt. Open daily.

San Francisco County

San Francisco

Many thanks to Robert Blumen for lots of help with the San Francisco

Vegetarian Restaurants:

:Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants:

  Kowloon, 909 Grant (Chinatown), 362-9888
  - Vegan. Buddhist Chinese. Excellent gluten dishes. The only place
    in town to get vegetarian dim sum, which is quite a unique
    experience. Brown rice available. Also has pastry/takeout counter.
    Open 9am-10pm. Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society

  Lotus Garden, 532 Grant (Chinatown), 397-0707 / 397-0130
  - Vegan. Buddhist Chinese. Kosher. Superb restaurant. Good service.
    Try the mu-shu "pork". Lots of gluten, tofu, and yam dishes. The
    menu is awesome in length. This is a place where locals eat their
    workday lunches (3 courses) for $2.95. For a full dinner, it might
    run $8-$12 per person. Open Tue-Sun 11:30am-9pm. Discount for San
    Francisco Vegetarian Society members.
  - The least interesting of Chinatown's three vegetarian restaurants.
    No brown rice.
  - They have the largest variety of Buddhist foods I've ever seen in
    one place! Next door to a large Buddhist temple.

  Vegi Food, 1820 Clement (near 19th Ave), 387-8111
  - Vegan. Cheap - around $5/entree. Serve brown rice. Delicious food
    prepared with much care, and served in a friendly but unobtrusive
    atmosphere. Dishes include many kinds of mushrooms, fungi, bean
    curd and skin, gluten, and other unusual ingredients. Many dishes
    are a bit oily. Most popular dish is the Sweet & Sour Walnuts. No
    TsingTao with your meal here, just tea. Open Tue-Fri 11:30am-3pm &
    5pm-9pm, Sat-Sun 11am-9pm.

  Ten Thousand Buddhas Chun Kang Vegetarian Restaurant, 608 Geary
    (near Jones), 673-9221
  - Vegan? Excellent. Very reasonable prices and a very convenient
    location. "A _very_ plain restaurant, with zilch atmosphere. Lots
    of good food, served by a string of people (we had at least four
    different people bringing things, refilling tea, asking how it
    was, etc). We appreciated the color photos in the thick menu book,
    great for getting a sense of some of the more unfamiliar dishes."
    Open 7:30am-9pm Wed-Mon. Closed Tue.

  Lucky Creation, 854 Washington (near Grant) (Chinatown), 989-0818
  - Vegan. Cheap vegetarian Chinese dishes served. Buddhist emphasis.
    Not as good as Kowloon around the corner. No brown rice. Open
    11am-10pm. Closed Wed.

  Shangri-La, 2026 Irving (near 21st Avenue), 731-2548
  - Northern Chinese. Buddhist. Recommended by several netters. In
    1980 it was the only vegetarian Chinese restaurant to advertise as
    'without msg'. Lots of specials. Vegan options. Relaxed and
    peaceful atmosphere. Some netters mentioned religious
    proselytizing by the management. Open 11:30am-9:30pm. Discount for
    San Francisco Vegetarian Society members.

  Fountain Court, 345 Clement, 668-1100
  - Can special order no oil, no salt, no MSG, etc. Brown rice. Large

:Indian Vegetarian Restaurants:

  The Ganges, 775 Frederick (near Arguello), 661-7290
  - Indian Gujarati. A different menu than the usual fare served in
    most other Indian restaurants. Menu changes daily. Live music
    Thu-Sat. Reservations recommended. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-9:15pm.
    Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society members.

:Generic Vegetarian Restaurants:

  Millennium, 246 McAllister, by City Hall, 487-9800
  - Vegan/low-fat. Serving beautiful, well-composed, delicious plates
    at $12+ for an entree, this new entry (Oct 1994) is already San
    Francisco's premiere vegan restaurant. Many dishes made with no
    oil, and very low fat. Desserts are all wheat free and many are
    sugar free as well. All produce is organic from family farms. They
    even give out organic seeds. Owned by the same people as Milly's
    in San Rafael.
  - "Absolutely the best meal I've had in a long time, filo, rosemary
    polenta, herb tofu aioli, chantereele and portobello mushrooms
    with leek 'ricotta', seitan steaks with red onion marmalade, etc."
  - "It's terrific. We ate there 3 times during the week that we were
    in San Francisco. Everything was wonderful, from a
    parsnip/celeriac soup garnished with tiny chunks of apple,
    persimmmon, and celery, to entrees using tempeh, smoked tofu,
    various rices, and a grand portabello sandwich on foccaccia. All
    delicately herbed, imaginatively garnished, and absolutely

  Ananda-Fuara, 1298 Market Street (at 9th), 621-1994
  - Run by Sri Chinmoys. Specialties: BBQ Tofu Burgers. Simple, solid
    but unexceptional meals from an eclectic mix of menu styles
    (Indian, Asian, Moosewood). Open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm, except Wed
    8am-3pm. Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society members.

  Amazing Grace, 216 Church, 626-6411
  - Mainstream vegetarian in the tradition of the Moosewood cookbook.
    Vegi burgers, various casseroles, etc. Cafeteria-style. Open
    Mon-Sat 11am-10pm. Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society

:Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurants & Fine Dining:

  Now and Zen Gourmet Vegetarian Bistro & Bakery, 1826 Buchanan Street
    (between Sutter & Bush), 922-9696, fax: 922-1343
  - Vegan. Continental/Asian. Organic ingredients. "The mushroom
    infusion soup and the grilled seitan sandwich are excellent."
    Great sugar free vegan pastries & cakes. Has it's own cookbook,
    "Now and Zen Epicure", by Miyoko Nishimoto (available through The
    Mail Order Catalog, 800-695-2241). Some recipes have also appeared
    in Vegetarian Times magazine. Open Mon-Thu 11pm-9pm, Fri&Sat
    11am-10pm, Sun for brunch 10am-3pm & dinner 5pm-9pm.

  Greens, Fort Mason Building A, corner of Beach & Laguna, 771-6222
  - The city's most famous, most overrated, most overpriced gourmet
    vegetarian restaurant, with an excellent view of the Golden Gate
    Marina. Mostly dairy. Not exactly vegan friendly. Popular, call
    for reservations. Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-2:15pm & 6pm-9:30pm,
    Sun 10am-2pm.

:Vegetarian Takouts/Delis:

  Rainbow Market & Takeout Deli, 1899 Mission (at 15th), 863-9200
  - Daily sandwiches/soups. Falafel patties, eggless tofu spread,
    hommus, salads, etc. One of the best values in town. Mellow
    atmosphere. It's a great store. Open daily 9:30am-7:30pm.

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants:


  Silver Moon, 2301 Clement at 24th Avenue, 386-7852
  - Mostly-vegetarian. Inexpensive, very good reputation. Specialties
    are imitation seafood, duck, and shrimp. Serve brown rice. Open

  Chinese Golden Flower, 307 Church Street, 621-8383
  - Health conscious Chinese cuisine. Over 30 vegetarian entrees.
    Large portions. Hearty meals. Their menu talks about healthy
    eating and they seem to use little fat in cooking. Good shredded
    spicy vegetables. The seaweed stuffed with vegetables on a
    sizzling platter is made large variety of mushrooms and extremely
    fresh vegetables. Friendly service. Simple decor. Clean. Most
    dishes are under $5. Take out and delivery. Newly opened (Feb 94).

  Red Crane, 1115 Clement (12th Avenue), 751-7226
  - Vegan options. Inexpensive, very good reputation. Serve brown
    rice. Open daily 11:30am-10pm.

  China-Village, 2263 Chestnut Street (in the Marina district)
  - An omnivorous restaurant with several dozen vegetarian dishes on
    the menu. This is a great place for mixed parties of vegetarian
    (vegan) and meat eaters. Everyone can go away happy. They also
    advertise "No MSG!" and "on request, any ingredients may be
    mottied such as salt, sugar, oil". Prices are on the cheap side.

  Canton Winter Garden, 1125 Clement Street, 668-8368
  - Open 11:30-10(?). Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society

  Harvest Moon, on Clement near 23rd
  - Has a lot of vegetarian items. Will steam on request instead of


  Neecha Thia Cuisine, 2100 Sutter Street, 922-9419
  - No less than 37 vegetarian items on the menu. Daily specials. Open
    daily from 11am-3pm & 5pm-10pm.

  Tasana Thai, 339 Taraval (14th), 664-3891
  - Open Tue-Sat 11:30am-2:30am, Sun 5:30pm-10pm.

  Naree Thai Cuisine, 1331 Polk Street, 771-2562
  - "Great Thai food. The menu does not appear to be veg-friendly
    until you read the fine print, which says something to the effect
    of 'Items marked * can be prepared vegetarian.' They use some kind
    of meat analog that I've never tried to identify, but I like it,
    and I usually don't go for that kind of thing."

  Pad Thai, 3259 Mission Street (at 29th Street), 285-4210
  - Many vegetarian dishes available. 'No MSG'.

  Malai Thai, 3189 16th Street, 626-8528
  - Local paper says "outstanding Thai cooking with a variety of
    vegetarian [...] dishes made fresh daily. Exquisite curries."

  Samila Thai Restaurant and Vegetarian Cuisine, 5336 Geary Blvd
    (between 17th & 18th Avenues), 752-4310


  Golden Turtle, 2211 Van Ness (between Broadway & Vallejo), 441-4419
  - This restaurant which has had a very good reputation for their
    non-vegetarian menu has recently added a vegetarian menu (Oct 93).


  Grande Ho's Hibachi, 3111 16th Street (near Valencia), 626-5023
  - Thai, Chinese, Japanese, & Korean. Twenty or more vegetarian
    choices. Economical. "One Stop for All Almost Asian Food."


  Pasand Madras, 1875 Union (W of Laguna), 922-4498
  - South Indian. Emphasizes vegetarian cooking. Nightly

  India Clay Oven, 2435 Clement (between 25th & 26th Ave), 751-0505
  - The city's newest Indian restuarant (1995), specializing in
    Tandoori, vegetarian, and curry. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

  Maharani, 1122 Post Street (Polk), 775-1988
  - Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society members.

  Sirtaj, 48 5th St/Market, 957-0140

  Star India, 3721 Geary, 386-6208

  Mela, 417 O'Farrell, 776-7171

  Gaylord Indian Restaurant, 2 locations:
    Ghiradelli Square, 771-8822
    1 Embarcadero Center, 397-7775

  India House, 350 Jackson, 392-0744

  Indian Oven, 237 Fillmore, 626-1628

  Krishna Palace, 700 Post, 775-6708

  North India, 3131 Webster/Lombard, 931-1556

  Appam, 1259 Folsom, 626-2798

  Moghul India, 1956.5 Lombard Street at Buchanan, 928-3868

  Scenic India, 532 Valencia, 621-7226

  Vishal, 5625 Geary Blvd (near 20th Avenue), 751-2975

  New Delhi, 1630 Ellis (at Cyril Magnin)

  - Gujarati Indian. Home-style. Small portions.

  Raj, 2443 Lombard, 441-0275

  Volga, on Lombard (between Buchanan and Webster), 928-3868
  - See listing below under 'Russian'.


  Sunrise Deli, 2115 Irving at 23rd Ave, 664-8210
  - Lebanese. Vegan vegi plate is one of the best deals in town. You
    won't make it through the vegi plate in one sitting. Open Mon-Sun
    until 8pm.

  R&J Fine Foods, two locations:
    1609 Polk Street, 567-6091
    553 Haight Street, 252-8190
  - A clean, bright, attractive deli with a variety of very fresh,
    homemade mostly vegan salads and sandwiches. The emphasis is on
    Middle-Eastern favorites such as falafel, hummus, tabbouli,
    dolmas, couscous, and mujdareh. Eat in or take out.

  La Mediteranee, 2210 Fillmore or 288 Noe
  - Greek/Lebanese/Isreali style food. Always some vegetarian entrees

  Just Like Home, 1924 Irving Street (20th Av), 681-3337
  - Judged best falafel in SF by Jim Wood's Restaurant Guide. Open
    Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-8pm.

  Natan's Glatt Kosher Restaurant, 420 Geary Street, 776-2683
  - Falafel, hummous. Vegan plate. Open Sat-Sun 9pm-midnight, Mon-Thu
    7:30am-11pm. Closed Fridays.

  Cafe Istanbul, 525 Valencia
  - Ambience-heavy, with cushions, faux-tent cieling. A cafe that
    serves food, including the standard Middle-Eastern veggie plates.

  Pasha, 1516 Broadway (off Van Ness)
  - "Superb Middle Eastern and Morrocan Cuisine" (in their own words)
    with plenty of vegetarian meals on the menu.

  Byblos, 1910 Lombard, 292-5672
  - Lebanese food, with an assortment of vegetarian appetizers which
    can be combined to make a balanced meal (hoummos, taboulli, baba
    ganoush, dolmas, etc).

  Noe Valley Deli, 4007 24th Street, 824-8373
  - A nice friendly little neighborhood deli with excellent hummous,
    falafel, tabouli, dolmas, and other Middle-Eastern staples.

  Suad's Deli, 500 Divisadero (Fell), 553-8817
  - Falafel, hummus.

  Cafe Nidal, 2491 Mission Street, 285-4334

  Ya. Halla from Nadia, 494 Haight (at Fillmore), 522-1509


  Arabi, Rincon Center, 101 Spear (near Embarcadero), 243-8575
  - Falafel, hummus.

  Amira, 590 Valencia, 621-6213
  - A new "Pan-Arabic" restaurant, featuring Arabic, Turkish, and
    Persian cuisine including dishes from Northern Africa, Turkey,
    Libya, Egypt. The menu includes many Middle Eastern vegetarian
    standards as well as a selection of other less common vegetarian
    and non-vegetarian dishes.

  Kan Zaman, 1793 Haight Street
  - Local paper says "like entering a hip pan-Arabic bazaar".
    Defordated, heavy on the ambience, belly dancing. The standard
    "meze", hummus, etc. Tobacco smoking from a hookah is offered.
    Seating under a tent canopy.

  Arabian Nights Restaurant and Bar, 811 Valencia


  Yaya's Cuisine, 1229 9th Avenue, 566-6966
  - Mesopotamian, Assyrian, and Northern Iraqi food. Some vegetarian
    entrees - dolmas, etc. "Comes highly recommneded by my
    Assyrian-Iraqi friend."
  - "This restaurant is a find! It has some of the most unusual and
    delectable vegetarian dishes in San Francisco. Try the Japanese
    eggplant in pomegranate sauce appetizer. Also the vegetarian
    perdaplow is a must."

  Yaya's Cafe, next door to Yaya's Cuisine
  - A cafe-deli serving various Middle-Eastern sandwiches, veggie
    plates, and other veggie selections.


  Kabul West Afghan Cuisine, 2800 Van Ness @ Lombard, 931-9144
  - Afghani restaurant has a number of vegetarian entrees, some
    without dairy.


  Cleopatra's, 1755 Noriega, 753-5005
  - Claims to have vegetarian meals.


  Nyala, 39 A Grove Street, Civic Square, 861-0788
  - A terrific Ethiopian restaurant right by the City Hall.
    "Interesting uses of spices. They do an interesting and varied
    vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner. It was very good, pretty
    cheap and filling." Others find their food to be of no particular
    distinction. Open Mon-Fri 11am-3pm & 4pm-11pm (buffet).

  La Savane, 96 McAllister (near Leavenworth), 431-2233
  - Senegalese food with French influences. One reviewer wrote "the
    food is rich, intense, frequently spicy, and mysterious, like the
    luxuriant African continent". Serving a number of vegetarian
    (vegan) entrees, appetizers, and desserts, all dishes less than
    $12. African artwork available for purchase.

  New Eritrea Restaurant and Bar, 907 Irving (@ 10th Ave), 681-1288
  - The newest Ethiopian restaurant in town, has gotten some good
    reviews in local papers.

  El Mansour, 3123 Clement Street, 751-2312
  - "Experience traditional Moroccan dining in a dimly lit, exotic
    decor resembling a desert prince's tent." Vegan-friendly. Dinner

  Cafe Axum, 698 Haight Street, 252-7912
  - Cheap Ethiopian food.

  Massawa Ethiopian, 1538 Haight, 621-4129

  Rasselas Jazz Club and Ethiopian Restaurant, 2801 California (at
    Divisadero), 567-5010


Volga, on Lombard (between Buchanan and Webster), 928-3868
- San Francisco's most unlikely combination, in a city of unlikely
  combinations, serving authentic mogulai and vegetarian India food
  and genuine Russian creations. Go figure...


  All You Knead, 1466 Haight Street, 552-4550
  - Natural foods, pasta, pizza.

  Amici's Pizzeria, 2033 Union Street, 885-4500
  - Non-dairy cheese substitute available on any pizza. Excellent
    garlic bread and veggie non-dairy extra garlic pizza. Clean arty
    decor. One hour free parking. Free delivery. Open Sun-Thu
    11am-midnight, Fri-Sat 11am-1am.

  Vicolo Pizzeria, 201 Ivy (Van Ness), 863-2382
  - Vegan pizza, with a tantalizing cornbread/wheat crust. Open
    Mon-Sat 11:30am-11pm, Sun 2pm-10pm.

  Tre Fratelli, on Sutter & Steiner
  - Will cook very-low-fat on request. For instance, you can request
    Pasta 4 Stagione (a pasta with mixed vegetables) with only a small
    amount of oil, no butter, and cheese.


  Truly Mediterranean, 3109 16th Street, 252-PITA
  - "Mediterannean delicatessen with a special touch." Hummous,
    falafel, etc.

  Narghile, 532 Haight Street, 255-7820
  - Inexpensive, fun place to order Lebanese, Turkish, or Greek food.


  !Wa-ha-ka! Oaxaca Mexican Grill, 2 locations:
    2141 Polk Street (at Broadway), 775-1055
    1489 Folsom (at 11th), 861-1410
  - A hip Mexican restuarant featuring the usual standards (tacos,
    burritos, quesadilla, etc.), emphasizing rice, beans and
    vegetables. Ingredients are very fresh. Almost all items on the
    menu can be ordered vegetarian or vegan. Both loacations chic and

  Bad Man Jose's, 4077 18th Street, Castro, 861-1706
  - Delicious burritos with brown rice, black beans, and fresh salsa.
    Many vegetarian items.

  Zona Rosa Tacqueria, 1797 Haight (at Shrader)
  - Not a vegetarian restaurant, but you can order a variety of
    vegetarian plates, including brown rice, whole wheat tortilla, and
    simmered black beans with very fresh salsa.

  Tacqueria Azteca, 235 Church between Market and 14th, 255-7330
  - Burritos with brown rice and choice of beans, and fresh salsa.

  La Canasta, 2219 Filbert Street (Filmore), 921-3003
  - Mexican takeout. Burritos, tacos, tortas. No Lard. Open Mon-Sat

:Juice Bars:

  Main Sqeeze, 1515 Polk Street, 567-1515
  - A cafe/juice bar offering coffe, bagels, frozen yogurt, fresh
    juices, and a variety of vegetarian (with cheese), and vegan
    sandwiches and salads, including quinoa, falafel, dolmas. Also
    offers a selection of baked potatos with cheese and/or vegetable
    toppings. Soup of the day is low oil, no sodium. The menu says
    "All of our beverages and foods are from the freshest sources we
    can find".


  The following restaurants typically have items such as
  veggie-burgers, rice and beans, salads, steamed veggies,
  Moosewood-cookbook style meals, etc. Some may serve foods from a
  diversity of ethnic backgrounds.

  Good Earth, 1865 Post (at Fillmore), next to Kabuki Theater,
    Japantown, 771-0151
  - Part of a national chain. At least one third of the menu is
    vegetarian. Tends to emphasize beans and soy foods. Open 7am-10pm.

  Real Good Karma, 501 Dolores (18th Street), 621-4112
  - A variety of vegetarian styles. Indian and Japanese cuisine.
    Fresh, inexpensive, wonderful. Have grilled pineapple tofu. Open
    11:30am-2:30pm & 5pm-9:30pm.

  Seventeen O Five Cafe, 1705 Haight Street (Cole), 387-3348
  - International. Half the menu is vegetarian. Vegan options.

  Cafe Paradiso, 1725 Haight Street
  - Open Sun-Thu 11:30am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-11pm.

  Counter Culture, 2073 Market, 621-7488

  Owl & Monkey, 1336 9th Avenue, 665-4840
  - Open Mon-Fri 8am-10:30pm, Sat-Sun 9am-10:30pm.

  Haven Restaurant, One Post Street, 397-1299
  - In a natural foods store. Open daily 7am-3pm.

  Amerasian Cafe, 2165 Union Street (Webster), 563-9638
  - Discount for San Francisco Vegetarian Society members.

:Gourmet & Fine Dining:

  Val 21, 995 Valencia Street (21st), 821-6622
  - California Cuisine-y organic restaurant with veggie dishes on
    menu. Pricey. Nothing vegan. Open Tue-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun 10am-9pm.

  Square One, 190 Pacific, 788-1110
  - Upscale California Cuisine. Always have two vegetarian entrees
    plus vegetarian soups, salads, and appetizers. At least one of the
    entrees are vegan or can be prepared vegan by request, and at
    least one of the vegetarian items is prepared according to the new
    Ornish diet (very low fat). This is probably a good place for
    vegetarians as part of a heterogeneous group, who want to
    experience fine dining.

  Fleur de Lys, 777 Sutter, 673-7779
  - A fine French restaurant which offers a vegetarian dinner as one
    of its fixed-price menus. Ornish, low-fat, and vegan diets can be
    accomodated by request. Very pricey.


  Salmagundi, Geary @ Mason, in the Union square district
  - Soup/salad/sandwich; there is always a vegan soup. Fast, cheap,
    and convenient food of no particular distinction.

  Cornucopia, 114 Columbus (near Jackson), 398-1511
  - Deli. Soups and salads. Open Mon-Fri.

  Real Foods, several locations:
    1023 Stanyan Street, 564-2800
    2164 Polk Street, 673-7420
  - Natural foods stores with nice delis. Open daily 8am-8pm.


Natural Foods Stores:

Rainbow, 1899 Mission (at 15th), 863-9200
- Wide selection of bulk grains, beans, pasta, fruits, nuts, cereals,
  sea vegetables, and other cooking supplies. Also in bulk are various
  liquid items (BYO jar) such as honey, tamari, oils, vinegars, nut
  butters, misos, umeboshi plums, olives, and pickles. Bulk fresh
  tofu. Large selections of packaged and baked goods, breads, cereals,
  etc. Most produce is organically grown and of high quality. Takeout
  deli has vegetarian and vegan soups, salads, sandwiches, and other
  constructions. There is always brown rice, bean soups, and vegetable
  salads available, and always more vegan than not. Open

Real Food Co., 5 locations:
  1023 Stanyan (at Carl) (upper Haight), 564-2800. Open 9am-8pm. Deli.
  3939 24th Street (at Noe Valley), 282-9500
  1240 Sutter, 474-8488
  2140 Polk, 673-7420. Open 9am-9pm. Has deli.
- Wide selection of bulk grains, beans, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Many
  packaged foods. Take out deli serves high-quality, but rather
  expensive baked goods, salads, and prepared foods, including meat
  but mostly vegetarian. Wide selection of breads from various local
  bakeries. Wide selection of organically grown produce.

The Nature Stop, 1336 Grant (at Filber) (North Beach), 398-3810
- Newly expanded, a neighborhood store with a moderate selection of
  bulk and packaged foods. Vegetarian takeout deli. Open 9am-10pm.

Buffalo Whole Foods, two locations:
  19th/Castro (The Castro)
  1058 Hyde Street (at Washington) (Nob Hill), 474-3053
- Small neighborhood natural foods stores with a selection of bulk and
  packaged foods, also offering organically grown produce.

Inner Sunset, 1319 20th Avenue (at Irving), 664-5363
- Open 10am-8pm.

Other Avenues, 3930 Judah (at 44th), 661-7475
- Open 10am-8pm.

Rima's Green Valley, 297 Page Street (near Zen Center), 431-7250

Thom's Natural Foods, 5843 Geary (at 22nd), 387-6367
- Open Mon-Sun 9am-8pm.

San Francisco Health Food Store, Sutter and Grant Streets, 392-8477
- Has a juice bar.

Haven, One Post Street, 397-1299
- Has a restaurant which is open daily 7am-3pm.

Farmer's Markets:

Heart of the city, between Leavenworth & Hyde
- Wed & Fri 8am-5pm. Year round.

UN Plaza, between 7th & 8th on Market, 558-9455
- Sun & Wed 7am-5pm.

100 Alameny
- Tue-Fri 8:30am-5pm & Sat 6am-6pm. Year round.

Embarcader Plaza
- Sat 9am-2pm. Year round. Emphasizing organic produce from local


Earthsave, 931-0515
- Vegan cooking classes.

Seventh Day Adventist Church
- Vegan cooking classes.

Gary's Custom Cooking, Gary Alinder, 552-5449
- Catering and macrobiotic meals delivered on Thursdays. Gary is the
  cook at St. Bede's on Mondays.

Susanne's Natural Foods, Susanne Jensen, 661-4764
- Great vegetarian, organic, dairy-free, macrobiotic meals delivered
  Mon, Wed, & Fri. Macrobiotic cooking classes Sat 11am-2pm.

Susan Broad O'Toole, 941-1028
- Macrobiotic cooking classes Sat 11am-2pm.

Janet Hazen, 520 Hampshire Street, SF, CA 94110, (510) 436-7383
- Cooking classes.

Tracy's Vegan Guest House, in Wild Cat Canyon, 10 miles from Berkeley,
- Can include vegan meals.

Vegetarian Organizations:

San Francisco Vegetarian Society
1450 Broadway, #4, San Francisco, CA 94109, (415) 775-6874
- Potluck on 2nd Sunday of each month at 3:30pm at Fort Mason,
  Building C, 3rd floor. Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas party.

San Francisco Vegetarian Singles
- A subgroup of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society (415) 775-6874.
  Various dinners and activities.

Earthsave, 2366 Pine Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, (415) 931-0515
- Potlucks & vegan cooking classes.

Living Foods Support Group
- Potlucks & activities. Call the Sproutline at (415) 751-2806 for
  events (answering machine). North Bay contact: Ram Pujan
  (707) 255-6769.

Bay Area Vegetarian Restaurant Trek
E-mail: Das Devaraj <>
- Meet in a different restaurant every month, in different Bay Area
  Counties (like Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Silicon

Bay Area Jewish Vegetarians
303 Adams Street, #201, Oakland, CA 94610, (510) 465-0403

Natural Hygiene Society
- Monthly vegetarian potlucks. Contact: Dave Orner at (415) 665-1060
  or 1539 22nd Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94122.

Animal Rights Connection
P.O. Box 410862, San Francisco, CA 94141, (415) 441-4245

Zen Center, 300 Page Street (Laguna), San Francisco, 863-3136
- Vegetarian meals for those attending.


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