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comp.unix.user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - 1.2 What books are available for learning Unix?

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Top Document: comp.unix.user-friendly Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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This question also is not appropriate to this newsgroup, but is frequently
asked. See the newsgroup misc.books.technical instead.  Here is a summary 
of resources:

A Concise Guide to UNIX Books
Compiled by: Samuel Ko (,

This is a good selection of the "best" books and documentation on
UNIX and related areas.  The selection is based on i) recommendations
from netnews readers, ii) the US/Canada sales figures, and iii) a bit
of my own preference.

Among the subject areas covered:
   A. General Unix Texts
      a.  for beginning / intermediate users
      b.  for intermediate / advanced users
   B. Shells
   C. Unix Editors
   L. Other Lists
   M. Other Books (experimental)

The latest version is also obtainable by anonymous ftp from
(in /usenet/news.answers/books). If you do not have ftp or netnews
access you can get it by email from and the body
of your request should be send usenet/news.answers/books/unix. 

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