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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions (Miscellaneous Troubleshooting)

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UnixWare Frequently Asked Questions List (Miscellaneous Troubleshooting )

For more information about the files which compose the total UnixWare FAQ,
see the "FAQ Overview" file posted regularly on the Internet newsgroup


The purpose of this document is to provide miscellaneous hints and
troubleshooting tips for UnixWare 2.x, for information that does not seem to
fit elsewhere in the FAQs.

If you have free UnixWare 2.1.2 also see the URL first.

Some of the installation information is extracted from the UnixWare 2
Installation Handbook - please consult that for further information. For
information on invoking the DCU - see the Autoconfiguration FAQ. Much
information has been gathered from the netnews, some from the World Wide Web
Technical support databases, see the acknowledgements section.

Its maintainer is Andrew Josey (andrew(a) Suggestions
and contributions welcome.

This document and the other FAQ files may be found on the world wide web at

This document may also be obtained by anonymous ftp from the freebird
archive at


Small print: This file is Copyright 1997 Permission is granted
for copying for non-commercial use. Many proper names of companies and
software mentioned in these files are trademarks of their respective owners.
All views are those of the individual contributors and not of their

This FAQ contains the following questions and answers:


Installation Troubleshooting:

T0) How do i find out hardware compatibility, ie. does UnixWare support my
T1) How do i find out whether UnixWare supports my Host Bus Adapter (hba)
T1.1) Installation fails intermittently on my Adaptec 1542B, what should I
T1.2) My system automatically detects two Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI controllers
when I only have one, what should I do?
T1.3) The system does not recognise my Adaptec 1542CP, what should I do?
T2) What to do if the Booting UnixWare Message is not displayed
T3) What to do if the system Panics or Resets While Booting from the Install
Diskette, for example on an IBM Thinkpad 755CX.
T4) Your PCI system hangs or panics during installation
T5) The system hangs on a reboot.
T6) You've installed a new kernel and it fails to boot.
T7) What to do if your Resource Manager Database gets Corrupted
T8) Your machine has the Power Saver Option Enabled
T9) UnixWare does not see the additional 16 MB added to my machine with the
existing 16 MB, what should I do?
T10) Is there support for IDE/ ATAPI CD-ROM drives? And which drives are
T10.1) Sony CD33A & Unix 2.01 Install
T11) Installing Windows 95 on the same disk as a UnixWare partition
overwrites the boot loader. What can I do?

Desktop and X Troubleshooting:

T12) Desktop tools stop working .
T13) Desktop tools stop working when using a monochrome vga monitor
T14) How do I configure Mosaic to change its Home page and
foreground/background colours?
T15) Where can I find a driver for my SVGA card ?
T16) How do I change from a 2 button to 3 button mouse?

Comms Troubleshooting:

T17) How to update the default modem speed from 38.4 to 115.2
T18) How to setup UUCP over TCP/IP between two UnixWare machines
T19) How to setup UUCP over TCP/IP between UnixWare and another O/S running
T20) How do I get my serial communications working?
T21) In UW1.x in order to use the 16550 UART chips in my serial card, I
needed to use the asyhp driver. Is this still necessary in UW2?
T22) How can I debug outgoing modem connections?
T23) How can I quickly setup outgoing uucp?
T24) How can I access a Comms port from DOS running under UnixWare?

General Troubleshooting:

T25) Where do I find updates and patches for UnixWare 2?
T26) How can I set the machine to auto reboot on a panic ?

Laptop & PCMCIA Troubleshooting:

T27) Does UnixWare-x.x support Card and Socket Services ?
T27.1) Does UnixWare support PCMCIA?
T27.2) What PCMCIA cards work with UnixWare?
T27.3) How do I get my XXXX modem card working ?
T27.4) How do I get my 3Com 3c589x or the Xircom ethernet card working ?
T27.5) Are there any pitfalls when installing UnixWare 2.x on a laptop with
PCMCIA support?
T27.6) What laptop video chipsets does UnixWare support?

NetWare connectivity:

T28) Are there any problem in getting UnixWare/NetWare connections up and

Pkginstall problems:

T29) When installing the 2.02 update, an error appearead about a bad entry
on the contents file - how can this be fixed?
T30) How do I install the *.pkg.tar.Z files from the freebird archive?

Networking problems (also see the Howto Setup Networking FAQ):

T31) How do I configure support for WWW virtual hosts, so that one machine
can have several IP addresses?
T32) How do I setup the NFS automounter?
T33) How do I change the IP address and name of a UnixWare box?
T34) SMC NIC install & TF2047 (UW2.01)

Miscellaneous Other problems:

T35) How can I read the size of installed memory in a UnixWare system?
T36) I have UnixWare 2.03 and have problems reading multiple files from
floppy (the machine has 32MB of RAM).
T37) How do I found out the number of max processes a UnixWare machine is
set for?
T38) I've lost the root password, what do I do now?
T39) How to recover with an Emergency boot?
T40) Where are the system messages and log files on UnixWare?
T41) How can I revert to the BSD form of (restricted) chown?
T42) Why do I get 'syslog: accept: SIOCGPGRP failed errno 22' in syslog
files ?
T43) How to turn off multiprocessors in a Unixware 2?
T44) How to avoid the check for open virtual screens when loggin on the
T45) How to increase per-process size limits to avoid Virtual MEmory
Exceeded errors?

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